March 3, 2021


Self reliance and independence

The basics of water and just how important it is.

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Lynna 100It’s raining it’s pouring the ole man is snoring! Don’t snooze away the next editions of the Other Side of a Preppers Path as Lynna drives into the world of water. Water water everywhere, is there a drop to drink? Preppers and non-preppers have this element very much in common, WATER.  It’s a fact without water we and most everything else ceases to exist.  How much water is there, is it infinite do we really need to worry?  Come check out the basics of water and just how important it is as we navigate from power generation to water collection. Sunday St Patricks day 3/17/2013.  Don’t be a wet blanket and miss this show there will be something for everyone!

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