February 24, 2021


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Apocalypse Nana “Premiere”

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Apocalypse Nana “Premiere”
Host: Jacqueline Druga “Apocalypse Nana

Apocalipse Nana apocananaWho says learning can’t be fun? Whether you are an expert prepper or just beginning, Author Jacqueline Druga opens up your world to survival and readiness in an entertaining, fun and informative way. More than an author, Jacqueline is a mother and grandmother and her means of readiness are geared toward protection of those she loves.

You don’t need high tech to stay alive and be ready, knowledge is far more important.

This week on the Premiere Episode of Apocalypse Nana:  The CDC mishap all things ‘virus’

Apocalypse kirkThere is nothing more frightening than an invisible foe, but is it one you can beat? Join Apocalypse Nana this week to discuss viruses and other unseen foes and ways you can protect your family.

Her guests include novelist and prepper Kirk Allmond. Kirk is a master at the little things that people just don’t know when it comes to survival. He has his nose to the grindstone and teaches his readers as well as entertains.

Apocalypse BRAINEATER JONES coverAlso as a guest, Stephen ‘The Koz’ Koziniewski. When it comes to delivering humor in a twisted zombie story, The Koz is your man. Despite being an Eagle Scout and a decorated Iraq war vet, Stephen Kozeniewski has almost zero survival skills. (Unless speaking German, French, and a smidgen of Latin count as survival skills.) He assumes his Bronze Star was awarded due to a clerical error.

When asked about his ‘surival knowledge’ The Koz said, “I have the survival skills of a lemming. And not one of those fancy computer lemmings that do what you tell them to, either.”

6-26 unnamedThe Koz is hysterical and sure to add quite the ‘Yang’ to Kirk’s ‘Ying’.

Join us as we discuss survival situations in a Germ Apocalypse. Also, how our experts believe Hollywood fared with scenarios and survival in the Epidemic based films, Outbreak and The Stand. What would they had done if they were Stew Redman?

Have a great idea for a survival question for our guests? Join us for chat, call in or submit your question ahead of time to apocalypsenana@mail.com
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