August 17, 2022


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6 Tips to Lay Low Post-SHTF

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6 Tips to Lay Low Post-SHTF

Lay Low roofsaverslide7Everyone knows that, when disaster strikes, keeping your family, your guns and your stockpile safe is crucial. The first few weeks, when stores will be empty and food will be scarce, there are going to be a lot of people who will do anything to get food, water or medicine. Remember that 95% of the unprepared and the weak are probably going to die but what will you do until then?

Some of them might have (better) guns, others may be bigger, stronger or more in shape than you. As much as I’d like to tell you to be generous and help your fellows in need, the fact of the matter is, doing so will put your life in serious danger. You have to do the exact opposite: to lay low until the dust settles… one way or another. I know it sounds awful but keep in mind we’re talking about worst-case scenarios here.

In what follows I want to give you a few tips and ideas to stay hidden, to Lay Low and decrease your chances of being attacked, looted or taken prisoner…. thus becoming a veritable gray man.

7-20-15 bokashi-bury-trash-can-300x223#1. Take care of your trash

Trash is going to be a problem. Burn it and smoke will attract nosy neighbors and gangs; take it to the city dump and you risk making “friends” along the way.

A better way is to bury it in your backyard but, in the long run, you’re gonna need alternatives. For example, some garbage such as cardboard can be used as tinder, food scraps can be used as compost, metal cans and plastic bags can be used as containers, the inner threads of Paracord can be used to floss and aluminum foil can be used as a signaling device.

Lay Low#2. Make it look like your home’s already been looted

Trash will help you achieve that if you scatter it across your front yard. Other ways of achieving the same result include breaking one of your windows and placing cardboards negligently over it (just enough to see the crack) and spraying graffiti on your walls or fence.

Lay Low keep-calm-and-keep-your-mouth-shut-4#3. Keeping your mouth shut

No matter how bad things get, you’re going to go out and mingle eventually. Maybe you need a doctor, or extra supplies for which you have to barter. Since you’ll be one of the people that will actually thrive post-collapse, you’re gonna feel the need to brag. And I don’t need to tell you how fast rumors travel, particularly when there are burning needs for food, water and medicine.

Plus, consider the fact that people who used to be close with or even relatives are going to beg for supplies. Saying “no” to them is not only going be extremely difficult but you have to do it.

See, when you’re lying, some people can tell, which is why you need to practice doing it. If, for example, you’re bartering and the other guy happens to be very good at reading people, he might decide to follow you back home to take a better look at your stockpile.

Big mistake. It’s best to avoid all of this and train yourself to say “no”, “I don’t know” and “I don’t have any” like you mean it.

#4. Stay away from people

Post-disaster, who knows what kind of disease are going to run around the country. The best way to make sure you don’t get infected is to avoid human contact. Don’t shake hands, don’t give them mouth-to-mouth CPR (chest compressions should be enough in situations such as after an electric shock) and even try to keep your distance to avoid airborne diseases.

Lay Low 2006_0714canoetrip0017#5. Avoid bright colors…

…unless you really want to be found, of course. A lot of camping gear is brightly colored, making it unsuitable for prepping: backpacks, inflatable boats, tarps etc. So, if you’re about to make such a purchase, do so knowing that it can tip off others of your presence.

#6. Have a safe room

Safe rooms are usually used as a last resort when you’re trapped inside your home, but they can help you lay low until the looters leave (provided they don’t know you’re inside, of course). It’s worth your time and money to build or designate one and then equip it for these worst case scenarios.

Ok, those were it! Can you think of more tips to be a gray man? Leave a comment below.

Contributor: Dan F. Sullivan

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