November 29, 2022


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NBC Guy asks, Prepping is it worth it?

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To oppose tyranny and fight for the rights in the United States constitution. We all the prepper broadcasting network.

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Well, hello, everyone out there in internet radio land. This is Dave Jones, the NBC guy, and my gosh, I just talked for about 15, 20 minutes and realize I did not hit the start button. So when, when you say, why is Dave doing a prerecorded show? It’s because he needs the practice. Okay. Oh God darn it. It was so good too.

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It was so good. I don’t know if I could recreate it because it was all off the top of my head and everything that was going on. So let me see where I go from here. Yeah, it’s a, it’s a big week here at the prepper at the Jones homestead and we’re prepping up and we’re, we’re constantly doing projects constantly, but this week at fortitude ranch, we’re having tactical training Saturday and Sunday.

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So fortitude ranch. If you don’t know it by now, I’m, I’m the ranch manager for the West Virginia fortitude ranch, Google it it’s four to dude And basically it’s, it’s our plan B our plan B so far, our house, our home becomes an attainable. We will excavate exfiltrate two for the two Dre.

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Hi, I, I messed up and I talked for like 15 minutes and didn’t record a thing. Maria was out feeding the quail and taking care of the dogs. And she’s going to help me with this show tonight because it is too big of a show. It is a question. And the question is, is it worth it? And we’re going to tell you right now, everything that we’re doing and whether it’s worth it and things that you need to consider before you do what you’re doing after she’s done here, I’ll tell you more about the fortitude ranch, tactical training and the upcoming show with chin.

1 (2m 46s):
So basically I, I talked to her, she actually came up with this idea that, yeah, you did not. You did. You said really is this worth it? And I said, me waking up,

2 (3m 5s):
I know.

1 (3m 6s):
I said, wow, that’s a good show right there. And she said, you should take notes. And of course I didn’t because, because I have questions. I want you to give me the answer. See, I am the interviewer. You are the, you are the interview E so, and our 13 year old wants to get on the treadmill and we chased her back upstairs.

2 (3m 37s):
Yeah, you can still leave. Just don’t put newsy honey

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Or put your headphones on. Anyway, we are doing this. This is Wednesday night. Yeah. It’s Wednesday night. We just put the trash down. So it’s airing on Friday night. Listen, the reason I got to do a prerecorded, does I need practice at this? Obviously, because I talked for 15 minutes and didn’t know I hit didn’t hit start. Okay. Oh, when it was so good too, it was so good. Hopefully I can capture it after.

2 (4m 10s):
Well, it’s, it’s understandable. We do all the crowd going and our property, our

1 (4m 16s):
Us. Yeah.

2 (4m 18s):
Don’t time to do anything with the girls. Do you want to start there? No. No.

1 (4m 24s):
Okay. Okay. That’s it was that. So we, we got lucky.

2 (4m 28s):
It’s hung where

1 (4m 31s):
We’re in way better shape than we were before. We’re making baby steps progress every day. And basically prepping is not a destination. It’s a journey. You will never be finished with prepping. So today we got, we got rain. We got rain for the first time in a long time. Why am I as a month?

1 (5m 2s):
And I put these rain barrels up and they’re completely filled up. We’ve got about an inch of rain. It filled them to the top. I only wish I would have put an overflow and caught more because I have more barrels down here and I can do that. And I probably will. But geez, what a, what a blessing there that rain was,

2 (5m 22s):
Well, if you want to start with the gardening for the last three weeks, we started good it squash and everything in our garden, but then the, you know, not cleaning and everything. And then our well going kind of the,

1 (5m 38s):
Well we’ve noticed, we noticed that the pressure has been down and we think it’s because of the recovery cycle.

2 (5m 48s):
Why just water in the evening? Yeah.

1 (5m 50s):
When they do a well, they measure how long it takes for the water to fill back up. And it’s so many gallons per minute. And I think what we did was we exceeded that and the pressure went way down. So

2 (6m 7s):
One time, you know, one time when they evening wasn’t enough for the guardian, the squash staff to die in producing and everything. And the guardian started to go down here. We’ll see. From tomorrow though, we didn’t got enough water. It was like, Ethan. It’ll be good for a little bit, but not for a long time. Now, when a guarding dynamize, they start for as well being too hot outside and a 100, 105 every day staff, we have to change water like three or four times per day.

2 (6m 51s):
Yeah. We have fans and a coupe. The rabbits are the quails to fans and to clovers our dog. So we have one

1 (7m 5s):
Clovers, our golden retriever and she

2 (7m 8s):
Five fans going nonstop 24 hours.

1 (7m 12s):
Yeah. So there’s a cost of electricity. So Clover, the golden retriever is our watchdog. And the other day she was barking and going crazy. And I’m like, what the heck is she barking at? So I go out in the driveway and I start looking down their driveway. I did not see a thing. And I thought, well, maybe she’s just, I don’t know, barking at nothing. Then a buzzard flew off the top of our, our roof.

1 (7m 44s):
And I realized she was barking at that buzzard. It was huge. And it was scoping out our chickens. So she is actually a pretty good watchdog.

2 (7m 56s):
Well, so I’m getting the question. Is it worth it or not worth it? When our water let’s go over each animal. Let me ask you a question. Okay, go ahead. How many chickens do we have? One handle, then three chickens, three different generation. The last generation at 53 chickens. We have 19 Indian, 30 Sam six. So we have sandwiches.

2 (8m 28s):
They’re gonna lay eggs and few weeks.

1 (8m 30s):
Okay. How did we get these chickens? We incubated them. Yeah. So we bought fertilized eggs. We got on Craigslist and bought fertilized eggs. We have an incubator. We bought a second of three Bader. Yeah. We bought another one that was on clearance. It was a little 24, a small, it’s a very small incubator, like a, but the other ones are like 48, right?

1 (9m 0s):
Yeah. And they, they automatically turn your, you gotta turn your eggs. And so we got a little happy with the incubation so that we have a lot of chicken.

2 (9m 15s):
So we have eight Japanese squares and we have Tony five chill, Ardon, queers. And I’m falling along with the Chella donors because before yesterday, so we went to a cave and I then close. Good.

1 (9m 38s):
We got to explain that we went to,

2 (9m 41s):

1 (9m 43s):
Okay. The Anna’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago and we asked her what she wanted to do. And of course with COVID around you can’t do a lot of stuff, not to its full potential. Anyways. So we, we decided to go to a local attraction here. Is it, is it called Laurel caves? No, it’s called it’s an on the ground. It’s a cave. And it’s right at the base of the skyline drive. Oh, it’s called skyline.

1 (10m 14s):
Caverns. Yeah. Yeah. Laurel caves is up in Pennsylvania. Isn’t it? No, somewhere close. Anyway, we, we did the tour. It was fascinating. We spent pretty much the day, their mask on the face mask. Everybody was mad keeping distance, but it was, it was really nice. It was like 54 degrees all through the cave. We’re at 220 feet at the maximum depth. And it was nice. That also inspired me to get a root cellar going here in the back.

1 (10m 48s):
But that’s yeah, mom’s given me the hurry up cycle. So we went to this cave and the door from the quail pan was open when we got back and we thought all our quail were lost.

2 (11m 8s):
Well, apparently those Chella Dawn queers, they are more friendly than the Japanese quails because I have those Japanese squares. Three of them flew out of my hands and I never was able to retrieve them doors. I found 300 the cages, a six in the woods and they won’t let me pick them up. And they did not go away. They call each other and we weren’t able to receive all of them. If I have the Japanese squares, they will be all gone.

2 (11m 41s):
And the woods we’ll never see them again. Those guys, they were so, so tame and lovely and they pick on your fingers and they just, Oh my gosh, I, this age they will, the Japan is one. They will kill each other. The males

1 (11m 58s):
Right there. They’re very aggressive.

2 (12m 1s):
We have no this problem. And we have Tony five of them and they are more males than females.

1 (12m 8s):
Yeah. When we first started in quail, we got the Japanese quail and it’s the Brown ones, the ones you see most and what we didn’t realize jumbo, they were there, their biggest breed. But what we did not realize was there the moon

2 (12m 26s):
And no matter what you learn in the books, they don’t tell you everything. We have to learn, you know, the hard way. Yeah, exactly.

1 (12m 34s):
So these things, these quail, they actually fight in Afghan

2 (12m 40s):
Six months, PT ward, you have to kind of gel the males, each one in a container because they will pick their brain Keely chatter, pick their eyes, kill themselves out

1 (12m 56s):
The males, the males are terrible. They’re, they’re the most aggressive. If you have all females, that’s fine. But then you have no fertilized eggs. You can’t incubate them. So you have to keep one or two males to be able to, you know, do your herd and flock and bring them back. And then,

2 (13m 18s):
Well, from our experience, if you want to grow queers, the Japanese quails, they will grow a little bit bigger, but it’s worth to grow up the chiller. Don’t wan for being so friendly and gentle and they will just, you know, pick on you and they will fly out and they will not go away. We, we was able to retrieve all of them. So for one gram or two of meat, I choose them.

2 (13m 50s):
Yeah. I choose them.

1 (13m 52s):
Yeah. Now let me ask you about quails because when we first started and, and I recommend to anybody out there listening to not do what we did, because we usually got the animal and then we found out everything about it and the habitat and build it and the food. So do it the opposite way. Get the habitat first, find out about the food, do your research. And then you get the animal.

1 (14m 23s):
Wow. Time. We had time.

2 (14m 25s):
Well, we got our golden retriever here and it’s a yeah. Now

1 (14m 31s):
It’s dude with the quail.

2 (14m 33s):
Yeah, I know. But then he got a queer science at the same time. Okay.

1 (14m 39s):
So we’re like getting fed with a fire hose right here. Our learning curve has been immense. Immense.

2 (14m 46s):
Now I have to say that the time I put on my animals, it’s less than the time I have to put my in there. My humans. Yeah.

1 (14m 56s):
So that’s by choice. And now, no, no, that’s another story. So you don’t have a choice.

2 (15m 4s):
So the quills, they will need one time per month to clean. And we don’t keep them on wired cages. We have chips on the cage because we love them. And we want them to be, of course, since we go to the love, feeling my hotspot or has poked my ice out, that if he dies, he wants to come back as a 90 mile. Yeah. Because if he thinks I take care of better for the animals, then I take care of him. But, but, but, but those poor chickens,

1 (15m 37s):
Okay. Which pork chickens,

2 (15m 41s):
I go in the, in the yard there and they come after me, you know, begging for something.

1 (15m 45s):
Yeah. Whenever she, whenever she walks in the yard, she gets surrounded by the hundred and three chickens we have. Cause they always think this woman has food. So now let’s get back to the whales. Okay? If you had to recommend,

2 (16m 4s):
Ah, you will grow quilts everyday Queerskins you can feed them one day. If you have the proper feeder and water, you don’t have to go more. You feed them one per day. You clean them. You know, depends of how many you have for a family of four. You don’t need more than tall. If you will have 12 wigs every day, when you play that by seven and feeding that three or four eggs of that, it’s acquires to one egg. But it’s more

1 (16m 35s):
Nutritionist that quail wig is one third, the size of a chicken egg. But it’s five times the nutrient of a chicken egg. So quail eggs, ounce rounds is, is far, far more beneficial. And you can pick one, right? Yes. You can freeze them, freeze them.

2 (17m 3s):
Yeah. You can use them with everything, but the defendant’s okay. You have to wake up in the morning to go to late to our chickens house every morning. And sometimes when I wake up, I take care. I feel bad. Or my gosh, my chickens are eating each other. They are fighting. The quilts are not that way. You know, they have water and food. They were okay.

1 (17m 28s):
Yeah. You can actually raise quail in an apartment. They are quieter. They are cleaner than chickens. They’re easier to take care of. So quail easy.

2 (17m 44s):
That’s not that bad. That’s not bad. Okay. So we have a hundred and I free range my chickens. Okay. And of course I spoil them. I of course oil for them everyday. Some food out vegetable scraps from our kitchens, instead of going to the trash.

1 (18m 3s):
Now let me tell you this chickens are kind of like pigs, meaning that they can eat everything. So you will not throw anything away. Chickens will eat it.

2 (18m 17s):
Well, let me explain it. So if I peel potato peppers, you know, anything, what I do in the kitchen, I saved those. Then put them with water, boil them. And then after they bowl very well, I add some rice or some beans. And then I dries or I add some land Hills and wheat. So they go crazy for that. And they eat everything and they grow big and strong. Yes.

2 (18m 47s):
And everyone is healthy and we have not yet. Any kind of problem, besides a raccoon said there’s yeah.

1 (18m 58s):
Yeah. Well, we’re up there on the month.

2 (18m 60s):
I have to wake up in the morning unless you have automatic door. We, we kind of sign out.

1 (19m 7s):
Yeah. We had a neighbor that had an automatic door and the raccoons listen, if you give raccoons enough time, they’ll figure anything out. The raccoons figured out the automatic door and was able to open up the door and get in the chicken coop. Now let me tell you the difference between raccoons and foxes, a Fox will go in your chicken coop and take a chicken and haul it off.

1 (19m 37s):
A raccoon will go in your chicken coop and kill every chicken. It’s not

2 (19m 43s):
Last year. And this is another thing which you guys can consider. We have an affair to get seven long horns, chickens for free. So we accepted the order in bad shape. They were full of my time, get them home, clean them, clean them up. We down motto, chose here and they feel so good. And they were looking up to us. We work for a one day long, putting them when there’s a kennel and tied everything up.

2 (20m 20s):
She can get safe enough for a Coons for a night. There are Koons went into year 10, every one. Damn. And he felt so bad.

1 (20m 29s):
Yeah. It was like a slaughter. It was like a massacre. It was so bad that Maria cried and I had to go down there and clean up the mess. It was, it was unbelievable. They just basically, and I, and I even a game camera on the pan and I was able to capture everything. Yeah.

2 (20m 53s):
We would see everything going on. We just, we are so tired of working on that thing. We did not put the electric stuff. Well, now we have a hoop to duty cook, which we want. We fight. We fight because David wasn’t going fast enough, fast enough. So nobody can go inside there. But you know, the windows, they have extra duty, you know, wires and the chickens feel safe in there.

2 (21m 23s):
We make also outside. What do you call that?

1 (21m 28s):
An over overhang

2 (21m 30s):
Language. They can state, if anything,

1 (21m 32s):
They can get under the barn too.

2 (21m 35s):
They have plenty of space. But evenly dis we have a bear and raccoons, which got onto our food.

1 (21m 45s):
Fair, got into the food and just strewed the bags everywhere. So we lost how much 50 bucks

2 (21m 54s):
Around 100 bucks or food. We lost the . Yeah. We lost the two bags of chickens for then I was wondering what the raccoons did because we went in there and the food was all over this garbage. We forgot the garbage door open. And I was wondering, they just got their food, you know, their powerhouse and throw it out because it was all

1 (22m 24s):
Like, it was showering. They showered themselves in his food, but we’d feed them all non GMO, which is a higher price of food. It’s not the normal bargain brand of food, but also they eat all of our scraps, which we all are gaining.

2 (22m 43s):
Yeah. And we go to this question easy at all.

1 (22m 47s):
Oh my gosh. Now, how did we arrive at this? Because our backs are hurting,

2 (22m 53s):
Aware, or is it working?

1 (22m 55s):
Let’s talk about the garden,

2 (22m 58s):
Jess. Let me answer to this question. Is it worth it to grow animals? We have our Barneys. We have them for how many months? Eight months, eight months. We are trying to breed them.

1 (23m 10s):
Silver Fox, Rab, rabbits. We have three females and one and one man

2 (23m 17s):
To go there with a foreign music for relaxation, trying to get relaxed, everybody.

1 (23m 24s):
Okay. Now, now picture this relaxation music playing Maria, rubbing the neck of the female and, and, and, and they’re all sisters, man. I don’t know. I would be down for that myself. If they were all sisters, Hey, I get a different sister night. This guy, not so much, you know that old adage where they say they breed like rabbits.

2 (23m 53s):
Well, it’s not exactly the truth during the very hard stuff. And you have what?

1 (23m 59s):

2 (24m 0s):
Well, 100 to 105. Yeah. Every week. So they can be sterilized because of the heat or they don’t feel likely. Right. So it’s mostly likely my have to try again on fall, but we have how many months feeding them. And we do it out of mind without any kind of benefits

1 (24m 21s):
I tried once already. And you shouted on me to get them rabbit boxes made. And I got those rabid boxes and now nothing. Okay.

2 (24m 32s):
And all of my chickens, my Rob is they get high quality food. I mean, I, I feed my organic apples and I feed my chickens the best of the best. And I know my husband only has a Shawnee. It’s saying that I feed better than here.

1 (24m 52s):
Yeah, that’s true. When there’s some cooking, whether there’s some cooking on the outdoor kitchen and I smell and I’m like, what do you cook? And I can’t wait to eat it. That’s for the chickens. I’m like, dang, give me some of that. So here’s the thing. We, we raise all this stuff because first of all, we’re prepping. Secondly, we want to know how this goes.

1 (25m 24s):
We’re learning, we’re learning as we’re praying,

2 (25m 28s):
Can, you can learn this and no book will tell you this. No book will Kelly. And I have 10,000, a books, rabbits and chickens and gardening. And none of them tell me, you know, exactly the problem we have

1 (25m 44s):
Now. Silver Fox rabbits are a great breed because very gentle. They have great for they’re a good meat rabbit, but we have not been able to produce more rabbits, which

2 (26m 0s):
They, they were like and heat. And then,

1 (26m 6s):

2 (26m 6s):
Like April, may. And then I want to follow the books to let them to have exactly the same, you know, six months or whatever it was, you know, to be warned not to overcome. And I think that was our mistake because they wouldn’t hear it and it didn’t bleed them. And then they began

1 (26m 25s):
Now the mail seems to be not hardly interrupted.

2 (26m 30s):
DT is 105 degrees outside.

1 (26m 33s):
Well, that’s a factor. And you just say, okay, according to Maria, now I have not read this. You can’t just leave him in the cage together because the females will get tired of no tablet and they’ll get you out of bed. And I think out of the bores, yeah. I think he gets it.

2 (27m 1s):
The nanny kind of humanities stuff. Yes. Yes. That’s all we watch myself. Yes. Well, anyway, it is worth it or not. I, you know, we spend way more. I, I, I buy for my chickens stuff, which you know,

1 (27m 20s):
Now the chickens were always supposed to be meat, birds. They were never supposed to be egg layers because we have,

2 (27m 27s):
You don’t decide to leave 12 hands, one word still to come just in case in general audio, water starting.

1 (27m 37s):
Well, don’t, don’t tell the people, January is a war starting because everybody

2 (27m 43s):

1 (27m 46s):
Well, Oh, we’re building a root cellar. Okay. Boom. That could be a bunker. Okay. I traveled to Romania this last time saw a root cellar. It was very nice big. And when I ate an Apple and this was in July, I said, how the heck did you get an Apple in July? And she said, from my root cellar, and I said, so this is from last season.

1 (28m 19s):
And she said, yes. And I’ve been on this kick ever since we have a neighbor that does excavating as a business. And when I told him what I want him, he said, Oh, that’s an easy job. That’s small. I said, well, I’m glad you think it’s small. Cause it’s my back. But

2 (28m 40s):
Go back to gardening and chickens and stuff. Okay. So as a cost thing, you can grow them cheap, but we choose not to. I mean, I can’t, I cannot those, those poor chickens, they come up to me and they follow me. Like I’m their mom around the yard. I have to give them some treats during the day. Now the gardening, it has been hard this year and it started so

1 (29m 10s):
Good. It did start good. I mean, we, I was saying on the shadow, we have,

2 (29m 15s):
We have not able to water more than one time per day. Like in the evening now things got today, we got some water, but zucchini and everything we have in the garden, it’s kind of time pairing down one. So farming, growing gardening, Mars, he totally is an up and down pinky.

1 (29m 40s):
Nope. We’re going to take a quick here. I’m going to play a commercial. Cause we both need a drink. Our, our mouths are getting a little dry. So I think so. Yes, I think so. So we’ll be right back after this message.

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To help those willing and wanting, but unable to help themselves. We are the prepper broadcasting network.

1 (31m 40s):
Hey, and we are back. So I’m, I’m glad we were able to take that little break there because we were really, really going on. Yeah, I hope I hope you all were able to take a break to listen. I have a couple other announcements after Maria leaves, so I’ll, I’ll tell them it’s fortitude ranch and all this other stuff, but because I did a good 15, 20 minutes and didn’t realize the damn thing wasn’t turned on.

1 (32m 14s):
Yeah. So this is how we get that is we get forgetful. So basically what we’re on here is about two acres. It’s it’s rural, it’s considered residential. Okay. So we’re limited by that, but we’re up here on the side of a mountain. The question, the question is, is it worth it or not?

2 (32m 45s):
And I can answer to this really, really, especially this morning when I wake up at eight 30 and I sneak to the window and I saw the door close at a corporate, I say, Oh my gosh, they really the toy cap to put the chickens out. So I just go to the PGM out there, let the chickens out. And you know, they wake up around six o’clock and some of this feeling, but is it worth it?

2 (33m 16s):
I used to wake up and in the morning, go with my feet and my food manager and just relax, call my alarm Romania and talk with him. Now I wake up. I don’t even have a drink of water. I get my gloves and my shoes and go out, open the chicken coup because, Oh my gosh, if I don’t let them out and my kid, each other. So you have to consider those feelings, including all the work you have to do during the day.

2 (33m 49s):
I mean, some people probably, they put food in the morning for them the evening and that’s it. I put food in the morning at lunchtime. And during those heat days change the water. Right? Two or four times we spend a way more money on food, but we know we didn’t kill yet. Any chicken. Okay. Yeah.

1 (34m 19s):
But they’re all bigger than the quail are, right? Yes. But I, I know,

2 (34m 24s):
You know what, having a happy life where one wall, you know, grown, you know, with the perfect food and we know how they grew and how they gonna die. Now we won’t have trouble. David has trouble on the butcher. Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. He cry off the, over the queer stuff. I don’t know. Yeah. Don’t get any rabbits before you decide if you can dispatch them.

2 (34m 58s):

1 (34m 59s):
Don’t get factor. Don’t get rabbits are cute.

2 (35m 5s):
Lesion. The woman’s will go that she can say the end of the road waiting for a man to come by and then you give him docks and he will kill the chicken because as all money cannot to kill it, the women aren’t allowed to do, we are not allowed to kill because we give them

1 (35m 22s):
Now my mom, but

2 (35m 24s):
David here for David, he ,

1 (35m 30s):
That’s not true. That’s the truth.

2 (35m 33s):
So you have to, yeah.

1 (35m 35s):
Here’s the thing. I didn’t do it fast for her. Okay. So she’s saying what’s the hold up? And she thought I was crying. It is not true.

2 (35m 45s):
Yeah. You, you say that anyway, is it worth it? It is expensive if you do it like we do. I need, I buy mung beans, rice, and rice.

1 (36m 0s):
Now you get them for very cheap at the, the store. So it’s not, it’s not very expensive. As a matter of fact, the feed that she buys at the store, the human feed is cheaper than the ,

2 (36m 18s):
You know, with the scraps, from the kitchen and stuff. And they really, you know, they, they are never been sick or anything, but it’s work. Yeah. I have to go right now to see what Clover is gonna eat because, because of heat, she is being finnicky and last night I did hear a nice plate. My, my son tout, that was his plate.

1 (36m 47s):
Okay. Explain Clover’s diet because not many people know about

2 (36m 51s):
It’s a yeah.

1 (36m 54s):
All natural

2 (36m 56s):
Or die. So they, she totally, you know, meat now meat. So we, the heat going on, she doesn’t feel very well. So I have to kind of change that feeling. Say last night, I kind of greed a little bit her meat and it was looking quite good, but she

1 (37m 20s):
Two chicken thighs with the geese. And if you know what he is is like butter and the batter.

2 (37m 29s):
Yeah. Queerly, eggs and flour. Half a slice of bread. Yeah. It was looking quite good, but poor girl, because we it’s so hard. We kind of hose here everyday, like three or four times. So I demise require care and love and time time. So I, I did not did my foot massage and Oh, I can’t remember when.

2 (38m 1s):
Yeah. From January or so.

1 (38m 4s):
Yeah. So we have this electric foot massager that we got an estate sale and it’s fantastic. If you have about five, 10 minutes to stick your feet in this thing and get really run down. Yeah.

2 (38m 18s):
But I have this call for my cheeks, which is a Romanian call. You call them, you know, like I know it’s silly to the year, which it’s, you know, calling them to food that you’re gonna drop the food. It’s hard explain. But they wall calm, like, and they are like, train them now. Damn. They run. They run. And they go in my feet,

1 (38m 49s):
They fight to be first.

2 (38m 51s):
Exactly. So it’s, it’s kind of a

1 (38m 57s):
Well, therapy makes you feel good. Yeah.

2 (39m 2s):
To you. And now I’m gonna feel bad on it’s gonna come time. But

1 (39m 9s):
Well, she won’t see the heads. No. I mean, okay. Here’s another way that we do it. And it’s far more you Maine than the way they do it at slaughterhouses where they just take these chickens and hang them up by their legs and down an assembly line, it’s called a killing cone. And the cone, you put them in this metal cone and you just Nick, their neck, you just Nick, the juggler.

1 (39m 44s):
And they feel just a little bit of a prick. And they actually just bleed out. They fall asleep and they die. Okay. So it’s, it’s not traumatic. It’s the most humane thing I’ve heard of any way of killing an animal. I mean, it’s not traumatic. The most traumatic thing is turning them upside down. And then you just wait until they’re relaxed.

1 (40m 15s):
They stick their head.

2 (40m 16s):
You can also put some room or relax them right before they have some pets. We have blue, which is our signature. That girl is going to do it as

1 (40m 30s):
Blue is his hand. And she is, she is one of a kind, she came out of the, the incubator. Totally. And she is blue, like gray

2 (40m 44s):
Back to the question, easy worth it. We have hard time to travel. Now we have to travel to Romania. My mom and dad got all, they, they, you know, they’re going to die soon. We have 103 chickens, four rabbits, 25 out Dawn queers, and seven one Japanese squares and a dog and a dog who is gonna take care of this because we, nobody can take care of, as I do all of them, they have a fun, yeah.

2 (41m 21s):
We put it high or low. Depends of the temperature we put ice or no ice in the water. We feed depends of the weather out well. And you know,

1 (41m 34s):
To ask someone to get someone, we, we don’t have any relatives close to us, neighbors, you know, it would be an extreme inconvenience.

2 (41m 47s):
A good thing from this though, we have neighbors and my left and my right. Okay. So we, we ask our neighbors on the left because the chickens kind of start to go to they’re are there. And they said, no, no, no, we had fine. We had happy. They get the

1 (42m 6s):
Ticks peaks.

2 (42m 8s):
Holy cow, this year, I can not see I,

1 (42m 16s):
Did you see it?

2 (42m 18s):
What are they going to come? No, the, the, the, the bags, which they stink

1 (42m 23s):
Stinkbugs well, it hasn’t been stinkbug season yet, but I have to tell you that I haven’t mowed my grass in over a month because the chickens just pick it clean

2 (42m 35s):
Because they peak it and you know, everything gets taken care of it. I don’t let them in the garden because I’m afraid. But

1 (42m 46s):

2 (42m 48s):
If he taught it, I don’t know if you are a Hollywood feat, then don’t get a finger. If you are, you know, like a village girl. I agree with my parents growing all kind of stuff. So I enjoy seeing those chickens coming after me, you know, asking for food, jumping on my lap. And I don’t care if I spend more on them and I do spend more, David don’t even know, just spend on, I get meal can make cheese, I get eggs and give them boil eggs.

1 (43m 27s):
Yeah. So here’s the thing. We’re learning the lessons now for when the collapse happens that we can pick up and improvise what we need to improvise so that we can continue.

2 (43m 44s):
Then you can layer this. And one month, even a guard took me a three session to understand my incubator right. Until I get to try. So it took me a few years and I still have to learn how to grow my vines because they get this disease.

1 (44m 4s):
Yeah. So

2 (44m 6s):
You, you can just start like that and one year and say, Oh my gosh, I’m going to do it. You can,

1 (44m 13s):
I’m going to put seeds in the ground. And yeah,

2 (44m 15s):
It’s not, it’s not, it’s not that way. I have threes, which I was happy with and die after producing. Right. It’s only as some kind of disease out there which will attack you and you have adapt.

1 (44m 33s):
Yeah. Now, one of the things that I told someone recently is a rule of thumb that we use here at the house is we don’t plant anything in the ground that doesn’t have some kind of, you can’t eat it. Okay.

2 (44m 47s):
Yeah. Kind of. Yeah. Well we have roses, but we do make these turtles. Yeah.

1 (44m 54s):
She makes Rose water. Yeah.

2 (44m 57s):
Yeah. So I’m trying hard to do, send Johns wart and I have it right now growing the garbage. Oh my gosh. Do you see, it’s looking green and nice. I’m trying to dark, but it’s work. It’s a commitment. You have to wake up to let your chickens out. If you decide to that, we decide not to get the electric door because of the predators. Right. David killer

1 (45m 26s):
For one night and one the night before. So that’s fine.

2 (45m 30s):
Yeah. And then we have like $100 or more the maid on the bear, which went into the field and corn. So,

1 (45m 43s):
I mean, you gotta weigh everything that you’re doing by your return. And here’s the thing for us. We know exactly what all of these animals ate.

2 (45m 56s):
We already spent a lot of money on the rabbits, but I like to keep them just for the poop. Now, the poop it’s like fertilizer. You mix that poop with water too. Yeah. And then you can, if you, if you grow fish, you can feed that fish. Yeah. But I, I, I don’t plan to give up or even eat his, was he expensive?

1 (46m 25s):
Hey, we’re going to take one more break and we’re going to come back and finally answer the question because we have not answered it yet. Okay. So we’re going to take one more break. We’ll be right back here at the prepper broadcasting network, our mission has expanded and we have decided to use our influence to aid in disaster recovery. PBN is offering up our airwaves to nonprofits and boots on the ground organizations that are affecting disaster recovery.

1 (46m 58s):
The real people out there rebuilding lives from organizations that reestablish the supply chain to those who deliver aid and even organizations that rebuild shattered homes and lives. The future of disaster response does not lay in the hands of some government organizations. No it’s up to us. Disaster coffee. It only makes sense that PBN would partner with disaster coffee, disaster. Coffee is selling outstanding coffee that is roasted to order and shipped right?

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Your door. A portion of their profits will be directly donated to disaster recovery organizations like grindstone, ministries, healthcare ready, and citizens assisting citizens, disaster coffees, sources, top quality beans that are roasted to order you get coffee at its very best, but you also make a difference with every purchase disaster. Coffee offers every customer, the ability to join the national disaster relief effort, get

0 (48m 6s):
Achieved situational awareness of multiple threat indicators. In one view, be prepared, future danger to reach out to those that want to learn and practice independence. And self-reliance we are the prepper broadcasting network.

1 (48m 26s):
Yes, we are the prepper broadcasting network. And we are back now before Maria leaves the microphone. We’re going to answer the question. Okay. And it’s a complicated question and that’s why we’ve spent 48 minutes on it so far. Everybody’s got to look at their own situation. Okay. And evaluate their time, energy, and money to do what we do.

1 (49m 4s):
Okay. And I’m not telling you how to spend your prepper dollars. I never judge a prepper. Never because everybody has their own situation. You got to shoot the 50 meter targets first, before you can engage the 150 and 300 meter targets. And I don’t know what your 50 meter targets are, but for us, even though it’s a lot of work, it’s worth it.

1 (49m 38s):
And I’ll tell you why. Oh, we got to cut some animals anyway, it’s worth it because we’re getting an education. We know where our food is coming from what they’ve eaten. And it’s as fresh as you can get. I mean, when we’re in that chicken soup at night, it was cluck. And this morning, I mean, you can’t get any fresher than that eggs right out.

1 (50m 11s):
All of them now, the rabbits, maybe not so much now, what do you think Gary?

0 (50m 18s):
Where every suicide

1 (50m 19s):
Wake up when I was that it’s a good . Yes. So I got a lap growing chickens,

2 (50m 28s):
Horses, cows, pigs. Yeah. PGS. Yeah. Everything you can relay on it. So that was a, you know, childcare school era. And that was the way you could survive. Anyway, since you spoil me really well, and for humans, I was able to wake up and, you know, just go with my food massage and do my Facebook thingy.

2 (51m 1s):
I cannot do that anymore. I have to go out to the chickens and the quails and the dog and everything. So no more food massage or, you know, relaxation thing. But like David says, you will not be able to say, if you buy something from the store, what did, how he die or you know what he did, we can do that because we grow them.

2 (51m 33s):
It’s a little bit more work. And I have to say that it’s not that much. Let’s say I go 10 minutes in the morning to open feed them. It takes like 15 minutes to boil them. Some extract treats. Okay. I go in, got her greens for the rabbits and stuff, but that can count as my exercise during the day we have plenty of greens in here.

2 (52m 5s):
The quails are just lovely. I don’t have any problem with them. I will carry with them with me on a plane. Yeah, exactly. I have no problem with them now. Poor Clover. She’s having trouble with the heat. Yeah. But she’s, she’s a Hani. She’s taken care of everything. Bobcat, everything comes to now very serious. Yeah. So is it worth it?

2 (52m 36s):
Yes, it is worth it. I love my chickens come after me Clark and you know, give them the treats and David getting his videos in the box,

4 (52m 48s):
My boss, dad, but

2 (52m 52s):
They were something I go out there and they just jump on me, man. Like, Oh my gosh, just super, always have something good. And then they weigh their Karos and their apples and everything and yeah.

4 (53m 10s):
Per did, you know,

2 (53m 13s):
The kids love, you know, to see the dog and play with it. And it’s a feeling which, you know, it’s connected to. Yeah. Raising animals

1 (53m 26s):
Is part of the humanities.

2 (53m 28s):
Wow. I hate on the killing comps and I have seven quails. If anyone wants them, they do two weeks per day.

1 (53m 39s):
Really good quail. They’re the ones

2 (53m 42s):
We just calculate our staff. We don’t need them because we have enough Higgs. But if anyone in these show we’ll sell them for a very little price, you know, just want them. And there were doors. So such a is they, they do lay every day. And if not, we will just, you know, have to call them out

1 (54m 12s):
And save them for Thanksgiving. Yeah. Cause we had quail for Thanksgiving. It was very good.

2 (54m 19s):
Then we can do the best deal ever.

1 (54m 25s):
Okay. Now I’m going to pause

2 (54m 27s):
Just if you give them a good life

1 (54m 31s):
And keep them late they were spoiled and we’re going to pause it right here because I have to do some things. Okay. Well we’re back. Maria did not want to leave. She wants to tell you about the quail. So anybody in the Virginia area it’s how much

2 (54m 55s):
We will let those girls to a good house girl. Okay. $10 queer. I think that’s a fair price. We pay $6 for a baby.

1 (55m 6s):
Yeah. And they’re laying there laying right now. They’re they’re fantastic.

2 (55m 10s):
You’re like a year, eight months or?

1 (55m 13s):
Yeah. So I want to finish up by telling them what I’m doing this weekend at fortitude ranch. Oh yeah. Okay. So we’re doing tactical training at fortitude ranch for, did you You know, everybody needs a plan B that’s our plan B. So if you’re looking at fortitude branch, you, you gotta get in there now because if everything goes to crap, you’re not going to be led in with cash.

1 (55m 48s):
You have to take fortitude, which is a cryptocurrency. Okay. But yes,

2 (55m 58s):
Ghana starting to do our own bunker. So if you want to follow us, we will show you a step by step. Why they gotta do to take, then you got to get how

1 (56m 13s):
Oh, wow.

2 (56m 15s):
Big. David’s up to do it. Yeah.

1 (56m 19s):
I don’t think I liked this proposition. So, so this is the first I’ve heard of this. We’re going to take videos of our building, the root cellar. It’s not a bunker. It’s a root cellar, but on can be a bunker.

2 (56m 37s):
Gotcha. Okay. Wow. Okay. Well, and we can,

1 (56m 42s):
You’re gonna put this on the members only side of things.

2 (56m 45s):
I don’t know. You decide, you decide, but I think it’s going to be interesting. Step back.

1 (56m 50s):
Yeah. It’ll be interesting. I’m curious myself.

2 (56m 53s):
It’s not just for, you know, like a nuclear fallout, right? For, you know, fingers, fresh fruits, vegetables, all this kind of stuff. And then you have a thing in there and then we can calculate and give you a estimate what you have to do and how much it’s going to cost you to build one yourself. Right. So I think that will be very interesting for all the people there is sending in their, since Nancy, too many of them have that.

2 (57m 32s):

1 (57m 33s):
But if you’re thinking about it, stay tuned to prepper broadcasting network because apparently after a couple hits in the back of the house

2 (57m 42s):
Have got to make a stick, a bigger stick. Yeah.

1 (57m 47s):
To hit me with, to get me to move fast. Okay. Wow. Wow. We’re getting breaking news right now because it’s breaking up alongside my head. Okay. So the fortitude ranch, we’re doing track tactical training there. You don’t have to be a member to go to the tactical training, but the members get it for free. So if you’re interested in fortitude ranch, there’s several locations.

1 (58m 20s):
As you may expect with the pandemic, more and more locations are opening up right now. We have a new one in Nevada, Northern Nevada. We have another one in Wisconsin. So check out fortitude, and get your membership. It’s kinda like a country club for preppers only. You don’t bring your golf clubs. You bring your AR and shoot on our range.

1 (58m 53s):
Yes. Stay tuned, stay tuned.

2 (58m 55s):
We had to go in to build our own seller or bunker. Yes. From scratch and green. And if you want to let him that we are going to put everything one, if you want to, if not, that’s okay. extra water, you know, but it’s going to be interesting. So the next step we have, it’s a building a greenhouse with a Aqua phonic system.

1 (59m 29s):
Yeah. We have a 500 gallon food grade tank that we’re going to put in the center of this greenhouse. And we’re going to do an aquaponic system where we can raise

2 (59m 40s):
Big, safe room for your children. Yeah. In case any kind of war starts and they’re on own attack, Boehm staff, you know, and we got to see how our, our bunker is going to go CLR. Like you say, right

1 (1h 0m 1s):
Now, it’s going to be outside the house. It’s not going to be in the Bay,

2 (1h 0m 4s):
But we gotta have one.

1 (1h 0m 7s):
We have a place in the basement. That’s a whole nother thing. All of this are probably come out in the history channel when the fall,

2 (1h 0m 17s):
Where are you to go there? Because I don’t like the idea of being exposed.

1 (1h 0m 22s):
Yeah. I know. So we’re in the final rounds of beings.

2 (1h 0m 26s):
Our next purchase will be got

1 (1h 0m 30s):
Go. Okay. You’re here. You’re hearing it here first goat.

2 (1h 0m 35s):
Okay. Where, where do you feel? I agree. I agree.

1 (1h 0m 42s):
Okay. Well, I want to thank everybody for tuning in tonight and please everybody take care of each other and remember prep.

2 (1h 0m 52s):
Okay. Well, is it worth it? Yeah. It’s worth it. Even if it’s more expensive than you think. Yes. Yes. It’s worth it. Okay. Then you wake up tomorrow morning. She gets out.

1 (1h 1m 7s):
Okay. I’ll do that tomorrow morning. I have no problem getting up early. Okay. Goodnight, everyone.

1 (1h 1m 15s):

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