August 15, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Preppers Winterize!
Host: Lynna “A Preppers Path”

WinterizeTo coin an old soap opera as the world turns so do the days of our lives. Winterization, a dirty word too many particularly at this time of year rears its head as a new page on the calendar ushers in change. The colorful calendar hanging on the wall, indeed heralds the arrival of the holiday season and in many parts of the country becomes the harbinger of weather change as well as season .

While visions of sugar plums may begin to dance in your head so too are the effects of winter weather. Colder temperatures, ice, snow, fog, frost, sunless days and wind, all will come knocking at your door soon. We are occasionally surprised by an unexpected squall of bad weather however in the world of preparedness winterization is a top priority.

WinterizeWhy winterize? Why do it before the storm? You may arch your eye brows and ponder why ask such silly questions, its’ obvious! But maybe not so obvious or easy. Are you prepared for a power outage? Lack of heat or light? And are your supplies to combat these happenings safe for you and yours? Could you inadvertently be creating a health or safety issue for you and your loved ones?

As we roll the clock back an hour this Sunday to presumably increase our day join The Other Side of a Preppers Path as Lynna strolls down the path to Winterize for not only your home & vehicle but You too. Be prepared to weather the storms passing through your life with efficiency, safety and peace. It’s never too late to become prepared, storms often reveal silver linings. Take advantage of a lull in the storm and tune in and share your tips for winterization with Lynna of The Other Side of a Preppers Path .

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