January 17, 2022


Self reliance and independence

“What if?” only two small words, but with enormous consequences.

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homestead honey 150What If?  A question that is often asked in our lives  ”What if?” is the catalyst for why many people choose to prepare for hard times, purchase insurance on their homes, cars and lives and is the reason for why so many of us are grateful that things are not worse!

The question of “What if?” is only two small words, but it has enormous consequences.  “What if?” motivates us to do the right thing.  It helps guide us on our path and may even give us a conscience.  However, it is becoming a bit apparent that many of us in this community are ONLY living for the “What if?”

We all spend a lot of time, money, effort and research trying to prepare for the “What if?”  Some are so totally focused on preparing for living in the future that they are forgetting about truly living today.

Join Noreen, this Thursday as she hosts The Homestead Honey Hour and invites listeners into a discussion about the “What if?”  While it is very important to focus on what could happen in the future and be prepared, we must not forget to focus on what is happening in this amazing and beautiful world and the life that we live today.  Today will only be here right now.  As the author Marianne Williamson wrote:  “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift and that is why we call it the present.  Think about it.  If we forget to live for today while preparing for tomorrow, what is all this work for anyway?

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