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SPECIAL TAKEOVER! Wilderness Survival Basics on The Next Generation

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Prepper Broadcasting Network. We have to hit the reset button to create a true culture, preparedness, starting at a very young age and filtering and all the way up.

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Hello everyone. And welcome to the next generation show. Here. We delve deeper into the important things in life like fatherhood, parenting, and fundamental preparedness. I am a joined tonight by young master Carter and write off the bat. This is not something I discussed with Ryan or Collin. I hope they don’t get mad. It really is a kind of a way to pay homage to the incredible show that they’ve put together over the years here at PBN they’re off tonight. And I, I asked my son Carter.

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I said, what do you want to get on and do the next generation tonight? Because they took the night off and Ryan sent me a text. He said, Hey, can you, can you run a rerun for us tonight? And I was sitting around after dinner thinking to myself, man, that was a little bit of a gamble, right? Because I, like I said, I didn’t discuss it with Ryan. It could be stepping on his and Collins tows. And if it is, I apologize, but I’m hoping that they look at it as a, you know, it is what it is. It’s us kind of appreciating what they do. And really one day I hope that, that this show, the next generation kind of changes guard and, and another father and another son step up to do it because it’s such an amazing show.

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Maybe it would be generational. Maybe it would be calling and his kid’s, you know, so we’ve just decided to have fun with it tonight. If they get totally pissed off that we, that we did their show, then, you know, we just delete it and move on. I’ll apologize. But I thought it would be pretty cool for them to hear kind of what they do. And, and, and for us to, while you could tell by the intro kind of struggle through what they have, well, well-polished up and named the next generation. So it’s a, it’s an amazing new logo out. They’ve got an amazing new show page and, you know, as Collin grows and adds more and more to the show, man, it’s astounding what they’re pulling off and yeah, cheers to you guys.

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You do an show when you do it consistently. So tonight, like I said, I’m here with the young man’s to Carter and we’re gonna talk will probably won’t go to the full hour, but we are gonna talk Wilderness Survival basics to continue with this basics idea. Again, I hope I don’t. I hope you weren’t planning on Wilderness survival Basics, but even if you were, it’s always good to get multiple people’s kind of opinions on things. So a will be talking about shelter, water, fire, fishing, and crab thing from, from my standpoint and Carter standpoint, who has a definitely has experience inside of all of that. So, you know, as you know, there’s, there’s a very important part of the show coming up and that’s what you’re going to get to hear from Carter right.

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This is a The Carter crafty Carter fun fact of the week. So without further ado, Carter, welcome to the show, buddy. How are you doing tonight?

2 (3m 56s):
Good. Hello, PBM family. It’s time for the crafty card or a fun fact of the leak. Did you know all the water on earth arrived in comments and asteroids between 4 billion and 5 billion years?

1 (4m 12s):
That’s an astounding fact.

2 (4m 14s):
Yeah. I have a question about that. How did the water go on to the comments?

1 (4m 19s):
Well, comments are mostly water.

2 (4m 21s):
Yeah, I know. But when they go down into the, when they go into the earth, they turned on fires.

1 (4m 27s):
This is my guess. I guess they had ice on them from being out in a, in the, in the face and space. Right? Cause it’s super cold. And then they hit The. Then they hit the lava. There’s a of lava, turns the water into steam. The steam gets caught up in the atmosphere and then it turns into the rain. I guess we want to see something crazy. You look at this, this was, we were looking for facts before the show and we didn’t know which one we’re going to do. Oh, this is one to not have all the water went. No, there was a fact about water being, Oh, here it is. What is the second most common molecule in the universe?

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I didn’t know that that is D it’s the second most common molecule in the universe. So the universe is basically hydrogen and water. Wow. The most common is hydrogen. It says, how about that? Hey, great work, man. You nailed the crafty. Carter fun fact of the week. Good job. So yeah, guys, we’re going to We we’ve got a pint sized Prepper project for you and everything. I’m going to put these headphones down now because we don’t need to hear them for anything other than ads. So let’s get into chat. We got to, we got to recommend that you visit

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Please come join us. We are Broadcasting live. I forgot to do this part. See Ryan is so man, his intro, his is a thing of beauty. And I forgot to mention that we are, we are broadcasting live from the heart of the state of Virginia. I don’t know. I, I don’t think that. See, Ryan is broadcasting from the heart up at the Pacific Northwest. I don’t know that we’re broadcasting from the heart of the Southeast. You know what I mean? So we’ll just say the heart of Virginia, because we are definitely central Virginia. What is that? Melinda Lee Volcana thank you for putting the information into Chad. I appreciate that again, guys.

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Live chat room,, sign up, come join us. If you’re not already in the chat room here, I’m a big deal. Big deal. Melinda Lee, we’re going to be pushing out the preppers exchange probably in the next week or two. I put out a, an open call for who wants to get the box. Next if I don’t get any takers, I’ll simply send it off as a surprise to someone. I have starting to gather a lot of addresses through disaster coffee. So somebody we’ll get it. So tonight guys, we want to talk that’s that’s Ryan. That’s the host of the show. Typical. Yup. Prepper dad.

1 (7m 12s):
So tonight we’re gonna continue on with the basics series. Collin and Ryan have been doing this oil basics, which man oil it’s it’s. Well, it’s one of those things that a lot of people don’t think about buying when it comes to the prepping, you know, they buy like the food and the gear and the gadgets and stuff, but nobody wants to spend their money on cooking wheel.

2 (7m 32s):
No, the cool thing about oil is it separates when you put it in water, it separates from the water to it.

1 (7m 38s):
That is true. Let me push this mic over a little bit

2 (7m 40s):
Down into the water and then you can see, you know, cause I did experiment with that for a school project.

1 (7m 47s):
Cool. That is a pretty cool Carter is a big fan of olive oil, right? Yes. Kyle, Kyle, I’m trying to do Carter and Collin in my head and I’m exhausted. Yeah. But Carter especially in his youth, we haven’t done it that much anymore, but in his youth, man, he would drink that drink, that freaking olive oil. Like it was something to drink.

2 (8m 11s):
I love. And on rice. Yeah.

1 (8m 13s):
Rice and yeah, you’re right about that. Yeah. Oil is a huge Prepper. I really, I really like that idea

2 (8m 19s):
Or furnaces. If you have like, if you’re all in the wilderness and you bring a forest, I can only run on oil or a furnace that will only run an oil. That’s really good. Plus you can use oil. No. Nine cars. Wait.

1 (8m 34s):
Yeah. Well you have those in cars. Oil goes and guns, but they’d covered the oil topic pretty well. They did a good low the last two weeks.

2 (8m 43s):
You can unrest, stuff

1 (8m 46s):
Like that. Yeah. That’s true. You can definitely loosen up things if they’re seized together by chains. We’ve done that, right? Yeah. But tonight we’re going to talk Wilderness survival. Basics Carter probably since about, I don’t know. I think your first camping trip, you were probably Jake’s age, right? You were probably about five years old. Do you remember it went to the mountains? No. The first one was it.

2 (9m 17s):
What do you mean talking about paramount and Outback? Where you go,

1 (9m 20s):
Okay, ready? This is a memory that you might remember. We went to the Amelia wildlife management area before we got there. I bought you a set of imagined Next villains, Batman villains O and the penguin came up with a little penguin. Do you remember this?

2 (9m 41s):
Because I’m a journalist. I’m a man on the sat and never getting it from you. I was so excited

1 (9m 44s):
And you dropped a penguin in the field and we couldn’t find it when you were so upset, man, you were heartbroken over that little penguin. That’s how we started out our, our camping trip. And you had to be above four or five. You fell asleep. We played a little in a tent and you fell asleep and truth be told PBN family because I have a, a fiction writers mind. I may have slept an hour that first night I may, maybe might’ve slept an hour. I remember having such vivid and fearful dreams because you know, it’s different when you go out camping with yourself and all you’re responsible for is getting yourself home, but you take it, you know?

1 (10m 36s):
And Carter was my first kid. You know, it’s just a different thing, but you’ve been coming out in the woods, coming out, hunting, coming out fishing since about five, four or five years old. You’ve definitely been fishing since you were about three. Probably. I think I got pictures of you holding a bag or when you’re three years old, camping, camping can be very scary.

2 (10m 57s):
Yeah. I hear all those noises don’t know.

1 (11m 0s):
Remember that loud thing that was above the tent.

2 (11m 4s):
It’s like the Goldman, like the mystical creature.

1 (11m 8s):
That was, that was a funny part of that trip too. We wound up setting up the tent. Finally, we got to set up kind of late in a weird spot and we get laid down and we’re hanging out and talking and that kind of thing. And then all of a sudden it’s

2 (11m 22s):
You don’t know what it was actually like I know it Shows,

1 (11m 26s):
It was a weird loud. You wouldn’t make it tonight or this now this day and age with all the scary stuff in your head, I don’t know if you’d make it or something like that

2 (11m 35s):
Happened in the summer. Minecraft

1 (11m 38s):
Spider O you know, it was another great time was when we were a last, was it two years ago? I think where we found that, that perfect camping spot

2 (11m 51s):
With the B wait was a big one. Well,

1 (11m 54s):
That was where we were looking first. Yeah, we pulled up to that spot first. You remember there was trash and bear poop. Yeah. Trash all over. Somebody dumped their trash. Then there was bear poop. Then we went to find a spot and I wound up stepping in.

2 (12m 12s):
So we put our tent down and then

1 (12m 15s):
No, we didn’t put the tent down. We were looking for a spot to put it down. Remember I said, this is going to be the spot. It’s like a good spot. Daddy knows.

2 (12m 23s):
He hears buzzing. And he pulls off the ground up. And there’s a graph. There’s a grounding.

1 (12m 30s):
Yeah. Yeah. That was a good time. Get stung up. You don’t get stung though. That’s good. You are the only one who’s got six. Then we went, ran through the tall grass. Oh, remember I put you on my head or on my shoulders? Because we were going through that super tall grass. Cause I didn’t want you to get ticks. And later that night I woke up just Oh, biliterate and not by ticks by chiggers chiggers ate me up that night. Oh, it was horrible. My back was just destroyed, but no big deal. I couldn’t sleep anyway because a, it was like Memorial day weekend and a bunch of country folk wound up pooling into the damn parking lot member.

1 (13m 12s):
I dunno if you didn’t wake up, but they had a bunch of people pulled up and they were yelling and screaming and partying. And we were so close to that lot. Cause we, we went to a new spot and we found this little camping hole.

2 (13m 25s):
Oh man. And a place on the Lake. Is that

1 (13m 28s):
Yeah, the James river was there a year. That was the perfect place. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That was a freaky night. Another night I had trouble sleeping. I didn’t know who they were going to wander back there. Trying to set their tent up or not. And then harasses. No,

2 (13m 47s):
That’s why, when I’m trying to say it has the water and everything there.

1 (13m 52s):
Yeah. That was crazy. There was firewood there.

2 (13m 56s):
Yeah. You wouldn’t, you want to go to bed and you like, cause you don’t go to sleep. Every, you write your things that’s before you probably own the Prepper Broadcasting in the frame

1 (14m 7s):
Two years ago. I was still, yeah. I’ve been writing since 2016.

2 (14m 11s):
Yeah. If you, if you go to bed early enough and dads, if dad’s awake enough, he writes through like two hours or three hours. Cause I wake up to him. I wake up and, and I hear that typing.

1 (14m 32s):
Oh yeah. You probably hear typing all through your life. You hear me typing? Yeah.

2 (14m 37s):
I wake up at nighttime until I get scared. And then I hear you. Okay. Somebody stranded lock, pick the door, but I’m like, Oh, cause the light on, I can see that the miniature light coming to the shine off and things like that. Okay. And then you go back to the bed. We’re going to get him.

1 (14m 55s):
Okay. So long story short because Carter has been out in the wilderness and because he has to put up with my crazy ass, he’s got a bit, he’s got a good handle on, on kind of what it would take to survive out in the wild. You know, we’ve, we’ve tested out things together. We’ve gone out in bed conditions together. We’ve made fire, all that kind of stuff. So what’s on your mind buddy.

2 (15m 23s):
So these are the things you need to have for Survival. Let’s talk about that. That’s fine. It’s the first thing you need to probably shelter. Honestly.

1 (15m 31s):
Why shelter? What do you think is important about having a shelter? You’re right.

2 (15m 38s):
Protection from things

1 (15m 40s):
Definitely. I mean, that’s about perfect right there.

2 (15m 43s):
So the second thing we need is fire. Probably. No, not the most important. The second one, the boy, fuck you fire. Because heat cook food. So you don’t get diseases. That’s the most important. I don’t care about a shelter. Anyway. I take water. The most important filtered water. You have to filter your water. You can go a long day without what shelter and food, but you can’t go that long without water,

1 (16m 14s):
Depending on the conditions. Right? If it’s cold out, you gotta get to a shelter pretty quick.

2 (16m 18s):
Yeah. But it was like summer and you lost it in the way that sounds like, you know,

1 (16m 22s):
What is a big deal that brings you to another, how long do you get with no water? Two days, three days. Listen to that answer. So sure. Yes.

2 (16m 31s):
Yeah. If the water connects to something, I want to talk about crafting, making a water filter. It’s hard. It’s hard to make one. If you, if you know you’re doing, if you’re in the wilderness and you’re like my age or younger, you’re not going to know how to make a water filter. You have to look up on the internet and probably look, if you’re in the woods, you probably don’t have anything. So coal is your best bet using colon sunlight, charcoal, right? Yes. I’ve seen those water filters before the word. Good. And something to talk about that my dad made his own water filter.

1 (17m 5s):
Do you remember what we used in that water filter charcoal, charcoal sand. And if, if, if you found yourself in a situation like that, those are the only two things you would need to do other than boil it to make it safe and palatable. We’ll get to that later. That’s kinda towards the end of the show, but you can talk about, and then we’ll tell them about just don’t talk about how to make it and stuff till the end.

2 (17m 32s):
Oh, so it’s hard lighting a fire out there. What I suggest you use is Leafs for the, of off, but don’t grab a dumb bunch of tout and Pyle Leafs because a bad thing is it might smother, you know,

1 (17m 47s):
Ashes. Oh God buddy. So crazy hearing you say all this is crazy because I literally can see the exact moments when you learn these things in my head, you know, I can literally see the moments when you were trying to throw a bunch of leaves on the fire when it was getting going. And I said, Hey, don’t do that. You’re going to smother it. Like I can actually. It’s pretty cool. Okay. You, you and we were talking about Wilderness Survival basics and this really blew me away because I write about this all the time. And I talk about this all the time, but not necessarily to you when we were talking about, you know, the basics you were saying, crafting shelter, fire, water.

1 (18m 32s):
And then you said fishing.

2 (18m 35s):
You haven’t talked about that yet.

1 (18m 36s):
Yeah. Fishing was surprising that it came out of your mouth because most, most of the time when people think of Survival basics, they jump right into like trapping or foraging. You know what I mean?

2 (18m 48s):
Easiest thing. If you’re in the wilderness, is fishing, get a warm from the underground and put it on. It’s easier for hunting. Cause you might not have a, Oh, you might not have a spirit which comes to the conclusion about crafting. You need to grab to walk there and to hunt. If I was in the wild, it will be hard to hunt animals. Yeah. It’s already hard to get a heart.

1 (19m 13s):
Oh, all right. So it wouldn’t be hard to hunt them. It might be hard for you to kill them. So yeah, you do have a big heart. That’s a good thing. They have no Self to me finish up. No, that’s not true. You don’t like to see fish get killed either.

2 (19m 26s):
I know, but they’re not, they’re not. They’re kind of gross. They also have those things then pale you do you know what the way? I think when I cat a little cafe, no, the only thing I, this is how I get it. This is how I get through killing. My dad can only fish do like a puffer fish. They frickin make your hand points. And so that’s what I think

1 (19m 46s):
Let’s just stat. Some fish stabby bluegills will stab you like that. And bass will stab you like that. Some smaller,

2 (19m 52s):
But still it probably don’t have to be the best life. So it’d probably be better at killing them. Anything. They are tasty too. Yeah. If you, if you had to hunt or fish, if I had no heart, I would still fish because easier hunting. If you make a single footstep and there’s a deer right here and just do this, it’s gone.

1 (20m 11s):
We’ve all been there. We’ve all been there.

2 (20m 15s):
Plus you’re not going to have a gun. You’re going to have a boat.

1 (20m 19s):
Yeah. If you are in a few, if you don’t have anything and you’re in a wilderness Survival situation, I wouldn’t want to be hunting.

2 (20m 24s):
I’d say if you have the best shot on it and your bow breaks when you shoot it.

1 (20m 29s):
Wait. No, no, no. W w what’s the right sound for that? No, I don’t mean the actual in a knot that I can’t think of it, but it sounds like maybe we’ll be right back. Boom.

2 (20m 47s):
Hello, darkness. Smile.

1 (20m 50s):
That’s a good one. Yeah. That’s a good one. For sure. Bose snaps. Oh God. Yeah. Yeah. Hunting tough. No doubt about it. Hunting is tough for sure. Fishing is always gonna be the captive meat source. That’s there. It doesn’t go anywhere. And that’s a big deal.

2 (21m 12s):
You catch a puffer for fish. You can eat it. This take the poison out.

1 (21m 17s):
Yeah. Don’t play around with puffer fish. Those guys. You, you, you got to be specially trained. Yeah.

2 (21m 23s):
I see a person put a pump position. The hand, their whole hand just turned red and purple in it. It’s like, it makes 10 times as 10. It’s crazy.

1 (21m 32s):
You know, some people remember we went out and ate sushi the other night. Yeah. Some people are so crazy that the puffer fish. Yeah. Yeah. They remove the, I, I I’ve been out of practice for a little while. PBN family. So don’t quote me, but I want to say the gall bladder or something like that. There’s a, there’s a piece of that thing that is super dangerous. And even if you get a little bit of that rubbed on the meet, you can die.

2 (22m 1s):
Yeah. You asked to do something, even if it’s dead, you can still, if you touch that thing, you’ll still have a very bad reaction to it. It doesn’t mean if you spirit, you can, if, if it, you can touch The things, but when you touch it or whatever, a piece that is

1 (22m 17s):
Some kind of venom sack. But I feel like it’s, it’s contained somewhere in the liver. Maybe. I can’t remember

2 (22m 23s):
Your hand to your finger could fall say if you put it on and you put that on your finger for like 24 hours, your finger will look to you just fall off. Then that’s actually a fat,

1 (22m 34s):
You got another crafty card or a fun fact of the week. Yeah.

2 (22m 37s):
I’ve seen it. Well, I haven’t seen it, but I’ve, I’ve seen, I heard it in a video. If you put a thing around, that’s like on your finger for so long, it would literally start falling off. Venom does painful, like putting it on your thing. It will. If it’s on there for so long to figure it will go numb and just fall off.

1 (22m 58s):
I knew guys who ate it and said that their lips went a little numb when they ate it. Yeah. I got a little taste of that. The death in them. I don’t know. So what about fire, man? What, what are some good conditions for fire? No, that’s a good one. Yeah. A dryer. Lynn is our big, our number one. Favorite. What else do we use to start fires? Matches the matches are good. Lighters are good. Yeah. Starts with an F that well, that’s kind of like it. Yeah. Ferro rods.

2 (23m 33s):
I play Minecraft a lot. So it’s, it’s fun seals basically for a lot, but named different.

1 (23m 41s):
And to be fair, we should probably talk about this as far as like, you know, that We game in our house. That’s something we talk about. We in at home. We have a ball too, but Carter almost got knocked. Unconscious fell backwards out of

2 (24m 3s):
The seat. And

1 (24m 5s):
That’s the show. Now we’re moving from Wilderness Survival basics to first Dade basics,

2 (24m 13s):
How to discern

1 (24m 14s):
Or could Kushan or shock.

2 (24m 17s):
But anyway,

1 (24m 19s):
I’d be lying. If I said that Carter got a, a a hundred percent of his Survival teachings from being out with me and the woods, some of that stuff definitely came from Minecraft. Your order of operations in Survival certainly came from Minecraft.

2 (24m 37s):
Like crafting.

1 (24m 39s):
Well, not just that, but like, all right. We, we get into the game. First thing we do what? You can get a shelter. Yeah. That’s it.

2 (24m 47s):
That’s what I like. I’ve learned that. Not for my dad building the thing. If I had to go into the first thing I would think is going to the video game mindset. Survival that you

1 (24m 56s):
Don’t want to use only the video game.

2 (24m 59s):
Like I’m the last person on earth. Wait, wait that mobile game.

1 (25m 5s):
Like, what is that?

2 (25m 7s):
I don’t know about the long dark.

1 (25m 9s):
Yeah. The greatest Survival game ever. That’s my favorite video game, period.

2 (25m 18s):
I want him to make a video

1 (25m 22s):
Of long dark game play. It will be a dream come true. Wouldn’t a dad, the video game or YouTube. You don’t get too far away from the mic. If you got something to say, they could probably hear you from there, but you might be getting low. Let me, let me tweak this over.

2 (25m 38s):
But you know that you gained about a lot of stuff, but has not that much crafting in it like you, because you grab a resources from houses on that. That’s what, the only thing

1 (25m 50s):
There’s a lot of crafting and the long dark. It’s just so hard that I, I rarely ever get anything. You got to find saplings to make everything out of. You’ve got to cure the guts of dead animals in order to be able to craft with him. And then you got to also hunt animals and take their firm to make clothes and stuff.

2 (26m 7s):
What’s the problem with,

1 (26m 11s):
I run out a canned food I steal from house’s and then I’m dead. I’m a terrible Survival. Well, that was a sweet mode. Yeah. That was a limited time though. That was a flop.

2 (26m 21s):
The only thing they don’t like them on the Minecraft or a zombie Scouts. It’s not real, not very real. Right. You know, but the rest of it’s real and the nether, some of it than others basically

1 (26m 32s):
Are some definitely some Wilderness Survival basics that you can learn and practice.

2 (26m 38s):
That’s that’s pretty big thing. In that training. You have to do that in real. If, if it was the end of the world and people are nice and they don’t list it, they don’t just shoot you in the head and get yourself. Or if it was zombies and the unlimited food, somebody would probably just, or, you know, that’s what would happen if it was nice to know, everybody was nice, which probably would never happen. If it was a tiny apocalypse, you would want to learn how to trade. I got most of that from eBay watching how to get stuff.

1 (27m 13s):
Well, you know, we’ve done some fun stuff on eat. It all goes hand in hand. Awesome.

2 (27m 18s):
Craft has a little bit of a bidding and some game up.

1 (27m 23s):
Okay. We can’t go down that rabbit hole right now. That has nothing to do with Wilderness Survival basis. Okay. So what else we talked about water fishing shelter. So what has been your favorite? What has been your favorite shelter? Since we went out, we slept many different ways, right? We slept in tents. We slept in hammocks. We slept in hot tents. Hey, I survived the clackers. When I was a kid, those things were dangerous clackers. Or are you talking about those things that had the balls on them?

1 (28m 7s):
And then you, you shook it back and forth and they clacked and it sparked a little bit, I don’t know what the clackers is, to be honest, Melinda leads it. I will be blown away. If you could find that in a house full of eight kids. Yeah. That’s what it was. So it was like this thing that you held Carter right. Oh, I wonder what that metal, I wonder what that rock was. Yeah. So they were like these rock balls come some kinda, and they were on either ends of these V things like this look. Right. And then there was a stick, a handle through it.

1 (28m 49s):
And the key was to hit it down and up at the same time. And when those rocks would hit, they would clack and they would spark. I think if I remember correctly. Cool. Those were one of those toys, like toy that they were the equivalent of like those little packs that you buy and get a little mini character out of. It was something that you played with. Or at least to me, it was something I played with for like 10 minutes and put down and went in the toy box.

2 (29m 20s):
Yeah. I wonder if you are. I wonder if anybody, if my dad gave me and my dad would probably never get me one of those things, cause you would probably say I will probably burn the house down on the next five seconds. If I use that and learn that I probably go in the house down.

1 (29m 33s):
I don’t know. You haven’t burned it down yet. You are. You’re pretty active when it comes to keeping fires going at home, right? Yeah. The goal was to hit them together. As long as you could, without, without getting knocked out by one. I was never that good at it. I remember I’d get it going for like five, six hits and then it’d be, you know, either the ADHD would kick in or I’d have to move on from there. Okay. Yeah. We’re at nine 30. Oh, Oh, you know what? Let’s do this car to a man. Let’s take a quick break. PBN family. I hope you’re enjoying this TAKEOVER or rendition of the next Generation tonight.

3 (30m 16s):
Wait, what do you call it? The carbon Generation

1 (30m 18s):
Once you get the Carter Generation okay. Big head. Get them on one show. See what happens. One show. Why don’t we just call it the Carter Network forget about all this, the madness. All right. So we’re going to do some commercial time PBM family. We’ll be right back with the pint sized Prepper project of the week.

3 (30m 40s):
I want to tell you

1 (30m 41s):
About the most affordable and effective preparedness purchase that you can make in 2021. Fire edge is a fully customizable vehicular preparedness system. It can hold magazines, firearms. I effects tourniquets pepper, spray flashlights, anything you need at arms length. It fits snug and the door pocket of any vehicle. Oh, and how about all of that for $20? Visit fire today and use the promo code 2021. And you will get yours for $20 and 21 cents. The ultimate in vehicular preparedness visit Fyre

1 (31m 24s):
Can you use promo code 2020? What

3 (31m 30s):
Are you prepared

1 (31m 31s):
To be the family doctor in a disaster or emergency? This is the Intrepid commander and I’m a holding the Prepper’s medical handbook by William w a M D in this great book. You’ll learn how to prepare for medical care off the grid. You’ll learn about assessment and stabilization. You’ll even deal with things like bioterrorism response, radiation, and how to build the off-grid medical kit at home. The 2020 taught us a lot about the limitations of our medical infrastructure in America. Get the Prepper’s medical handbook Again, that’s the preppers medical handbook by William w 40.

3 (32m 17s):
Did you

1 (32m 19s):
Go ahead and buddy, if you can keep talking,

3 (32m 22s):
What are you meaning? No, we are not muted. We are as alive.

1 (32m 25s):
There’s a live can be okay. Was that, was that to something for not on the air talk so welcome back PBN family. It is that time of the night Carter is chomping at the bit. And I don’t him to be quite honest with you because we’re going to do the pint-sized Prepper project through the week Carter’s pint-sized Prepper project or the week. And it’s one that, that I’m really proud of. Carter naming this stuff. We, we actually, Melinda Lee in chat, he had checked this out. Look, there’s two, two people in chat tonight, or maybe more but two that are talking Melinda Lee, you, you probably don’t know this, but Melinda Lee is actually the lady who sent us the crayons and the shredded paper, right.

1 (33m 15s):
That we remember, we made those cups first. Yeah. And that gave way to tonight’s pint-sized Prepper project. So tell the tale, the PPV and family, what the pint size Prepper project is for this week.

2 (33m 28s):
It’s called big foot fair. Yes. And trusting him a perfect name is so what the three greens you need to Ireland whacks and whack and cups, like very minute care, like,

1 (33m 42s):
Like small one ounce wax cups is what they are like, you put ketchup in them.

2 (33m 46s):
So first you need to get max and melted out what degrees,

1 (33m 50s):
Ah, you melt the wax in a double boiler. That’s the way I do it. Its best, you know? So a pot with water and a bowl on top with the wax inside and all that down.

2 (33m 58s):
And then you get to a bowl of wet, a dry lunch and mix those together, por like ball and then pour the ball of wax into that and mix it up. Like you’re making pizza or a cake, mix it up and then you put it into you. Let it, do you want to move it while it’s hot? You want to move on a tight. And then when it dry until it’s now done and stuff and in the Cubs, right? Yes. Stuff. And the Cubs. And it’s a really good cause the cops aren’t paper and The it lights perfectly. We it went on for 15 minutes straight. So if you need a source of light that goes on for 15 minutes.

2 (34m 39s):
Right. And even burn through the cup, it, it drier went and watched. It went on for 15 minutes. If it fit on the cup, it would go for like a LA 60 minutes.

1 (34m 50s):
Yeah. Well I don’t know about 60, but no 16. Oh for sure. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, when we, when I tell you guys about Bigfoot fur and the importance of dryer, lint for fire craft, it’s not a joke. You know what I mean? It’s, it’s one of those things that it’s outstanding. And when you add, when you add wax to it, put it in a wax cup, it, you know, it’s, I mean every bit of 15 to 16 minutes, you will get out of that thing. It’s insane. So Candice says she does a, an egg carton and salt dust with wax.

1 (35m 30s):
I liked that.

2 (35m 31s):
I like Vulcan. I can’t say the name.

1 (35m 34s):
Melinda Lee. Nope. Volcana that’s right. Icon. Oh yeah. You know, there’s a sweet ice. You’ve got a sweet icon. Oh, she says that the Alcan and now listen, Volcana says that the egg carton and the sawdust will go on for 30 minutes. That’s impressive.

2 (35m 54s):
Like 15.

1 (35m 56s):
Yep. The big foot first. Awesome. You get what we like about it is a it’s similar to a volcanic recommending it’s completely free.

2 (36m 4s):
Yeah. He’s has a it yet, which is amazing. I said, I told him, sell the stuff for 25 cents. Yeah. He had a verge. He says, I don’t want to sell it. I don’t get it.

1 (36m 15s):
Well, let’s a couple reasons. First of all, it’s cool knowledge. And I’d rather the people who are going to listen to it, actually go in the dryer, save their Lindt and make it themselves. Cause that’s more, that’s better in the long run. And second it takes a while to make it all. And I like to have a lot of them. I like to have a lot of them on hand to fish, but you never know. Maybe you make a fortune out of it. I’m telling you. I don’t know if we can make a fortune because they’d be very cheap.

2 (36m 50s):
25 cents. You would sell like 54 to five or $10.

1 (36m 55s):
Something like that a lot. But it’s cool. It’s a cool product. We, we made it again. We were inspired by Melinda Lee who sent us the crayons there’s shredded paper and the wags cups. We followed her instructions and we made those Firestarters remember.

2 (37m 14s):
Yeah. The crayons worked to anything that is wax.

1 (37m 18s):
See we’re in luck. Cause mommy’s pink. Zebra.

2 (37m 20s):
Yeah. She has things.

1 (37m 24s):
We got extra wax just coming out of every orifice. Yeah.

2 (37m 28s):
Yeah. She doesn’t when she doesn’t want to flavor that she did, we will take the whole box. Dump it into the fricking giant cannon here.

1 (37m 37s):
Yeah. It’s great. So, so we have a essentially, you know, a surplus of the, the wax and a surplus, a natural, like everybody of the dryer, lint. And we’ll just take advantage of those two things. And that’s the big foot for it. Now. What, why I wanted to, I wanted to do this pint size Prepper project. If you guys don’t mind me using the term in particular is because he came out with the name and we made this stuff. I brought it over to him. I showed him it’s in its dried form and a Oh boy and a sari.

1 (38m 17s):
And he called it Bigfoot from when I first saw it. I said, man, that stuff looks just like a matted nasty Bigfoot for a while.

2 (38m 24s):
Nice link. Sweet video. Yes.

1 (38m 29s):
This was transformers. The first, the first one,

2 (38m 31s):
My dad’s favorite probably shell. You left it. Wasn’t a big transformers fan, but you don’t like transformers? No, you didn’t like transformers. You’d like, Mmm. What’s the other one’s that you watch? I will try. My best was my man. I like transformers a lot.

1 (38m 47s):
And the night bird. Sorry we were on YouTube over your watching. Oh, we also want you to check out the clacker video so I can show Carter. Thanks Jen. Thanks Vulcan. And two for that. Very cool icon. I want it to kind of who is your icon again? You told me one time. Carter is excellent. You’ve saved off and Carter is smitten.

2 (39m 9s):
I have a predator icon.

1 (39m 11s):
Okay. Lets see the clacker in action. Thank you, Melinda Lee. Melinda’s the one who sends us those boxes sometimes buddy with all the cool stuff. Oh this was clackers just with the string. Okay. Night bird. That’s who it is. Oh, so he’s in the us. We got to follow that link. I’ll go show them to you Eric.

2 (39m 34s):
Okay. My mom is going to hate me. No one. That’s the classic. A real, yeah. We’re were a little different. My mom would hate me to make so much noise and she worked in. Yeah. Maybe if she went, maybe if she didn’t, you know, if I, if I got one of those, my mom would hate me.

1 (39m 51s):
You did it right next to her. She might. But I mean, if she was upstairs working and busy.

2 (39m 59s):
Yes. That was a toy. Very pressing toy.

1 (40m 5s):
Yeah. Carter Carter’s from a different area. Yeah.

2 (40m 7s):
I don’t know. I don’t know. I wouldn’t call it a toy. We call that an activity.

1 (40m 11s):
So the night bird in action to see if we can zip forward to them. So this guy Carter here. This guy’s voice.

2 (40m 22s):
Well that’s from it. He’s here.

1 (40m 24s):
You hear him or not this dude?

4 (40m 31s):
Optimus prime. Ready?

1 (40m 36s):
Okay. I guess he’s not going to talk well anyway, it’s not important that you hear, but optimist prime is a guy who came up with the predators click on the same The no, no, no. It was The that noise.

2 (40m 54s):
Self in the nation. I didn’t want to see the night bird in this episode is they’re the number on that episode?

1 (40m 59s):
You gotta be it’s called entered the night bird. There he is. No that’s not him. I think he was here.

2 (41m 7s):
Oh, I want to get that up. Ooh. It looks so. Oh my God. Oh my God. That looks like then the last avail and then

1 (41m 20s):
Well you got nunchucks.

2 (41m 23s):
Yeah. I want that as a Everwell toy.

1 (41m 26s):
Colin is the actor who did Optimus prime and yeah, he also did. The the predator click-clack prior to a screen

4 (41m 34s):

1 (41m 35s):
Oh this is part one of four. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, hold up, hold up, hold up. I think that’s him shooting up there.

4 (41m 41s):
You know

2 (41m 44s):
What the fuck? What am I watching? This looks so bad. And if you look so old

1 (41m 52s):
Except the cons of have showed up and they’re tearing people up. I’ll tell you what I did watch. If transformers a lot, it was called a beast Wars. Transformer is a beast war.

2 (42m 4s):
He did. I bet you transformer made a fortune on their toys. I want to see you took a real trip.

4 (42m 10s):
I’ve seen him.

1 (42m 17s):
Thank you. Volcana what? So the, the night bird was a unique part of the deal because these transformers came from a different planet called

2 (42m 31s):
Weight on the earth.

1 (42m 33s):
Yeah. There on earth. But they came from a place. What the hell was the show called? I mean the planet called

2 (42m 39s):
The funny thing is they have so much technology in the old ages. We don’t even know how to build a robot.

1 (42m 46s):
Oh, well we, we do, but we didn’t back then. And that’s why we were psyched about it. That’s why the robots were everywhere. Yeah, because we hadn’t figured it out yet or you haven’t really figured it out yet now either. Cybertron that’s it. Thank you again.

2 (43m 3s):
Like cyber truck or a failure of Century shop.

1 (43m 8s):
So this is, look, this is from 83, 84, 1983, 1984. That was a mom who was born in 1983. Yeah. I was 1986.

2 (43m 21s):
What is the volcanic? You know I’ve I feel like what’s Volcani and shaver show. It’s probably I’m trying to wait. Not ultra

1 (43m 27s):
Vultron. I don’t know if she’s got a night bird on her icon. I have to imagine transformers was a big deal.

2 (43m 34s):
Wait, no that’s from offenders.

1 (43m 36s):
I don’t know. Old Tron is Avengers. Volt. Tron is the, a defender of the universe.

2 (43m 44s):
And this is, and what is this? Every Saturday morning?

1 (43m 52s):
What is this? This is transformers.

2 (43m 58s):
I grew up watching that. I love

1 (44m 1s):
Watching a young

2 (44m 4s):
Man. I remember watching a movie. No, no, no. I remember on Nan. She had looked Nickelodeon. Believe shit. I watch that to me.

1 (44m 11s):
Oh, you did rescue by rescue transformers. Rescue bucks. Yup. You’re right. The dog and all that. Yep. That’s right. Okay. So what else to a man who did it a little chat on Wilderness Survival full try and gain. We have devolved into eighties cartoons at the time.

2 (44m 34s):
I said I wanted to talk a, in each of a topic

1 (44m 37s):
You did. Carter wanting to talk about the evolution of Robocop.

2 (44m 41s):
No, no, no. was the proposed, you know, like of evolution of terminal air or any of that crap. It’s not crap. No. Yeah.

1 (44m 52s):
Sweet. Melinda Lee liked the old school cartoons like Scooby doo and the peanuts. I like scoop Scooby Doos. Great. Still, still

2 (45m 1s):
Have you seen the movie? A super good? Oh, a scoop

1 (45m 4s):
Is so good. The, for the The origin tale or whatever yeah, the one that we bought and then that one is you didn’t like that one. I like this where the F will remember those sweet robots at the bowling pins turned into those were some robots, man. They kind of scared me a little bit. The things, I don’t know how you would deal with those. You need a shotgun to deal with those. They were these little robots with a chainsaw, arms and member lasers,

2 (45m 33s):
But they’re made out of junk Nomi and they’re hungry. They’re easy to beat up. You don’t have to have a 12 gauge. You have to deal with those more like a destabilizer you know,

1 (45m 41s):
A nine millimeter and getting it done. Not enough around. So there was a lot of them.

2 (45m 45s):
Maybe it backs me a bad way. Cause they’re very made poorly. Cause the dude just flipped off its head. No problem. No. I mean so,

1 (45m 54s):
But that guy dastardly Dick dastardly is what’s so funny. Dick dastardly is from the old school, man.

2 (46m 5s):
I don’t even know. I don’t know who even is. I never heard of it.

1 (46m 9s):
I’ll have to show you the CVI, the race show that I use to watch it in the mornings. I forget Penelope pitstop. And if you want nightlife, you re replicators from Stargate, SG one. Let’s have a look. We’re playing. We’re playing around. Not PBN family. If you’re here for the Survival talk, it’s over. I don’t want to waste any of your time.

2 (46m 32s):
I don’t want like

1 (46m 35s):

2 (46m 39s):
Scary stuff. And my time, I don’t think scared, like more food.

1 (46m 44s):
I don’t want to play with them. What are they? What are they making?

2 (46m 48s):
Okay. Now the spiders from good. You guys found like a weakness spiders. That’s my, that’s my only thing. I’m really scared. Now let’s see them in action. No, you look like

1 (46m 57s):
A little Stargate replicators take over their ship. Let’s see.

2 (47m 3s):
Well, and so they use what the bucks get to say. Well the detonator by the time. Oh God,

1 (47m 9s):
I don’t think we can put this on the show. We’ll get in trouble. Let me mute it. There they are. Oh no.

2 (47m 18s):
Do you know what? He’s got a ping ID. Did you see that? This is like sending from aliens? Yeah. This looks, can I hear you?

1 (47m 29s):
Oh my, yeah. That’s a problem.

2 (47m 31s):
Yeah. I see a nightmare. If you look like Spire, if you saw those as spiders. No. Yeah. I’d be gone.

1 (47m 39s):
You know what? You know what? They kind of remind me of though. They look like it a little bit, but they look like they’re made out of an old toy called connect.

2 (47m 48s):
Yeah. I know the other thing. Yeah. They look like something out predator. I mean, aliens look a little bit like bug from Cloverfield and the fleas off the monster in Cloverfield. Yeah. If you wanna watch a very, a very storey and scary movie that gave me the creeps. I love it. I love it. And watched, I watched parts of it. It’s sweet.

1 (48m 15s):
That was a monster movie. That’s why I loved Cloverfield. So

2 (48m 19s):
CGI two and three. We haven’t, I don’t dad’s right into anything like goodbye to him and watch it.

1 (48m 25s):
Clover field lane was a weird bunker movie and a Clover. What was it called? The Cloverfield paradox or something. We

2 (48m 33s):
Want to see that one. I just want to see the monster company.

1 (48m 37s):
I’ll just show you the end.

2 (48m 39s):
I’m in a dream that I’ve been wanting to do. I’m like, I want to see the end. I’ve been imagining them giant monster, just calm.

1 (48m 45s):
But that was the one that is Godzilla. That’s why that movie was so cool was because it was a coup it was like almost like a classic monster, giant monster

2 (48m 55s):

1 (48m 57s):
Godzilla with a wreck. That thing, man,

2 (48m 59s):
A bullet is going to do anything. And the first bit, the bullet just killed God to heal them. So

1 (49m 4s):
Look, they got it right on King of monsters. Remember? No, no, no, no. Remember the King of monsters where you have a much cooler can get the news.

2 (49m 17s):
If King Kong beats fudge, you love, I’m going to be sad.

1 (49m 22s):
Kung and Godzilla is going to be just like Batman versus Superman. They’re going to fight for a little bit. And then they’re going to fight Mecca. Godzilla.

2 (49m 31s):
Yeah, because yeah, I know because Kinko’s Godzilla. If there was a real fight, he just hit enter a new filler because now he is a nuclear Sage and fricking blow got a King comms huddle. Yeah, it was so good that movie. And he put it in his mouth and you blew his head off.

1 (49m 52s):
It was a good movie. Okay. Let me say one thing real quick. Carter hold on one second. For those of you who may be tuning into the next generation for the first time on it, it goes, it ends much cleaner and it doesn’t devolve into this kind of madness. Just so you know, it’s a, it’s a way more polished show that I’m giving them, we’re giving it credit.

2 (50m 16s):
They are the best team. Probably the best team. I don’t know how a father and son, they don’t leave. They’re not next to each other. They, how do they communicate? They probably

1 (50m 26s):
What’s the real that Ryan has figured out how to captivate his son at that age to still do this.

2 (50m 32s):
Yeah. I don’t know how you do that. If I was on a job and be like, dad, no, I just wanted to play video games.

1 (50m 38s):
I doubt that. But yeah, it’s, it’s amazing. It’s an amazing thing. So you know what, on that note, on that note, let’s see.

2 (50m 47s):
So, and the King Kong movie, I mean I’m there CGI.

1 (50m 52s):
Yeah. CGI is kind of getting boring to me, but let’s close the show out. If you want to talk about King Kong and Godzilla after we can, but let’s close it out because it’s time for you to go to bed. Cause you got work to do so. She kept all her kids toys. You smart, Melinda li I didn’t. And you know,

2 (51m 17s):
Yeah. Like I, I P I imagine a day I wanted, he has every single toy that I want.

1 (51m 23s):
Yeah. I had all the cool toys and Carter wanted, and that’s just the situation. But I do appreciate it guys tonight. Thank you so much for joining us, Colin and Ryan, they do a show that is really, truly unique and amazing here at the Prepper Broadcasting Network this was our mangled attempt to kind of pay homage to what they do. You know what I mean? That’s the shit. I don’t know. W we’ll read that later, but I do appreciate everything. You guys do, Ryan, and it’s a tremendous deal. And I hope you’re not angry with us, for jumping in on the next generation and kind of a nice doing it together.

1 (52m 8s):
What do you mean? It’s your fault? Coke get outta here. And so I hope you guys enjoyed our rendition. We tried to hit all the high notes that are usually hit on the next generation show with that, with the crafty Collin fun fact and the pint sized Prepper project. And, you know,

2 (52m 26s):
He says way better just saying he is way more detail. I can’t remember the name that

1 (52m 30s):
You did a great job when I get stressed.

2 (52m 33s):
When I have to read that freaking ginormous.

1 (52m 35s):
Well, you did it great. You did a great job. So we’re going to call it a night. PBN family. I thank you so much. If, if there is no Next Generation show next week, just know that we, we angered them enough that they went solo and, or doing their own thing. So as usual, let’s see if I can remember The this line by line, because Ryan also has a tremendous, a tremendous outro that I really like. And he says at the end of the show, have a great night. Thank you for listening. Have a great night and make it a great week.

1 (53m 16s):
Thank you, PBN family.

5 (53m 19s):
Thank you for listening to the Prepper Broadcasting. Network where we promote reliance and Independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit us at Prepper Broadcasting dot com.

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