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TGA-2021- WWII Clandestine Warfare Lessons: How To

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Prepper Broadcasting Network. We have to hit the reset button and create a true culture of preparedness. Starting in a very young age is still training all the way up. Welcome to the gun metal armory. Here’s your host, Dane D what is up team

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Gunmetal. How’s everybody doing tonight? I’ve been trying to go live here for the last a couple minutes, but I guess we had some technical difficulties, no big deal. Things were changed up a little bit as far as the time slots went. So no big deal, no big deal. We just roll with it, roll with it. I am in the chat room. If anybody wants to talk, feel free to pop in there. I am the metal, not the gun metal. I a mist, the G when I was typing my name on the chat room. So that’s kind of hilarious, but you know, either way, whatever. So good evening team gunmetal. How is everybody doing tonight? I hope everybody’s doing real real good man.

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Last week was nuts. We talked about my version of the RPK or the ARB K a M we talked about a regular Warfare with access, power police goons, and how they interrogated folks. I was thinking of continuing that a bit tonight. Cause I think you guys were liking that segment and how that history lesson was being told. But I also want to touch on some of the other training that the spies went through and, you know, from that period. So, or namely basically namely the combat training with firearms and other tools, you know, how did this syllabus work back then?

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What were they taught as far as fighting goes, shooting things of that nature? You know, what were they taught as far as all that stuff goes, whoops, what were they taught as far as fighting and shooting, ah, and even killing, you know, what we’re, you know, were they taught to be aggressive? You know, like a commando, a Marine, you know, or were they taught to be a little bit more covert, you know, you know, quietly get their work done and leave without a trace, you know, like, like a sniper, you know, or like a, a sniper team, you know, ’em or were they taught to work from many sides of the spectrum?

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We’re going to find out tonight, you know, we’re going to talk a little bit more about it tonight. If you guys are enjoying these, these world war II history lessons that I think we can all learn from, let me know, email me gunmetal Email me real quick. Let me know what you think, you know, and it will take you a second to email me, letting me know what you think. Or if you have any show ideas that you want me to go through, anything, feel free to hit me up. Why not the mother mean? And so also if you guys have any, any announcement or not announcements, if you guys have any guns, pending questions or any weapon questions or anything like that, feel free to email

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No problem. So also we started a new segment last week on the shows the various shows on Prepper Broadcasting Network, it’s going to basically become a new, a segment on The on the Prepper Broadcasting Network comms has always been a real problem on the Patriot side of things, as we have seen throughout history, unfortunately, you know, we can’t ride through the towns anymore and our horses and screen the British are coming, right. We can’t do that type of stuff anymore, but there are other options available.

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It is getting harder and harder for a patriotic voices to be heard at any of the virtual town squares out there. However, like I said, things are getting easier. Okay. I know, I know. I just, you know, I, I know it’s some people see it as getting harder. Some people see it as getting easier, honestly, I think on the whole, it is getting easier for us. Okay. I think it is. But to that end, the, the Intrepid commander and the, the, the folks at Prepper Broadcasting, Network here, the whole team, all of the Scott together, and we talked about it and you know, the Intrepid commander himself had this idea for what, what he deemed marching orders or the voice of We the people.

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So basically it’s a weekly segment that lets the, the fence knowing what we’re thinking and what a message directly from the consenting governance. So these are the marching orders for our federal government direct from the consenting government. We, the people demand that the government, sorry, miss that we, the people demand that the federal government protect and adhere to the bill of rights. Here’s what you can do as a citizen, email, your Congressman or Congresswoman and ask them what the people should do when they see their bill of rights being dissolved before their very eyes.

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That’s the exact sentence you should ask. What do we do when we see our bill of rights being dissolved, being destroyed before our very eyes. Okay. That’s what I want you guys to do. All right. Next up. Let’s talk about barter for a second. I’m not going to do a product page this week. I don’t feel like it. Let’s talk about barter real quick. Okay. Why? You know, cause I want to do, and it’s my show.

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Let’s see. So there, okay. Let’s talk about barter. There, there are a few different options when it comes to barter. Alright. Keep in mind that if things keep heading the way that they are many of our going to need to get damn good at barter anyway. So we might as well talk about, it’s not a bad thing to think about right now while we can. So I’d be in this a lot of thought really. I mean, I seriously, I have me and the mistress, both. We have both thought about this quite a bit. We initially we both thought, you know, the things like cigarettes and alcohol, you know, not a bad idea, that’s going to be a major, a major thing.

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When it comes to martyr, that’s going to be a pretty good one. You know, people Shovan advices. People are still going to have, you know, addictions and things like that. If you got a cough going to cough, you’re a good, you know, et cetera. Right. Then, you know, I thought about ammo as a major driving point to trade with, you know, a, a major, a major option for trading. Right. I thought about that. And you know, I mean, obviously I am a gun guy. I thought about ammo, right? Not a terrible idea. You know, in my opinion, some people think it’s literally the stupidest thing you can do.

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But my idea of ammo would be only to trade with like family or someone that I am close to. You know, someone from my church security team or, you know, family members, cousins, uncles, aunts, you know, so on and so forth. Right. That was my idea. The only trade with people I trust. Okay. But the idea of trading away or selling items that could possibly be used to harm me or my family in some way, shape or form, probably not a good idea. Right.

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And I say that by extension, right. So if I was to let’s say trade away a a hundred rounds of 22 LR to my uncle, and then he in turn traded away 50 rounds of that to some guy that had some items that he needed. Well, you never know that ammo could come back. Right. And at rapid speed, right. High velocity. So something to think about, there is something that I really don’t like the thought of. Okay. I’ve also considered and you guys have heard me talk about this before too. I’ve also considered a primers as a source for a barter.

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Cause you know, making fulminated mercury is probably going to be a pain in the ass. I don’t know. I’ve never joined, but I think it would kind of think it would be a pain, the ass still not the worst idea. But again, those can be used to load ammo and you know, could come back to harm me or my family or even other innocent people. I mean, you know, it’s something you need to think about. Okay. So I thought, okay, maybe, maybe I’ll trade. I don’t know other things. I have an abundance of, you know, like the rocks in my front yard.

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And I got a lot of those. I’ve got a lot of rocks in the front yard. Don’t We yep. But yeah, I mean, you know, we could, we could treat all kinds of stuff, you know? I mean, for example, like if you had chickens, you could trade the eggs. If you were getting enough of them, if you’re a really good gardener, you could trade your plants that are growing food. You know what I’m saying? But I think that, you know, when you traded away food, you know, or like a plant like that, just going to continue to produce food, you might also consider trading away. The next thing that I’m talking about doing, okay, you might consider trading away skillsets.

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Okay. And obviously you’re not going to lose that skillset, but let’s say you gave somebody a whole bunch of seedlings that have started to grow. Well, you’re going to go over there to their homestead or they’re home or wherever you are going to them find the best place for those plants. You’re gonna help them with their soil. You’re going to help them know how to water them when to water them, how much to water them, how to take care of them. If it’s too sunny, have a day, how to take care of Ms. To windy. How To you know how to deal with them during frost, the farmer’s Almanac, all of these different things. That is a skill set. Okay. Gardening, some people do this shit for fun. Okay.

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Gardening is a skill. Being able to grow food is a skill. All right, there are some places, but it just doesn’t fricking word. You don’t see a whole lot of plants growing the Sahara desert. Do you? Okay. There’s reason. There are some, obviously some desert plants out there, but I digress. So I was thinking about, you know, bartering skillsets, look at a guy like me, you know, I, I like to make knives, you know, you can make it a knife. I can sharpen the balls off of it. You know, I have a gunsmith. I can barter a way that skill-set, you know, when you come to be, Hey, you know, my hunting rifle won’t shoot anymore.

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I can’t seem to extract rounds. You know, the, the, the, the brass just gets stuck in the chamber. Okay. Bring it in and bring me two 50 pound bags of potatoes. You know, I want one of them that is a seed potatoes. And I want the other one that is edible now on a 50 by 50 pounds, two 50 pound bags, or, you know, or whatever, you know, you could easily see how that could be done. Okay. Trading away your skillsets. Let’s say you’ve got a friend, keep in mind friend that you trust.

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And he says, you know, I’m going to go out and do some hunting. I I’m all out to meet. You know, everything that I preserved is gone. My family ate it, or we’re about to be out in another week. So I’m going to go and see if I can get myself a deer problem is I don’t have any 30 out six. Do you have any 30 or six? You can sell me or a trade me. No I don’t. But I do have the reloading stuff. You have any old brass from you when you were shooting, you figured out six from before. Yeah, I do. Okay. Well, I’ve got some primers. You have any 30 caliber bullets? Yeah. Yeah. I do. You got any powder? No. No, I don’t.

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Well, I do. Okay. Cool. All right. Cool. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So for me to reload these rounds for you and use my powder and my primers, okay. I’m going to need you to bring me, I don’t know, 10 bottles of vodka or something. I don’t know, whatever, you know, I’m going to need you to bring me a new set of tires for my truck. I didn’t need you to bring me some gasoline, you know, whatever, whatever do you understand where, where this, where this is leading. Right? You know, again, you know, I’m a gunsmith, I’m a, I’m a knife guy.

1 (15m 5s):
I can do all that stuff. You know, my wife, she’s got mad cooking skills and canning skills. You know, she can teach them to, can, she can teach people that can, you know, she can barter a way that skill sets. You can borrow that skill set. She can barter cooking, you know? Cause the art of cooking is not as fricking easy as you would think, you know, how do you know what stuff tastes good together? How do you know what stuff is going to give you maximum protein, maximum calories for a minimum investment? How do you know what stuff is going to do that as well as tastes good? There is a hell of a lot that goes into cooking and cooking properly.

1 (15m 45s):
Okay. So keep that in mind guys, keep that in mind. All right. Cooking the skills, canning skills, you know, she’s got all that stuff. And again, those, those things can be bartered. I was watching bear Independence the other day. I love that channel. Dude. He drinks a disaster coffee just like me and Mr. Samana. I was watching that channel the other day. And he was talking, he was talking about the various people who are useful in a group of survivors, like a, I don’t know, a man or, or, or, or, you know, a, a survival group or, you know, I guess you could use the M word.

1 (16m 26s):
If you want the book, do you know, whatever, you know, and don’t get me wrong. I got nothing against malicious, dude. I just think, you know, people are, you know, militias or scary shut up anyways. I don’t care either way. You know, people are weird. So M you know, people are afraid of ghosts too. I don’t know. People are strange, but anyways, he was talking about people that are useful in a group of survivors. He said things like, you know, and I’m paraphrasing, of course, but do you know how to cook? Well, we can use you. Do you know how to take care of animals, animal husbandry? Well, we can use you.

1 (17m 8s):
Are you a mechanic? Good. We can use you. Or, you know, he was talking about the, there are so many skills that are needed in a group that can be useful. And you know, if we’re going to hold down the Fort so to speak, or if we’re gonna, you know, if we’re going to have any kind of a little functioning group, you know, any kind of functioning, little towns, society, or whatever of our own, you know, and be left alone and do our own thing, you’re going to need a lot of those type of people, man. You’re going to need people that can pretty much do all of those things, right. You know, if you’re a religious people to, you’re going to need someone who can do a sermon, I mean, straight up, you’re going to need people who can, you know, who you can put the word of the Lord into, into words and actually do that for your group.

1 (17m 60s):
You know, you’re going to need people who could do the laundry. You need people who can do sanitation. People who can take care of you. You know, a wall sanitation, toilets, you know, or as miles call them the poo burners. You’re gonna need people who are, you know, are, are always on Overwatch. You’re going to need security. You know, you’re going to need all kinds of people that you need. People that do inventory for goodness sake. Because I think about it. You are going to have all that food that you guys have stocked up. Your whole group is stocked up over time. You are going to have ammunition. You can have guns, you can have all this valuable stuff, tools, nails, screws, anything, and everything you can think of as valuable has to be inventoried.

1 (18m 41s):
It has to be kept track of by your inventory, people, by your people that keep a log of everything that you guys have as a group or mag or whatever you want to call it. Okay. You guys are all going to have to have to have someone that handles all that stuff. So you need someone who is extremely organized almost to the point of having OCD, that person. And you saw this on the walking dead. No, I’m not a big walking dead fan. I like the first, you know, a couple of seasons and then it just got weird. But there were people throughout the series that did inventory.

1 (19m 25s):
Yeah. There was a lady and some town with wall’s. They were at that. Ah, she did the inventory and the kitchen, you know, because obviously, you know, people might take food. It makes sense. You know, and then there was a, there was one that did inventory and the medical unit and the medical wing, you know, because maybe it was the same woman out of it, but people will definitely take medical supplies. Right. So, you know, especially medicines, you know, a pills and stuff, you know, injectables, whatever, something to consider. Okay. Something to think about. So that’s just, you know, something that I have given a little bit of a thought to, and obviously many other people have given some thought to including the heavy hitters in the prepping world.

1 (20m 14s):
I’m sure my fellow Prepper Broadcasting Network buds have thought of this as well. And I encourage you as a listener, all four of you that listened to my show. I encourage you. I encourage you guys to think about this and think about it now. Not later, not in, you know, 10 weeks, you know, not, not even in another, you know, a couple of days, I want you to do it now. I think you should do it soon. Okay. It’s important because man, I don’t know what’s going to happen. Next things are just insane, dude. Straight up things are insane. So we need to be ready for whatever happens because we are truly in unprecedented times, we don’t know what’s next.

1 (20m 59s):
So we need to be ready for all of it. All right. I’m going to take a real fast break here, maybe one or two commercials, and then I’ll come back and we’re going to get into some world war II. Clandestine Warfare talk about some of the various things in the spice training manuals, you know, various training manuals these guys had. Okay. All right, don’t go away. I will be back in UNO moment though. Be right back.

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The ultimate in vehicular preparedness, visit fire Can you use promo code 2021? And now we will turn to the gun.

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Oh, okay. Team gunmetal. We are back on the gunmetal. Ari. Let’s talk about some world war two stuff. ’cause, you know, that’s one of my faves last week we were talking about interrogation. We were talking about how the access power pieces of shit would interrogate people and get them to talk, you know, get ’em to turn on the other resistance members. So on and so forth. So this week we’re going to talk a little bit more about that, but we’re also going to dive a little bit into a combat. We may get into ambushes, you know, things like that.

1 (23m 58s):
It’s a well, but sorry, but we are going to mostly, we’re going to talk about interrogation and we will talk about close combat. Okay. Excuse me. So last week, like I said, we left off on interrogation. One of the things that the, the, the spies were trained to do was to try to prepare themselves for interrogation. Okay. That’s why you have schools nowadays, like sear, you know, a, a S E R E survival, evasion resistance escape, right.

1 (24m 45s):
Or, you know, you’ve got the British version and I think they call it E escape innovation, right? So there are multiple versions of this. Now, you know, it’s just something to keep in mind, but it goes, it goes back even further than world war II to the, the counter measures that they will try to employ. And it’s still being, obviously it’s still being done now, but I know that these countermeasures go back at least to a feudal, Japan, I’ve read about them being used in feudal, Japan, various different types of countermeasures.

1 (25m 25s):
So they talk about, you know, before interrogation, like I said before, interrogation, not during or not, you know, after, but before interrogation, they talk about, you know, if, if you’re on the same prison cell, as other members of an organization say nothing. And the reason why is because there may be a microphone inside of that prison cell or on the roof or on the bed or whatever, or there may be an informant in that cell or on the cell next to you, you don’t know.

1 (26m 6s):
Right. They talk about if you’re allowed to mix with other prisoners, people that have been detained again, say nothing because there could be informants. Right? Another thing that they mentioned is if you’re sent to the infirmary or the doctor be aware of friendly nurses, right. Nurses that are kind and caring and helpful, right? Until she hands you a, a set of keys, a in a German uniform, she could get your ass out of there.

1 (26m 46s):
She ain’t your friend. And even at that, I don’t know. So let’s see, what else did I talk about? Be aware of mirrors in your cell observers, stationed behind cell walls can observe your actions through a two way mirror. Now we’ve all seen this shit. We know about this by now. Everybody knows about the two way mirror by now. But back then, I would assume that that was, you know, pretty interesting to hear or see, be careful of your actions. Once you are let go, ’cause sometimes the axis powers would let resistance fighters go and why would they let them go?

1 (27m 33s):
So they could follow them back to the rest of the resistance. Yes. Yes. Very common technique. Be careful when you’re released either before or after interrogation release may be only temporary in order to watch your movements. Right. Then they all, all, they also talk about always try to appear clean. Neat. And if possible well-dressed before the interrogation. All right. Now we get to the scary parts during the interrogation.

0 (28m 22s):

1 (28m 22s):
Connection. But I can’t say for sure if we did well, looks like I’m live again. I don’t know if you guys lost me there or not range for code sign in text or a signature on any statement extracted by force, but we’re having some serious technical difficulties here. So I am going to go ahead and end it there. I don’t know what’s going on with the, with Prepper or something’s going on the speaker. There does seem to be an error going on with the session. So I dunno, I dunno.

1 (29m 4s):
What’s going on, but hopefully we get it figured out. I would definitely like it to be like it to be fixed. Right. So hopefully we’ll get, it will get it squared away. Again. I don’t, I’m not a a hundred percent sure what’s going on.

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1 (29m 32s):
Well, a range for code sign in text or a signature on any statement extracted by four, let’s say you normally, let’s say you have a specific way that you normally like, you know, my name is dang. Everybody knows my name is Dane. I write my D a certain way. Well, what if I decided to write it in a different way from now on, you know, something like that, like, you always capitalize your, your first, you know, the first letter of your first name. Well, you’re not going to do that anymore. You’re not going to capitalize the first letter of your first name anymore. You’re going to dot your I a certain way, maybe with an X or you’re going to a cross your key a certain way, maybe with a, a small Lupe, you know, so on and so forth.

1 (30m 21s):
Just the small little code you can send via a text, right? Or in your signature. Okay. Do not express personal affection or interest in anybody. Right. Because they’re going to go after that person, especially, you know, those, those fucking access powers. Those guys will go after eating the body that they thought was someone that you cared for. It’s, it’s sad. It’s scary. It’s terrible. You know, that they would do things like that. But that is the way it is, man. You know, that was, that was a way it was back then.

1 (31m 3s):
Yeah. You just leave it there. Let’s see. Be aware of apparently full, be aware of, and apparently foolish interrogator of whom you think you have gotten the better of this is just a technique and it could be a trap to tempt you, to boast of your cleverness in circumstances where you’re most things will be reported, or do you not be bluffed by the interrogator who pretends to have knowledge of your British connections? It is likely that over a period of time, the Germans may have learned some facts about this organization, location, the HQ schools, et cetera, or names of personnel by referring to these, they may hope to persuade you that they know How, that they know much more insist upon your complete ignorance of all of those facts referred to.

1 (32m 3s):
Okay. So it comes back to the same thing that you would hear from your buddies growing up denied, denied, denied, okay? You don’t know shit. You don’t know anything that they’re talking about, dude, no matter how much pain they put you through, no matter how many fucking psychological games they play with you, no matter what they do, you’re just an average citizen. You don’t know what they’re talking about. Right? That’s the way that they will do it back then. Let’s see. So if you are subjected to either of these types of interrogation, start counting to yourself when questioned, you will only answer with the numbers that are passing through your mind.

0 (32m 55s):

1 (32m 58s):
Not really sure how that works. Oh, I read that wrong. It said if you’re subjected to ether, not either ether, mind, altering drugs, mind altering drugs. It says to start counting to yourself. When question, you will only answer with the numbers that are passing through your mind. Okay. I don’t know. You know, what about any of the craft that you use back then? I guess I used the ether, but you know, I don’t know. Maybe it’s applicable now. Maybe if you’re a, maybe if you’re a crazy ex-girlfriend is questioning, you may be, you just start listing numbers in your head.

1 (33m 44s):
And you’re like 32 when she’s like, where were you last night for To 20 around. I dunno, blackjack. Anyways. It says, if you’re arrested by the Gestapo, do not assume that all is lost. The Gestapos reputation has been built up on ruthlessness and hatred, not intelligence. They will always pretend to know more than they do and may even make a good guess. But remember that it is nothing more than a guess.

1 (34m 29s):
Otherwise they would not be interrogating you, right. Something to keep in mind in any, in any fashion like that, you know, someone’s asking you questions, they’re asking them for a reason. And it’s because they don’t know the damn answers. They may know some of it, but they don’t know all of it. Right. So think about that. All right. One of the other chapters in here that I do want to talk about at some point, not yet is going to be on propaganda and how the enemy will use propaganda during a world war II.

1 (35m 14s):
You know, the access powers, how they used propaganda, and you know how you can use propaganda to your advantage. If you were a world war two soldier, right? They also talk about agent management. What types of helpers will be required, how to make people work for likely motives for people to work for you and how to use them and so on. So let’s get into the part that’s a little bit hairy. Okay. The close combat part of the syllabus, they say, when commencing the course with a class of untrained students, this is the close combat part.

1 (36m 6s):
The instructor should make a short introduction, not necessarily in the same words, but the same effect as the following. This is basically what they want you to tell them. This system of combat is designed for use when you have lost your firearms, which is something you should never do. Or when the use of firearms is undesirable for the fear of raising an alarm or making too much noise

0 (36m 41s):

1 (36m 41s):
Sometime or other, most of you probably have been taught, at least the rudimentary parts of boxing under the Queensberry rules. That’s a specific rules that they use for boxing in great Britain back in the day.

0 (36m 57s):

1 (36m 60s):
The training was useful because it taught you to think and to move quickly and how to hit hard. The Queensberry rules and numerate under the heading of fouls, some really good targets, which the boxer is not trained to defend this. However, is war not a sport? Listen, carefully, preppers and Patriots. This is war not sport

0 (37m 40s):
Your aim.

1 (37m 42s):
Now th now we go back to the normal part that they’re talking about here. This is the close combat syllabus from world war II to this is war not sport. Your aim is to kill your opponent as quickly as possible. And these guys were not messing around. A prisoner is generally a handicap and a source of danger, particularly if you are without any weapons. So forget the Queensbury rules. Forget the term foul methods that may sound cruel, but it is still more cruel to take longer than necessary to kill your opponent.

1 (38m 27s):
Foul methods. So-called help you kill quickly attack your opponents weakest points. Therefore he will attack yours. If he gets the chance, there have been many famous boxers and wrestlers who time after time have won their contests with their favorite blows or holds. The reason is that they had so perfected those particular blows and holds that few could withstand them the same applies to you. If you will take the trouble to perfect one method of attack, you will be far more formidable.

1 (39m 13s):
Then if you only become fairly good at all of the methods, which you will be shown since this course of instruction is meant to teach you to kill, it will be playing to you that its methods are extremely dangerous. Your object here is to learn how to kill, but it is quite unnecessary to kill or damage your sparring partner. You will get no credit. If you do that for why would they say that a crazy you crazy war time in learning and practicing.

1 (39m 52s):
Therefore you will avoid any risks of that kind. You must never disregard the submission signal to taps on your opponent’s body or on your own or on the floor. And it is a signal to stop instantly. And that is a rule which must never be broken. That is where they talk about close combat. So I hope you guys found that. Interesting. I hope you guys found the interrogation part. Interesting. I do apologize about the technical difficulties.

1 (40m 33s):
Hopefully you guys were still able to hear me during those technical difficulties. We do have more than we can go into, but I’m like I said, we did have some technical difficulties and some timing issues. So I’m going to stop it here. Hopefully you guys heard everything. If you didn’t, I am sorry. I will get with you guys next week. Join me next week. We’re going to talk more about world war II, interrogation, close combat. But this time we’re going to dive in to the firearms and how they were trained to use them. We’re also going to talk, probably talked about ambushes and how they were done back then. How were these, how are the spies trained to do an ambush, you know, back then?

1 (41m 18s):
And it’s a very interesting subject guys, but we are going to talk about the firearms because there was a gun metal armory we’d talked about guns. So that’s what we’re going to do anyways. Thank you for joining me tonight, guys and gals. I hope everyone has a wonderful evening. Stay safe out there. We’ll see you next time as we go deeper inside of the historical vault of the gun metal armory. Goodnight, everybody.

3 (41m 49s):
Thank you for joining us. We’ll see you next time on the gunmetal armory. Thank you for listening to the Prepper Broadcasting. Network where we promote self-reliance Independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit us at Prepper

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