November 26, 2022


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Traveling as a Prepper!

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Traveling as a Prepper.
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Traveling as a PrepperOn this Prepping Academy Radio show we will discuss all things traveling as a prepper. One of the most dangerous things you can do in life is travel. A good prepper does not only accumulate goods, but also knowledge. When traveling, you retain your knowledge but what goods can you take with you. What goods can you acquire while at your destination. This balance of knowledge and goods is what this show is about.

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You need to prepare your luggage and travel appropriately. As a business professional, it is not advisable for me to walk into a Fortune 500 conference room with a full camo military issue pack, bugout bag and my Glock 19 on my side. At the same time wearing my top designer suit and snakeskin dress shoes will not be the best clothes to bug back home. You must strike a carefully planned balance. Where are you going? How are you traveling there? What supplies do you need? What supplies can you take? What can you acquire at your destination? We will talk in great detail all these things.

Self-defense skills are very helpful when traveling, as carry a gun is often not an option. You need two sets of skills. First, the skill of avoiding conflict, and second, the self-defense training to protect yourself when violent conflict is unavoidable. Have you ever heard of Verbal Judo? If not now you have. Look it up and learn it. It’s as viable as physical self-defense.

Situational Awareness is so important while traveling. You have to stay alert while traveling because dangerous situation can unfold quickly and unexpectedly and you are not on your home turf.

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