August 9, 2022


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Chicken breeds, which is right?

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Chicken breeds, which is right?
Host: Lynna “A Preppers Path

Chicken breedsTo Be or Not to Be-Chickens! Last we talked about whether you really should raise chickens or not, though they are relative easy to keep compared with other types of farm animals raising them isn’t a total walk in the park. Now that we’ve looked not only at the pro’s to the endeavor but also the con’s it’s time to climb another rung on ladder. Next step what sort of chicken do I want to raise, layers or perhaps just meat birds, some actually raise just one or the other and then again others raise both for a fresh supply of eggs and tender, juicy, hormone free delicious home grown chicken meat.

Chicken breeds padovanaricciaThere are well over 400 breeds of chicken, no kidding, so where do you begin. Monday, our new show time we will jump into the coop check out some of the flock and see just what’s available, a gander look at some of the more popular breeds as well as some exotics. You heard right there really are exotic fowl. Don’t miss the second segment of To Be or Not to be…Chickens. And what breed? Meat or Egg or Dual Purpose, long time favorites or exotics. You know some even lay colored eggs. See you on the Other Side of a Preppers Path where all the cool chicks will be. See you there. Chicken or Egg who cares who came first.
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