November 26, 2022


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The American God w/ I AM Liberty

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The broadcasting network, we have to hit the reset button, create a true culture, starting at a very young age, all the way up.

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What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have is life? So dear or peace, so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery for a bit at all 90 God I know not what course others may take. Hold on, give me death.

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take to on the I AM Liberty show live this adventure of live podcasting from The, you know, impressive studio that I broadcast live from with my extensive crew of producers.

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Well, you know what? I actually do have a pretty helpful crew of what I would call somewhat producers and a, you know, it’s a great bunch here with the Prepper Broadcasting Network listen, I’ve got a little bit of a contentious topic tonight, but I wanna start the show out with a bit of a quote. First of all, we want to make sure that Oh, is gracious me. No, no silence. Should we should be running pretty good to go there, but I wanna start the night off with a bit of a quote and well, I, I’ve been clapped in the side of the head twice now, already.

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They were trying to get the show, try to get the show off and running and we’ve run into two log jams already, but that’s all right. That’s all right. This could be God himself intervening, trying to stop me from having the conversation I’m about to have, which is pretty typical of the way that I’ve had God intervene in my life in the past. It’s a pretty straightforward before we get into this concept of the American God though, I I do want to speak to this quote for a moment.

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Okay. Lets give you some context. Me gray. You’re probably going to like this, this comes from a, this quote comes from a song by a band named tool and the song is called fear inoculum. And there’s a few lines in this song. I will understand that we’ve been waiting for a tool album as a tool fans for a very long time.

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I mean the last tool album I listened to before this one came out, I think I was in eighth grade. So this thing has been in the works for a long time. It’s a point I’m trying to make in this song and the lyrics within we’re probably wouldn’t have written a very long time ago too. I don’t know that to be a fact, but in light of what we’re dealing with with COVID-19 and some of what we’re going to talk about tonight, I just wanted to read you these few lines because they are a pretty telling and they speak to the reason why we’ve a tool.

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Fans have worshiped Maynard, James Keenan for so long. The deceiver says, he says you belong to me. You don’t want to breathe. The light of the others. Fear, the light fear, the breath, fear the others for eternity. When you look at America close quote, when you look at America today and you’ve read you read something like fear, the breath, fear, the others for eternity, man, that really, that really puts a lot in, in context.

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So I wanted to start to show out would that you don’t want to breathe the light of the others. It is essentially, you know what we’re dealing with in this country right now. You don’t want to breathe the light of the others. Fear, the light fear, the breath, fear, the others for eternity close quote. If you wanted to add something else to the, I was thinking about the society today and I realized that we live something of a closure of a cliff note society, right?

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We live something of a cliff note society. I know there are a lot of people who read books, but to me it does seem like we lack context. We also lack nobility, but I’m not here to pick apart society here to discuss, discuss the very idea of the American God. And if you listen to the daily audio cash, you have an idea of where I’m going with this. If not, you will very soon. Okay. But before we get rolling, I do want to talk to those of you out there who are new listeners to The Prepper Broadcasting Network We seen a lot of new listeners lately, obviously coming off the back of Prepper camp.

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We welcome you and thank you a, just to understand that we do different shows and different hosts to every night. Okay? So the show that you may have listened to yesterday, where you were on a different One tonight, yada yada yada welcoming. I hope you enjoy it. If tonight is your first night, please don’t measure this show as please don’t measure this show against the rest of the content because a The Prepper Broadcasting Network is astounding.

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And my show was just the hump in the middle of the week where I get up here and blabber for a couple hours or an hour, depending on what I feel like. And then go and hide back behind the scenes and do what I do to make this thing go around next week, though, we are going to have the guys from the matter of facts, podcast on a good Prepper cam friends who’ve become good friends. Their, their podcast is a preparedness podcast and you should check it out.

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Matter of fact, podcasts, they do a great, great show, a really great group of guys, cool story to about how it came to be. But I won’t spoil that, but they’re going to be with us next week for preppers live preppers live is becoming one of my favorite things about the week. It really is. I’m enjoying it a lot, but anyhow, let’s have a look. See what’s happening in the world. I know we’re dealing with hurricane Delta at the moment I go through the EOC here at The Prepper Broadcasting Network and that’s usually how I get my, I like to get my news and alarming piece of content coming from Sam Cobra in the forward observer that was posted in the USA civil unrest section in our EOC, which is if you’re interested in joining us in the live chat or in the, in the EOC, from a forum or a whatever you call this discord style server, you can go to and get signed up and just shoot us your screen name.

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Once you get a screen name, if you don’t know how to contact us, go to Prepper and just fill out the contact form. Okay? But this is, this is an example of what makes its way into our USA civil unrest, a room here, the DC there, and this is from Sam cope with a forward observer, the DC Metro chapter of the socialist rifle association reportedly began work on beginner, intermediate and advanced training for members. Previous efforts among other SRA chapters have included firearms and medical fundamentals.

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However, this is likely an attempt at more role-specific and specialty training DCR as a membership grew by nearly 20% in September. I don’t understand, but, and reportedly net. And now I don’t know what that 20% is. You know, I don’t know how many they started with did they have five and they grew 20. We gotta stop mocking them. I said this the other day and I’m here. I am mocking them. We’ve got to stop mocking these people because well, they’re getting stronger period.

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They’re training with rifles. I mean, according to the previously reported SRA doctrine members who complete training or likely to act as cadre during an armed conflict where the need to arm and train a massive new members is high. Our intelligence team is committed to providing deeper analysis that you will not find on any other information aggregate. And a Sam then goes on to explain his contribution over the Ford, which it’s a great website. Sam, a great guy knows his stuff.

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Yeah, we do a lot of reading of Sam here at the PBM here at the old PBN. So let’s get into this thing. Well, let me take a peek over to the chat room and see who’s here. Who has decided to come sit next to us at The Oh, Melinda Lee with us lucky year tonight. Me gray looking good, looking good. So I don’t know something feels weird. I get I’m sorry. I got, I really got sideswiped there.

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I’m having trouble recovering from the, a, the technical difficulty that first go round. It must’ve been The must’ve been the second bowl of a frosted flakes. It’s got me or a wreck too much sugar. I’m revving too high. Got a tone it down. We’ve got to do a little a, you might have to do a little on them for another four to five minutes before I can get my act together. So let’s do this. Maybe I’m nervous.

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Maybe I’m a little nervous because what I’m about to do is kind of wreck my nerves today. You know, it’s made me a little, I don’t know, I’m treading in waters that I don’t understand enough. I have a God insecurity listeners understand I have a God insecurity, right? I don’t, I don’t pretend to know everything there is to know about God and I sure as hell don’t know everything there is to know about the Bible.

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But I do understand a lot about the effect that God has had on our world Mo more, most importantly, the effect that Christianity has had on our world. One of the reasons, probably one of the big reasons we get to do everything that we’re doing at this very moment, which is kind of hard to imagine and hard to believe on the same time. So let me start this thing out with kind of how this came to be. So there’s a growing sentiment and I’m sure many of you, I’m sure many of you share it.

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You know, I’m sure many of you share the sentiment that I’m about to explain. And it is the fact that this great American empire it’s on the verge of collapse. We cannot recover. We are going the way of Rome and pretty much that’s the gist of it. We should abandon the political process because it’s corrupted beyond repair.

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We should abandon this idea of America altogether. It’s not mentioned in the Bible as far as I know, and you know, it’s lost, it’s all lost. You’re not going to fix it. There’s no way to fix it. It’s corrupted. And that’s the end. And I’ve run into too many people and I’ve listened to too many people talk about it this way.

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So what’s most interesting to me about the people who often talk about America this way are people of great faith, not all the time, and it’s not all the time, but a good chunk of the duly duly chunk. At the time, there are some people that you can look at and you just say, they’re anarchists and they’re almost happy to see the America’s falling apart, but, and there are some who are cynics in the whole thing, right?

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But a lot of the times there are people who are very happy about what is happening with American and almost smug. And then there are people who are devout Christian in, in, in, by accusation and they believe that this is the end. They believe that the end is upon us and that America is finito and we need to move on and see and prepare for the next step.

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So what that makes me think about, you know, when I w after I’ve heard enough and enough and enough about, you know, God is good and America is falling, you know, you, you hear that equation enough in your head and things start to rattle Luce. You start to get disrupted in a head chat room. I apologize. I’m going to, I’m going to actually close my eyes for a minute and focus here.

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Cause this is a big topic to me and I want to get this right. So if you are, I think we’re just talking about harvesting wild medicinal herbs at the moment. So I should be all right with that. I’ve gotta a gang of Rosemary outside though. Does that count mint like crazy too anyhow. So I find myself in this dilemma guys, and which is this dilemma is what I want to bring to you.

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And it’s all based around the hypothesis. Okay? And the hypothesis is simple, but it’s a little inf inflammatory. I am pretty sure that without America, without a America, the way that we connect with God will disappear. If you follow me. In other words, if, if the line of thought is that America is falling and it’s impossible to recover her, the ship has taken on far too much water.

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And this is the end. She shall sing to the bottom of the depths of history. Then I really do believe that God will go underground even further and deeper than you already has. I believe that if we, you know, without America, we’ll see oppression like nothing in history, you have to understand where we are headed.

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As a world, you have to understand where technology is headed. Technology has absolutely zero to do with your rights. The bill of rights might as well have been shredded by, by big tech. They could care less, and they’re going to continue to control and continue to care less and less.

0 (16m 49s):
You get that, right? Those are the Kings of the future. Those are the Kings of the future and the nations with the most power and the most money will pay them whatever they need to pay them in order to hold on to their power. Failure of the U S is not an option. If, if you are a person of faith, this is the sort of thing that I cannot figure out.

0 (17m 22s):
And if someone in the chat room can enlighten me, how do we worship the way we worship today? Which by the way, the churches have already been closed, right? I’ve seen people arrested for having sermons. How do we worship the way we worship today? If America’s has gone from the, from the planet and its ideals, its morals and, and the rights, well, maybe not its morals anymore, but, and that God given the focus on these God given rights.

0 (17m 58s):
How does it work? How on earth does God stand up to an onslaught like that? I know God is all powerful, right? I’m nipping it, but I’m telling you what I think God will be buried. If the S if the benevolent superpower disappears off of this planet, I really do. If America is, is forced to a more liberal and radical and anarchism, communist and chaotic nightmare, then who carries the torch for God?

0 (18m 44s):
I guess that’s the question. Where does the, who do we pass the ball to? If we have been the safe Haven for people to come and worship the way they want to worship, w what happens when America is gone? I can’t seem to understand this abandonment of America. I can’t wrap my head around it.

0 (19m 18s):
And you know what? I’m starting to think. I’ve been reading the bill of rights lately. I’ve been reading the bill of rights lately, and I’ve been thinking about the constitution itself, right? You read the bill of rights. You read the constitution. You say, man, this really was, this really was written to explain the rights, the God given rights to man, and do explain the God, given rights to tie radical leaders who would stand in the way of them.

0 (20m 2s):
But then I also started to think maybe the constitution was also written to protect God to God needs no protection. See, that’s where I have my that’s where I have an issue folks. That’s where I have an issue, because that sounds like a fantasy to me because I see what happens to Christians in other nations, right? I see underground. Klavens where you have to hide your Bible and, you know, have your service hidden.

0 (20m 33s):
And if you’re found and you’re jailed without America, as the major superpower of the world, who would be the major superpower of the world, do you think that China would just love a rash of Christianity across the world? I don’t know. I don’t see it happening.

0 (21m 4s):
I guess what I’m getting at folks. I guess what I’m getting at is the fact that I think man is God’s greatest orator. I mean, you could, you could argue to the right person. Nature can be an order for God to, but I think man is God’s greatest order. And I think there’s a lot of people and a lot of leaders and a lot of monstrous things in the works that are already doing their damnedest to get rid of God in the, in the public space.

0 (21m 41s):
And the private space doesn’t matter. The whole sale eradication of, of religion. I mean the mass mockery of Christianity and things like that. That’s now that’s today. That’s a, this very moment, right? I mean, who’s who stands up for it after if America falls. I don’t know. I really do think there is a link.

0 (22m 12s):
I think we have created such a safe Haven, that there is an it, a link that cannot be broken between American and God. And you have to understand when I say these things, I’m not, I’m not discounting the power of God, but I’m discounting, discounting man’s ability in a man’s desire to, to hold that torch man, to hold that torch up in the dark times that are coming.

0 (22m 52s):
But I feel like at least in America, we got guns and we got the right to say the things that we want to say and, and follow the religion we want to follow. Maybe I’m just angry. Maybe I’m just angry at people who are all wrapped up in this idea that it’s over. And you know what, I’m also starting to think PBN family is that a, I just, I’m just refusing to get on the bus and maybe it’s a bad move and maybe it’s a baby.

0 (23m 30s):
I’m a full, maybe I am a full, maybe the right thing for me to do is to, you know, paint this house up real nice and trim the hedges up. You know, the market is on fire. So I sell this house and head out into the hinterlands and pretend like I’m a country folk and live and live out their, and hide away from it all and just hide from it all, you know, go all the way out there.

0 (24m 4s):
Run, run away from this life, go out to the hinterlands, built a new life. We’d be successful. We’d be fine. Be no problems by and large, by and large, it would be very, very few problems for us. I mean, truly move far away. Do the, do the hike out there and height and weight for the whole world to fall apart and then peak my head up and start the rebuilding process.

0 (24m 37s):
I don’t know. I don’t want it. I don’t want it. I have nothing against it. They hold, I hold nothing against anyone who lives far away. I think people who live out in the country or are by and large, much better, much more wholesome, much more high quality people. They’re definitely harder working people. I have no problem getting along, fitting in the whole nine yards, but I don’t know.

0 (25m 12s):
I can’t do it. I’m not gonna do it. You know? And there’s something to that. There’s something about that. That makes me both feel happy. That makes me both feel happy to stay here and enjoy this. I mean, come on. I mean, it’s a rash of its a rash of joy everywhere. I mean, it’s, it’s one of the most incredible times to be alive and to be in Richmond, Virginia is one of the most incredible places to be in my opinion, for a guy like me.

0 (25m 52s):
And I just have a real hard time looking at the news, looking at the state of affairs in the nation that are the restrictions. Are you trying to kill Halloween? Now? Even with some of my own neighbors are trying to kill Halloween, this is my neighbors community. It’s my thing. The people’s minds, man, they’re so twisted. They’re so nervous. So worried and scared. You just want to do something, just do s**t, anything or do something, having a effect we’re lost, you know, and a lot of that has to do with the disconnect from God as well.

0 (26m 37s):
I don’t know what to tell you folks as silly and as stupid and maybe as responsible as it is, I guess I’m just one of these people who will have to go down with the ship if you’re all right. If everyone out there nay-saying and abandoning, American telling me that there’s nothing left in the, you know, I don’t know. I’m going to let the pitbulls bark for a minute and figure out what will be right back guys, a family’s home

2 (27m 18s):

0 (29m 0s):
So what do I do you guys do I go on to the, the whims of this weird calling that I have going on or a try to jump into the chat room and have fun. I wasn’t paying attention to chat Intrepid commander, the second, most reluctant Christian ever, Erik, you know, a man you’re more right than, you know, and it’s not, not in that, not in that, you know, it is truthfully, I’m a better person when I’m closer to, God’s just, that’s just what it is.

0 (29m 37s):
I mean, that is truly what it is. And when the equation is so simple, when a statement like that is so simple, you know, you, you feel silly when you say, but I just waiver. I just waiver, man. I don’t know what it is. You know, a, a flaky guy. I mean, I can go for weeks, sometimes months reading, Proverbs, doing the right things, you know, and then would put the cross on and the whole thing. And then, I don’t know.

0 (30m 9s):
I mean, I have to speak on us with you guys to be quite honest with you. And I, like I said, I knew that some things that I said tonight would rub people the wrong way, but to be quite honest with, I get tired of, of reading the Bible every day and I get bored of it. So I start reading Voltaire or I start reading something else, you know? And then , you know, I only have a few people to keep me on, keep me on that steady track. You know what I mean? So when I feel like I’m going off that track, I feel like I’m going back into, you know, the other side of me and the other side of me has been the opposite.

0 (30m 50s):
The other side has been, I don’t know about all this, you know what I mean? So that’s how it goes. Eric says st. Paul says in the Bible, why do I hate the things that are good and love the things I should hate? That’s what I mean, the Bible is so good. The Bible is so good. I mean, it’s got, it’s got the answers to so many problems, you know, it really does. I don’t know. You know what? Sometimes when I look at the Bible, I think to myself, you know what?

0 (31m 21s):
Probably a year, it’s probably just not time right now. And the time may come, I don’t know who knows, but I think we probably should leave this. Let, let sleeping dogs lie on this one. The idea, I think I got the idea crossed. I’m not willing to watch this nation fall. I also have very little power to do anything about it, which is kind of the reality of that.

0 (31m 52s):
But I don’t know. Maybe I’m also just disturbed by the fact that so many people are ready to watch it, watch it burn. And that was my little tirade on it. And now we can, I mean, it looks like we’re going to turn this thing into a food show. I guess I got bone stock. I got chicken cacciatore. I got apples and syrup. I get chicken and pork. I got, what else did we got? Paul, Paul wa Oh Melinda, least make him Paul Paul wine sauerkraut canned up, mainly buying freeze red stuff.

0 (32m 31s):
Like, can you know, this is cool because this is like a reverberation of a, what we’ve been talking for so long, which is food. I mean like 95% of the PB and family is food right now. I see everybody doing it. I see everybody doing something along the lines of food storage, big deal. It’s a big deal. It is the deal at the moment. Really.

0 (33m 1s):
I have this vision that is a recurring in my mind. And that vision is the idea of a victory of Biden, victory and Antifa thugs around supermarkets. Not allowing people in unless they have, you know, they’re, they’re a Rouge on or they’re whatever who knows, who knows. And I know one thing you couldn’t pay me to watch was a debate between Penson Kamler, whatever you Kamala, where do you call it?

0 (33m 34s):
How do you call her? And what do you call her? And you not a racist. I dunno how to say your name. Right? I feel like if you, depending on how you do the vowels, you’re you are a racist or not. So I, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just call her mrs. Harris. Mrs. Harrison Pence are going at it tonight through plexiglass and a, I don’t know what, what, what am I supposed to say?

0 (34m 4s):
They’re gonna really, they’re really going to chop up the issues and they’re really going to figure out what needs to be done, where the American it’s going to be a great The Melinda leaves out to get some vanilla beans, reasonable praise for beans, man. Vanilla beans are not really reasonably priced. I tell you what though. We have a supermarket chain down here called Kroger.

0 (34m 35s):
And I did see, I want to say they were like 16, maybe 20 bucks. I can’t remember exactly, but something like that for a couple of vanilla beans in the spice aisle. I mean fresh, you know what I mean? Real ones. I don’t know. You get a lot of vanilla extract out of a bean though. I mean, you could really, you want me to tell you a great recipe for sweet potatoes with a vanilla? I mean, this, it really is kind of the penultimate sweet potato.

0 (35m 7s):
If you ask me. So I got to remember how we used to do this. Okay. So peeled and quartered or, you know, whatever peeled and large diced is what we would call it. A sweet potatoes into the pot, cover with water, boil until fork tender and the best way to do this as in a food processor, if you have, One not the only way I’ve done it other ways, but the way you really get the sort of velvet that you’re after is with the food processor.

0 (35m 44s):
So boil till fork tender, drain them, let them steam for a while, get the water off of these things, the steaming, when you dump potatoes and when you dump things that you’re going to mash like that and let those things steam, get all that extra water out of them. Or if you’re battling and you want, what you wind up doing is you wind up trying to season the water. So anyhow, I’m a, yeah.

0 (36m 17s):
Eric, maybe I did say a little girl. I don’t know. We didn’t have Kroger. We’re up where I’m from. So to me, it’s like, you know, I don’t know, but anyhow, take your vanilla bean and steep the insides. You know, we, in, in the kitchen, we’d cut the vanilla bean in half and we’d run a knife down the middle and get The the beans. You know what I mean? The little seeds inside out and steep that in however much heavy cream, you need to make the amount of sweet potatoes that you are making.

0 (36m 51s):
You know, I guess, I guess to be quite honest, if you are a making it for a big party, right, you probably do. I don’t know, 10 pounds of sweet potato. I’m talking a big party in a residential home, not like a hall. You, you know, due a half, a quarter or a quarter of heavy whipping cream and probably have a court or a pint, or I don’t know, Andy, maybe a quarter of a, of a vanilla bean scrape the insides out, heated up just before a boil, turn it off, let it steep or let it sit.

0 (37m 26s):
You know what I mean? And you’d take that vanilla infused cream and pour it into the food processor while you whip the sweet potatoes. Obviously you add a little salt just to taste, not to make it salty and vanilla. And you whip that thing into a nice, a nice, smooth silky consistency, man. And I’m telling ya to me, you no, the other thing you can do with those as you can fold in sliced almonds, if you’re opposed to that flat sort of velvety texture, but anyhow, I don’t know.

0 (38m 10s):
That’s the way I do it at Thanksgiving. I think it’s one of the best. If you can get your hands on fresh vanilla beans. So Eric tells me that this, that this little grocery chain here in Virginia was the second largest grocery chain behind Walmart in the nation. Good to know. Good to know they do a good job. I don’t shop there very often, but they do a good job will Kroger. Oh, Kroger. So yeah, the PBN a collective is, is doing their thing, man, sauerkraut with ham and noodles sauerkraut with you, you know what was a weird one?

0 (38m 50s):
My mother always used to make with sauerkraut, with pork chops, not smoked or anything, but it was always good. It was always good. Where the hell did we go now? Where did we go now? A what else did I have on the docket here? Let’s take a look. I guess we need to talk about, I guess we need to do some of this boring maintenance election preparedness campaign is coming to an end folks case you didn’t know, or four weeks away from the election.

0 (39m 30s):
And yeah, I don’t know the The this year seemed to go by in a flash. Absolutely outstanding, but a how quickly it went and maybe it’s a good thing that it went fast. It was rough. We already did our element update. Don’t forget guys to visit disaster disaster is we’ve been doing selling coffee to people directly, which has been weird.

0 (40m 6s):
There’s another event this weekend. We’re going to be selling coffee out of, I mean, the funny thing to say, the way to phrase it is that your host here or your Intrepid commander, however you think of me is basically a barista on the weekends. Yeah. Crowd in shops were good. Eric’s wants, it says crowd in chops works. The big thing around my way was sauerkraut bossy. That was, that was the thing.

0 (40m 36s):
That was the thing I always loved it. You know, my mother would, would put it out on new year’s Eve. She’s a very superstitious and we would eat sauerkraut on new years Eve and you think you are going to brings money the next year. Next year you eat your sauerkraut. Do you have a good luck with money? And I don’t know, we never had good luck with money, so don’t bother. But man, that good homemade, that homemade sauerkraut is some, some good eats.

0 (41m 11s):
Oh, we got a, we got a new face in the chat. I’m glad you could make it, sir. I won’t use your real name because you probably don’t want everybody to know it, but I’m glad to see in here, new, new people in the Okay. So Tito’s handmade vodka and local rum should be interesting in about nine months that would have takes Holy mackerel.

0 (41m 49s):
I had no idea. An extract takes nine months. Wow. That’s interesting. I never knew that. Is that just a vanilla extract or is that extract in general? Hmm. Eric is Eric Swanson is from my neck of the woods. I forgot about, I found that out about you on a Monday’s show Monday’s show with Sarah Hathaway, which was great.

0 (42m 23s):
I’m trying to get Jason Charles to come on for preppers live as well. I mean, he’s tough man. To get ahold of me. Great. Says six to 12 months for the good stuff will start sampling at four months. Hmm. That’s an interesting one. What spurred that idea? Me gray where you guys just wanted to try it or was there a motivation behind let’s try. Let’s do a vanilla extract because that’s, I don’t know.

0 (42m 55s):
I would have never thought that to be quite honest with you. I would probably would say if I were concerned that I would buy those gigantic bottles of vanilla extract, but I don’t use it very much. In fact, the only time I use it is when I make pancakes for the crew, I make pancakes for the family on the weekends. There’s something like that. And I’m not going to say it out loud, me grey, but that’s funny. I don’t even know if you meant for that to be funny, but that’s funny.

0 (43m 28s):
I, if we lost sound, I might just forget this show F all together to make somebody just said, We last sound. Oh, Liv’s in a pineapple. And you know, we look like, it looks like we’re still good. Hopefully it was an issue on your end because to be quite honest. Yeah, I dunno. It’s a weird night folks. It’s a weird night. I will tell you that much. Tomorrow night, we got Dane there with the gunmetal armory.

0 (43m 60s):
Not sure exactly what he’s going to be doing, but he had just started a series that I really liked him and miles man. They are, they’re a dynamic duo lately. You know, we probably should get Dane and miles on a Prepper is live episode as well. That should be a good One. Did we go? We went dead on Melinda Lee. What’s going on? Oh, well she’s a crafty lady. She’ll figure it out. Melinda Lee and

0 (44m 33s):
That’s a website you need to check out. That’s a website. You need to check out H But I do warn you if you’re insecure about your level of self reliance and Independence, you know, it’s gonna make you feel bad because moving the lever as the real deal. I mean, she, she was the reason I started making kombucha at home. She sent us all kind of cool stuff.

0 (45m 3s):
Kit, Melinda lieges care packages we were making while you know what, actually, Melinda Lee is one of the, one of the reasons. And one of the, she was essentially the inspiration for Carter’s creation. We call Bigfoot for yeah, yeah. 100%. I forgot about that. I forgot that we linked those things together. So we make, for the longest time I would pack up Ziploc bags or dry or lint, throw them in the bug out bag, the camping bag, whatever.

0 (45m 37s):
And you know, its just to me, it’s the ultimate fire starter areas. If you want to learn how to process materials and make Tinder bundles and that kind of thing, we do that. And that’s fun. That’s a good skill. No doubt about it. Good luck starting a fire without that skill in the woods with, you know, limited, limited ways to, to make a spark and to catch a spark. So we always pack that stuff up.

0 (46m 9s):
It’s easy. You know, Melinda Lee sends us this little care package with some cool projects for the kids, which were really fun. And one such project was a bunch of old broken up crayons that we melted down. And then We we took wax paper cups like the one ounce wax paper cups, you know that you would put ketchup in and we stacked a shredded paper, filled them with shredded paper.

0 (46m 42s):
And then we dumped wax, the melted wax all over in filled the cup first filled the cup with paper, filled the rest of the way with the hot wax. And you know, sometimes it spilled over and that really just, that was just even better. And we made some video of it and we watched and we counted down to see how long those things burn. They were very effective, but I don’t have a paper shredder. So once we were out of that great shredded paper that Belinda’s Dennis, I, I said, well, you know, we’ve got these cups and we got, I have a, I have a forever collection of wax because my wife sells a product called pink zebra.

0 (47m 22s):
And it is literally scented pellets of soy wax. So we have all this old wax that, and I told her, don’t throw it away. Just keep it every once in a while, we’ll put it in a double boiler and we’ll melt it down. And rather than use the sliced paper are the shredded paper. We mix it up with this dryer, lint that we also keep like, I mean, lot’s like, we need to do it soon because I’ve got bags and bags of this stuff and we need to do it soon because we’re going to my wife’s going to throw it all away.

0 (47m 59s):
She’s going to get sick of looking at it, throw it all away. We mix it up with the dry wax. I mean with the, with the melted wax and then we stuff the cups with it and poor a little more over top of the cups and cool way you look at it. It looks horrendous. Its like hairy, greasy, dried wax on the cup. It, they look awful. And I brought them to my son one morning after they dried. And I said, look, man, look how they turned out.

0 (48m 30s):
I was like, they look gnarly. And he was like, they look like Bigfoot fur. And I said, Oh you’re a genius. That’s it? That’s the name big footy for. So now we, we pack those things we pack. Cause you can take a, you can take a fair, a serum rod and you can like the big foot for, and it’ll burn 15 minutes. He will burn for 15 minutes. So if you have a, you know, we pop them in sandwich bags and yeah, it’s, it’s a big deal.

0 (49m 3s):
Melinda Lee asks, did you ever have the kids finished the mini solar of it? I don’t think we did. I don’t think we did only because we built a, saw a solar oven ourselves that worked pretty poorly, but we’d still have the box. We got to crack that box open still. We still have some of the things left from the Basset goodies, but a lot of it was a lot of, it was a good time.

0 (49m 33s):
I had this inspiration that I was going to do this show called ready kids. Right. We’re going to do this show called ready kids. And I’m going to record the children once a week and doing something outdoors, your preparation, we’re going to put it on YouTube. And you know what, if I was a little more of a tyrant, we would probably have done that. But sometimes it’s just, I just want to hang out with the kids. I made a video for the membership on the, the items that I had took the Prepper camp because I drove with Dave.

0 (50m 10s):
So I only took like a few things. It wasn’t my car packed up and with the, with the whole bag and we worked together, you eat for space. I mean, we had a lot of stuff packed in his car, so I didn’t bring the bag. They get home bag. I didn’t bring it. But what I did do is I yanked out the things that I thought I would need the most had something gone wrong. Of course, with the caveat that you know, you are a Prepper camp. And so you’ve got all the advantages.

0 (50m 44s):
But anyhow, I, before I went on tonight, I made a couple videos and one of those videos was just that, that, that gear that I brought along to Prepper camp. And I have no idea why I’m talking about that right now. I don’t remember what that was tied to. Oh, because I, I envisioned this idea where we would do a Prepper thing and, and with the kids and call it ready kids.

0 (51m 14s):
And we’d make a little video every week or something along those lines. But you know, I don’t know. Sometimes it’s just, it’s not an a in the tarot cards, you know what I mean? You have those weekends in, in the early days, early, early days, I used to take pictures of everything. Like, you know how everybody takes pictures of their food now, like if they go out to eat or if they make something cool, they’d take a picture. I dumb, guilty. I do it occasionally on Instagram.

0 (51m 44s):
But some people, they do everything. They eat, they get a picture of it. I was doing that back in like, Oh seven, forget that I was doing that back and like, Oh five or Oh four, even because I was writing my first little cookbook called the diary of a young cook right out of high school. And I took all kinds of pictures of food for that. So I’m taking all these pictures of food, you know, I get a dog, me and me and lady Liberty move into our first apartment.

0 (52m 20s):
We’re taking pictures and videos. We get married, we buy a house, we have a kid and pictures and pictures and pictures. And I just, at one point I was like, my whole life is happening through this barrier of a cell phone or a camera. Like the whole thing get every little moment is, Oh, get the phone, get a camera, take a picture to take a video. So then one day before we had Jacob, I was just like, I’m not videotaping these things.

0 (52m 53s):
I’m not going to take pictures of all these milestones and all this stuff is going to sit back. Cause like you would get anxiety, man. I will get like serious Phhhoto anxiety. I will take a hundred pictures, have a kid doing something to get the first picture and then I’d spend an hour on it. Okay. We got the perfect one. Let’s see what filter we could put on at that point. Like the lighting, the brightness contrast, it was crazy. And by the time I got done, like the good feeling of actually enjoying what was going on was over.

0 (53m 27s):
So, you know, we make video We we make take pictures from time to time, but it’s just not my favorite thing to do. You know, it really is not my favorite thing to do. So when, when I say have to sit down and do a gear video, you don’t get a lot of gear videos from the Intrepid commander. And the reason is because I don’t walk around with a ton of gear on me. And if I do, I’m walking from a place to a place or going from a pleasant, there’s a mission.

0 (53m 58s):
And the mission is not break out the tripod and show you my EDC today. Break out the tripod in to me, show you what’s inside the bag. What new thing I’m carrying. So it’s kind of a rare video because to be honest, you’re going to see what was most interesting about a two is it’s it’s some of the oldest gear I have. Yeah. Some of the oldest gear that I have the oldest and the most reliable stuff. Those were the things that I grabbed.

0 (54m 29s):
I didn’t read any articles or watch any videos or go like, what should I, what should I bring? What was this? What is this guy telling me I should have in my bag? No, I just grabbed the items that I rely on most. When I go out, you know, there are a handful of things that I always use almost every time I go out on an adventure, those were the things that I grabbed and threw into the bottom of my bag. And that was it. So anyhow, long story short.

0 (55m 2s):
Yeah. You got a video coming for the members. It’s about, I don’t know, eight items and I think you’ll get a kick out of them. Some of them, one of them, you going to get a kick out of a serious kick out. Melinda Lee says we may have to do a Prepper exchange. Can you elaborate on that, Melinda? What exactly do you have in mind? Because I think we’re more than capable. I mean, we’re capable of almost anything here.

0 (55m 31s):
A Prepper pass around box me gray asks with a question, Mark. I like you guys run with you guys run with it. Small Prepper items like seeds Prepper cards in a box, take one item and put an item in and pass it around. Will get arrested. Will get arrested. Melinda Lee, if we do that, the CDC troops will come and hug Titus for Matt will be become super spreaders.

0 (56m 9s):
You know what I mean? We’ll be, you know, I like it. That’d be fun. I got stuff. I guess stuff we could pass around. No guns. That’d be good. Right? Ammo. You can’t mail ammunition, right? That’s not something you can do. Is it? No guns, no weapons. I think you’re right, Melinda. That’s a good call, but we may need to better define weapons. See? Cause like what about a frog gig?

0 (56m 42s):
How many people in the listening audience? No. What a frog gig is. I wanted to get her number one. They will do they know what it is? Number two. Why on earth? Would you have it? Pass it from FFL to FFL? Yeah. Why not know? I like it. Melinda Lee in all honesty. I think it’s very cool. We all have some unique things about us. For sure. Let’s see. Let’s play a game.

0 (57m 12s):
What would we put into our, into our Prepper exchange box? I would definitely throw in some of the F for mentioned big foot for so you guys could all play with it. Eric says we’ll have another Waco. Can you imagine the helicopters are outside of, you know, that’s the thing about me. I am so poised to be sniped. I’m so poised to be vilified and sniped because of the fact that I played this game with the, with the, the moniker of the Intrepid commander, you know what I mean?

0 (57m 51s):
He even makes his followers call him the Intrepid commander. Can you imagine the psychopath? That, I mean, but then again, if you listen to me long enough, you’ll hear me openly refer to myself as such. So whatever is what it is yet. Tinctures be good. What a, what would I throw in there? Let me think. Maybe some essential oil stuff.

0 (58m 23s):
Definitely some crazy seeds. I’ve got a few, a few crazy things. Yeah. Probably be. I could send some peach seeds. If you guys wanted to do peach trees, what else could we do? Clippings of clippings of stuff. Yeah. I think that’d be fun. Oh, I definitely have to forge some stuff for you guys. I’d have to forge a couple like a forged, like a handful of S hooks.

0 (58m 54s):
I could pop in a box. That would be fun. Melinda. Lee’s already got the Paul Paul seeds, dried herbs sounds crochet items. Melinda Leigh. You sent me that great lip. Balm two. You sent me that. Awesome. I guess you would call it a salvage, but it was like a mint chapstick. I got to find that stuff. It is almost chap season.

0 (59m 25s):
Yeah. I guess that’s where I’d play. I could play in the forge diatom situation. I’m getting pretty good at making a, those little, those little black Smith projects. I like it. The Prepper pass around box. Would we get in trouble for that though? I guess we wouldn’t get in trouble for it really, but we’d have to make sure we’d have to make sure that we were clear about who gets it and if they had any issues.

0 (59m 58s):
Oh, fire cord five 50 yet. That’s a good idea. Eric Swanson, do you have a bucket of Bibles? Did you ever see that bucket of bike? You know that bug of the Bible’s is probably not a bad idea actually. Or can a shipping wouldn’t be cheap. Yeah. How would that work? It would be the responsibility of the sender. I guess whoever gets to the box, take the item, take an item, put an item, then they’re responsible for shipping it.

0 (1h 0m 36s):
Hmm. Or could we do it even bigger? Could we turn it into, could we turn it into a membership opportunity? I don’t know if I even have, I don’t even know if we make enough money total with a membership to, to cover the shipping of something like that over a year’s time. I think we’d go out of business. So on shipping costs, if I tried to fund it a no, I like it though.

0 (1h 1m 9s):
I think it’s worth exploring. I think it’s worth exploring. I can’t promise you. I have the time to explore it though. So Melinda Lee, I give you full custody of the Prepper exchange. Feel free to give me a ring. Talk about it. PBN. This was a weird episode of the I AM Liberty show on that saying a lot. This was a weird One. I got derailed by that first, that first show attempt and I didn’t recover too well.

0 (1h 1m 47s):
I really didn’t recover too well, but it’s good to talk to you. You guys, it’s always good to get together and talk to the live chat. I hope, you know, I volcanic to write about that. Find the deep end in off you go. Yeah. You know, it’s been, I’ll tell you what it’s been rocking and rolling. As far as the, a freelance writing professionals going, that might be, that might be another reason why I was knocked off so easily.

0 (1h 2m 22s):
It’s been busy. I was thinking about that. You know, that was a test. And maybe when the show on this note, I was thinking about this this morning while I was walking the dogs, because I’m still, I’m broken about the fact that we can’t figure it out. And this is not my position. Normally I’m not give people money from the government guy. You guys know that I’m not socialist Intrepid commander.

0 (1h 2m 52s):
I’m not a guy who likes to see money, come from the government and go to random people, which is why it’s even more hilarious and frustrating to me that the one time when I do believe that government should be handing money out, they refuse. I mean, I don’t understand how, why Donald Trump thinks its a good idea that he should hold the stimulus package hostage and how that would be better for his chances at reelection.

0 (1h 3m 31s):
So I don’t know how many of you are paying attention to this, but I’ve been paying close attention to these stimulus packages and the struggle to get them passed. Because quite frankly, I know a lot of people who took a beating through the lockdown and I know a lot of people who need money and I know a lot of people who are having financial problems. So it’s of high interest. To me, it’s also a very interesting personal dilemma because for the most part, I don’t want the government giving my money out to people.

0 (1h 4m 3s):
I don’t want the government giving your money out to people. I don’t like the idea of government funding, much of anything. However, it was the government that imposes a lockdown. So in this very rare instance, I’m in favor of the government giving money to people while they cannot work because of the government. If you follow me, I mean, I can’t understand why Donald Trump wouldn’t just give people money that they need.

0 (1h 4m 37s):
We need to stop pretending because this is, this is something that is a done deal. I know I spent the first half hour of the show explaining how I would stand with a country until the end, but we are already into the modern monetary theory, right? We’re never paying back the debt. It’s never happening. So we add and on top of all of that, I have watched so many billions and trillions of dollars go into nothing or go into the shell game of the stock market or going to banks.

0 (1h 5m 21s):
And I guess what really burns me up is I know there’s a lot of Americans out there who need help. And the reason they need help is because their job was closed down because the government said, we have to shut it all down, man, we’re going to stop this thing or they’re backed up on rent or they’re backed up on mortgage. I mean, for the average American guys, it doesn’t take much, you know, you can’t miss two and three paychecks. You miss two and three paychecks.

0 (1h 5m 53s):
It’s not like there’s a bunch of people running around this country with tons of savings and cash stuff and mattresses and things like that. So when I’m walking the dogs today, I was saying, you know, I’m really happy that we survived as a family. You know? I mean, there was no, there was no telling how things could have gone. And just the chance, you know, the chance that I would wind up doing what I do put B in a great position to do well during this time when most people or not doing well, particularly at the height of it when people were really not doing well, I was had plenty of work.

0 (1h 6m 36s):
You know, there’s the pandemic I write about prepping you, as you can imagine, there was plenty of work. And I started thinking about that, like, man, I’ve all the things that you could have winded up doing. You got, you got lucky, you got lucky to be in any, you know, my wife being in insurance and risk management, its like duh. And I realized that we, we kind of thrive through the pandemic, you know? And as a dad and as a husband and that type of thing, you feel good about it, right?

0 (1h 7m 9s):
It’s like we’re derived. We did really good. But as a conscientious cumin, you also feel terrible. You know, there’s a little bit of guilt. Like survivor’s guilt. You know what I mean? And I just can’t wrap my head around the reason why the president of the United States, wouldn’t say let’s sign this damn bill and move on. Not if I’m reelected, we will. If I’m reelected will explore this. You, you will get your money. What? I’m reelected, its like a holdup move.

0 (1h 7m 42s):
It’s not the right move. When you have people whose backs are against the wall already, they’re already scared. They’re already nervous. They’re already struggling and you tell them, vote for me and you’ll get, you’ll get just stimulus. Like what are you doing right now? Are you holding my life ransom for your vote? I know I’m probably p*****g people off again with this, but I’m just talking. Okay. I’m just giving you my thoughts at the very least, while you could show up in listen to the I AM Liberty show and you probably wouldn’t understand most of it, at least, you know the things that you do understand, the things that you do understand are a, are my true feelings.

0 (1h 8m 28s):
I mean, I’m just, that’s what I’m giving you. You know, I’m not happy about it. I know we don’t want to let Pelosi win and we can’t, she’s not getting her $4 trillion bill passed and yada yada yada. But I mean, come on the grift, the pork, all of it. I’ve watched it for a decade and I know what’s going on much longer than I’ve been watching it. But I watched it for 10 years, presidents past these things that have no direct benefit to the American people.

0 (1h 8m 60s):
And finally, I find myself in this strange position where I say, write the check, send the people some money. The holidays are coming, president do it. And he wants to get off you. He wants to get all fiscally strict. All of a sudden, I don’t know folks. Do you ever feel like you’re back in high school? I mean, do you ever feel like you’re walking around in a world where you don’t belong?

0 (1h 9m 32s):
Do you know what I mean? A lot of times that’s what I feel like. I feel like I’m walking around in the halls of a child Chester high school again, you know, and I see a bunch of people, but I don’t really know what, I don’t really know what moves them. I have no idea where their heads were at and that type of thing. But anyhow, I don’t know. I could ramble on like this for hours I a I’m going to do myself a favor and the listening audience and I’m going to sign off the I AM Liberty show tonight.

0 (1h 10m 11s):
I hope we got some value out of tonight’s show. It was a, it was a special one for sure. It was a wild ride as per usual. But thanks everyone in Chad for showing up. I do appreciate it. Don’t forget folks. Tomorrow night, Dane D and the gunmetal army, most likely be a Dane and miles combo. God I mean, they’re doing a series on pre-election and preparedness and that type of thing.

0 (1h 10m 43s):
And I mean, you know, that is what it is. It’s all hands on deck. You get four weeks. I truly hope that you guys have put yourself in a position to weather the storm. I’m not just talking to the people in chat really. I probably don’t need to talk to the people in Chet. You guys are packing it up and packing it in and well prepared for the most part. For what I know about the majority of you, you guys are in good shape, but for those of you out there listening, particularly you, new listeners there’s work to be done and there’s still time to do it.

0 (1h 11m 19s):
You know, if you didn’t watch my latest YouTube video, I posted up on Prepper Now that we’ve got that back up and running because there’s five action items on that video that I think you should benefit. Oh, you would benefit greatly from in hindsight, I probably should have did a show about those rather than, rather than attacking God. And the people who think that the nation is gonna fall apart or, and who are basically in our camp anyway.

0 (1h 11m 54s):
But Hey, it’s just a way it goes folks. You know, I do appreciate you tuning in though. And you know its the Prepper Broadcasting Network and We we’ll talk soon. I will see you next week. Wait, hold on. Let me check the calendar actually. Where are we at here? So I’m guessing continuity will be on the 26th this month, but I should be live next week. Alright. I do appreciate it guys.

0 (1h 12m 24s):
Thanks for everything. Thanks for all the support. Particularly you folks in Chad who are here every night, even through tough ones like this and God bless folks. We will talk soon. Alright. It’s James Walton with the I AM Liberty show.

2 (1h 12m 43s):
Thank you for listening to the Prepper Broadcasting Network where we promote self reliance and Independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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