December 5, 2022


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TGA- Securing the Homestead: Perimeter Security part 2

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I have a broadcasting network. We have to hit the reset button, create a true culture of preparedness, starting at a very young age and filtering all the way up.

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Welcome to the gunmetal armory.

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Here’s your host, Dane D

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It’s me, Dane D what’s going on team gunmetal. Today is a special day at the gunmetal armory. Today is very special. Why is today’s special, special? Because we’ve got both Dane and miles together in the studio in bursa. In-person that’s right. That’s right. Folks. We’re not doing this over Skype. We’re gonna try our very best. We want to, we’ve been getting some feedback about improving their audio quality and you know, Dana and I, we live in the same County now.

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So we’re going to just start getting together and doing live shows as well as prerecorded tonight is prerecorded. Both of us are working on Thursday this week, but we’re going to start producing a lot more content. We’re going to start shooting those YouTube videos. And we’re also going to be getting some exclusive content for the prepper broadcasting network as well. Oh yeah. It’s going to be good. It’s going to be, so tonight we are going to talk about securing the homestead. We’re going to talk about building a secure retreat retreat.

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Yes. We’re going to be talking about building a secure retreat. So one of the things that we’ve done in the past is we did the other version or the other show on securing the homestead. Yeah. And then I shall we focused. I think we kind of did these backwards. You probably should have done that one later. But the last show that we talked about at homestead security focused a lot on area denial is focused a lot on penetration detection. We talked about motion sensors. We’ve talked about flares and a sound based trip wire and traps to let you know that your property is being penetrated.

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We talked about fencing and Gates and all those are very important, but tonight we’re going to talk about a little bit more broad. And I, I, we got a little excited and we wanted to talk about our fun toys. Now we’re gonna talk about something maybe a little bit less exciting, but I think even more important than that is how to optimize your retreat as a defensible sustainable location. So we’re going to basically be talking about things like, you know, the way that the property is set up and, you know, Hills and bushes and trees, and, you know, the, the way the doors are on the property, the fence on the property, all these things, the barn, if you have a barn, all these things matter when it comes to perimeter security, you, you have to really think these things out ahead of time.

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Dan, are you saying that barn locations matter? Yes. And once you build them out up to exactly what you build them out and, and coloration is important too. So, so folks, Every everything that you do should be well thought out, right? Dan, we don’t want to be going off the hip on this. We want to think things through a lot of us are on a tight budget.

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A lot of us are a bit restricted. I’m I’m on a little bit over three acres of property. So I gotta really make sure that what I’m doing on my property makes sense financially. And if I can, I want to have a multipurpose on my property. If I can have something that provides me some defense or some privacy, Canada also provide food as an example.

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Right. Right. And that’s, that’s really important. But the other thing that a lot of people fail to even think about when it comes to this stuff is most places, most preppers, aren’t just going to go buy a flat piece of land and build the exact house they want and the exact property they want and the exact terrain they want. They’re going to get exactly what they want. They’re going to have to work from what’s already there. Exactly. You know, I, my, my property is pretty flat, but the house was placed where it was placed.

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And I’m really not so hot about it. I wish it was not where it is, but, but we’re gonna improvise and we’re going to adapt and we’re going to correct that issue. The upside is that when it comes to putting in things that chicken coops and barns and building an outdoor building for the gym, I’m building on my property, I do have some say as to where that goes. Yes. So that’s kind of a plus too, and that’s the way that I can. I see you setting it up and you’re setting, you’re working around that central location, that house building outward in the, what we’ll probably end up talking about a little bit is those rings of security, if you will.

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Correct. So that’s what all we’re going to go into. We’re going to talk about the securing, the actual home set and building a viable retreat that you can survive off of. And the other thing that most people also don’t think about is what miles is doing, which is having his property be dual purpose. A lot of, a lot of military books, you’ll find they talk about perimeter security, having a defense, you know, for bad guys and stuff like that.

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But they don’t, they don’t think about it in terms of a farm. They’re thinking about it as a Firebase or, you know, launching missions from that area or patrols or whatever. You can’t utilize all that information because you’re not going to get resupplied from Chinooks every week or so. I mean, it doesn’t work that way. I wish I wish it was like call of duty and you get your five kill, kill streak in your lawn care package. But yeah, you’re very right, Dan. So make sure that when you’re laying out your property, you want to make sure that it’s sustainable, right?

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You want to make sure you have a reliable source of water, preferably with some backups, you want to make sure that it’s defensible and everything that you do should serve multiple purposes. Right? It doesn’t, it doesn’t have to look like Waco. It doesn’t have to look like the branch Davidian compound or Fort Knox. But, but there’s, there’s things that you can do that can serve two purposes. So let’s, we’re going to go into them. But, but first, we’re going to talk a little bit about current events a little bit.

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Yeah. We’re not going to beat the news to death or anything. We’re not going to go too deep into it. You know, we, we already know what’s going on. The big evil Corona virus that is effectively destroying our nation’s economy and pushing us closer and closer to the edge. I read an article this morning on business insider and the article was called 85% of privately owned restaurants will be out of business by the end of 2020.

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That’s comforting, that’s bad news folks. So you think about it for a minute. If you own a franchise, if you own a, I don’t know, a, an Applebee’s or a TGI Fridays, are they even a thing anymore? Is teaching on Fridays, even a thing anymore. I don’t really go very far. Did we just date ourselves a little bit? So, but let’s say you own an Applebee’s franchise or you own, and on the border franchise, and most of you that don’t have it on the border in your town. I feel really bad for you because they have the best case. So, and their margarines are pretty good too.

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But if you own a franchise, you have a lot of support. You have some built in advertising, you have a company that does all of your purchasing for you, okay. And it really can help you out. But the problem then becomes what if it’s a mom and pop Mexican restaurant? We have a couple of really good ones here. Shout out to Arturo’s. If you’re listening, we love your fajitas. Arturo’s is one of the best it’s it’s local to the Prescott area. You know, maybe you own a mom and pop a little bar and grill.

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You make some wings and some burgers. Well, the problem is you’re on your own. You don’t have the benefit of a big corporation backing you up. Like McDonald’s McDonald’s you have to kinda hit that place. But so these small mom and pop restaurants, because of these forced shutdowns,

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Because they don’t have the backing of these major corporations, the name of these major companies, the builtin marketing of owning an Applebee’s franchise. I’m not picking on Appleby as it just came to my head. It’s just a restaurant, you know? And they also don’t have a lot of the infrastructure set up, you know, these big, you know, Chili’s has done curbside pickup for 15 years. If you’re a mom and pop shop, maybe you’re not prepared for that. Maybe you don’t think be things as simple as enough styrofoam, packaging and Brown paper bags to get food out the door.

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That’s all in high demand right now. So if you’re a mom and pop shop, you’re going to really be struggling right now, take out Danielle and stuff. Yeah. Things that bigger restaurants have mastered, you know, smaller ones are not used to doing it on this scale. Right? A lot of Americans are employed by these mom and pop restaurants. And I think the article says something like three and a half million Americans. That’s a lot of people. That’s a lot of kids,

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Depending on

3 (9m 55s):
When dad’s income from these restaurants to feed them. Well. And don’t forget about other places too. I mean, you’ve got gyms that are closed. You’ve got, I mean, all kinds of different other places that are no longer around and, and real quick, a shout out to Manuel’s Mexican food. They’re in the Phoenix area and in the Southern Phoenix area and those guys, Oh my gosh, that is my favorite Mexican food place. I’m a fan of Garcia’s too, but they’re not as close if you do not live in the Southwestern United States.

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If you’re not in California, it’s probably the only time it’s good to be in California. If you’re not in California or Arizona or parts of Texas or parts of New Mexico, don’t come talking to me about Mexican food. Cause you know, it is, it is, it is next level out here, but I digressed folks. So yeah, it’s not just these family restaurants. You mentioned gyms. If you own a snap fitness or you own a Gold’s gym, you’re probably gonna pull through this. Okay. Because that’s again a big major franchise, but what if you own a little CrossFit gym or a little Olympic weight lifting or power lifting gym in a small mountain town.

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Yeah. I mean, you never know. And the government is forcing you to shut down over a virus where they case fatality rate that gets lower and lower and lower every day. Yeah. The infection rates going up. But the problem with that pesky infection rate going up is that it drives the death rate down and it drives the hospitalization rate down with it. And you’ll notice that we’ve looped with goalposts. We used to be talking about thousands of Americans are dead today. Now we’re talking about thousands of Americans are new infections today.

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The agenda is going out of their control, but they’re still doubling down.

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3 (11m 46s):
Kind of along those lines know, we talked a lot in the last couple episodes about doing an area of study and setting up a local network. Right? Well, that’s a national level. Something that all of you guys can do out there open up a Twitter. I don’t, what is it? Is it twitting, tweeting, tuning, twining? I don’t want to do that, but I do have a Twitter so that I could subscribe to my local state and city governments.

3 (12m 18s):
Yeah, I think it is. So if you’re a Twitter, does that make you a useful idiot? One of Lennon’s useful ideas, we’re onto something, but you know, I recommend that you subscribe to the federal government, you know, subscribe to the white house, subscribed to your local and state level government offices, police offices. I subscribed to department of public safety, which is Arizona state trooper branch. We’re calling DPS here. I subscribe to all of our police or Sheriff’s departments, fire departments. It’s good because that gives you a lot of breaking news.

3 (12m 48s):
Now, the other thing that you can do as well is when you log into Twitter in the morning, you can see what hashtags are trending. And a lot of that will help you see what’s trending on Google. So what is this all leading? So I’m not going to dive too much into this cause we’re a bit short on time today, but I would like all of the listeners to go and Google chaos in November. Take a look at that. Repeat it again. What chaos in November or just chaos, November and you are going to see thousands and thousands and thousands of articles.

3 (13m 25s):
What you’re seeing here is that the state is making sure that this agenda is spread across all platforms. You’re going to see articles on Yahoo news. You’re going to see articles on the Washington times. You’re going to see articles on Fox news. You’re going to see CNN. And this is because some people only listen to CNN or only get their news from Yahoo or only get their news from Fox. But they want to make sure that the agenda has repeated the same across the board.

3 (13m 55s):
If they’re warning you for something that’s calming or, or they’re, they’re doing their dry run so they can make sure that people don’t flip out when the whole world starts crumbling down around, Oh, we read about this. It’s normal. It’s fine. Don’t worry about those armed groups in the streets. You know, burning down statues and destroying buildings, burning churches to the ground more and more and more that’s normal. Go ahead and Google arson church. And you’re going to see unfortunately, an awful lot of articles, but those aren’t, Hey crimes, are they no church.

3 (14m 33s):
That’s a hate crime. You know, any group that’s discriminated against and then assaulted. No, that’s not a hate crime. It’s only certain groups that it’s a hate crime. So, so the, the agenda, the duplicity is growing and growing and growing in this country, folks, just to be aware and you’re very right day. And then the purpose of they’re doing this is they’re flooding the media so that this election, when you start hearing chaos at the polls, chaos, this fall chaos in November, you’re going to remember back to the summer of 2020.

3 (15m 9s):
And you’re going to remember all of these articles all over the place. Facebook is sharing them, Instagram, sharing them. And it’s going to just kind of a feel normal. It’s kinda kind of feel like the new normal, another phrase I recommend that you guys Google. Yeah,

1 (15m 26s):
Let’s have to keep in mind. This is not normal, but you know, they’re dealing with is not normal.

3 (15m 33s):
Awfully reminiscent of George Orwell’s great book, 1984, where he talks about doublespeak through the ministry of information. Very interesting. Again, if you want to see what the shadows, the people in the shadows, the people that are really in control, the people that select our president because your vote does not choose the president. Look at what’s trending on Google. Look at the look at the message they’re sending you. Look at look and just watch.

3 (16m 5s):
Next time you’re watching TV. If you still watch TV or even YouTube, I’ve been seeing a lot of ads on YouTube. You’re going to hear a lot of phrases over and over again. You’re going to hear the phrase in times like this. You’re going to hear the phrase times are difficult. You’re going to hear the phrase, we’re all in this together. You’re going to hear the phrase. This is the new normal. It is not an accident that every media entity is repeating these over and over and over washing war.

3 (16m 38s):
That’s how the normalcy bias is upheld

1 (16m 44s):
Anyways. Where did you go on this for? Days and days and days, right?

3 (16m 48s):
That’s right. So let’s go ahead and just dive right into the meat and potatoes of today’s podcast. Right? So we, we get a week.

1 (16m 54s):
Well, we’ll take a break at some point, but it’s only been 17 minutes. So we’ll, we’ll decide to dive into the meat and potatoes here. And then we’ll take a break after about 10 minutes,

3 (17m 4s):
About 10 minutes. So whatever I can talk about here, we already know that the, the, the world, as we know it is, is coming apart of the seniors. Yeah.

1 (17m 12s):
Right. Just want to give you guys a direction to move in. If you wanted to look up some of the stuff, see some of the different things, you know, the, the problem with a lot of that stuff is you have to take it in and just, you know, keep it in and you have to take it in and, you know, use it as information. You know, you have to file it away, you know? Cause it’s all going to, it’s all pieces of the puzzle. But anyways, moving past that, cause again, I’m getting off on a tangent, right?

1 (17m 45s):
So just hearing the homestead

3 (17m 47s):
For folks, the reason that we have this extended lockdown and they can change all the batteries

1 (17m 50s):
In the bird

5 (17m 51s):

1 (17m 53s):
I’m kidding. All right. So home set, security, security, security, and the home set. So what is our first topic with securing the home set or having that perimeter secure? What were we talking about before we started? So the first thing that you want to do is do your own area study of your piece of property. Yes. So what you need to do is you don’t have to go full ham. You don’t have to get a ghillie suit on cammo paint your face, do a little reconnaissance patrol, head out to the closest highway, take a pair of binoculars.

1 (18m 29s):
See if you can locate your property, get out there on foot, get on horseback, get on a four Wheeler, head to the Hills around your property. See what areas a person could find your property from a distance. Are there any Hills by your house? If there are, could someone get up on one of those cells and spot your place, if they can, where does your place start to disappear at what distance? Or, you know, if you go behind this mountain over here is your place still there?

1 (18m 59s):
You know, where can you see your house on? Can you see it from the road? Can you see it from the main highway? All these things are important. Exactly. You know, and it’s it’s and that’s going to kind of help you determine how you lay out the rest of your property. It’s also going to help you when you set up your ranch cards, right? Cause you’re going to be able to determine a defensive fighting position somewhere on your property and from doing the area study of the area immediately around your homestead, you’ll know the areas that are likely going to be an Avenue of approach, right.

1 (19m 34s):
To assault your property. Right. So, and then you’ll be able to Mark off the distance to these locations. You’ll be able to Mark that on your range cards. Yup. That way your picket or your listening, post observation posts, your LPLP, you will know high risk areas and the distance to it. So that if you need to engage a target, you can do it more efficiently. Like one of the easiest things to figure out right away for an, an obvious Avenue approach is where do you drive into your property every day?

1 (20m 8s):
I mean, think about it. That is the most human thing to do is to go right through the road, go right through the walkway, go right up that little Avenue of approach because that’s what human beings are programmed to do, take the road. Right, right. So that is one very obvious thing. And most people don’t even think about that. They don’t look at okay, my driveway and a hundred yards from my house. Okay. So I need a range card from that, to that, you know, I mean a hundred yards is no big deal, but you still want to know, you know, how far is it to the County road?

1 (20m 43s):
How far is it? You know, Hey, there’s a, a line of shrubs, 400 down my driveway.

3 (20m 48s):
How far is that? To that wire shrubs? That’s a possible area. Somebody could take some concealment and engage my property from another thing to think about too, is it’s not just your front, your front gate. You gotta think about, let’s say you live in the woods or let’s say like myself, I live in an area it’s all ranch, land and farmland. So what I did is I asked you look at alternate routes to get on foot or on a vehicle, or even on horseback, into adjacent properties to mine.

3 (21m 22s):
So these are all things that I’ve taken notes on. I’ve marked them down on range cards. I’m slowly getting this put together. The other thing too is, you know, if that’s something blatant, ideally if you look at Joel scouting’s book, he actually has several books. One of them on building, you know, building a, the modern secured homestead, I think it’s called, but I taught he’s an architect. So he talks about, you know, things that you can do to strengthen your home or strengthen your property. I’m actually using a lot of his principles on some of my outbuildings, but he has one of the book called, Oh man, what is it?

3 (21m 59s):
Strategic relocation. And in this book he talks about, you know, ideally you do not want your house to be within a, about three to five miles of a major highway. Now, if you’re like Dane or myself, we’re right there. We’re, we’re fairly close to that line of a major highway. But the major highway that we’re adjacent to is like 20 to 30 miles away from a major population center. We’re very far away from actual large towns, right? So I mean the highway may only be, you know, five, six miles away from my property line, but you’re going to be walking an awfully long time from the closest to a major area of population to get to my property.

3 (22m 43s):
So this is more of a thing that you need to think about what you’re looking to buy a homestead. I mean, think of how many hours let’s let’s use. I dunno, let’s use Flagstaff as, as an example. What if you had to walk from Flagstaff to black Canyon city, or what if you got to walk from Phoenix to Flagstaff? You know, I mean, think about that. I mean, through Phoenix to Flagstaff as well, like a two hour, hour and 45 minute drive going to 85 miles an hour just to getting from Anthem to black Canyon cities almost an hour.

3 (23m 18s):
Yeah. So can you imagine doing that on foot unprepared in the heat? Yeah. Have the heat. Imagine how, how tired those people that are coming up that highway on foot are going to be when they hit your home set in black Canyon, they are going to be exhausted. They’re not going to be in any shape to fight you. They’re not going to be in any shape to try to take anything you got at your homestead and the farther they have to walk the farther they have go the better because that SAPs their resources.

3 (23m 50s):
Right? And the other thing about it, you can only carry so much with you, you know, as preference, we always talk about like a 72 hour original five day bug out back. That’s a lot of weight. That’s a lot of weight, especially in the desert. You ain’t going to get far in five days without water. So this kind of goes with strategically locating or buying a strategic location. So now we’re going to talk about something else and that’s concealing visibility, right?

3 (24m 20s):
Dan, why don’t we go ahead and go to a commercial and we’ll come back and we’ll talk about concealing, the visibility of your property from the outside. All right. Sounds good to me. We will be right back. Don’t go away just every Saturday evening at 9:00 PM on every level,

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Affordable preparedness consulting starts with a $50 initial consult. This is the prepper broadcasting network building self-reliance and independence across the nation.

3 (27m 36s):
And now we return to the gunmetal armory. We are back on the gun metal armory. We are, we are, we are. Okay. So let’s talk about the perimeter tires. Well, what did we leave? What we’re going to talk about when we left? So we talked about reducing visibility. So this is a, this is one real big area as a prepper, as a homesteader where not a whole time of money will go a really, really long way in more ways than one.

3 (28m 12s):
What’s your opinion. Well I’m Hey man, paramedics don’t make much for money either. So I’m an essential employee. You think that I get some kind of essential bonus, Hey, I, you know what? I could fly a helicopter instead. Actually folks are not even going to complain because the Lord has blessed me with a job that allows me to keep working and keep putting food on my table. So I’m not going to complain. I’m healthy. I have a job and I’m still at same with you. You’re also in that essential bolt. The essential ballpark. We’re both blessed that we are still employed.

3 (28m 44s):
We could always be worse. It could be all right. So not a lot of money. What I’m talking about right here is treats, treats. They can serve multiple purposes. So like you could plant trees like Ash or you, that could be used to make a bone out. You could plant, you can plan bamboo. That’s fast growing. You could plant Oak that could then be turned around and you know, several years and be used for firewood furniture, furniture.

3 (29m 19s):
Really what you want to do though. Folks is one of the first things you need to do when you buy a piece of property, find out where you’re most visible from the road. That’s where you want to start building up a wall of trees. And I do mean a literal wall of trees have to be spaced a certain distance. And this is, this is where I actually enlisting the help of a local gardener or landscapers. And to come in, there’s a guy I use up here, shout out to Bruce from Bruce’s trees and Prescott, Arizona.

3 (29m 50s):
It’s a totally unpaid spot, but we’re going to shout them out. I’ll be visiting my property very soon to heck. Yeah. So what would you want to do is you want to find somebody who knows the area and who knows the trees to plant, you know, and this is going to be a lot of head button with your spouse, man. My wife is all about, we need to plant some pretty trees with lots of flowers and we need to, I would love to have a blue spruce pine or 12 on my property and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So, yeah, and that’s, that’s the part, two of the statement.

3 (30m 24s):
So part one is you need to have a complete perimeter around your property. Start with the area that is most visible from a distance, but find a tree that is tenacious, that grows quickly, that loves your soil. That doesn’t take a lot of water, right? So in our area, that is going to be either the junior Portree or my personal favorite, the Arizona Cypress, and that is a native tree. It loves our soil. If you water it a few times a week, it would give you up to four feet, a year of growth.

3 (30m 56s):
So if the first spring that you own your homestead, you put a we’re starting small. Like I said, I don’t make a whole lot of money, but I put in 20 of these trees right away this spring, along the South wall of my property. Cause that’s one of the areas that’s most visible, right? And this fall, I’m probably gonna put another 20 or 30 of these and I’m going to try and get the South and the East walls of my property covered. But the reason you want to find somebody who knows what they’re doing is they’re going to know.

3 (31m 26s):
Yep, that’s it right there. They’re going to know how far apart do these trees have to be planted from each other. How, and if you tell them I want a windbreaker, I want a privacy screen. They’re going to say, Oh, you want them closer? If it’s ornamental, you might want to spread them out more. So I’m planted mine between eight and 10 feet apart because as they grow up and out, this is going to over the next three years, create basically a wall of green, but there’s extra benefits to the evergreen family of trees. And you know, maybe in maybe you live in New Mexico, then you might want to consider the Southwestern white pine, another beautiful tree.

3 (32m 3s):
I’m going to plant a couple of maybe a, maybe you’re in Colorado. And the blue spruce is going to grow a really nicely, find a tree. And that grow as quickly. It takes a little bit of water and, and it’s gonna be used to your soil and go with a perimeter all the way around your property. This is going to give you privacy. As these trees beef up, they’re going to give you a concealment what’s difference between cover and concealment. Dane, a cutter is something that you can get behind and we’ll stop a bullet or something you can get by.

3 (32m 34s):
But the next thing that this is going to do is this is going to save you money on your power bill, because this is going to reduce heat. Yes, as these trees grow, we’re going to plant a couple of these trees, pretty close to our house and your air conditioning compressor. I have read that if you have a tree within about 20 feet of your air, compressed air conditioning compressor, it can reduce your electric bill by as much as 10% over the course of your year. Now here in the desert, where we are blowing that AC like crazy in the summer, we’re talking about probably 15 bucks a month saved that money over time is more preps.

3 (33m 14s):
That’s yet another 25 pound bag of rice. That’s another 50 pound bag of beans. That’s a couple of boxes of bullets. That’s a, you know, that’s a couple of age bandages from Archangel Yeah. Shameless, self promotion. So, and it’s also, if you live in an area like Dane and I do where it’s very windy and as these trees grow, this is going to cut down on the dust on your property. This is going to cut down on the wind, just abusing your siding and abusing your windows.

3 (33m 43s):
So for the first piece, in my opinion, or the first piece of the puzzle, probably at the same time as your fence, most rural property is going to be at least horse fenced. I was blessed. My property was fenced and cross fenced. Sometimes they’re not.

7 (34m 1s):
So I have a question about

3 (34m 3s):
Sure. If they’re spaced eight to 10 feet apart, would you potentially use an, I know this is not the best idea because it’s going to harm the tree, but in an emergency, could you potentially use those trees as posts to put? I mean, I know you should, you could, but folks, if you get on Craigslist, you can get you channeled fence posts for, you know, two 50, a pop instead of $9 at ACE hardware. So instead of destroying your tree, so instead of destroying a tree, that’s going to serve multiple purposes in the longterm, the wife of your home state, just look around.

3 (34m 39s):
I mean, I’m not making money. I can’t go to home Depot and buy, you know, 500 fence posts, but I can go on Craigslist or on the Facebook marketplace. And we have bought a lot of fence posts used off of that. Actually guys, this is a secret just for the gunmetal armory listeners. He actually is made of money. He’s a giant $100 bill. It’s a counterfeit Hunter. So what else? You know, the other good thing about trees is as they grow, they’re also a vehicle barrier that can be, and I did want to say two more things about the evergreen family.

3 (35m 13s):
And this is your Pines, your Cypress trees, your firm’s two more really good things. Number one, if they’re an evergreen, most of them don’t shed. That’s not true of all of the evergreen family, but a lot of them aren’t going to shed. So it’s not going to create a whole bunch more yard work for you other than whacking down the weeds. And the second thing is they’re pretty pungent. So for, for us, that’s because the breeze gets that nice pioneer smell. And we all love that smell like it’s.

3 (35m 47s):
But, but do you know what really hates pungent plants, grasshoppers, grasshoppers. So they stay away from your food. They will come in and wreck your garden. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s going to probably reduce the population of things like grasshoppers and Japanese beetles and other invasive species that are going to go ham on your food. Any, anything to reduce that rise is a good thing because as we know that food could literally be the only source it’s absolutely. And then there’s other things you can do to, I recommend planting until I recommend planting.

3 (36m 21s):
A lot of hot peppers. Tobacco are not a smoker, but tobacco does have medicinal uses, especially in dental medicine and grasshoppers hate tobacco too. What about Citron that works on other bugs as well? You know, I’m really not sure, but so you mentioned the Apple trees. So this is another thing that you can do as well, spend the money, spend the extra 20 or $30 and get a more mature fruit tree. All of the fruit trees I planted are between four and six years old.

3 (36m 54s):
So there are different Bruce’s trees up here in Prescott, Arizona, if you’re a local to the area, if you live in Salaam or Jerome or, or Dewey Humboldt or Prescott Valley Sedona, he’ll come out to you on counting. Yeah. But you know, you get these more mature fruit trees. And number one is going to give you fruit earlier. Number two, it’s going to help out. So there is a wall that I share with another couple of houses and I’m not as concerned from this direction. So I chose to cover that wall with three trees.

3 (37m 26s):
So again, double whammy, it’s going to cut down on the wind. So it cut down on the heat. It’s going to give me a little bit more privacy from this direction, but I can also eat, but it produces. I wonder if you could fill in some of the spaces in between the trees with some bamboo or would that mess anything up? I’m not a spruce. I’m not a landscaper. So I wouldn’t really know, but yeah, I mean, you can certainly get creative with it guys, but let’s talk about other things.

3 (37m 57s):
So we’ve talked about the trees and that’s, it doesn’t cost a lot, you know, it costs money, but it doesn’t cost a lot of money. You can get one of these trees probably around 25 bucks a piece. I mean, they might charge you more to put it in the ground, but that’s not a really big investment. You think about it, what’s it going to cost to repaint a house several thousand dollars to get a professional out here and do it right. Sure. Right. What’s it going to cost to put in a paved driveway, several thousand dollars, but this is, you know, the other, the other side too, is this is an investment guys.

3 (38m 31s):
This is going to increase that beloved curb appeal. And if you do want to sell your step, a future mature fruit trees, amateur evergreen trees are only going to increase the property value. And this is not a very big investment for return.

1 (38m 46s):

3 (38m 50s):
On top of giving you a windbreak on top of giving you additional security and conceal it, right. There’s just multiple pluses there, but there’s also the option of, of shrubs and things like that. Yeah. I don’t always have to go with just trees. And this is kind of where, you know, knowing your surroundings, the, the, the part of my property I’m covering with these evergreen trees is somewhat visible, not from a major highway, but from somewhat well-traveled road, it’s a County road.

3 (39m 21s):
So I’m a lot more concerned about reducing visibility, but then they get on the other side of my property where I’m butting up against a lot of pro second amendment, a Sheriff’s deputy out there there’s a old, disabled Marine Corps vet. I’m not as worried about those folks, but I do still like a little bit of privacy. So that’s where I’m going to put my fruit trees up. There you go. It all works out, but you hear the same thing. You can use buildings, you can put a, maybe you would have a workshop on your property. Maybe you’re building a bar and maybe like me, you’re going to, you’re going to build your own power jam on your property.

3 (39m 54s):
Maybe you’re a Smith. Maybe you need an outbuilding just for that. Yeah. Think about where that’s going to be placed. And I think about all of these things, is this going to reduce the overall visibility of my home from the road and not just your home, but areas you’re going to be congregating, right? Maybe if you have a garden, the direction of travel where this road that’s heavily traveled between the garden and that road, maybe that’s where you want to put your barn. Maybe that’s where you want to put your books on your bookshelf.

3 (40m 24s):
What’s your, your workshop. Yeah. Look at your shells, your workshop. And you also gotta think about that stuff too, because you gotta consider how, how are you going to defend your property? So we put that bar where you wanted to build an LP or, or a pill box or whatever tubers will stone. You can use it that way. But if you, you gotta think about all this ahead of time when I was just the urge, you know, my wife originally wanted this really romantic, classic, bright red barn, which are very cool.

3 (40m 56s):
They’re cool, but you can see them for miles and miles away. So we, we met in the middle with a nice subdued gray, which is also gonna, you know, help with cooling and stuff and, and, and, and some green trim and not bright green, like an evergreen it’ll actually look really nice silhouetted against the trees that are on our property.

1 (41m 18s):

3 (41m 20s):
And the same thing when I build my building for my gym, it’s going to be the same color scheme, a planter’s. Okay. Let’s talk about your garden, right. Raised, so build raised beds, but build them out of cinder block full of concrete. Yeah. Those two things. It provides you a readily available source of food. And it also provides you a fighting position in the middle of your property. If you build your garden in the center of your property, out of right. Angle beds that are space 10 feet apart, you basically have a final defensive line.

3 (41m 51s):

1 (41m 52s):
You got it right there. I mean, that’s exactly the way to set that up. Now, keeping in mind that you need that a high enough up to where you can get down behind it. We’re not talking, you know, six inches off the ground. Yeah.

3 (42m 2s):
We’re talking middle East waist high, at least,

1 (42m 5s):
Least waist high, but you don’t have to fill in those raised beds.

3 (42m 10s):
either you gave on some what in there, you know, all kinds of stuff in there, you know, your rusty rebar collection. Yeah, sure. Or a few dead bodies, you know, whatever, donate it, donate it in the County for biological waste disposal.

1 (42m 24s):
And it makes great compost,

3 (42m 27s):
But seriously folks. So things to think about, you know, in the middle of your property, it would be probably a good place for your garden. It may be, could dedicate half an acre, an acre to it. You could easily, there’s a book called self reliance on a quarter acre. And it, it tells you how to create a garden for a family of four on a quarter acre. If you space that out a little bit to a full acre, you might be able to set a chicken coop in there. You might be able to fit some goats in there. You might be able to get maybe another, another inner ring of fruit trees around your garden.

3 (43m 0s):
Again, folks, just think things through, draw this on a piece of paper, get on, can do whatever you need to do, but make it make sense, make that investment you’re putting into your homestead to more than just put food on the table.

1 (43m 14s):
I would recommend doing what me and the mr. Some metal did. We got a satellite shot of our property and we made multiple copies of it and drew out multiple different scenarios of how we wanted to set it up and kind of worked within what we have because our property has a Hill that goes up and then flattens out. And then we have a couple of areas that are angled. And then we have another area that goes flat and then goes down about 10 feet and then has another flat area.

1 (43m 44s):
I mean, our property has multiple terrains. So we had to think about exactly how we want to set it up. And we’re nowhere near even being done. We’re not, we haven’t needed a system.

3 (43m 54s):
That’s going to be a journey guys. You know, unless you’re independently wealthy, it’s going to be a journey and you’re going to have to prioritize. And that’s why I say that like the biggest bang for the buck day one at your homestead is probably some, some, some grain evergreen trees for your perimeter. And probably some fruit trees, couple thousand dollars investment right off the bat. It’ll take a couple of years before it really does anything. Anyway. So the sooner you hit those trees in the ground, the better. Yeah. Yeah. But you know, then you can start looking at building barns and building your brain is gardening beds and everything else.

1 (44m 27s):
So, and just keep that in mind guys. I think we’re probably going to have to go ahead. Maybe

3 (44m 32s):
Ended here, but guys keep all this stuff in mind. Miles told you guys how to set up a raised bed slash fighting position. If you, if you don’t quite understand what he’s talking about or what we’re talking about, fully, the things I said and the things that he said, feel free to email us. You can email him or me. And you know, I’m unfortunately with how busy that I have been with work, you know, I have worked on the ambulance. I work on the helicopter. I run a small business. I’m a dad, I’m a husband. I’m not able to get a lot of these projects done as fast as I want.

3 (45m 5s):
So I’m probably this fall when the weather gets nice and cool. And probably at least going to build my raised garden beds. I’m probably not going to garden until next spring. But that’s the only thing to think about to folks is that, you know, you can’t just throw a seed in the ground and make it go. No, you have to have a plan and you have to, you have to make it work. You know, that’s, that’s the other thing too. We’ll probably end up filming how we do all this stuff, setting, setting up the beds and all that stuff, you know? Cause we’re going to be coming at it from a completely different angle than most homesteaders are.

3 (45m 39s):
Right. So anyways guys, are we good? But I think we’re good guys. Thanks for listening. Thanks for sticking around with, with the, the prepper broadcasting network. You know, we really love doing these shows together. We love getting this information out to you guys. Please consider subscribing to the gunmetal armory. Follow us on Instagram. You’re at the governmental ordinary podcast. I’m at Archangel dynamics, LLC. My website is Archangel Consider checking out our YouTube channel.

3 (46m 10s):
Yeah. Once, once we get these YouTube channels moving and I’m hoping in the next couple of months to start shooting a lot of these videos, getting these edited and getting these out, we’re going to love it. It’s going to be good content. We’re going to do a mix of, you know, medical education. And we’re gonna, you know, I’m gonna, you go to my website and you’re like, wow, he has 10 different pressure bandages. What’s the difference? How do I put these pressure bandages on? I’m going to show you, we’re going to be talking about some firearms stuff. We’re going to talk about optics. We’re going to be talking about magazines. We’re going to be talking about reviews, product reviews.

3 (46m 41s):
We’re going to be talking about survival skills. It’s going to involve going to be a really diverse schedule. It’s going to be miles ranting and raving about the modern state of the modern state of affairs. And assuming we still have an internet afternoon, well I’m in coronavirus is going to disappear on November 4th. So what’s going to happen. But I’m sorry. I said the C word. We might be getting demonetized now, but yeah, folks, we do appreciate your continued support. Consider following us on our social media, Dane, I’m starting to host all of his products on my website is AK 47.

3 (47m 16s):
Survival guide is on the boat. On the web store. He has a defensive tool that he has called the last straw. That’s up on the web store. Now, obviously our trauma kits are on there. We appreciate it guys. You know, even buying a book from us or buying a tourniquet or a small first aid kit, it really goes a long way that lets us know that our message is getting out there that lets us know that people are taking this seriously. You know, we, we don’t get paid to do this. We do this for fun. And you know, I’m, I hate to sound like we’re begging for money.

3 (47m 47s):
I hate to be that guy, but we need money. But, but guys, if you, if you like this content, please support your content creators. You know, and unfortunately, a good friend of both of our, his show, he ended his podcast and he didn’t come out and really say it. But I got to think a lot of that was people weren’t supporting him by, by a patch by on tee shirt, by whatever, by whatever that’s, that’s the message we want to end it with. Just support your content creator.

3 (48m 17s):
So force your content creators so that we can keep bringing this good content to you. Roger, that I guys thank you for joining us. We appreciate every each and every single one of you. God bless you all. We’ll see you next time as we go deeper inside the gunmetal armory, the gun metal armor Marine. Get out everybody. Good night.

8 (48m 38s):
Thank you for joining us. We’ll see you next time on the gunmetal armory. Thank you for listening to the prepper broadcasting network, where we promote self-reliance and independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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