May 20, 2022


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The City, EDC, and Preparedness!

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The City, EDC, and Preparedness!
Josh “7 P’s of survival” This show in player below!

The City, EDC, and PreparednessThis week on the 7 P’s of Survival Radio Show we discuss various aspects concerning EDC, Preparedness and Self-reliance in a major city environment. Throughout the show I discuss a variety of major metropolitan areas, their laws regarding EDC, Preparedness and much more. Don’t think of this as a be all and end all of legal advice for self-defense and preparedness. But more of a cursory legal review along with some tips and tricks.

9-27-16Cities that will be covered include Washington DC Metro Area, NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas and potentially a few additional cities. I have spent time in each and have refined my carry for each over the years. I also talk about general city EDC and a few off the wall items you might want to look into.

We also cover self reliance and preparedness within the city. From experience I can tell you being a pepper in the city can be a very difficult thing to accomplish. We will talk about community gardens, water procurement, rooftop space, storage solutions and more.

We also discuss the infamous bug out scenario from a major city. If you have been in D.C. on Friday evening trying to get out of town you know what a pain just leaving the city can be. I will talk about my favorite means of evacuation, packrafts. This means of transposition allowing you to stay away from the bulk of traffic. Also carry a decent amount of gear and generally move further faster.
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