February 28, 2021


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Is Ethical Behavior Extinct?

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Is Ethical Behavior Extinct?

Author: Lynna A Preppers Path

EthicalRushing to take advantage? Or rushing to steal under the guise of ignorance? Seriously folks, does anyone really believe that those who rushed into several Walmart’s in Louisiana stripping the shelves clear of groceries believed they were not doing anything wrong.  That they were not knowingly taking something that didn’t belong to them?  A technology error does not relieve personal responsibility.  This rush to use food stamp benefit cards well beyond the known limits is another indicator of the entitlement mind-set of so many Americans. Where is the moral code, is ethical behavior extinct, replaced by I deserve it entitlement.  Anyone who has ever had experience with food stamp or child support EBT cards knows exactly how much money they are allotted monthly.  Each recipient of a card knows fully well the benefit amount they are given.  To use the excuse that the card said “we could” is repugnant and either a serious indicator of the ignorance of the user or a blatant indicator of thievery through deception.  When in this country did someone’s clerical or other error make stealing acceptable? Certainly when my bank makes a deposit in error to my account and I spend it I am not held harmless from repaying what I know isn’t truly available. Neither the bank nor the employee pushing the wrong button is made to pay for what I knew wasn’t mine.  Plain and simple it is stealing period.  There are several definitions of stealing and often they reflect law and we think about theft as something rather premeditated or planned out to deprive another.  Is this case really so different, recipients of the food stamp cards are aware of the benefit amount monthly, they know when there has been a mistake made and those with integrity would not use the amounts above their benefit, and would notify the agency of the error.

EthicalThis smacks of looters, those who in a crisis use the tragedy for personal gain. Some will say it’s the States fault, the store, the credit card vendors fault surely someone else other than the person who consciously went into the store to pillage the shelves getting their fair share?  I can’t buy this logic. This behavior is ravaging our country and is a precursor of societal downfall. Recognize this behavior for what it is.  Hold accountable those who should be, the ones who attempted to gain erroneously.    The amounts used above the benefit are documented and won’t be hard to prove who took them.  Look to them allow them to renew their integrity and self -worth.   Groceries in many instances are perishable so it is not feasible to have them returned, what is feasible is to obtain the overused amount and to deduct it in monthly increments until the overages are repaid in current benefit.  This plan would alleviate hardship of not having any benefit for months in some cases and the reduction should not be noticeable on personal pantry shelves as they are now full through hoarding and looting.  Expecting the stores or card vendor or the State to write off these amounts is further enabling the entitlement mind set and the stripping of self- esteem and integrity from each and every American.  Why write about this event which is seemingly minor to many in the scheme of things, because it is the problem, we turn our head to unacceptable behavior until it finally becomes the norm.  AND then what happens… TEOTWAWKI.

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