June 30, 2022


Self reliance and independence

GMO’s the wolf in sheep’s clothing deluge our cupboards and lives.

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PP 2-17geri-carrotsHave we been unknowing guinea pigs for the past 18 or so years while our Government touts GMO’s as the answer? Are we in fact feeding ourselves Franken food? Despite promises of increased yields, drought resistance, cheaper food and enhanced nutrition none have yet to be met by the current glut of GMO products to date. Evidence compounds daily connecting GMO’s with health problems, environmental damage and farmers and consumer rights. Yet our Dept of Ag continues to promote and approve this Franken food assault to health.
Is there a way to be as the fabled Phoenix and rise out of the ashes of the GMO debacle, a way to claim back and insure a safe and nutritional food source? Join Lynna on The Other Side…A Preppers Path and her special guest biologist, science writer and speaker Geri Guidetti as they share info on how to take flight and insure and protect yourself, family, friends and more with non-hybrid and non-GMO seeds. Geri is the founder of  The Ark Institute and has devoted the past 15+ years to growing and preserving endangered food seeds and developing The Ark Institute as a resource for these disappearing varieties.

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