December 3, 2022


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NBC Guy talks with Chin about the 4th Turning

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Tyranny and fight for the rights. Our creator bestowed us in the United States constitution. We all the prepper broadcasting network.

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Well, hello, everyone out there on the internet radio land. Let me get this volume right here. Pull your ears. This is Dave Jones, NBC guy. How you doing? I hope everybody out there and radio listening land is great and live. We have a new chat room and I have the old chat room and there’s no one in there. So we’re doing good. We’re doing good. And there’s someone in the new cat rooms.

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So we’re working on it. I have a very special guest tonight, and this is a very special show because I have not had this many shown notes and I don’t know how long. So first let me bring in the special guest. He is someone that couldn’t be should no introduction whatsoever because he is our Lucius boxed chin Gibson.

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He is a fixture at prepper camp. He’s he’s been a long time listener PPN, and he is the man that did so much basic work on the discord channel for us. COVID the gun rally in Virginia. And they got banned from this court that would be banned for life, but he got kicked off and now he’s working on the element for us.

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So that’s what I mean. When I say we have a new chat room, it’s the element we’re in there right now. He’s in there, Jen’s in there and Jen is in there. And the great thing element is that we won’t lose the cat. If you post something in the chat, we can go back to it. If there’s blinks that come up, the old PBN, Chad, it went away.

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When, when you were done and you signed out all that information was lost. Yes, he is truly a wizard. Chin, can you hear me?

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Chin’s up. What’s up

0 (3m 29s):
Chins up and I can hear you.

2 (3m 33s):
Can they hear us? That’s the question. Do they want to hear us?

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Can you give us a thumbs up? If you can hear her sit there cat. Okay. Ellen. Yet we had some technical difficulties and I’m sure it was on my end because I have spotty internet test, an old computer that I broadcast on. And Dean, there were my phones texting me.

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Yeah, I did nothing. I’m innocent.

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It’s Alex, I’m going to silence this. He’s upstairs, downstairs.

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Welcome to the modern family. Yeah, kids.

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Okay. So I’m going to assume that we’re alive and people can hear us because I clicked the button and not the record button, which is always a good start. Okay. So tonight show we got on because we were going to talk about the fourth tourney. Okay. But before we do that, I want to talk about some, some other stuff. Oh, it says Dave’s sound is a little choppy. And when we were testing it out today, you know, all the different variations, the only way we could get to work is if Dave sound was a little copy and since chin is the special guest star tonight, I said, I can live with that.

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So I’m not going to be talking about anything, all that much important. So we’re just going to have to go with the choppiness chin. I have a couple of questions to ask you before we get started on the fourth term, Oh, we’re going to review my neighbor has some bug out bags and a bug out vehicle. And, and he asked me, Oh, excuse me.

0 (5m 32s):
Yes. Check it over and give an opinion. And this was just this afternoon. And I said, do you mind if we talk about it and I’m going to show it. And he said, no, great. And this way you guys can hear what we’re talking about and why. And in the chat room, you can give us more suggestions. If, if there’s some MIS you know, there’s no more heads are better than one, especially when mine’s a cabbage head. So I’m sorry to ask you.

0 (6m 8s):
Did you do any special preps or changes to your preps or change your priorities since COVID started,

2 (6m 21s):
But a lot of masks

0 (6m 24s):
You want me to be a N N 95? Yes, sir. Chemical protecting masks or?

2 (6m 30s):
Well, I just did 95. Okay. I kind of, I, I inventoried everything all over again. Yeah. And then we did a hard rotation on our stocks. So I bought a lot of new stuff while I still like that. The first couple of weeks, when, when we were all saying it’s coming down the pike before the government told us it was coming down the pipe, I did a lot of restocking and then rotated the old stocks up to the top.

0 (7m 1s):

2 (7m 3s):
It’s just to refresh everything. And since then, I have not, since we still been able to restock, yes. I’ve been just basically doing a pretty standard shopping biweekly or so. So I don’t touch anything. I mean, at first we didn’t know how bad the lockdown was going to be. So we kind of wanted to get everything in order. And then as it never, since we could still get things, get items that we’re doing a lot of like mail order stuff.

2 (7m 35s):
A lot of the grocery stores and stuff will deliver to the house. I never really went without, we just couldn’t go in person to purchase. So I, as long as I could get it coming in, I kept it coming in. So we weren’t punishing any of our stocks, depleting any of our stocks. So that’s kind of what we did. I I’d beefed up a bunch of just over the counter meds and stuff. Both my wife and I are fairly healthy, so we didn’t have to worry about prescriptions or anything. So we just kind of beefed up everything, reviewed everything, and then didn’t touch anything and kept living our lives.

2 (8m 13s):

0 (8m 13s):
Yeah. And back when that first started. Okay. First of all, you said there that I got to point out to the listeners. If you are listening prepper broadcasting network, you will get some early warning. And we talked about this in January and before it was on anybody’s radar. And I remember talking to James about it and he said, do you think we should do a show on it?

0 (8m 43s):
And I said, well, the deaths toll isn’t quite there yet. So he put up a show by doc bones, nurse Amy, which was really, really good. And that’s how far back it is. But when you say how far back, that’s only been seven months, it seems like it seems like a decade. Yeah. Yeah. When this first started, I expect to see checkpoints and police stopping vehicles because they put us on lock down and I’m like, no, first of all, I didn’t want to go anywhere.

0 (9m 25s):
And then when we decide to venture back, man, we were practically full, full Marquise here.

2 (9m 33s):
We’ve been lucky actually. So my job has allowed me to tell work. Cool. So I shifted from an office worker til Tel worker and I’ve telework since the middle of March. And we have, I have only been in a tractor supply once and I’ve been in an auto mechanics shop twice, two different vehicles that I was getting, you know, some just stuff that needed,

0 (10m 7s):
You didn’t have out. Yeah. Why able to stay up? Hey, why aren’t we saving on gas?

2 (10m 14s):
Yeah. CMB had, had put the, you know, threw down the gauntlet. I’m like, well, heck if she could stay cooped up, I’m doing now.

0 (10m 23s):
He’s got a homestead.

2 (10m 24s):
Yeah. Yeah. But no, we figured if we, if we don’t have to expose ourselves, what’s just play it safe. And I mean, we’ve gone. We took a long vacation, long weekend vacation, kind of a way to get out of town. But even then it was like to a secluded, you know, go hiking and just kind of grab fresh air, but not be around anyone. So yeah, we’re taking it serious.

0 (10m 52s):
So what we did, we changed our priorities of some preps. Okay. So we, yeah, what really got us was the organized fine. Okay. We got everything inventoried up on shelves. We really, really got our crap together. And that’s what I’m feeling good about, but we know exactly where we are pretty much exactly what we need.

0 (11m 24s):
So that was great. Hey, did you do anything special for the riot?

2 (11m 32s):
Other than just before, again, just before lockdown, I was in a sporting goods store and at that time they had some, some precious metals on sale on sale.

0 (11m 46s):
No way

2 (11m 48s):
I, I made a purchase. I came over and showed it to the wife. And this is how much I’m a lucky guy, but she goes, well, should you get more? Oh, I love my wife. I never get that. Oh yeah.

0 (12m 2s):
I get, what the heck did you get that for? You know, it’s never a good idea to a try.

2 (12m 8s):
Yeah. Yeah. I know. Yeah. Yeah. So be smart, work smarter. Not harder.

0 (12m 15s):
I can’t work hard enough around here. Cracking the whip. I am beat. I am beating.

2 (12m 21s):
I know we were, we were talking this morning and all of a sudden you had to be quiet. Cause someone was coming down the stairs. Yeah. You got found out.

0 (12m 32s):
You know, I, two people asked me about body armor. So I started checking into body armor. This is for the riots. Okay. And man, it’s gone. It’s cool. Yeah.

2 (12m 51s):
Have you seen like firearms are like 22 is the biggest caliber that I’ve seen on like ads and stuff. Right now all the, all the other stuff is pretty it’s stuff for really obscure manufacturers.

0 (13m 5s):
Yeah. Yeah. So if you did, what is PBN? Prepper? Broadcasting network.

2 (13m 15s):

0 (13m 17s):
Is in the chat. Okay. Everybody on their best behavior. That’s right. Straighten up. You were saying about body armor. Yeah. There’s a guy that makes it, I think it’s in Tennessee. He has plasma cutter and he actually makes it and dips it rubber. Right. And he got his, please allow four weeks for delivery. I’m like, wait a minute. You’re making it out of your shop.

0 (13m 50s):
And he must be so back, logged on orders that he had to put this up on the website and ceramic plates. If you could find him, get them because they’re non-existing and you just can’t cut them out of steel. They have to be really made. Other thing that came up was fortitude. Ranch is, is opening up for the election. So it’s the first time ever.

0 (14m 21s):
They’re opening up for members. And also we’re doing prep for training at 42 branch. We have never done this before two weekends ago, we, we brought in, we trained them and they got tactical training. How to move, how camouflage, all that kind of stuff. We went over procedures for the ranch, what will happen, different scenarios. And they’re doing this again in the Colorado location.

0 (14m 53s):
So if anybody’s interested in getting some top notch, prepper training, Google fortitude, ranch, it’s at the end of August members, get it for other people have to pay for it. So if you’re thinking about a membership, this might push them over the edge. Also they’re opening up two new locations, one in Tennessee, one in Nevada.

0 (15m 24s):
Of course we’re, we’re still in, I don’t know what that is. We’ll put out too much coffee, I guess, bug they put, so that’s my for fortitude ranch. You know, if, if you’re looking for a good plan B yup.

2 (15m 49s):
There’s nothing better than actually getting off a static range and learning, walking through doing these, this training it’s way different than, you know, indoor Rangers or your, your local like community outdoor static range moving and shooting is, is a, is a skill to learn.

0 (16m 8s):
Yeah. And we all, we all Sunday, we went out and shot RARs and it’s done. Yeah. It’s high level range. You got to shoot up and down and all different levels. So, and then we, we critiqued what we did so that you got better and better. And it was, it was really, really a good amount of training. I got something down here is truck parts from China.

0 (16m 43s):
Okay. You have a story about truck parts, right?

2 (16m 47s):
Yeah. So I had a, I had one of my vehicles did a little accessorizing too, and yeah. You know, and I had, I had matchboxes with I’m a kid and now I have bigger toys to play with as an adult. But so I was sitting there talking and, and the, the guy at the counter was like, you know, you got in just in time. And I had placed my order about three weeks ago and he said, I’m having problems getting parts.

2 (17m 20s):
He goes, I got a guy supposed to come in today or this was yesterday supposed to come in today. And he goes, I’m trying to track the parts. And they’re not, we don’t know when they might come in next week. We don’t know. So they’re starting, you know, it’s, it’s trickling down to even like the four wheel drive, you know, four by four aftermarket parks and accessories are starting to, that starts to dry,

0 (17m 44s):
Whatever happened at JC Whitney or they stopped. Right. Could you imagine that? I

2 (17m 50s):
Remember that as a kid, man. That’s awesome.

0 (17m 53s):
Yeah. So I have a story like that too, going into home Depot and every one of their appliances has a paper stuck on it. So I go over to see what the paper is, you know, and it says not available at this time. So there’s, and it was on every appliance. Every one now had some that were out in the aisle that were clearance, like last year’s model, you know, scratch and dent.

0 (18m 27s):
But that was the only thing that you could actually buy at our home Depot here in Winchester, Virginia.

2 (18m 35s):
So how would the prices with a scratch and dent margin down or were they holding

0 (18m 41s):
We’re marked down, Hey and speak at prices. Have you noticed the price on just about everything is going?

2 (18m 50s):

0 (18m 51s):
It’s outrageous. Gas is not going up. So that can’t be the reason, you know, I haven’t bought gas. I mean, I know it’s still under two bucks

2 (19m 2s):
In whatever, whatever, since March, I’ve only put like one tank of gas between two cars. Yeah. Cause I just don’t drive. I mean, we run over to check on family, you know, some older family members and occasionally just to, you know, check on him or give him a little care package or something, but we’re not driving around town. Yeah.

0 (19m 25s):
Yeah. Same here. And you know, practically we go to home Depot and back. I mean, yeah. So I guess we better get onto the main subject, huh?

2 (19m 38s):
Yeah. We don’t want to get you over

0 (19m 39s):
20 minutes. Well, yeah. I’m one of Elliott to get over to prepper broadcasting and sign up as a member, we have an exclusive members only side to prepper broadcasting. And if you sign up, you will get access to a whole bunch of videos. I have a spreadsheet that’s going to go in there on out bags. So if you want to see what we’re going to review tonight on the show, you will be able to get a copy of this spreadsheet, but only on the members only side.

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And we’re going to evaluate this guy’s bag right here. The air later, prepper, broadcasting network members, only side, you can sign up for a month, try it out. You can sign up for six months. Try that out. That’s the O is the sign up for a year and trust me, you want to be in there for a year because this year is going to be so interesting.

0 (20m 50s):
And you said you had something to say about the election, right? Oh yeah.

2 (20m 56s):
Yeah. Well, everybody’s talking about, yeah. I mean, no matter who, who says they win. Yeah. It’s going to be a Fest on the other side, right? The other side. But the wife, the wife and I were talking over lunch today and we’re, we’re like, you know, no matter how fast the returns come back and we know they’re not going to come, come back fast because of what, all the mail and stuff and everything else that they’re talking about. But no matter how fast it could be, if you’re ever like, well, some people, if you can remember, we used to be used to mail stuff back and forth.

2 (21m 30s):
So it would take a couple of days to a week or so to get information from one person to the other. Right. And then it was faxes and now it’s emails and texts and chats and everything. And now we get them before it’s even like left your mind. The other, guy’s getting the message, what you’re trying to say. Right? So I think society is so like instantaneous. They need facts right away. That even if it’s like today, which we know is going to be longer too. But even if it was like a two day delay in getting the reporting back, people are going to go nuts in the streets.

2 (22m 6s):
Don’t you think?

0 (22m 8s):
Can you hear me? I mean, I’m you did myself. It’s definitely going to be lightweight because I remember, you know, when the Bush Gore election, you know, debacle and it moves Florida and the hanging chair and the secretary of state of Florida couldn’t count. I mean, not without taking her shoes off or something, I don’t know. And went to the Supreme court, but I want to point out a fact it was the Democrats that contest the dielectric.

0 (22m 49s):
So I think a similar type of play is going to go into effect, but they’re going to have a lot more ammunition with this Malin voting, muddy up the waters. And I think that is their objective is just to muddy up.

2 (23m 10s):
That’s always been

0 (23m 11s):
Really, if they could have fixed any election, they would have fixed the last one and didn’t do it. So I don’t think they have the power to sway it.

2 (23m 25s):
Those are, they have health concerns, public health concerns, the slow it down. Right? Mess it up. Yeah, it was. It’s never let a good

0 (23m 34s):
Yeah. Pit pass free, go to waste. So, and there’s a lot of blue state governors out there that are going to be making own rules.

3 (23m 46s):
So it’s going to be

2 (23m 49s):
The whole show and just this, I mean, I’ve heard so many of the podcasts and YouTube video channels that I watch have talked about the mail in ballot situation. And then Trump was saying, you know, he’s trying to get the debate going before they actually send out the ballot because it looks like the first debate is going to be weeks, several weeks after,

3 (24m 10s):
After people,

2 (24m 13s):
You’re going to be mailing ballots already lick, stamped, and put back in the mailbox. Hopefully coming back we’ll know who knows, but before people even get the heat here, Joe come out of the basement.

3 (24m 26s):
Well, which really isn’t fair. And it just isn’t. I mean, no, I remember voting absentee when I was in the bill and then finding out later that they don’t even crap crack open those unless the emotion’s closed quote. And I’m like, Holy cow, all this time. I said, no, my vote never counted. Yeah. Okay.

3 (24m 56s):
Let’s get to the fourth. I wonder if I can play a commercial here. Let’s see if this works in the chat room. If you can hear this here at the prepper broadcasting network, our mission has expanded and we have decided to use our influence to aid in disaster recovery PBN is offering up our airwaves to nonprofits and boots on the ground organizations that are affecting disaster recovery. The real people out there rebuilding lives from organizations that reestablish the supply chain to those who deliver aid and even organizations that rebuild shattered homes and lives.

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Coffee offers every customer, the ability to join the national disaster relief effort, get

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To help those willing and wanting, but unable to help themselves. We are the prepper broadcasting network.

3 (26m 37s):
Wow, that, that last one. There was pretty loud. Sorry. Sorry. I blew your ears out. Okay.

0 (26m 46s):
We are back and I am here with Jen Gibson. Hey, so here’s how it all started. Two weeks back, I got a one came up on my feed. You might want to look at this thing, this video. So I looked at this video and it was a guy that did precious metal things.

0 (27m 16s):
And he talked about these two economist that wrote down I’m deaf. That’s the Intrepid commander in Chad there starring. Sorry, I got, I got to play with D levels a little anyway, here. Here’s what I got this thing. These, this guy, this precious metal guy was talking about these two economists that wrote a book called the fourth turning.

0 (27m 52s):
And he, he explained that these guys had examined why the economy goes through a cycle and that periodically we get depressions and booms and things like that. Well, when they start attaching history, looking through history and finding this, finding it out, they found a cycle, a large predictable cycle that goes back for thousands of years.

0 (28m 32s):
But we’re just going to talk about the United States because we didn’t want to go back to the empire or anything like that. Ed, you might think that this is crack pot theory, but these two economists are the guys that coin millennial and generation X. And he wrote this book back in the nineties. Not many people took it seriously because if you remember the, you know, they were great.

0 (29m 7s):
And these guys wrote a book about, Hey, things are going to be bad. 97. It came out. Yeah. 97. So I immediately thought of Jim, I said, who do this justice? And only our own Lucius Fox is the one that I, I found it sent me down this rabbit hole. Well, I said, I think I sent it to you and said, Hey, do you think this is legit?

0 (29m 40s):
And I knew the YouTube channel because I’ve watched

2 (29m 42s):
Them before. Oh, okay. And yeah. So I forget it now, but yeah. So I mean, I knew the channel and he said, watch this and hide just so I think Samuel Culper with afforded observer. Yeah. He had mentioned the, the turnings had done a show on attorneys, so, or talked about it in a show. So, you know, that was like three different people, like sources saying, you got to read this. So I said, well, I guess I need to go buy the book.

0 (30m 15s):
Sorry I made you buy them.

2 (30m 17s):
Yes, sir. The straw, you were the straw that broke the camel.

0 (30m 21s):
Dang. So let me, let me start by asking you about the premise, the premise for this idea. And it basically is generational. Right? Right.

2 (30m 40s):
Yeah. So basically they, they saw, or they said for the most part through history, people look at time in a linear fashion. You don’t like people are born, grew up die. Their kids are born, grow up. You know, it’s just generations go one after it, like a train, just one after yesterday, just straight line. But they saw how it’s more like seasonal repetition of, of a cycle. So they tried to, to flesh that out.

2 (31m 13s):
And it’s funny how it kind of lined up with their, their turnings. They’re the length of the cycle of turnings lined up with the human lifespan. So every 80 to 110 years they were saying is like, it goes through this turning and then that broke down into seasons. So they said the cycle has four seasons and they kind of equate it to like summer fall, winter, spring.

2 (31m 43s):
Right. And those ran about 20, 25 years each season. So then they go get an 80 to 110 hundred.

0 (31m 52s):
Yeah. So that’s a full cycle and the seasons are about 20 to 25 years. So that’s where you get generation X, Y, and Z, and then the millennials. Okay. Yup. Now that generation after the millennials has yet to be named, is that correct? Okay.

2 (32m 17s):
Millennials. Yeah. I don’t know what they, they kind of, well, they kind of stopped. I don’t know if there is right now in like pop culture or whatever, but current events, if there’s a name for them yet, but they like, the book came out in 97. Right. So, and naming them. Yeah.

0 (32m 36s):
Well, and the one guy died, right? Yeah. Cause we were just talking pre-show

2 (32m 41s):
I was like, you know, I never heard too much about the other guy. The how, so their authors are William Strauss and Neil Howe. And how has been on several current, like this year, last year interviews on like YouTube and stuff, but I haven’t seen the William Strauss. And so while we were pre-gaming I looked it up and he died in 2007. So he passed away. So that’s why we weren’t seeing him.

0 (33m 11s):
So bear. Do you, do you want to go over the cycles that we’re in right now? Or do you want to go all the way back to the beginning and show how the cycles line up with?

2 (33m 23s):
Sure. So yeah. So like the, the, the 20 year, just a little background. So they were saying like the 20 year seasons. Yes. You know, like our, like the awakening is once is the first season. They equate that to like our summer we’re in like it’s love and all the, you know, everything is blossoming and everything’s, you know, cranking along. And then after summer w what comes next is fall.

2 (33m 53s):
And that’s like unraveling. They call it the unraveling and that’s brings like arguments and fragmentations and uncertainty. Right. And then after fall, what comes winter? Like the cold hard straight of winter. And that’s CR they called that the crisis. And then after winter, everybody’s Kevin feezer, they’re ready to get out and it’s called the high. So, and that would be equivalent to our spring. And that’s when everything starts rebuilding or the new, the new turning is, is coming around.

0 (34m 30s):
Hey, do you mind if I post your notes in the chat right now? Because I’m going to try this now, everybody that,

2 (34m 41s):
Well, then I’ll just, I can just sit back. Y’all just read and I’ll listen to, if you have any questions, did you hate those? There’ll be a test in college. There’ll be 20 pages and come in with your questions. Geez. Yeah. You can see how my mind works. All this highlighting and red lining and

0 (35m 1s):
Yeah, no, he broke down. You’re not exactly through the whole book yet, right?

2 (35m 7s):
Oh, I couldn’t. I mean, since this isn’t like, just even reading like a prepper fiction novel, where you could just like crank through it and we’ll send people to do it in a day. It usually takes me a weekend to a week, depending on how much time I got to sit down. Yeah. This book, because I’m going so slow because it’s so intriguing to me. We only got through four chapters. I only got through just over a third of the book. And we finally said, you know, you and I had to start at least kind of share notes.

2 (35m 40s):
So we had something to talk about instead of me just reading. Cause it ain’t going to all just come out of my head. Yeah.

0 (35m 47s):
Well, and you have the four seasons, the awakening.

2 (35m 55s):
Yeah. The four seasons are, or you’re back to that. So it’s, it’s the awakening, the unraveling and then the crisis

0 (36m 8s):
And then the hot.

2 (36m 10s):
So they started, they started at summer. Okay. Let me say, summer is the awakening. Fall is the unraveling, which we’re kind of coming out of and we’re getting into the fourth, you know, the, the crisis. Yeah. Okay. But then everything resets after that.

0 (36m 34s):
So explain to us the history. Do you want to do the cycle that we’re in or do you want to go back all the way to the, to the beauty of the United States? Because it lines up perfectly is the crazy. Yeah.

2 (36m 52s):
So I, I said, Dave, you know, cause he brought it all the way back to like way back. He was parts of the book he’s talking about almost like biblical times and stuff. So I said, let’s just start with the, the, the S sick, sick, well, sickle gosh, I just sit down. Yeah. So SCA C U L U M. That’s what he calls this collection of four turning C that’s like the, the, that 80 to a hundred year cycle.

2 (37m 29s):
Like the full cycle is like in calendar, you would think of a year, like the year is a second. Saeculum right. And

0 (37m 41s):
As a country, it’s been two and a half, three,

2 (37m 48s):
That’s it? Well, so he’s kind of, yeah, he’s kinda, he kinda, they changed a little bit because of how, how things were going. It’s not the other thing he said, it’s not like a hard science because he liked to the CSUN, like during the civil war, things happen a lot quicker than that kind of messed up the hope. It still happened. Like they still had the first turning, the high, the awakening, the unraveling and the crisis they still have.

2 (38m 19s):
But so some happened quicker than, you know, you know, one like 15 years and, and five years for the crisis. The civil war was the crisis during that.

0 (38m 34s):
Oh yeah. During that cycle. Yeah. And so I often go back to the civil war to think about the times that we’re going through right now. Yeah. Those people, their whole life was called lapsing before their very eyes. And I’m sure that the people of the South, when Sherman did his March to the sea, they really thought, you know, the apocalypse was upon them. So,

2 (39m 3s):
So if you just look at that, so they, they said, well, 1860 to 1850 was the, the crack, the fourth turning the crisis, turning of the civil war cycle. Right. Right. And so they had, they have that lining up with, they had a presidential election where southerners, we’re trying, we’re, we’re starting to get the mood of succession.

2 (39m 37s):
And there was a trigger with the Fort Sumpter.

0 (39m 41s):
Yeah. For the actual secession started when Abraham Lincoln was elected

2 (39m 48s):
Elective. Right. That’s what I said, the presidential election,

0 (39m 53s):
One of the years that the abolitionist, I mean, it was going down this path for like 20 years before the gun store, Fort Sumpter. Right. They go ahead.

2 (40m 9s):
Yeah. So they, well, they said that the whole, the whole, so that cycle, they said started in 1784. Alright. And that was the high time to feel good. The air of social harmony and empire building. And that’s, you know, that’s when they were saying like, we were settling new territories and, you know, canals and steam, boats and turnpikes, and that, you know, you know, going out West and everything.

2 (40m 41s):
So civil disorder was rare. They were seeing. So that was kind of the notes that I put in for that. So it wouldn’t, you know, it followed that. And then they said they had an awakening and that’s when they started to see, like, there are some slave revolts. Right. And that peaked in 1831 with the Turner rebellion. Right. And so you could see where things were starting.

2 (41m 13s):
Like the whole utopia thing is starting to decline can’t yeah. And people are starting to, to feel unrest. And

0 (41m 25s):
So now after the civil war, we have reconstruction. Yeah. The industrial revolution. Yup. And then the roaring twenties, which, you know, it was unbelievable prosperity for everybody. And then what happened,

2 (41m 48s):
But then, well, they had the prohibition, right. That shut down the twenties. Yeah. Because the twenties seemed like, well, heck you know, sex, drugs, and rock and roll or whatever. What was the, what was the, the big band and stuff? It wasn’t, yeah. It wasn’t rock and roll, but it was all different music. But yeah. So that kinda got shut down with prohibition.

0 (42m 11s):
Yeah. It just went underground. Yeah. Bootlegging that

2 (42m 15s):
Speak easy about this topic day. Oh the speaker.

0 (42m 21s):
So, so after that came, the great depression, which worldwide economic collapse and you know, an interesting thing. And I thought of this just before the show, there was a psychologist that was teaching us. Actually, it was through a video when I was a state trooper and they were trying to teach us how to communicate with people. And, and he, he broke it down.

0 (42m 51s):
This, he said, you are what you are because of who you were.

2 (42m 58s):
Yes. And then that was another part. Did you see my notes about that?

0 (43m 2s):
Yes. And it’s true because people that lived through the great depression, my, my first father-in-law, he did not trust banks. He, he did, who does, well, you shouldn’t trust them nowadays, but I mean, it w growing up, you know, I got, I got married and I haven’t done the toaster. Right. Exactly. He, he didn’t put all his money in the bank to put enough money in the bank to write a check or something like that.

0 (43m 36s):
He kept his money in the house. My mom would save bread bags, the plastic bread bags. And these, it made an indelible impression on these people that an entire lifetime,

2 (43m 54s):
Well, that’s what they, they call it. So the book calls that markers, right? Yeah. So the markers leave, like you said, lifelong impressions on a person. And it depends, it’s different for every person, depending on what age that marker is set into their memory. Right. So a child might have a different, you know, it might create a different marker on a child, a different memory on a child. And then as we age how we deal with situations in our future, we pull off of our past experiences.

2 (44m 34s):
Right. So that’s how, that’s kind of, like you say, it’s a cycle, it just repeats, but it’s not a perfect copy. Xerox copy of itself. Because as each generation, is that a different point in their lifespan? When a marker hits, it will create a w celestial, w they called like the generational, the way the generations are stacked at a certain time, it’s called, it’s like a celestial pattern.

2 (45m 7s):
And so that, that will affect how like society as a collective reacts to events. You know what I mean? Yeah.

0 (45m 17s):
Well, let’s talk about what we’re seeing right now and what they predict book for us to see right now, because you, me, that page, let me see if I can find it. It was like, Holy cow. I mean, predicted the pandemic, you know, which is pretty unbelievable. What else did they predict?

2 (45m 48s):
Well, I mean, they they’re, they were saying that with the, with the cycles, so they were saying, okay, so the current, the current select that word that I can’t pronounce that we’re in right now, it’s called the millennium. Right. So we had like the, the revolutionary one for the American revolution when we were founded, then the civil war, and then the great powers when like, America was like the great power in the world.

2 (46m 18s):
Right. Right. And then now we’re in the millennial millennial, and we are currently 2000. They were predicting in between 2005 and 2026 was going to be the fourth turning, hence the name of the book. Yes. It was going to be the fourth turning of the millennium millennial soliloquy on. Yeah. And so this, we are currently well into, cause 26, they were pre, you know, would they thought would be the end of this fourth turning, so that’s six years away, right?

2 (46m 57s):
Yeah. So that’s, if you follow along with this and you believe in it, that’s why we’re seeing so much crazy going on right now. Cause we’re deep in the heart of this fourth turning we’re in the winter, right? Yeah. So everything’s starting to get tough. And

0 (47m 16s):
Did they, they predicted the pandemic, the riots, this unrest, and this was back in the nineties. And then there was something else that caught my mind. I’m trying to think it wasn’t the tsunami or the hurricane. It was something else. But it was like a major natural disaster. I’m like, how does this generation create a natural disaster like that? But you had pointed out that all the stuff that’s happened, you know, Katrina and the revolt that they had because, you know, Bush didn’t do enough.

0 (47m 57s):
And Bush people died.

2 (48m 1s):
I mean, the book, the book was published in 97. So really this current cycle that we’re in, they were just projecting. So I, after, after I stopped reading and I started just kind of like researching, I went through the years where they kind of stopped. Like I started in 2005 through, and I just tried to post a whole bunch of major events per year.

2 (48m 32s):
So like 2005 was Katrina. Well, the Bush w second term. But so I was just, yeah, like the Spanish flu was in 2005, but yeah, there was a Spanish virus. Yup. Yup. The avian flu. Right. So we, we have had a flu, avian flus has already come around, but it was handled a lot different as I recall.

0 (48m 58s):
Hey, LA has a question. And the Intrepid commander, how long does winter lasting when it’s spring coming? Well, now this, according to the book, 20 to 25 years, 20 to 25 years. So,

2 (49m 11s):
And they’re thinking that the current, the winter started in 2005 ish. So,

0 (49m 18s):
So we’ve got about 20, 30. Yeah. It’s 20, 3,135. So we’re like,

2 (49m 27s):
Well, 20, 20, 20 would be a 20, 25 would be 20 years. Right. Okay. So they were predicting roughly at 2026 issues kind of be the end. And then we’ll head into spring time and everything’s gonna be hunky Dory. But, and they say, not every, not every cycle ends like that. Every cycle ends with the revolutionary war or the civil war or world war two, those cycles all ended in the revolutionary war.

0 (50m 0s):
True. You look at it that way, this cycle is going to end with a war.

2 (50m 7s):
It kind of seems like if you look at that spreadsheet of the patterns that I put out for you, I want 10. Yeah,

0 (50m 15s):
No. And I can see things shaping up. China gave that war, you know,

2 (50m 23s):
You could poor James is thrown up in a bucket.

0 (50m 29s):
Oh my God, this is really cheery episode here. This is real.

2 (50m 33s):
Yeah. So this is, this is interesting too. So like the whole, like how generation three, I only post this like grab this and throw is how generations react to stuff. Profit, profit.

0 (50m 47s):
Okay. Put it in the chat room to everybody in chat

2 (50m 54s):

0 (50m 56s):
And I, I went to, I want to switch gears then and

2 (51m 1s):
Oh, good. So that, that shows you. So

0 (51m 6s):
I love this new chat.

2 (51m 8s):
The generation. Yeah. The generations don’t think a generation is like the millennium generation next gen. This is, this is what like, Oh man, what? You’re like, the adults is one generation. You know, the, so this shows you that that’s Celeste the combination of generations inside of attorney. So he says, you will have a profit generation, a nomad generation, a hero generation and an artist generation.

2 (51m 38s):
And typically each generation, he sh he showed some examples like Ben Franklin Lincoln, FDR were all profit generations. And there, they were like visionaries. They had, you know, there, they had set values that so protective as they were indulgent, kids, indulged as kids and they were protective parents. So you could see how, how the, the, the collection of generations are built and depending on the markers and how they, when they happen, what generation like what generation wasn’t adult.

0 (52m 27s):
Well, I know that the Intrepid commander says tomorrow, his son turned nine and I’ll be in such a good mood. But, but think of it this way, the things that are happening right now is shaping your son to be the man that he’s going to be in the future. So, whereas I think he’s going to be a prepper myself. I think so Sam B’s in the chat room, she don’t know her in the new Jack.

0 (53m 3s):
I have to get her pulled over this. I’m loving this new chat button.

2 (53m 8s):
It’s kind of interesting. I mean, as you get deep into this book, it’s saying you kind of see it at the, at the patterns, like the adult, depending on the, what the adult is, what phase of life the adult is in, you know, where they, where they born in nomad, where they, you know, they move around where they born an artist, you know?

0 (53m 30s):
Well then what’s Trump is Trump. One of the heroes. He true.

2 (53m 37s):
Right. So where is so elderhood right? Is he a boomer? Is he older than four?

0 (53m 45s):
Oh, he’s, he’s a no, he’d be in the boomer. He’d be in the boomer.

2 (53m 52s):
Yeah, that was the, so another side note that they said is we’re getting longer lifespans. So it’s almost like there’s not four there, you know, it’s not the prophet, the nomad, the hero and the artist, there’s almost like a new, like, like advanced elder, you know, like, like a senior generation, that’s going to have to be worked into this because we were just saying your awareness, Trump, because if did he make the boomer or is he pretty rumor?

2 (54m 25s):
But anyway, so they’re, they’re putting, you know, the boomer as the profit and the profit would be examples of like Ben Franklin, Lincoln, and FDR. So I don’t know. It’s almost like if you look at it that way, it presidents that were taking on big, like social work projects. Right. Or trying to pull things together. Right.

0 (54m 54s):
Well, you know, when you look at the great depression, a lot of people say that world war II brought us out of the great depression. So I’m wondering what the war will be. That will bring us out of this. Right? Yeah. Hey, let’s shift gears now and go to the bug out bag. Let’s see if I can stick this in the chat room while I’m loading up the internet. We are, yes.

0 (55m 26s):
Gen X. I am gen X. The, he goes over the, the generations and what they’re called and what their name right in the book.

2 (55m 38s):
I got a little chart. So yeah.

0 (55m 42s):
Can you pull that up? And Steve, what time span each one is?

2 (55m 47s):
Let’s see, let me go back through my notes here. Yeah.

0 (55m 50s):
He’s typing it in right now. He always pulls it out. I’m going to try and find a, the spreadsheets. Okay, here we go. Here we go. Look at your spreadsheet. And I’m going to stick to the chat room. And you, you can put the, in the members only site, these are examples of bug out bags and book out vehicles. A friend of mine asked me to look this over.

0 (56m 22s):
And he said, give me your input. So I thought we can do this other show. And he said, okay. So we can put these in the members only side as examples of bug out bags. And I think he did a really good job. I know Jen and I have a couple changes that we would make Trump was born in 46.

0 (56m 55s):
So he’s a war. Maybe someone he did not he’s. Yeah. So wait a minute. 46 was the beginning of the baby boomers the very beginning. So I don’t know.

3 (57m 11s):
Sure. Let me see the other notes. So not my tight notes, but those other notes that I sent you earlier in the week,

0 (57m 19s):
That’s probably where that’s all you work on it.

3 (57m 25s):
We work on a spreadsheet and I’ll pull up.

0 (57m 27s):
Oh, okay. I was taking this camera right here, open up my turning folder. And I’m a lot of dead air modified. There we go. Upload, okay, man, look at that right in there.

0 (57m 57s):
And upload. Now you have, everybody has this spreadsheet that we’re going to be talking about right now. And let me see where my copies are on the printer. Let me play a commercial. I’ll be right back

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0 (59m 49s):
Okay. I’m sorry. I played the same commercial twice, but you need your disaster coffee. So go, go pitch yourself. And don’t forget those bunker beads. Okay. Jen is in the chat room. He’s he’s saying

2 (1h 0m 5s):
43 to 60 was the, when they, when did they say Trump was 46? Yes. Yeah. And that falls into the profit, which you were just talking profits are like profits, you know, from the Bible telling the future. They’re just saying that’s the archetype that I don’t know personalities. Right. Word for it. But yeah.

0 (1h 0m 34s):
Looking at the spreadsheets now, Jen says she can see both of them, which is good. Nice. Yeah. So we have, which one do you want to start? I was impressed with these bug out bags. First of all, he has multiple bug out bags. He has a, like a daily carry bag and then a like a patrol bag, I guess.

2 (1h 1m 0s):
Yeah, that was a, yeah. That’s one that I really don’t have.

0 (1h 1m 4s):
So his, his daily carry bag is 13 pounds and he’s patrol bag is 21 pounds and he has got a lot of stuff in this bag. Let me read some of the stuff that he’s got in here. A hundred feet of parachute cord and warmers waterproof matches, strike lighter. Firestick signal, some kind of a smoke signal thing. A pen paper, lip balm.

0 (1h 1m 37s):
Oh, pompous, batches and whistle. You said about a compass. He has a compass in this bag, a multi knife with a competencies do competent tactical flashlight can opener now. Okay. And then just for the patrol bag. Yeah. That’s his patrol bag now? His, his daily carry bag is 10 feet of parachute cord, Boonie hat, first aid kit, mini tourniquets.

0 (1h 2m 17s):
Okay. I’m seeing lot of good stuff there. You know, when I’m not.

2 (1h 2m 24s):
Yeah. The day bag is that like his commute to work and back or drive into town and back bank.

0 (1h 2m 33s):
Yeah. That’s what I would, I would take that ass now. You know what I’m not seeing is water a stick, a straw? I don’t see a large straw on this.

2 (1h 2m 54s):
I S I saw LifeStraw in the daily bag and he had water purification tablets, I think.

0 (1h 3m 3s):
Oh, Oh, okay. I see the water peer flirtation. It’s a four pack. There’s the LifeStraw. Okay. Yeah. How about a container for your water?

2 (1h 3m 16s):
Yeah, they had the Nalgene had a Nalgene bottle, which I had commented that I might do a metal bottle. Yeah. Cause then you could use it to purify water over a fire. Okay.

0 (1h 3m 27s):
Exactly. You could cook in it or heat it up.

2 (1h 3m 30s):
Yeah. Or at least have one of those metal cups that, that nestled that the Nalgene bottle Nestles into. Yeah.

0 (1h 3m 40s):
Oh, I didn’t go down far enough. He has another bag. Is this a different bag? 21 pounds. Now this is five.

2 (1h 3m 50s):
Yeah. He had like, like side pockets and interior pockets.

0 (1h 3m 57s):
Yeah. It’s listed as the main pouch. So this is what he has in the main pouch. And he only has one and 95, one set of gloves. Yeah. I’d probably put more than that. There he has no tourniquet.

2 (1h 4m 13s):
Well, the other thing is it could be seasonal because during the summer in brew in the mid, mid Atlantic States would be a different load out than in the winter of the mid Atlantic States. Right. Yeah.

0 (1h 4m 27s):
Because you know, neck, neck covering cover here, you know, a scarf flag thing, a blue plastic bag. Interesting. They made it be like, he’s poncho. You were saying that punch.

2 (1h 4m 44s):
Yeah. I would definitely put a Pocho in there. Yeah. Cause you could use it for either for rain gear for camouflage wise or

0 (1h 4m 54s):
Binoculars. He’s got Sterner, but not yet. That’s gotta be like a $400 pair, but not,

2 (1h 5m 4s):
Well, you can send him up on the Ridge to spot for you. Exactly.

0 (1h 5m 8s):
And then the second bag there, he has an MRE and the left and the right pocket, which is great. There are about 3000 calories. Yeah. They’re heavy in dense in calories and boy in a stressful situation, you pop one of them out and you’re like, yeah. So that’s good.

2 (1h 5m 32s):
Okay. So let me see if I can where’s the, you wanted to do so I need, okay. I need, I need a bigger monitor.

0 (1h 5m 42s):
Yes. Oh, it does matter.

2 (1h 5m 48s):
Upload. Okay. I just save that as a PDF. So maybe lucky can look at it now and I’ll go grab the other one.

0 (1h 6m 1s):
The other one is a vehicle bag. Now this is a lot bigger. No, that’s the only 18 pounds. Yeah. Hmm. Oh, PDO. Okay. He has two pockets in this one says front pocket. When it says main pocket ties, 50 feet, 10 feet of power cord flashlight with batteries, another multi tool.

0 (1h 6m 44s):
I’m a big fan of multi tools and emergency survival blanket, which is great. Especially for the car I heard of a gentleman saved another guy’s life when there was a car wreck and it’s the car wreck. The guy was in pale. So he had like a sunken chest wound and he couldn’t breathe. So he took his spaceport.

0 (1h 7m 14s):
I get the hole with it. seal. Yeah. So he’s able to inflate. Nice. Yeah. I mean they’re air waterproof air proof and they reflect heat there. They’re really, really handy light. They’re very light. You can, you can stick them anywhere. So what do you see in this bag that you might, he doesn’t have a competence in this.

2 (1h 7m 45s):
Oh. And I hit changed out. So I mean, I know this is like the holes Ford Chevy thing, but yeah. I was thinking that the LifeStraw might’ve been better served as with the Sawyer, like a Sawyer. Yeah. Because there’s a couple of different soil types, but they, when you can actually screw on the top of water bottle or you can, they have like a collapsible plastic bag thing, you fill the bag of water, you screw sorter on top and then you squeeze it out.

2 (1h 8m 18s):
Yeah. Yeah. So I think that the source are much more multitasking than the LifeStraw. Oh yeah. I mean, I have lifestyles. I bought them when I first started this whole crazy thing, but I’ve since switched to Soyers.

0 (1h 8m 36s):
Yeah. Because life straws were everywhere. Yeah.

2 (1h 8m 39s):
Yeah. They were like the thing. Right. They were the thing. And then as I kind of learned more, so, I mean, I still have them. They’re good. They’re like backups for backups. But I think if somebody were to ask me, I would suggest something in the vein of sore, you can even put them in, in your hydration bags. So you can, they have attachments. So you can put them in the line, in the line of the yeah. So you would just, yeah.

0 (1h 9m 3s):
Fill up your bag up and then

2 (1h 9m 6s):
You just have to drink out of the straw and it automatically gets filters on its way through which I think is a great idea. Yeah. So I think they’re, multitalented a little better and they’re not, they’re about the same price, so yeah.

0 (1h 9m 21s):
Yeah. He has a one liter bottle here with the LifeStraw. Now you had tested a Slingshot. Oh yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well now I, I also know that this person carries 24 seven.

2 (1h 9m 39s):
Yeah. Well, that’s, that’s good to be a time when you don’t want to have the report. So, and it could be used for Orca. It could be used for signaling. It could be used to shoot. Like he could tie us a piece of line onto an object and shoot it over a branch if you’re trying to like for coms. Yeah. That was another thing missing. But for comms, you could run a makeshift antenna up a tree by shooting a piece of fishing line over a branch and then home it, your antenna up.

2 (1h 10m 10s):
So there’s a lot of uses, hit a squirrel. Yeah. If you’re bored, you can hit Dave in the head while you’re all sitting on the ground. Yeah. Hey,

0 (1h 10m 21s):
You said that he doesn’t have any comms gear. He does, but he’s not, he doesn’t have anybody to talk to. So,

2 (1h 10m 30s):
But comms are not always two way.

0 (1h 10m 33s):
Correct. You would want some kind of way to get information. Yes. Yeah, absolutely. So some kind of a radio,

2 (1h 10m 44s):
You know, in the movies when they’re out, when the good guy always is like behind enemy lines and he picks up a walkie talkie from one of the guys said you’re knocked out and then he can listen to everything that’s going on. Exactly.

0 (1h 10m 58s):
And there was one other thing that you had mentioned you put in here, travel money and I would travel money slash material. Okay. Well, when I traveling in the middle East, I had kind of a GoTo bag. Everybody had their own little okay. So, but one of the things I did was you remember?

0 (1h 11m 27s):
35 millimeter film.

2 (1h 11m 31s):
Yeah. Yeah. The plastic. Yeah.

0 (1h 11m 33s):
Hold those up with silver. Okay. Okay. I also had gold, a quarter ounce gold. They were a little Eagles, you know, gold, gold was a lot cheaper back then too. And those in a special pocket in this bag. And I figured if I couldn’t offer them anything else, gold or silver was pretty much universal.

0 (1h 12m 5s):
They’d understand that. You know? So just, just the thing, something to barter with something that you’re willing to give up to someone else that may, you know, maybe even a bribe, you know, you might get out of jail, free card, just an idea, just Nike.

2 (1h 12m 31s):
Hey, one other thing that I didn’t see, and I didn’t think of before I turned back again and it’s seasonal. So like in the, in the winter, you might want the hand warmers and the foot warmers and the lip Chaplin stuff. But in the summer you might want bugs bug screens or bugs spray and sun sunscreen. Yeah. So it’s almost, that’s the stage now I’m in right now is how do we make seasonal kits?

2 (1h 12m 60s):
Interchangeable, seasonal kits go in and out of my bag. So,

0 (1h 13m 4s):
Well, if you have it, Molly,

2 (1h 13m 7s):
Yeah. You can flip it around,

0 (1h 13m 9s):
Put in an outside pocket on for your seasonal change.

2 (1h 13m 13s):
Yup. And then the same thing for clothing too. You’re good.

0 (1h 13m 17s):
Yeah. You’re going to have to have, but dude, I wear long sleeves all the time. I can’t stand the side gives me sun poison ever since it’s been in the middle East, like Amish guy, because I have long sleeves and people look at me and say, aren’t you hot? And I said, hell yes, I’m hot. I have no choice, but I’m conscious.

0 (1h 13m 47s):
Yeah. And I think we pretty much beat this horse, dead. Anybody in the chat room have any additions or deletions from the bag? We were looking at him vehicle and he had three other bags. Yeah. It was sort of seal on bags.

2 (1h 14m 13s):
Namely. They had to fill them all up.

0 (1h 14m 16s):
But he, and he’s a single guy. So he’s not, he’s not looking out for anybody else and he’s family stuff

2 (1h 14m 24s):
Or he doesn’t have a governor to slow him down. I’m like we do a control rod. Yup. Yeah. Yeah.

0 (1h 14m 39s):
Okay. Let’s see if I can delete. Oh, I hope I didn’t. Are you still there?

2 (1h 14m 47s):
I’m here. Okay, good. I have to try harder to get rid of me.

0 (1h 14m 51s):
Well, chin, thank you so much for making this show even possible because there’s no way I could read the book with the award 24 seven. And

2 (1h 15m 5s):
It’s my pleasure. And everybody listening should really pick up a copy of the book and give it a read. Yeah. It’s it’s it’s it’s good material to give you, get you thinking outside of the box

0 (1h 15m 21s):
And know what’s coming.

2 (1h 15m 23s):
Yeah. We, we are ready. Doesn’t tell you. You’re not going to like no, no, exactly. It’s not a prophecy book, but it’s it tells, it said like part of the book, it said our whole goal here is to teach you how to look at current and past events to help you deal with future events. It’s like, that’s all, that’s their goal is not to tell you what the future is gonna be, but kind of how do you deal with it?

0 (1h 15m 49s):
Do you think we go through the cycles because people forget history and they just, it just naturally adjusts

2 (1h 15m 57s):
People. Don’t well, people don’t want to think about history. They think about it as a timeline. Like I said, in the opening, they think as a straight line. Yeah. But it sounds around, goes around, right? Yeah, exactly.

0 (1h 16m 14s):
Well, ladies and gentlemen, out there and radio listening land, I appreciate you tuning in tonight or downloads at a future date, but I highly recommend that you join us in the live chat in our new elements. Courtesy of chin.

2 (1h 16m 36s):
This is the whole, this is a group effort. Just, just couple more keys at the beginning. We’re all build this to be, this is us. He’s very good.

0 (1h 16m 47s):
Modest. We wouldn’t be where we were if it wasn’t for chin. Yes. He’s the tech guy for sure. Listen at you. Hey, we’ll take care of everybody. Remember prep on

4 (1h 17m 3s):

5 (1h 18m 5s):
Oh, the prepper broadcasting network.

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