Food storage & understanding the label

Food storage & understanding the label!
Host: Lynna “The Other Side A Preppers Path

label joelogon-spam-nutrition-factsFood and the prepared life seems simple enough, however, there are so many varied aspects or aisles to travel down. There is the often first heard of, storage, how much for how long, bulk or freeze dried or? Grow your own, farmers market, coops, buying clubs? They all have something in common, they are all about food but for all the hoopla in the prepper world have you thought of what you are eating. The nutritional values, just what you are really getting for your dollar in the way of health and subsistence?

labelWe eat to maintain our health or at least that’s why we should, all too often we eat for other reasons and consequently find ourselves not always in the best of health. Things are good for now and we already don’t eat properly or at least don’t some of the time. Now is the time to figure out what is good for you. Before something happens and you don’t have the time, money or knowledge to find out how to fuel your body.

Today’s fast paced society is all about convenience and speed, to that end prepared foods have exploded on the grocery shelves. You want it; you can buy it, pre-cooked, prepared and ready to go. From main course to dessert it’s all there, but what are you consuming. The food industry while in a constant state of invention is regulated at some level. Hence the food label, designed to let the consumer know what he/she is getting nutritionally speaking. But do you really know what they say? Or do you merely look at the amount of calories or maybe the fat %?

Understanding the food label and actually knowing what information it provides you can make planning and preparing a food storage program much more nutritious and easy to accomplish. Join in this Sunday as Lynna talks about the food label, how to use it, what it says and the benefit to the prepper on “A Preppers Path“.

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