Michael Sattler & The Survival Key

Michael Sattler from The Survival Key
Host: Denob “The Prepared Canadian”

Survival KeyWe have all spent countless hours researching the various prepper related topics from water purification to home security. Let’s face it, there is an incredible amount of information out there in regards to being prepared, self reliant, or self sufficient. But just how long would you expect to spend searching for, gathering, vetting, and then seeking the new and more pertinent information? If you could actually come up with a number of hours, that answer would likely boggle the mind. Then, if you really wanted to send your synapses into a bender, think about all the information that you probably missed, you know, the really good information hidden somewhere in the thousands of Google search result pages. What if you could have someone else do it for you, or better yet, have a whole team of people do it for you, search, collect, vet out, organize, and package it all up, and still be out there looking for the new information that wasn’t there just a few days before?

Well, now you can. As a matter of fact that’s just what Michael Sattler has put together with The Survival Key, a service that brings you all the best information, vetted out by professionals in every field, all packaged up in one place. This week on The Prepared Canadian we will talk with Michael as he tells us what The Survival Key is and how it works, what sets it apart from other resources out there and much more.

As an early lifetime prepper and disaster volunteer, Mike has seen the consequences of
disasters first hand. He has heard the cries of the wounded and seen the ugliness of
unnecessary deaths. He has spent the last 7 years preparing himself and his family. He practices
what he preaches and actually lives the survivalist/prepper lifestyle on a daily basis, whether
that means hunting, or helping local communities and churches get prepared. The urgent need
he feels to prepare has only increased as natural disasters and various political threats
continued to rise. Utilizing his skills in application design and gorilla start-ups, he founded
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