March 7, 2021


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Ukraine, what mainstream media isn’t telling you!

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Ukraine, what mainstream media isn’t telling you!
Host: Doug Carlston The Surreal News

Ukraine round-chess-board-wallpapers_9738_1680x1050On this weeks Surreal News, we’re going to delve into the chess game between the US, and Russia over Ukraine. How this is becoming the number ONE issue that you should be preparing for. The outcome of this issue has the potential to affect your life in some very serious ways. I’ll walk you through step by step, showing you how Russia’s announcement of an “Eurasian Union” this week, it’s recent trade pacts with China, and Iran, and the situation in Ukraine, are edging the West to the very edge of economic destruction! I’ll share with you the real reasons why NATO caused a coup in Ukraine, why I think that’s what happened, and how Vladimir Putin is maneuvering to destroy the US and Europe’s economies!
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Goat Hollow and his Surreal News isn’t quite Edward R. Murrow, remember legendary Edward R. Murrow the quintessence of unbiased and real news, surreal or not? A news media, taking pride in the integrity of reporting with factual representation regardless of personal agenda! The Surreal News harkens back to the reporting skills of Murrow.

News, the real facts whether stranger than fiction, surreal in fact, that hits the headlines. You can find the real deal, what really is going on in this world with high caliber noteworthy stories you need to know about. Most will agree today’s mainstream news is less about news and facts reported with integrity and more about entertainment, shock value and misrepresentation aimed at getting the viewer and/or promoting personal agendas.

Leave the world of fairy tale news behind, where you are spoon fed information of faux authenticity and learn what you really need to know. Tune in each and every Wednesday night and step back into the days of factual unbiased news, all the news surreal or not delivered with true integrity and a desire to let the people know, trusting them to make up their own minds. Unbiased facts the main stream talking heads don’t want you to know.

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