October 27, 2021


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Evacuation: What you haven’t thought about!

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Evacuation: What you haven’t thought about!
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Evacuation: What you haven’t thought aboutWe learned a lot over the last two weeks. When we watched Harvey then Irma bear down on our nation it was probably a rude awakening even for some of us who are prepared for disaster. When you see the truly destructive power of nature it often makes you double and triple check your own plans for survival.

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I was left wondering about evacuation most. How prepared are we for evacuation? Of course, there is no arguing the importance of an evacuation. Sticking around to tough out a category 4 hurricane is just foolish. No matter what kind of a setup you have there is a time to jump ship. This is no surprise to the people who created the bugout right?

Still, a well planned evacuation is much different than a bugout. The bottom line for me is, I don’t want to leave all my preps behind. No one wants to start from scratch. This show will be about the evacuation. What can you bring and what can you do before you leave to assure your preps are as safe as they can be.

Now, if your whole home is underwater, your going to lose something. If there are a few inches of water in the first floor you could salvage most things. When you leave your home you will not know how its gonna play out but taking some steps before you go wont hurt.

Lets talk about evacuation, not just from the perspective of leaving but also preparing your home. Flood damage is mostly unavoidable after a certain point but what about those important preps in your home? Do they stay, do they go or can you save them somehow?

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