August 9, 2022


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Prepping on the Cheap Part 2- Bugging Out

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Prepping on the Cheap Part 2- Bugging Out
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Prepping on the Cheap Part 2- Bugging OutIf you had to pick up and go right now, could you do it? How long would it take for you to gather your important documents, extra clothes, food and water, and necessary gear? If so, great. You are ahead of the curve. If not, this episode will tell you how to put together a 72-hour bag without breaking the bank.

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One of the things that I procrastinated on when I was a newbie prepper was assembling a 72-hour bag, aka bug out bag. I would go online, find all sorts of lists of cool items to that “had” to be in a “proper” kit. I would then price check some of these knives, emergency meals, and other survival gear, get sticker shock.

It is like when you have your first baby. You think everything has to be perfect. By child number two or three, you realize that’s not true. The same is true of your bug out bag. It is far better to have one that will meet your needs, then to wait until you can have the perfect bag with the perfect supplies.

I will cover how I put together a 72-hour bag with stuff I already had at home, plus items from discount stores, for under $30. Granted, if you have less of these items already at home, you might spend a little more. But, it should still be in the ballpark.

Once you get a basic 72-hour bag assembled, go ahead and upgrade it as you can afford it. By all means, get a sturdier backpack. Buy the better knife. Get the ultralight tent. Splurge on the rocket stove that also recharges your phone. In the meantime, however, don’t let yourself get caught without the essentials ready to go while you save up for those supercool preps.

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1 thought on “Prepping on the Cheap Part 2- Bugging Out

  1. This is super helpful. I actually would not be prepared at all if I had to up and leave.

    I am a camper so I have a general idea of what I would need but some items that were listed were not on my list.

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