December 3, 2022


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Urban Neighborhood in Survival

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The Urban Neighborhood in Survival
When do I bugout?: REDOUT
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The Urban Neighborhood in SurvivalThere is more to prepping then just compiling a bunch of things. The inventory and the storage are all very important parts. The skills, I would argue are even more important. However, you start to feel like a dying star. So full of prepping energy and potential that you might just supernova at any moment. The question most preppers don’t ask themselves is: When do I take action?

In this episode we look at the Bugout in particular. While even the most prepared can be ready to take on the bugout, the question of when to engage might not be answered, yet. If you bugout to early, well, you will look kinda silly. If you bugout to late the whole thing could fail or you could face such incredible resistance that the bugout could turn into that survival scenario you had been trying to avoid.

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As we close out the month on Urban Survival we discuss one of the most important points of all, GOOD Getting Out Of Dodge. We are going to look at the bugout through the lens of REDOUT. REDOUT is an acronym used to explain exactly when its time to hit the road. It’s a breadown of 6 important stipulations that should not be ignored.

Once you understand REDOUT you are going to be able to make better decisions in a disaster. You will have concrete reasons for bugging out and it will not be a matter of guessing.

In our world, the lawyer world, the social justice world, the meek world, people struggle with action all the time. Its good to lay in wait and act when the time is right. Lately I have been asking myself the question of when to take action. Not just during the bugout but in all aspects of life. What are the triggers. Its complicated but at least we can sew it up with your preps on this episode.

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