January 24, 2022


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The Aftermath, What Would You Do?

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The Aftermath, What Would You Do
Host: Karen Lynn “Lil Suburban Homestead

The AftermathThis week Karen Lynn interviews LeaAnn Edmondson Blog Owner of Homestead Dreamer and Author of Aftermath A Story of Survival with contributions by Mike Kosinksi. Whether you are a fan of prepper fiction or not you will not only love this book you will love hearing from LeAnn. She actually runs a weekly story series on her own blog and it’s interactive with the fans that come to her blog and weigh in and share their feedback. Karen Lynn herself aspires to write prepper fictions so she was so exited to have this opportunity to interview LeAnn and found out how this story evolved?

Could it happen to you? What would you do in the aftermath? If you like the main character in the book found yourself in a position where you needed to bug out what would your first course of action be? Jimmy has to deal with lots of obstacles through out the story namely people being his most difficult challenge and once you start reading this book you won’t be able to put it down!

The AftermathLeAnn lives on an Island in Alaska so she was a prepper before the term “prepper” came into full swing it is a way of life for the islanders where she lives. LeAnn Edmondson is a wealth of knowledge and love sharing her love of writing, prepping, and homesteading!

This is a live radio show that is interactive so make sure to come into the chat room or call in and ask LeAnn questions about her blog, her book, or life in Alaska! This show is packed full of fun and interesting information about Leann’s Book and so much more! Make sure to mark your calendars! It’s also Saint Patrick’s Day so feel free to share your favorite St. Patty’s day recipes or traditions too just call in and share with Karen Lynn and LeAnn!
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