May 23, 2022


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Natural pest control, staying healthy!
Lynna “A Preppers Path”

Natural pest controlMice and ants and weevils OH MY! No it’s not the old lions and tigers and bears oh my! We aren’t in OZ anymore but right here in our own home, the pantry and more. Summer weather is arriving nearly everywhere in the Western Hemisphere and with it thoughts of gardening, recreation and more. You may have the spring cleaning complete or are just starting it ,but have you looked at your pantry? By pantry I mean both short term and long term for those of you who keep a good supply on hand.

Natural pest control mouse PDIt’s that time of year when pests either come in uninvited or leave for the summer forgetting to take their trash with them. Now is the time to take stock of the pantry, clean it out, check it out and revitalize it with an eye to keeping PESTS out and safe food in. The Other Side of a Prepper Path will take a look at the pantry, how to make it pest proof or mostly and we will also talk about natural pest control in the pantry and the house overall. Check out this informative show for some new tips and tricks, we will be seeing the 3 blind mice run except in this case they aren’t blind.
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