Krutch , JosephKrutchKrutch, Joseph Wood and The Geography of Hope! Join us for this broadcast as Goat Hollow reads for us an amazingly prophetic story written over 50 years ago. Deceased author Joseph Wood Krutch (November 25, 1893 – May 22, 1970) and his story of the Western frontier through his eyes relates his  vision of the wilderness as it was then and what would become of it in the future. Seeing into the future Krutch gives us his remarkable vision of the transformation created by those that settled the frontier. People of the day wanting what had been untouched  because of desires to have and thoughtful needs making what was then a landscape lacking in beauty a wonder to behold.

KrutchWe often hear the lament, remember the past lest you repeat it, join in Wednesday and learn from the flip side.  How one man’s thoughts put down on paper become a prophetic vision of the future which is TODAY. A little over 50 years ago Krutch an American writer, critic and renowned naturalist /conservationist penned a “preppers primer” though neither he or his readers would relate to the term.  A common man expresses the desire of many for a simpler life contemplating the realities of the day and their impact on the future.  How will current action and choice impact not only the present but future, asking does it make a difference why the action is taken?  Choose wisely, because “common sense is at least the beginning of wisdom.”  After listening surely you’ll agree visionary should be added to the description of  Mr. Krutch. An eye opening journey from the past to today.

“There is no more perfect parable to illustrate what happens when know-how becomes more important than common sense- and common sense is at least the beginning of wisdom”

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Source: Originally published Jan. 1968 The American West
Author: Joseph Wood Krutch

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