October 20, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Backing up the information you provide!

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homestead honey 150This week on the Homestead Honey Hour, join Noreen and Katzcradul as they address an issue that is important and necessary. How to properly do independent research and how to decipher good from bad. How to use the intuition that we all have or that “gut feeling” to determine if the path you are on is a good one. All the honeys spend innumerable hours researching and confirming good information to bring you the most up to date facts when presenting our shows. Time and time again we are asked in public comments and in private messages and chats to share links, point in the right direction and flat out provide voluminous information to people who can’t seem to find it on their own. Knowing how to conduct a proper internet search is really the place to start. It will help save you time and frustration. Remember, those of us who present information did not always know where to find it either! We looked for it, read A LOT and then put it to good use. It will help you on your preparedness path. It will also help you to know when you are being faced with someone who talks big but does not necessarily have the actions to back up their chatter. It will help you separate the s*** from the shinola, as the old saying goes! Online people can hide behind a screen name and an avatar. Some of them dole out information and present themselves as “experts” when in reality they are not as they seem. So join Noreen and Katzcradul on Thursday evening for what promises to be an interesting and informative Homestead Honey Hour!
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