November 29, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The Mission is Clear w/ I AM Liberty

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PBN family.

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Going on. It is James Walton here, prerecorded episode of the, I am Liberty show on the road. Thought I’d spend my time on the road with you. Why not spend some time on the road with the fateful listeners of the prepper broadcasting network, to be quite honest with you. I was talking to the members this morning about a bunch of things. One of them being dentistry and dental work, and I don’t necessarily have any major dental work I need done, but a trip to the dentist is likely a good idea, you know, before this fall kicks off and things get really interesting.

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So look, it’s tough for me to keep following the beginning of the week at the private broadcasting network. You know, I mean, these are some heavy hitters. The beginning of the week has become a heavy hitter at PBN. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but so we get started when we do one of these Monday shows with multiple hosts. It’s like, boom, boom, boom, all kinds of information upfront. You know what I mean? You’re getting the whole rundown of what’s going on and opinions from people.

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Who’ve really thought this stuff over and thought this stuff through, and it’s just super valuable. Then we roll in the double barrel Tuesday where you get hit with two shows in one night. And they’re both. I mean, they are so different it’s they are the perfect balance for one another. I really think that Tuesday is just a masterpiece at the prepper broadcasting network. Dave Jones was on prep, Patriot power hour. You gotta check that out. That’s awesome. I love those PBN collaborations, man.

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They’re fun. But anyway, if they’re all that info name, Ryan and Colin do this incredible show about school and preparing for the new way that school might be done and even open my eyes to this idea of Google school or Google classroom or something. You know, when I heard that, I was just like, Oh my God, really Google classroom now to the they’re just there just about everywhere they can be. Aren’t they? These Google monsters, they’re just creeping into everything, right?

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I’m surprised there’s not a Google yet matter of time. So I’m sitting around, you know, did anything into myself, chewing through some writing work and thinking to myself, what the hell can you do after all this? Like what are you going to come out and do after all of this? I mean, we’ve gotten the most comprehensive update on things over the last two days, you know? So I started thinking about prepping content in general, you know, like what, what really is prepping content?

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What are the categories? What does it look like? And I think that all prepping content can be broken down into, into four sort of subheadings, the first being, look what I’m doing, right? Look what I’m doing. Content. That’s the DIY stuff, right? Look what you should be doing. That’s that’s subheading number two, right? Look what you should be doing. So that’s kind of like the garden update and the artillery update in the look at the new medical thing I learned or did or whatever, you know?

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So, so, or that could even be the, the, the thought piece where you sit down and talk about, you know, maybe what Jada do is yada whatever. Well, I don’t know. I don’t feel like thinking about something, but you know what I’m saying? Right. So there’s the DIY look what I’m doing. There’s the thought thoughtful look what you should be doing, because this is the safe way. These are like your top 10 purchases you need to make for or whatever. And then after that, you’ve got what’s going on.

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Right? So, so subheading number three is what’s going on.

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And then there’s only really one other category of prepping content and that is what’s coming. What’s coming, right. That’s an important one in the prepping world, prepping world. We love that. We love talking about what’s coming, what’s coming and who’s in charge of it. And how bad is it going to be All that fun stuff so long time or for a long time, rather than the prepper broadcasting network, I think focused a little too much on what’s coming.

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And it got a little monotonous, you know, so here I am right after these boats of great content, right? These shipments of incredible content here at PBN with Dave Jones, Steve, you’ve heard from just here we are it’s Wednesday. All right. You’ve only lived through two days of the week, but in those two days, you’ve heard from the Intrepid commander, myself, Stephen men, King, Dave Jones, the NBC guy, right. You’ve heard from future Dan Ben, the breaker of the banks there’s and Ryan and Colin Buford.

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You’ve heard from that multitude of hosts, just in a matter of two days, thoughts, opinions, ideas, expression, right. And I’m sitting here on Wednesday, like, man, I got to go out here and take this microphone and do something. So what I thought we should do is really drill down on the mission statement of the prepper broadcasting network and talk to how it relates to everything in your life and everything in your future.

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So what is the mission statement for the prepper broadcasting network? Right. We’ve kind of, we’ve kind of distilled it a little bit Early on in the early days of PBN. My, my game plan was to make prepping more digestible for the average person, right. I really wanted to change the landscape for the 21st century prepper. I wanted it to, I wanted people to hear the word prep or, and say, you know, that’s something I’d like to do, or that’s something I need to do more of rather than those people are crazy.

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And you know what I don’t think PBN did that. I think COVID knocked that mission out for us. And I think BLM came in and mopped up the remainder of people who are, who are reachable and te and took care of that mission for us to be quite honest. So to further distill the mission and which I think is a better mission than our original is to just go off the old adage self-reliance and independence, right?

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As we move into this technocratic world as more and more people open their eyes to the fact that they’re being ruled By the techno monarchy, you know what the techno monarchy is right by now, I just talked about Google, Facebook, you know what it is, Microsoft. These, these monoliths have become the new age Kings. And unfortunately we took their free Pence and they, you know, they own us now to some degree.

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Self-reliance and independence becomes sort of an ongoing struggle to both. Well, it becomes an ongoing struggle to break free of all the shackles that we’ve created over the last well, less than a hundred years. Right. Really. But, but over about 60 years, we’ve created some tremendous shackles on humankind. And what it looks like to me is that those people who understand we are shackled those people in power.

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They’re looking at, they’re looking to finally take action. They’re looking to finally take action now that everyone’s shackled, you know, and we’re shackled to more than just Google and Facebook were shackled in many ways because of the lives that we’ve decided to live. To some extent the lives we, we, we were tricked into living. You know, I have a, I have a deep contempt for what is happening at the universities. And I do not mean the Marxist indoctrination, Not good, don’t get me wrong.

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But my deeper contempt is for the idea that these Professors and so-called allies of those children in class And the deans and the people who run the colleges, have the balls to drop the type of tuition on the next generation, the way that they do. I mean, it, it is If they were to cut a leg off at graduation, it would be pretty similar To what they do with tuition.

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In other words, you take a leg rather than take $200,000 or a hundred thousand dollars from somebody.

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It’s pretty much the same thing. And we find ourselves in these situations all the time nowadays, and there’s only one true remedy and that’s self-reliance and independence. We worry about the planet. We worry about the condition of the planet because we pave everything and we did everything. And we, I mean, you know what it is, right? I don’t think many of you out there need much convincing that what man has done to the planet has affected it negatively. Now that being said, we also are the only species that will ever do anything to save the planet.

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So there’s something there too. But yeah, you know, this lifestyle that we lead has done a lot to the, to the planet, right? I’m not going to sit here and say that I’m some ecological warrior. I am using a cell phone. If you’re using a cell phone, then you’re digging up places all over the planet. You’re adding batteries and plastics to the ocean. I mean, I always get a kick out of Twitter when I go over to Twitter. And I see people talking about how, how we’re destroying the planet and we need to stop with the production of beef because of cow farts.

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And we need to stop with the microplastics. And all I can think to myself is here, we have this, a hypocritical ecological warrior who is typing all this up on a device made of plastics and rare earth metals. And, you know, there are, there are almost slaves, probably literal slaves that are sent down into the mines to dig out these precious metals or these rare earth metals that are used to create your cell phone.

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And here you are preaching from your high horse to me about what I shouldn’t eat or should eat, or how well, you know, the whole thing of what my founding fathers did or didn’t do What the situation in the streets of America has taught me about Americans. More than anything we need to spend a lot more time in the mirror. We need to spend a lot more time with ourselves in the mirror. And I don’t mean putting on blush. I mean really looking inward.

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I mean, we have to really look inward because if you spend a lot of time looking inward, it’s really hard to pass judgment on someone who’s long dead for what they’ve done or didn’t do You eat up most of your time trying to get better, trying to be a better person if you focus inward? Oh, by the way, if we, if, if we focused inward more as a nation, rather than outward, we could affect this nation radically much more than the removal of any, any outward or materialistic representation or symbol.

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You know, I mean, that’s just the reality. That is just the reality, but that’s too much reality for most people. I understand that. So tonight I want to focus on self reliance and independence because it is a consistent grappling match between corporations that want to take yourself reliance and independence through convenience, right? They want to make it so convenient that you will never, ever consider self-reliance and independence. Right? Why on earth would you make your own soap when Amazon can deliver good homemade soap to your door, you know, in a day or less, maybe in a couple hours, why on earth would you want to teach your own child or have a, have a trustworthy person teach your own child at home?

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When you could send them off to school, it’s way more convenient. You can make way more money, right? Could make way more money because you don’t have to be at home teaching a kid. I don’t homeschool my child, but we’ve found a really good school. You know, it’s not immune to the nonsense, but we, we got lucky. But if it cut well, well, let me tell you what’s happening in, in our world because of school though. Cause it’s probably worth talking about if we’re going to talk about self reliance and independence, because being reliant on one self.

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And when I say self-reliance, you know, it is really about the household. It is about being reliant on one another. But last night we get the, we get the heads up that my son’s school is going to change their schedule. They’re going to change their schedule. They’re going to be starting later. And moreover, they don’t know yet what the curriculum is going to look like when, when opening time finally arrives. So for a parent like me, a parent who understands that it’s my responsibility to teach my child.

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That’s it, you know, mine. And my wife’s when things get dodgy, like they are right now, there’s two camps that you can take. One is I’ll sit back and chill out. And when they’re good and ready, we’ll figure it out. I’ll send old Timmy back into school and, and we’ll get him, learn it up. You know, there’s that camp, whatever the state says is what I will do. And I won’t do any more because schooling is the job of the state. That’s why I paid taxes.

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That’s just the way it goes. That’s one, one train of thought, you know? And it’s not necessarily well. Yeah, I don’t, I don’t buy into it. Let’s just go that way. That’s not my train of thought. Being a prepper and being the type of person that I am. When I see the school, pushing things, delaying things, I say, all this is just the beginning. This is just the beginning of delays that are going to continue and continue on. And my son’s going to be sitting in my house probably till Christmas and who knows what the hell is going on.

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So last night we had to sit down and find some kind of curriculum that we can start for when Carter school is supposed to start. You know, that’s just the reality of it. Yes. The public school system and the system that his school works on is going to open at a different time and a different date. But that doesn’t mean we are going to sacrifice Carter’s education just because of that. Right? Why would I sacrifice my son?

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His starts school started his whole career. He started school early in August and that’s what he does. And we love that. You know, we love that part of his education. It’s extended. It’s a great environment. And that the whole thing, why would I sacrifice that? Because Ralph Northern wants me to, because the school board has decided that that’s what we should do, that we should open later open whenever you want understand it’s my responsibility to teach my kid while the state is, you know, doing whatever the hell games they’re doing.

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In other words, you can’t let some crazy lunatic, local politician dictate how, and when, when your kids are going to be taught the basic fundamentals of education, right, that cannot be dictated by government 100%. You do get that. Right? So last night we had to pick out some curriculum and some, some things to do at home for when we start fourth grade, because the first day of fourth grade is going to be at my house and it’s going to be conducted by yours truly.

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And I got some practice now. So look out, but this is one example of self reliance and independence outside of preparedness. You know, it’s not just a prepping thing. It’s definitely not just a prepping thing. Self-reliance and independence is all aspects. It’s all aspects of your life. You get two paths. You get to decide whether or not you’re going to take ownership for what it is for your life experience in general, right? Or you gotta be one of these people that is, that is this one, this person, Oh, I can ever get a break.

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Everything bad happens to me. Nobody ever cuts me any Slack. I can’t ever get ahead in this life. Who are you going to be? You guys know, I listened to crazy Buddhist. I’m a big fan of it. All right. I don’t know what that means for my trip to heaven or hell or whatever. But what I do know is, you know, it’s very popular in these Buddhist communities to try and help the people who are just like, I never get a fair shake.

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I can’t get ahead. And one of the adage is that they always turn to is you win. It’s devastating to let another person or another force control your joy.

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You become powerless when you let another person or another institution or when a decision or a president or an election control your emotions. All of a sudden you’re powerless, man. You’ve got nothing. Now, all you can do is moan. And worst of all, you don’t even have the power to fix it. So in other words, in November, when these people in the streets decide that they’re upset with the election and it was unfair, and they’re going to riot again, because this is a racist patriarchy of white males and they can’t take it anymore.

1 (20m 25s):
They are going to allow their emotions to be hijacked by one Donald Trump or by a Republican establishment or by a whole race of people based on some kind of racist ideology that they have. And yeah, you’re going to watch it in real time. You’re going to see the difference between being self reliant and independent and being dependent on others for your right, being able to say, well, Joe Biden would have won. I’d be happy, but I’m not happy because Donald Trump won. You know, I was thinking about Donald Trump last night.

1 (20m 58s):
He is, he is a consequence. Now listen to this. Okay? Cause I want you to tell your Democrat friends, this, They like you to think that Donald Trump was a creature born out of white supremacy and hatred and extreme pushed to the right, following Barack Obama. That’s what they like you to believe, right? They want you to believe that he was this Frankenstein put together by the right wing.

1 (21m 29s):
I think he’s the opposite. I think Donald Trump is a consequence of the exact opposite. I think he’s the consequence of just a total lack of integrity on the Democrat side. Think about it.

0 (21m 47s):
Think about it.

1 (21m 49s):
The last two elections I’m talking Hillary Clinton, Hillary Robin Clinton, and I’m talking Joe Biden. Now They’re going up against Donald Trump, right? Donald Trump. Think about this for a minute. If they could foster a candidate with any kind of integrity, even a little, even a, even a smidge of integrity.

1 (22m 21s):
I don’t know that Donald Trump wins anything. I mean, think about that for a minute. In other words, what if Toci Gabard were running? Think about that. What if Tosi Gabbert took the nomination? Donald Trump would be in serious trouble in my opinion, serious trouble, woman, military background, good ideas. The whole thing, young, pretty the whole thing, right? The nation would be just delighted and enraptured and entranced as a Wonka says, but because they have run essentially a mob boss in Hillary and Hillary Clinton last time.

1 (23m 7s):
And now they’ve decided to run a senile old man who doesn’t know even know what day it is. Their lack of integrity is so staggering that it actually has created the dynasty of Trump. It has created the, the, the presidency of Donald Trump. Honestly, you need to, you need to really sit down and think of that. Trump is a creation of the Democrats.

1 (23m 38s):
He was not some, if you really talk to them, if you go back in time and you listened to the right wing and you listened to the Republicans and you listened to the conservatives and what they had to say about Donald Trump back in the day. Now I’m talking before Trump a mania hit, right? If you go back in time and listen to that, you will hear people on the right. So pissed off about Donald Trump. So pissed off that they couldn’t get crews up in there that they couldn’t get ran Paul up in there.

1 (24m 14s):
They were not vying for Donald Trump from the get go. Donald Trump was not a creation of the Republican party. Donald Trump’s success is a consequence of the lack of integrity in the Democrat party. His reelection will be a consequence of the lack of integrity in the Democrat party.

1 (24m 45s):
So it’s really funny to watch the Democrats get blue in the face about Trump now, racist and what a monster he is, because if you would have ran anybody, He probably wouldn’t have one. If you would have ran a human, he probably would have run. I mean, what a one I would have lost rather, I’m sorry. You know, if you decided let’s not run the leader of this crime syndicate and listen, I’m glad we’re in the boat. We’re in, don’t get me wrong.

1 (25m 16s):
I’m not complaining about the guy. I’m just saying this whole idea that Donald Trump, you know, came from some magical place or, or that he is this right wing Republican. That was foisted upon us by a conservative movement is just not true. It’s not really true. The reality is he was essentially brought to life because the Democrats are trash and their candidates are there. Their best candidates are, are shut down.

1 (25m 47s):
If we’re clear about it, their best candidates and their best hope for the future of this nation are their shutdown. Tulsi GABA was shut down almost instantly, right? The old communists that everybody wanted to run was shut down yet. Again, Bernie would have beat Trump. I think the first go round people were really excited about Bernie Sanders. That’s my little diatribe, but it all leads back to self reliance and independence.

1 (26m 21s):
Truly right. Let’s stop for a minute. Let’s talk about prepper camp 2020. Okay. Prepper camp 2020 is going to be one hell of a shindig. All right. Saluda, North Carolina. The last week of September Dave Jones, the NBC guy, Jordan from a family affair myself, CIN the creator of the EOC. Just a ton of members that are, that are over here at PBN.

1 (26m 51s):
It’s a day of classes. Well it’s three days of classes. Really? It’s three days of classes that leads to entertainment at night. That leads to good times and fun with people that you probably never have met in person, but you can really sit down and have a good talk with, have a good time. You gotta, you gotta do it. You got to get your tickets now because this thing sells out every year. And I can promise you it’s going to sell out faster this year than it ever has because people are opening their eyes to preparedness.

1 (27m 21s):
They’re going, what has happened the first six months of this year, I was not ready for this. I need to listen to these preppers and I need to get my ass in gear Prepper camp, 2020 Saluda, North Carolina, get your tickets. Prepper Okay. Membership, membership, membership, membership. Are you a member yet? Our numbers have been going up over the last couple of weeks, which makes me very excited.

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I think with the advent of the new website, we’re probably gonna see more traffic. What my job is is to make sure I capture you and say, Hey, support us. Become a member, click the, become a member tab and check out the incredible benefits. Okay? Check out the incredible benefits of becoming a member. You get podcasts just for members. You get videos just for members. You get posts, written posts just for members.

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You get discount codes just for members. By the way, I think I’m about, I don’t know, maybe a week from releasing the discount code sheets looking good. If you join for six months to a year, you get to join the con continuity. If you like the idea of joining the continuity, what is the continuity? I don’t really have time to spell it out right now. The continuity is basically our membership group. It’s our little, our little fictitious secret society.

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Okay. Where we were going to meet and have a lot of fun and just really play with play with all of the trappings of a secret society, but do it in a fun way. You know, it just really benefits you to be a member. And it really benefits us to have you, as a member membership is a consequence of being on a platform like Patrion. That really just scared me to death and made me think that my content was going to be shut down, you know, and, and to reaffirm that just a few days after we jumped a membership, our EOC got shut down by discord, right?

1 (29m 33s):
So these things happen and they happen to little guys like us, even, even little guys like us get shut down. So that’s why we moved to a membership model yesterday. I released a great video on making an incredible summertime chicken treat for your hands. Hopefully you’ve got some laying hens pumping out eggs for you and your family. Today. I’m going to release a video on what’s next, what the next half of the year is going to look like and what to prepare for. And these are the types of things that you’re going to get a regular basis.

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Members also get an incredible service, which is searchable, transcribed, prod podcasts. So you have the ability to go into your members only link. And so every day a podcast will be posted on the prepper broadcasting network. And it will be transcribed in the members only section that same podcast will be posted, but it will be searchable transcribed. So you’ll have the ability to go search any word or phrase and go right to that section of the podcast.

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And for what we do for what we talk about, this is very valuable stuff. The way we’re transcribing our podcast is through a company called pod scribe. And I want to tell you about them real quick pod scribe. They offer a great price and a great service. If you’re thinking about starting a podcast, or if you know somebody who wants to transcribe podcasts or anything else, they do an incredible job there. They’re interfaces super easy to use. And to be quite honest with you, pod scribe is the reason our website has changed.

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It’s a very big reason why, because now we’re taking transcribed content, posting it on a daily basis and it’s making a world of difference among other things. The real linchpin though, folks is membership, okay, join for a year. It’s affordable. It’s five bucks a month for the year. And you know, it, you get to be a more intimate piece of this team. And I don’t know what else to tell you, you know, in these times you really have to support what you believe in because the people that you believe in need your support, and that’s not just here, that’s everywhere.

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And you just gotta be aware of that, you know, and we would love your support. So check out membership, become a member today and keep the prepper broadcasting network going. Keep us speaking as freely as we are meant to speak about the subjects, through which we are meant on, which we are meant to speak. Okay? So self-reliance and independence. How you make an, a live in these days.

1 (32m 21s):
This is a tough conversation. Yeah. I gotta be real careful about this. I don’t want to, I don’t want to, there’s a certain way you want to sound when you touch on this. Right. What I don’t want to do is disparage anyone, you know, with the content I’m about to put forth, but I want to be honest, and I want to pressure you a little bit to think about this. You know, self-reliance and independence also has to do with your income. It really does.

1 (32m 52s):
It has to do with how you make your living and where you, unfortunately, guys, we’re moving into a time where you being, you is not compatible with some with, with some lines of work. And I don’t mean just being a prepper, you know, but just you being, you, you believing in the things you believe in, maybe you going to church on the weekends, maybe you, you know, espousing support for a certain political candidate. Doesn’t even have to be Donald. Trump could be a Republican locally.

1 (33m 26s):
These things are becoming less and less conducive with you, keeping your job. You say a certain thing. You decide not to say a certain thing and you could find yourself in HR. You know, the woman, the most standout situation in all of this was when the shooting, the police shooting happened in Georgia. You remember the taser incident, the man who stole the taser from the cops and was shot her son.

1 (33m 58s):
I don’t know what the outcome was with her son, but he was, he was in trouble. Not only was he in trouble because of what he did. His mother got fired almost immediately from her job.

0 (34m 11s):

1 (34m 12s):
Is the era in which we are living folks. Now you can play the game if you want, you know what you do for a living better than me and you know, the politics better than me, right? So you can play that game if you want. I think it’s high time. And I’ve been talking about this for years, but I think it’s high time for people to focus a little more on self reliance and independence when it comes to finances. So for lions and independence, when it comes to income streams, do you have multiple streams of income coming into your home?

1 (34m 46s):
They don’t have to be big. When I say multiple streams of income, people think I’m like a rich or something, not even close to it, but I get paid through a number of different avenues. It’s little bits of pay through a number of different avenues. And those avenues that I use are always changing. And I’m always looking for a better way to do business. That is more self reliant and independent. I don’t want anyone over me. I don’t want anyone over me who can say, Oh, you know what?

1 (35m 16s):
You can’t post anymore. Oh, you know what? You can’t, you can’t do this thing anymore that you make money from because of the way, what you believe. So really consider your career because it’s a shackle. There’s no doubt about it. Your career is a shackle is most definitely a shackle during a revolution piece. But people left the family farm and they men left the family farm in boys and they left the family farm to the rest of the family to keep up.

1 (35m 52s):
They weren’t going to get fired for their stance on the revolution. Now they might be hung or shot, right? But they weren’t going to lose their living. And that’s important to your living is, is very important. Make no mistake about it. And this cancelled culture and this radical Marxist takeover has definitely understands that there’s some of their greatest enemies. They’ll never have to face off with because of the fact that they’re tied to a job that they’re unwilling to sacrifice.

1 (36m 28s):
So they’ll just re remain quiet. They’ll just remain quiet and obedient. And that’s real. That is real. So you think that starting a business, you think that doing that thing, you love, you think that taking that thing that you love to do and turning it into that dream into reality is risky, right? You think, Oh God, I don’t want to give up my paycheck every week. Cause this is risky. And what happens if it doesn’t work out? Well, listen to me, we are at the beginning of risky times and you might be taking a risk, an even greater risk staying at the job you’re in.

1 (37m 7s):
Then you would be, if you started the job you want just think about it. Sure. What you’re doing now might be nice and safe. Or you might think that you’ve positioned yourself in a way where you’re nice and safe, but you have no idea how deep this thing is going to go. You have no idea how deep these monsters are going to be looking. And the things that they’re going to put you through because you decide you don’t want to take the vaccination or you decide that you don’t want to, you don’t want to submit your heritage to find out whether or not your ancestors were slave owners or not.

1 (37m 44s):
Because you may be a person who owes money and reparations. You might find out that you don’t want to do any of this shit and they may force you to do it. And you’ll go home at night, go on because you’ll understand that I should have left when I had the chance, because now I’m beholden to this nonsense. Just think about where we’re at now. Just think about where we’re at now and cast your line just a bit further.

1 (38m 17s):
It’s not hard to see, right? It is not hard to see. This is what I mean by self reliance and independence. You should inject it like a virus into your entire life, your entire way of living. You know, what, what do you really need from the outside world? There are things that are inescapable. There are things that, that most people are going to require that they’re going to be dependent upon, but there are a slew of systems that you do not have to be dependent upon, right?

1 (38m 53s):
And a big one of those is income. We’re living through a time of massive opportunity. And there are people out there who are looking for a community believe in, they’re looking for products to believe in made by people that they believe in, you know, American made products. This, this thing with China is in its infancy. Dave Jones, the NBC guy last night said, there’s two carrier groups over in the South China sea. Well, he may not have said the South China sea, but he said over there, I don’t know exactly where over there is.

1 (39m 24s):
So you have to understand this. There’s a lot of opportunity. Okay? There’s a hell of a lot of opportunity. If you can fold this ideology into your life, take the things that you think you need and, and just inject them with self-reliance and independence. I don’t know what else to tell you folks. Well, there is another message and the message is there’s a limited time for this.

1 (39m 55s):
I do think there’s a limited time for this right now. Things are still cheap and easy, right? You want to break free of the, of the food system. You can go get seeds and soil and do the whole thing. You know, entertainment’s another big one though. Entertainment’s another big one, but we really have to figure out what, how we want to be entertained as a nation and who we’re willing to invest in who we’re willing to support

0 (40m 27s):
All the prep up rule costing network.

1 (40m 31s):
Part two of the traveling circus. That is the, I am Liberty show today. Entertainment. Could we left off on this idea of entertainment? And I just want to talk to you about, I want to be, well, I want to talk about one thing in particular, you know, because I think it’s a good example for all entertainment and how the world is changing and what decisions you should make. If you’re in this mindset of self, reliance and independence, we have to talk about the NFL and, and we don’t, we don’t have to talk about it because it’s important or anything like that.

1 (41m 12s):
But it’s because it’s personal. You know, I grew up in Philly or Southeast of Philly and sports are big. Well, they’re not just big. They are part of a, a serious culture in Philly. And the Eagles are the biggest, you know, they’re the biggest of that culture in all my life, Sunday and quite frankly, football season in general was really wrapped up in the Philadelphia Eagles, their performance when their games, you know, we watched the Philadelphia Eagles every weekend.

1 (41m 54s):
You know what I mean? When I met my wife, even when I had my first son, I would lay on the couch for four hours in a row, watch the Eagles. And when they would lose, it would ruin my whole day. It would ruin my whole day because I was dependent. It would ruin my whole day. I would be so pissed. And that was my life for a long time.

1 (42m 26s):
Many years, egos would lose. I wouldn’t be mad and it didn’t matter what you did. Didn’t matter what else happened that day. I met Eagles, lost shit Eagles when everybody’s happy, yay, Eagles win. And you know, there came a time where that didn’t work for me anymore. And this was even before the kneeling. But I do want you to understand that I spent many years of my life invested in the Philadelphia Eagles, the Phillies, the flyers, not really the Sixers at all, but, and you know, it’s, there’s a lot of people out there who are still like that, but we have to be honest about what is happening in our culture and understand that things are changing radically.

1 (43m 14s):
If you haven’t heard that they’re going to sing whatever the black national Anthem is on the first NFL game. I don’t, I don’t even know what the black national Anthem is, But things get to a point where you can’t take anymore things, get to the point where they’re just totally racist. Oh man. So you have to, you have to really sit around and sit down and say to yourself, you know what, what’s going on here?

1 (43m 44s):
What are we doing here? Is this something I’m going to support? Or should I be out fishing? Should I be out in the river? What should I be doing with my time? You know, because much of the entertainment industry is well they’re hookers at the end of the day, right? At the end of the day, the vast majority of the entertainment industry are, are prostitutes. They prostitute themselves to whatever sells movies, whatever sells ads, whatever gets ratings, you know, whatever it is, whatever it takes by any means necessary.

0 (44m 24s):

1 (44m 29s):
So you gotta, you gotta figure out whether or not you want to be aligned with like that. For me, I don’t see it going in the direction of the NFL this year. I can’t, I can understand All these bad decisions. You know, there’s one national Anthem in this nation. And you know why, if you don’t know why you need to go back and listen to that episode right before the 4th of July that Dave Jones, the NBC guy put up about the war of 1812.

1 (45m 0s):
And you know, this is just what it is, is just what it is for, for people like you and me. We see something like that. And we know what it’s about. No, it’s not about propping a certain group up. It’s about kicking down on a certain group, right? What it’s really about. It’s about this. Mantling the constitution in my eyes. That’s what I see. It’s about dismantling the American system And putting in its place.

1 (45m 32s):
Well, nobody knows what they’re putting in his place because we’re living through an age of, of leaders. These, these leaders of, of organizations like BLM seem to me to be just people who, and maybe this is Marxist in general. You know, they’re just people who like to take things apart and have no idea how to put them back together again. And as far as I can tell, that’s what we’re living through To round this episode of the, I am Liberty show out. I want to talk about something that I heard, Ryan Buford save regarding schooling last night, you said freedom has consequences.

1 (46m 13s):
You know, and that’s a sentiment that I really can share. And for a long time, our freedom hasn’t had much consequence, but we’re moving into an age where our freedom will have very real consequences and we’ll have very important decisions to make, you know, are we going to go along to get along? And what does it mean if we don’t go along to get along? It means different things for different people, But standing against the rising tide could mean that you lose your job.

1 (46m 49s):
It could mean that you lose your income. It could mean that you lose your career depending on what you do. And that’s terrifying. That’s and it’s also wrong. It’s also terribly wrong, you know? And it’s not the way that, that this thing should go. People should never lose their job because of a belief that they hold. I mean, that’s the whole point of the protections that were set up by equal employment opportunity act, right?

1 (47m 23s):
I mean, it just, all of these things have been put into place and they all seem to be not standing up to the test. I mean, this is what I want to tell you guys, sorry, I just came out of the dentist. My teeth feel like amazing, like amazing. This is what I want to tell you guys really sit down and wrap your head around what it is you’re doing with your life at the moment, relationships.

1 (47m 59s):
How are things with you and your lady or you and your man, children, acquaintances, neighbors. What are these relationships looking like? How are you making money? Is this the way you should be making money? Listen, you can make money doing a bunch of different things. You don’t have to be tethered to that one salary. I can promise you that we’ve got to start removing these chains because people can’t make the right decisions when they’re chained up and tethered to institutions is that will well sacrifice them for the cause.

1 (48m 44s):
If you know what I mean,

0 (48m 45s):

1 (48m 47s):
In other words, if we are wrapped up in a system that is willing to sacrifice us for the cause, then we can never speak out. The constitution is already trashed. The bill of rights is already trash because we don’t have the ability to speak up. Many people are in that situation already. Freedom of speech. What do you mean? How many of you right now could, could get on your social media and do a 10, 20 minute diatribe on how you feel about what’s happening your nation right now posted to social media.

1 (49m 26s):
I’m talking personal social media, your family, friends, acquaintances, work buddies, posted to social media, not be concerned about losing your job.

0 (49m 34s):

1 (49m 37s):
That’s where you have to be. And that’s where we all have to be. Or else we can’t fight for anything. If you’re one of these people, if you say the wrong thing, you could lose your job. You could lose your family. You could lose, lose, lose, lose it’s time to lose him. It’s time to lose that stuff Because that stuff is going to turn history into an absolute nightmare or, well, it could bring history back.

1 (50m 8s):
If you will. You see when you’re silenced, when you have something held over your head, like a, like a big salary that you can’t, you’re limited in what you can do or say because of that big salary, it’s a problem. It’s a problem. And you can’t fix that problem with big and cars and vacations. You cannot fix it. Now is the time to strike out on your own.

1 (50m 38s):
It’s also the time to put yourself around the right people. It’s also the time to spend your time. Your precious time around. People want to be with you both in a, in a physical sense. And in a technological sense. It’s like I said earlier, get away from these social networks that don’t like, you, you’ve got to get away from him. You’re playing in a playground where, where nobody wants to, you know, and it’s just, it’s not where you want to be.

1 (51m 16s):
And at any moment you could have the rug pulled out from under you. It’s a time to pivot. Okay? Life is a, is a battle. It just is. And what’s going on right now in this 12 round fight what’s happening now is Our enemies have decided to go for broke and they’re firing everything. They got. They’re punching in rapidity.

1 (51m 47s):
They’re punching at the body and at the head and they’re trying to kick the legs and they’re doing everything right now. This is what they’re trying to do is get the knockout right now. They’re trying to go for the knockout right now. Thankfully we have Donald Trump and he is our guard. You know, we have our guard up. If, if it weren’t for him, we’d just be taking these shots. But we have a little bit of a guard up in Donald Trump. When you’re getting hit constantly, you have to move.

1 (52m 19s):
That’s how it works in a fight. Unless your opponent can hurt you. If your opponent’s a six year old and you might be all right, but when you’re in a real fight, you can’t just sit there and take punches. You’ve got to pivot, you’ve got to move. You’ve got to slip. You’ve got to Dodge. You’ve got to duck. And that’s exactly where we’re at folks. It’s exactly the way I want you to look at your life. It’s time to pivot. It’s time to put some foot work on position yourself. So that as we head into this future, you got options.

1 (52m 55s):
You’re not stuck in the corner, taking body shots. You’ve got to have up. You’ve got to have the freedom to dance around the ring like Ali. And if you have that freedom, And if enough of us have that freedom, then this little Mark says, spat will be a thing of a thing of the past. I can guarantee you that. However, if you look at your situation and feel trapped and stay trapped and stay quiet, and don’t say anything that makes sense, and don’t do anything that tests the waters and don’t take any risks.

1 (53m 33s):
I can tell you right now, you will be a, you will be a slave in your own nation. I mean, that’s just what it is. You will become a slave in your own nation. You will not have the rights bestowed upon you by God. You will not have them.

0 (53m 52s):
Think about it.

1 (53m 55s):
Think about where you’re at and think about the bill of rights. If you’re listening to this show from New York, Chicago, or California, how do you feel about that second amendment? How do you feel about that first amendment? If you’re almost anywhere online, how do you feel about at first amendment? So what you’re telling me is it’s fine that the, that the internet can basically do away with the bill of rights, go to parlor, be around people that want you around.

1 (54m 26s):
Talk about things you want to talk about. You could go get plenty of differing opinions by hopping on Twitter, watching the news, listening to the radio. It gets everywhere. There’s very little echo chamber on our side of things. Now’s the time to pivot. Now’s the time to duck, to evade, to slip, to be the smart fighter who keeps moving. Because what happens is when another fighter goes for the knockout and gives it everything he has, he either winds up getting the knockout, or we winds up gassing out.

1 (55m 4s):
He winds up running out of energy from throwing all those punches. And that’s exactly what I want to see happen here. I want to see this movement die out, burn out, everybody, get bored, go back to their lives of Supreme indulgence and then have us have us fresh because we’ve, we’ve moved and we’ve pivoted and go to battle, go to battle for the bill of rights in the constitution, in the United States, in the, and the idea that people should be governed by one another, because we’re not governed by one another right now.

1 (55m 42s):
It’s just, it’s just the truth. We’re governed by political and public and popular opinion.

0 (55m 55s):
But that’s enough.

1 (55m 58s):
That’s enough. I digress. I digress. If anybody out there has some, has it a means to make more combined protests come to be, you know, I’m starting to think that, that this protesting thing has the potential save the world. Also save the nation.

1 (56m 29s):
I’m starting to think that this protesting thing can

0 (56m 33s):

1 (56m 54s):
We will outlast this. Don’t worry. We will outlast this, but there will be victims. In the meantime, we’ll outlast. This virus will outlast this, this communist revolution and the nation

0 (57m 10s):

1 (57m 14s):
Your support will, will decide how that looks. What state you live in. We’ll decide how that looks. And then the percentage of likelihood that you’ll be one of those victims. So you have to consider where you live. You have to consider how dependent you are on this radical outrage culture, where mob rules. Now’s the time to break away.

1 (57m 44s):
You’re already prepared. I know that for the most part, the folks listening to the I am Liberty show, you guys are ready. You guys got the stuff, you know, you already got it. You got the skills, you got the plans. If you’ve been paying attention at all, you’ve got it. If you signed up for the PC, you’re ready. Now’s the time to see what we can do to stop it. That’s all we prepared for it.

1 (58m 17s):
What most preppers get wrong is they prepare for it. And then they say, okay, I’m just going to sit back and let it all come falling down. We’ve reached a point where we’ve prepared for it. We see what’s going on. And because we’re all good faith people. Now we have to act. Now we have to work to try and fix it. I’m not just going to let it all fall down. I haven’t closed the book on America yet. No, not even close Because I’m surrounded by people.

1 (58m 52s):
You know, I think it’s a symptom of, of maybe being too far away from masses of people. When you get into groups of people, masses of people and tight knit neighborhoods and things like that, you realize that America is alive and well, you realize that American exceptionalism is alive and well, you realize that this integration of cultures and races is art. It’s art. It really is In the same way that you’d in the same way that you take oil-based paints and mixed several colors together to find just the right hue.

1 (59m 29s):
America has taken people from all over the world, all cultures, all races, mix them together to create something beautiful. And it is art. And watching it work as art and watching the Indian children play with the black children, play with the white children, play with the Muslim children. You watch them play together and you watched the parents chit chat together. And you say to yourself, there is, this is art. This is art. This is, this is, this is better than anything.

1 (59m 59s):
The thing I’ve ever seen hanging in a gallery, because this is living, breathing, freedom, art, and there is no way in hell that you’re ever going to hear me say, I’ve given up on this. America is going to collapse. It’s going to fall. There’s nothing you can do about it. So don’t worry. You just sit back on your bucket of rice and watch it. The windows for the nuclear bombs to start going off. No, thank you. No, thank you.

1 (1h 0m 29s):
Rather than that, how about we get more involved in the political process? How do we get more self reliant and independent? How about we get more involved in the community, in the neighborhoods? Right? Prep thing is not isolationism. It’s not about this idea that I’m going to go hide somewhere and I’m going to hide away from the world. And I’m going to look out my windows at all. My enemies that surround me. That’s old school stuff, man. That’s that’s antiquated prepping. That’s doomsday prepper talk.

1 (1h 1m 2s):
No, the 21st century prepper, this modern prepper is a force and a patriotic force at that.

0 (1h 1m 13s):

1 (1h 1m 14s):
We’ll talk soon folks. This is James Walker with the, I am Liberty show

3 (1h 1m 21s):
To oppose tyranny and fight for the rights our creator bestowed us in the United States constitution. We all the prep rule costing network.

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