October 27, 2021


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Common Core Education = Communist Indoctrination

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Common Core Education = Communist Indoctrination
Host: Noreen “The Homestead Honey Hour”

Common CoreHave you noticed something different about the way your children are being taught? Have you noticed the way that teachers approach their job lately? Have you noticed little changes in the work your children are bringing home? Did you think there may be something wrong but just couldn’t put your finger on it? Well you are right! Changes have been made and new structures have been implemented. Teachers are no longer teaching. They are doing what they are told. Teachers are now nothing more than babysitters who spy and take note. They are forced to monitor and assess. They have little choice in this matter if they want to keep their jobs.

Common CoreAll matter of creativity and independent thinking has been removed from the equation. Every child is now a number, even more so than before. Your child is becoming a part of the system that is known as Common Core. A program that was devised the National Governors Association and implemented on a nationwide basis. It is a system under which your child will become a part of the machine. It is no a well oiled machine. It is a machine that will devour the heart of this nation and grind it to bits. It will take our children and make them good little communists if we are not careful.

Common CoreThe Common Core system is nothing more than the implementation of the Soviet System of Education where young people do not get a choice of what they want to be when they grow up. They are told what they are going to be and they spend the whole of their entire education being trained up to do what the system has seen they are proficient in. No free thinking here. No creativity here, No self expression, no love, no nothing. In the end, what we will end up with is a nation that is even more dead inside than it already is.

If you don’t understand Common Core and what it is ultimately designed to do, then I encourage you to tune in to the Homestead Honey Hour this Thursday night when Noreen will be your host and will be discussing how common core is just a euphemism for Communism. Bring your notebooks and pencils because this is going to be a lot of important information that may make you think twice about keeping your own young children in the public school system.
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