September 16, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Host: Lynna “…A Preppers Path”

TEOTWAWKITEOTWAWKI is a term often bandied about and usually has a pretty scary meaning. BUT what if you could change your life today, your world, creating a solution based TEOTWAWKI, the way we want it. Imagine your world the way you want it, now, a life based in self-sufficiency through self-reliance. A world based on sustainable living enabling us to live a more healthful and peaceful life. There is no question that our economy is on a rocky foundation at best, news of natural disasters are common place, fear of possible pandemics, peak oil, terrorist destruction of key infrastructure, EMP flares, and a host of other issues flood the media and seep into our conscious .The fact is that the entire US is no longer food self-reliant, but is dependent on foreign imports to feed the American people. Next to water food is the next most important item in staying alive. We must drink and eat, nourish our bodies to continue. Pretty simple, right? With all the hoopla we can become defeated before we start.

TEOTWAWKIIt is time to indeed change your world as you know it! Rid yourself of the fears and begin your trek to a sustainable, self-sufficient and reliant life. It is easier than you might think. The principles of growing food are universal, we all eat. The ability to grow food is at everyone’s fingertips. Learning and practicing the basic life skills have been put on the back burner for so long many no longer know how or believe that they can. Join my guest this Sunday Marjory Wildcraft, renowned teacher, gardener, blogger and primary founder of Grow Your Own Groceries as she shares her vision “Home Grown Food on Every Table”. Marjory has dedicated herself to teaching the simplicity and ease of growing your own food, healing yourself with your own medicine, finding the perfect survival retreat, and much more. Marjory certainly lives up to the title of “The Martha Stewart of Self Reliance. Take the opportunity to begin a whole new world or enhance the one you’ve already begun Sunday 10/20 on The Other Side of a Preppers Path. You can make your TEOTWAWKI a fantastic new World.
Visit Marjory Wildcraft:  Grow Your Own Groceries!

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