November 30, 2022


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Sanitation and Personal Cleanliness Part 4. Food Preparation!

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Sanitation and Personal Cleanliness Part 4. Food Preparation

All right folks it is time to get yourself a cup of coffee or make a pot of tea and join us for a dose of Reality check. Now make yourself comfy, get your notebook and pencil, and listen close. This week we will be covering the wonderful world of food prep and sanitation. You know that place in your home where food is prepared and cooked for your dining enjoyment. That room called a kitchen. Well in grid down that place, if not kept clean will become your worse nightmare. Wait, what did you say? You will be just fine because you find moldy forgotten food in the recesses of your refrigerator. What do you mean you don’t even know the last time you cleaned out the fridge? Oh, I see you eat out most of the time, order take out, and use disposable plates. Yep, you have a very busy life I get it.

In grid down, we must be extra careful especially in a group. The more hands in the kitchen the more likely food will get contaminated. Learn how to prepare food for your family or group by dividing into food prep areas, cooking, food service, and washing dishes. If the group is large enough to allow each food area to utilize only one to two people in each area that would be great. Learn what lurks in our food when raw, how to handle raw food, and how to limit bacterial growth in cooked food. Remember that a fridge in summer will not be available for most of us so even storage will play a factor.

Don’t forget the prep surfaces! When not properly cleaned in grid down or even in today’s time you can spread those nasty germs from one meal to the next. You can get food poisoning and not even be sure why much less where it came from. Amazing what kind of damage can be done from something you can’t even see.

Join EK and I this Friday as we discuss food preparation.

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