October 3, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The 7 P’s of Survival first live radio show!

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The 7 P’s of Survival first live radio show!
Host: Josh “The 7 P’s of Survival

The 7 P’s of Survival first live radio showWelcome to the 7 P’s of Survival first live radio show! This week we will introduce you to the 7 p’s of Survival Blog, its content and my general preparedness method. Once we get a few of the philosophical aspects out of the way I will talk a little bit about the format going forward and some future guests and topics.

History-Channel-Alone 7P's of SurvivalAs tonight’s feature we will be discussing the History channel’s hit new survival Alone with one of it’s contestants Josh Chavez. This show places 10 survivors (many are popular YouTuber’s, bloggers and survival instructors) from across the United States and Canada on Canada’s Vancouver Island and the last man to leave wins $500,000 USD. Vancouver Island is an unforgiving rainforest just north of Washington State and is one of the most predator dense areas on the planet with over 500 wolves, 1000 bears and 5000 cougars. The participants were dropped off in the middle of the rainy season just a few hours before dark at random places around the island and were only allowed to take ten items of their choice, a safety kit (satellite phone and medical kit) and camera gear which they will use to document their entire experience (they are alone without a camera crew). Tonight we will speak with Josh Chavez from Ohio about his experiences on the show, his selected items and much more. Here is a little bit of information about Josh:

Josh considers himself a natural leader, and with his job as a law enforcement officer, he’s given the chance to test those leadership skills on a daily basis. When he’s not in uniform, he excels as an avid hunter, with bushcraft and survival skills developed through practice and a number of wilderness courses. Josh’s passion for outdoor self-reliance started in childhood with hunting. He soon realized how closely bushcraft skills were tied to the sport and his interest took off from there. For Josh, braving the wild of Vancouver Island is about the greatest test of the skills he’s been crafting for years. Although his greatest fear is leaving his family behind (including a pregnant wife, his daughter and son) he has always been a person to look danger in the eyes and is eager to see if his training as a police officer and outdoorsman will be enough for him to survive in such a rugged natural environment.

Here are the ten items Josh selected to bring on his survival journey to Vancouver Island:12×12 ground sheet;  550 paracord – 20m; Saw; Axe; Sleeping bag; Bivi bag (gortex sleeping bag cover); Large 2-quart pot; Ferro rod; 300 yards of single filament line with 25 assorted hooks; Bow and 6 arrows

Find out more about the show here: http://www.history.com/shows/alone

To close the show I will introduce a YouTube Video I uploaded just before the show that will serve as this week’s skill challenge in which I ask for your feedback. Each week I will share a skill with you and request that you share your pictures and videos with me as we go. At the end of the year you will essentially have what it takes to make it through a basic survival class or a potential survival situation. This week’s challenge will focus on fire skill development.
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