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PREPPER BASICS Should I stay or should I go?

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PREPPER BASICS: Should I stay or should I go?
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PREPPER BASICS: Should I stay or should I go?On this week’s episode of the Prepping for Tomorrow program, Author Bobby Akart will continue his month long discussion of prepper basics. The Prepper’s Conundrum is Bug In or Bug Out—Should I stay or should I go? We’ll delve into your options to see what makes sense for you.

I’m gonna ride it out

10-20-16-bugging-out-smallPlanning to Bug In has some really solid merits. You have a roof over your head and have your food, your stuff and your supplies. You probably know your neighbors and your neighborhood and you have the lay of the land, so to speak. Life after TEOTWAWKI would be familiar.

Your first instinct in a SHTF situation will be to Bug In. You have everything you need at home. Besides, where are you going to go? What if you don’t have a pre-established rally point with family and friends And what if you could not afford a separate bug out location?

If you live in a rough area that has trouble maintaining law and order during normal life, you should prepare to grab that bug out bag and hit the road. Time is of the essence.  It is very important that you recognize that the catastrophic event has occurred. After the SHTF, it will only become more lawless after the collapse event.

I would like to mention that Bugging Out does not mean you have to live in the wild and forage for food. You can head to a safe place with relatives or close friends. Make sure that this fallback position is in an area free of the same issues that you just fled from. Also make sure to coordinate this with them, before a SHTF situation. Your friend or relative may not have a plan for company in those dire times.

When should you bug out?

10-20-16-bug-out-locationBugging-out, to withdraw rapidly from a position that is about to be overrun by hostile forces to another more defensible position. In most cases, hostile forces could mean any catastrophe. One major point is that knowing when to bug-out is critical. This means you’ll have some type of warning, so paying attention is crucial. To consider bugging-out you have to be expecting something to happen. Those caught unaware will not be able to bug-out.

If things like storms, catch you by surprise, it is not likely that you prepared for a disaster anyway. You should have headed for the local storm shelter hours ago or be nestled snuggly in your own tornado shelter underground, or be prepared to shelter in an interior room of your home.

What collapse events could happen so fast that you could not prepare by packing your car and evacuating ahead of the crisis?  We’ll run through the most likely scenarios. Knowing what the crisis is you are facing will help you decide.

Do you think that you will wake up one morning to see thousands of people out in the streets overturning cars because the financial market collapsed? Will civil unrest catch you off guard? It may if you haven’t been paying attention.

It takes time to get people worked up to the point where they take to the streets. You would be aware, if you are paying attention, of the catalyst days or weeks in advance, that would create civil unrest. You would see it in larger cities first and could reasonably expect it to happen in your community at some point. Do you have time to get ready. The well informed would have been gone long before the crowds got to the point they started tearing the city apart.

Do you grab your bug-out bag and try to push your way through the angry demonstrators. No, at this point, you would be safer sheltering in place, getting in the middle of a mob with supplies on your back is asking for problems.

Do you grab your bag, because it can develop into a pandemic? No one has stated it is a pandemic, yet, and when it is classified as such is it too late. Where do you go that there are not humans? Any human you meet could potentially be carrying MERS. The only protection, the only chance you have is to get away from heavily populated areas, the more people around the greater chance someone has a communicable disease.

prepping-for-tomorrow-final-logoWe’ll address these issues and take your calls on this week’s episode of the Prepping for Tomorrow program. Join us in the chat room during live broadcasts where you can interact with other listeners and post your questions for our guest. Don’t forget to continue the discussion afterwards on the P4T AFTERSHOW on Facebook.
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