June 29, 2022


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What Makes a Prepper?: PBN Hosts Roundtable

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Special thanks to Steven Menking for doing a stellar job at leading the conversation in such a productive direction. To listen to similar roundtable style content or just hear more from Steven visit www.ontheobjective.org 

Its rare that the hosts of the Prepper Broadcasting Network all get to sit down and converse about the topic of prepping. They are so busy producing there own shows and living life. We have done roundtables in the past but this was a very special topic.

As we change direction and begin to tear the word prepper away from radical media usage and reform it as an inextricably human undertaking, conversations, like these, are the first steps. Everyone came locked and loaded with their take on What Makes a Prepper and we wound up with over 2 hours of conversation covering a number sub topics.

Listen to “PBN Roundtable – What Makes A Prepper?” on Spreaker.

  • Whats the Best Case Scenario for America in 5 Years?
  • How do You Communicate Preparedness with Others?
  • What Does a Day Look Like for the Average Prepper?
  • What Makes a Prepper?

Each host had a chance to answer questions like these and many more. If you think you know what a prepper is you should really sit down and enjoy this special show. It will help you get to know the PBN ethos and get to know the incredible PBN hosts.

Gives us your thoughts in the comments below about the content included as well as what you might like to see in the next roundtable. Thanks so much for your continued support. Lets look to a bright and prepared future where we expand the reach of the word prepper and give our fellow Americans permission to be passionate about their readiness, again.




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