August 14, 2022


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Walk a Mile – Stocking up on Health

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Walk a Mile – Stocking up on Health
Host: Lynna “The Other Side… A Preppers Path

WalkWalk a mile in my shoes. Could you? Can you? Is it really all that important in the grand scheme of things? We have cars, bikes, buses, trains, planes, mopeds, and more to assist us in getting from one place to the other, so is it all that important if we can walk a mile, two, three or more? Physical fitness and good health go hand in hand and together are the first line of defense in any situation. Whether it’s a seasonal cold, a bump, scrape, break or a full scale natural disaster our ability to with stand attacks on our physical bodies can be the difference in surviving or not.

WalkOur Nation as a whole is woefully over-weight with the incidence of obesity continues to grow not only in our adult population but continually increasing within our youth. United States Obesity Statistics: indicate 66% over 20 are overweight, 33% over 20 are obese, we Americans spent $145,645,000 on Weight-Loss (Jan. 1st to May 6th 2013) with an additional $240,000,000 spent on Healthcare Stemming from Obesity. It’s a scary trend as The American Heart Association (AHA), predicts that by 2030 total medical care costs could reach $861 to $957 billion. We worry about epidemics or pandemics of some wild strain of flu but most go about their daily lives completely oblivious to one of the largest threat to American society today.

WalkStudy after study, report after report share with us the severe implications being obese have on a person’s health, including cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart attacks, and more. Problem is many people out there say, not me, I’m not obese, I might be carrying a few extra pounds but obese, not me I don’t have to worry. Excuse the term here but most of us think of the circus and the “fat lady” when we think obese, the fact is health wise there isn’t a ton of difference between being overweight or obese. A 5’3” person weighing 145 is over-weight and just 15 pounds more 160 pounds classifies you as obese. Once you are in the over-weight category all those health issues rear their ugly heads. But wait our obsession with being over-weight and its health issues often over shadows the other side of the coin, being under-weight. Whether over or under weight your physical body is at risk and therefore your survival.

What does all this mean to the person who wants to be prepared and able to survive, tune in Sunday 1/19/14 to the Other Side of a Preppers Path and learn the answers and what you can do to increase your opportunities to thrive and survive.

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