Zippcast! The Youtube alternative.

In February, Doug hosted Louis Gualtieri Jr, and Brandon Vollor as his guests on Prepping with GoatHollow.  They are the chief officers of  ZippCast is the alternative to Youtube that most resembles, and acts like the old Youtube that many people know and love.  As I write this, the ZippCast site is down.  They’ve been hacked!!!  Another in a long string of misfortunate events for these dedicated young men.  Acting in a classic “David versus Goliath” manner, they’ve chosen to take on one of the internet’s biggest.  It’s been a long uphill battle for them too!  Without an army of programmers, or the unlimited funds of their adversary… They’ve managed to create a dedicated core of followers, and a community with many many great features.  They’ve done so despite extremely limited funds, server problems, and software problems, that would have long ago caused almost anybody else to have sold out, or quit altogether!  If you’ve ever watched videos on Youtube, posted anything there, are concerned with Google’s privacy policies, or are a part of the growing ZippCast community, You’ll want to hear this interview!!!

Listen in player below!

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