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You’ve just joined the prepper broadcasting network where we promote self-reliance depends. The views and opinions expressed are strictly those of the host or their guests. Those of us in the interactive chat

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hello, everyone out there in internet radio land, and welcome to prepping up with the Joneses where each week we tackle the toughest questions in the prepper arena.

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And I’m your host, Dave Jones, the NBC guy, nuclear, biological, chemical warfare. And I want to be your personal weapon of mass instruction. I promise my listeners two things each week. First that they’ll learn something new and second that there’ll be entertained in the process. So here we go with show number 25, 25 shows under my belt. I can’t believe it. Yup. Hey, and this is it.

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This is a packed show. This is, I got a lot of stuff. We got a lot of news and I got a great interview. And if you are not in the chat room, you may want to get in the chat room. If you’re listening to us off to the side and you’re not, not chatting, I have a chat room only contest tonight. And the prize that I’ve given away is worth 50 bucks. Yep. It’s a actually it’s worth a little more than 50 bucks.

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So you want to be in the chat room or the chat room. People can get this. Okay. So here we go. Anyway, so lots of stuff going on this week, day job, you know, the, the extra hours and stuff that, that stopped. Thank God. I think I finally got caught up in my sleep today. A Rhoda Tilda patch of ground, put some potatoes in. Now there’s a couple reasons why put potatoes because some people probably say, why the heck would you put potatoes?

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First of all? And probably the biggest reason is I had a 50 pound bag of potatoes in my garage over the winter, and it went to seed. So if you already have them and they’re, they’re already, you know, growing, you might as well plant them. They’re they’re from Amish group of people. They use very little chemicals, they’re all organic. So the pretty, pretty good potatoes and, you know, keeping with my theme of the stuff that’s plentiful and cheap now will be hard to come by when you know everything collapses.

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So that would be potatoes, right? I’m in, they’re cheap and they’re plentiful and boy, but I’ll tell you what, they’re very versatile, very versatile. I mean, you can make flour out of them. You can make alcohol vodka, I guess, made out of potatoes. They’re they’re very versatile. So a good to have on hand, it’s a small patch, you know, not, not, not a field of potatoes or anything like that, but so that’s what we’re doing here at the Jones resident.

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How’s things out there record hot today and we’re supposed to get severe thunderstorms tonight. So we’ll see how that goes. Let’s jump into the news. I’m looking at the chat room. It’s filling up nicely. Hello, everybody here flying Dutchmans in there. Tibet, Elks, Elks. You’re back. Okay. All prepared. Okay. If you’re not in the chat room you want to get in the chat room.

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You don’t want to miss out on this. It’s okay. I’ll tell you what it is. It is a packet of R S D L and a practice packet. So you get both packets, the practice packet and the real thing, and it’s worth over 50 bucks. So it’s going to be a chat room only. So if you’re not in the chat room, get in there now. Yeah. Ah, they’re getting lots of rain up in PA.

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I see that in the chat room. So on Friday, yesterday, they, they brought me up. So next weekend I’m going to be at prepper con and emergent bio solutions sprung for this booth display. And it is massive. It’s unbelievable. There will be no one at prepper con that will miss this thing. It’s probably eight feet tall.

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It has a side banner and a table, a table, and it’s all breaks down. It’s like a giant erector set. They gave me a class on how to put this thing together and take it apart. So that’s what I’ll be doing. Thursday is putting this monster together. Yeah. It’s, it’s huge. Very nice. And our booth is nine 21. So you, if you are at prepper con, please come by say hi, you know, enter w we’ll have a raffle.

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I’m sure of it. Enter the raffle and you may win something. So it’s a salt Lake city. You can, you can Google it. If someone in the chat room could Google prepper con and stick the stick. The thing in there, that’d be great. I got a great chat room. These people, they have my back. I’m telling you that they know that I have problems reading the screen and actually staying on what I want to talk about.

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So they back me up here. Yeah. So let’s talk a little bit about the news. Eight N Wednesday night show. I am Liberty James Walton. We’ll be at prepper con. So if you listen to Wednesday night show, he is going to be a prepper con with me. And we are going to be broadcasting. Our show live Saturday night from the floor of prepper con.

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Next week show is going to be amazing. We might have to go into a two hour format. I’ll do you, man, I’ll talk to you about that later, but we’re going to have so many interviews and so many things to talk about. I mean, this, this thing, 10 to 12,000 people are supposed to be there, David reception, Thursday night for all the, you know, sponsors and things. So it’s going to be pretty cool.

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Okay. Let’s get back to the news here. So did you hear Ebola is breaking out yes. Ebola again, and this time in the Congo. Yeah. That’s a little strange. So if you’re familiar with Africa, most all cases of Ebola have been in West Africa and Congo is kind of Southeast Africa. So this, this is unusual. It’s gonna get worse before it gets better.

0 (8m 21s):
So keep an eye on that. A lot of people do go to the Congo. It’s one of the, they have a lot of development, so there’s a lot of tourist back and forth and that’s how did Jesus get out? And the volcanoes are erupting everywhere. Yeah. Hawaii. It’s a bad day to be in Hawaii. If you planned your vacation this time, it’s probably second, pretty bad for you.

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So, and then I heard a report that the Canary islands there have been rumblings earthquakes under the Canary islands. And they are also very, they are a huge volcano. And if that baby blows, it could cause a tsunami on the East coast, the, the United States. That is pretty unbelievable. So that’s something to be interested in and the new deal, I don’t know if you, if you haven’t heard, we pulled out of the Iranian nuclear deal, which caused a whole bunch of problems for Israel and Iran.

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And it seemed like as soon as we pulled out is, or went ahead and attacked. So the Iranians have basis in Syria and the Israelis attacked a base. And then the Iranians launched missiles into Israel. And of course the air defense that what they call the iron dome, you know, shot down most of them. And then Israel retaliated. They also called up a lot of the reserves, which is kind of interesting.

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Yeah. That’s bins on there. He says Canary islands by, by Florida. Yeah. If you’ve ever seen any of them, what is the history channel things on, if the Canary islands below the tsunami that will be created, it’s a, it’s pretty rare off. It’ll be a tsunami all up and down the East coast. I mean, it’s just bad news. And speaking of tsunami, the tsunami warning was given in Alaska by mistake and like, what these guys, what are their fingers on these buttons?

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How come there are so many of these mistakes happening so that that’s, and of course, you know, in Alaska, they had that huge earthquake. So the tsunami warnings and earthquakes and all that, it’s no joke up there. So they, they they’re investigating that. Oh yeah. I was saying about Israel called up their reserves. And the last time they did this was, Oh, shoot way back when Lebanon was, was having problems and they called up reserves and they went into Lebanon.

0 (11m 36s):
So I don’t know if the two have anything to do with each other, but Israel usually don’t do things just to do things. They do things for real man. Let’s see, I saw an China’s building space weapons, which is interesting. I did not click on the article, but I think I should Google it and find out what kind of space web it is, space based, weapons, weapons that will fire down from space, or are they weapons to fight in space?

0 (12m 15s):
That that is the question. So I’ll have to Google that and see what the deal is. So that’s the news. The news that I think is worth reporting on, you know, there’s lots of other news, stormy Daniels and all that kind of crap. If you want to hear about that, you don’t have to go very far, but I tell you the things that I think are important, you know, in the prep arena, things that you should be paying attention to in world events, you know, like Ebola, you know, Israel and Iran, I’ve always said Israel is a wild card.

0 (12m 56s):
Mmm. You know, Israel do, whatever’s in the best interest of Israel period, and that you can count on. So if they think it’s in their best interest to launch a preemptive strike into Iran, they’ll do it. And they’ll probably, as the planes are going, they’ll probably call Trump and say, Hey, this is what we’re doing, but we’ll see.

0 (13m 26s):
And right now this administration has Israel Israel’s back. So that’s good. Let’s see another knife attack in Paris. I did not hear that one. Yeah. Maybe they’ll start banning knives. Yeah. You remember my, my friend in the UK, he posted a lot of stuff on Facebook about the knife band. It’s funny net. He had assault forks and there were all these different forks.

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Right. And it was funny. Let’s see what else is going on. Hey. So if you’re not in the chat room, you got to get into Joel Larry’s in the chat room. I see Larry, you got to get in a chat room to be eligible for tonight’s contest. And that’ll be at the end of the show. So you still got time. If you’re listening, you know, it’s by some other platform and you’re not logged into the chat room.

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You gotta get in there. Okay. Hey, so I have been after a gentleman for a while, Roger Lee hit Lee Hitt. I have been trying to get this guy’s interview for a long time. He just happens to be in Fredericksburg. Right. But I couldn’t make the two hour drive down. And then two hour drive back to get the interview in person. I interviewed him over the phone. So the quality is a little sketchy, but the subject is phenomenal.

0 (15m 5s):
Okay. So Roger is an inventor of a stove and it’s a, a very impressive stove. It it’s the Kimberly stove. So if you’ve ever seen a video of this, stick it in the chat room here, unforgettable fire, unforgettable fire, LLC. And it’s the Kimberley stove.

0 (15m 36s):
You can Google Kimberley stove. You’ll find tons of videos. I found this video where this guy’s installing this, woodstove in a van, a van. And I’m like, how is this possible? Well, this is no kidding. The wood that you put in it. If you cut up your two hands that’s, how much would you put in this stove? And when it’s finished burning the tray, the tray is about the size of a cigarette.

0 (16m 6s):
Ash tray eat burns this fuel so efficiently. Anyway, I got this guy’s interview. He’ll explain how efficient it is, but it is pretty darn amazing. If you want to heat places with wood, that you have never heated wood or thought about it, this Kimberly stove will do it. A three inch pipe is all you need. It has two combustion chambers.

0 (16m 38s):
So the wood burns and then he also burns the smoke. So there’s practically no smoke. When this stove is fired up. I mean, you could, you could barely see it. There’s more smoke from a cigarette than there is. It comes out of this stove. So it’s, it’s very impressive. But I met him in Jacksonville and he was in this really, really cool, tiny home.

0 (17m 8s):
If you know about tiny homes, they’re wood homes that are built on the back of trailers, regular old mesh trailers, and you build this wooden home on there. It kind of looks strange, but it’s cool. And he was in one of these. And so I go and talk to him and I saw his daughter. She was at the stove booth that was outside or inside next to my booth. And, and I said, how did you get into this?

0 (17m 38s):
He said, well, after I invented the stove, this guy called me up and he said, I wanted, I want a woodstove for my tiny home. So he started looking at these tiny homes and he turned this into a job creation business. It creates jobs. And this is the interview that I got. Okay. And as soon as we come back from this first commercial break, we’re going to play this interview.

0 (18m 12s):
This guy is he’s, he’s amazing. And he’ll tell you his whole story in his own words, and then you can Google it and get all the information and stuff like that. The only thing that I thought about this after I got the interview, I did not ask him for a discount. I know I am all about the deals. And I was like, just happy. I got the interview. I didn’t ask him for a discount, but I, if you tell him you heard it on Dave’s radio show, I’m sure he’ll tighten you up with something.

0 (18m 45s):
But anyway, when we come back from this commercial break, you’re going to hear the interview in here right out of his own mouth. We’ll be right back after this break,

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If it’s outdoors, hunting, camping, prepping, or surviving, a hoard of dummies, you will prosper with the quality you expect at the price you want. Visit prospering Okay. We’re back Elks. You fell out of the chat room. You gotta be in the chat room to win this prize. Okay. Hey, and we are back, Jim, if you’re listening, I didn’t get the video set out. I’m sorry. I have it all boxed up.

0 (20m 45s):
Ready to go. As soon as I go to the post office, I will, I will mail it out. This was last week sweater. I think you’re going to like it. And I put a little something extra in there for you. So, Hey, so we’re gonna set up this interview now and it’s Roger Lee Hitt, L E H E T and a G man. Play the interview. Okay.

0 (21m 15s):
We’re here with Roger. I’m sorry. Roger. Say your last name Lee yet. And he is the vet. Okay. He is the inventor of a very unique small woodstove and, and he’s also into tiny homes right now. So, Roger, how did you come up with this woodstove?

2 (21m 41s):
Well, I was a retailer of gas. Stoves is also an installer. I did all the maintenance work for all my customers for 25 years on dash mile, and actually started as a CUNY sweeper. And I’m in my 25th year of operations is Seattle housing bubble popped. And basically everything I owned it, the only thing we had left was kind of a decrepit bull boat.

2 (22m 11s):
And we took refuge on there for a year. I’m on the water in Seattle. And my child looked at me one night and said she was called and tired of being called. And that was beginning of it. I actually got an upright, we’ve got one very nice. It was pretty army. And one morning I woke up with a picture in my head of something that looks an awful lot like Kimberly stove. So I, as far as I’m concerned, this was a gift from above, but I had no idea what sort of tenacity would be involved in going through the process of bringing it to market.

2 (22m 51s):
Lot of people want to know what’s so different about the stove instead of lots and lots of smoke coming out. The chimney, like back when I started in the woodstove industry, stoves were emitting up to 85 grams, an hour of particulate emission, and that is carcinogenic in nature. So a lot of pollution from old stoves that would basically smolder all the time. I took that a step further by creating two separate chambers within the same stove, with the ability to have different airflow rates at different areas of the stove.

2 (23m 31s):
So I can make that same nasty fire in the bottom of our stills. And when the gasses rise up to the top, we return that. So where the old stoves were pumping out 85 grams, an Kimberly is only emitting 3.2 grams an hour, huge jumped downward in a pollution pollutants. Then we went on to bring in the Katie didn’t. So it’s a larger woman. It’s a little bit heavier and they grams per hour emissions on that are 1.9 grams.

2 (24m 8s):
Now, I think about that 1.9, whereas we’re coming out with some new things that we won’t really describe much until November. We’re being invited back to Washington DC for a second global woodstove design challenge. And our new stove is going to be probably well under a gram an hour. I don’t want to say, I don’t want to say too much more about that, or we really want to keep the secret and feel the it’s people can follow this.

2 (24m 41s):
It’s pretty cool. The Alliance for green heat as a web, a website and a Facebook page, and people can follow all the teams that will be competing. This competition is about how much electricity your wood stove can create. And so we’ve got a unit that creates hot water, electricity, and as all of our other stoves, you can cook and bake on them. So they’re really survival stoves when you think of it that way, and it became that way because we were just trying to survive.

2 (25m 16s):
And this was the answer.

3 (25m 18s):
Well, I’ll tell you what the Kimberley stove, I saw several videos and you cut firewood about the size of two handfuls. And then the, the Ash prey is almost like a cigarette Ash tray. So it burns. Yeah, I know. I know it burns so efficiently that, and then it creates a lot of, a lot more heat. Like you said, you can cook on top of this stove.

3 (25m 49s):
How hot does it get on top?

2 (25m 53s):
Well, you know, when you’re standing in front of your electric range at home and you see the coils glowing red, that’s around a thousand degrees. Yeah. Our stove top will hit up to 1500. So for boiling water for, if you want to put a Dutch oven on it with a TriNet in there and bake your chicken or whatever you want to do. Yeah. It’s just all cooked up, but you can do it. Yeah.

3 (26m 17s):
Well, and also the dimensions of this, because the video I saw this guy put it in the back of a van. So the, these, I know it. And then he used the

2 (26m 29s):
25 inches tall and 10 inch in diameter and weighs 56 pounds. Maximum output is 30,000 BTUs.

3 (26m 37s):
Wow. That is amazing. That is truly amazing. And, and then the, the other one it’s you said that one’s the Kimberly and what was the other one’s name?

2 (26m 52s):
Katie did. He did his, yeah, my mother’s name was Katie. I know what she did, but once in a while, anyway, so Kimberly is known for up to 1500 square feet. Katie did as well. And for up to 2,500 square,

3 (27m 13s):
That is amazing. And what really makes it work is that upper chamber that re burns all the smoke. And then what actually comes out, you could practically, I mean, it’s practically invisible.

2 (27m 33s):
The only time you should see smoke coming in from one of our scopes when you’re first firing them up. Yeah. Or if you get thrown, excuse me, and get way down in your coal bed and you put a new piece in there. You might have a little smoke for the first five minutes, maybe 10 with the mouse. But I always joke with people I, this so smokes less than my cigarette does right away. And then they’ll, they’ll look at it and like, Oh my God, you’re not kidding it, actually. Yeah.

3 (27m 58s):
Yeah. And the installation is very easy too, because you use that smaller. What is it? Three inch pipe. And

2 (28m 8s):
Kimberly used as a three. And Katie did use as a foreigner. We actually,

3 (28m 15s):
Because all the heat is in the front and the top. So the clearances are amazing too,

2 (28m 24s):
With Kimberly, that’s correct. As a six inch sidewalk clearance, the type, you have to have six inches of the pipes. So it’s a very, very small floor pad and area cat. Katie did requires a lot more space. And in the sense of, for sidewalk, clearances are 21 inches, unless you put up wall protection and then you can cut that to 11. Yeah. So it’s, it’s a small, smaller body. So you’re still getting up a lot floor space. However, her sidewall radiation is much greater.

2 (28m 57s):
Cause we purposely, we’re not trying to, you know, we weren’t going for the coaster clearances cause we were going for bigger houses.

3 (29m 5s):
Yeah, absolutely. So where can people see more about the stoves and what’s your website?

2 (29m 14s):
Triple w got unforgettable with cuties fire. L L

3 (29m 23s):
Okay. I think I put your website on our last show update and said that I’d be interviewing you today. I’m sorry. I couldn’t make it down there. Things in my life. Yeah. I know. I wanted to. We met in, I know I heard it’s a really nice show. We met down here,

2 (29m 47s):
The promoters of this show do a great job.

3 (29m 49s):
Yeah. We met down in Jacksonville and your, your stove impressed me, but also what impressed me was the tiny home that you were in. Now tell me how you got into this. Yeah. Tell me how you got into these tiny homes.

2 (30m 7s):
It was actually quite hilarious. I had a phone call. Oh my goodness. Four or five years ago now. And this gentleman Southern drawl was so deep. I could barely understand him as my . So for my down here now he said it like three different times. I still couldn’t understand. Y’all got in, man. I’m going to send you some pictures. Yes, sir. That’d be terrific. I gave him my email address, emailed me while we were on the phone there and he popped up and here’s this tiny house I’d never seen one before.

2 (30m 43s):
And it was a really cool one. I’m like, Oh my God, my tiny house. I had no idea. Well, we started investigating the whole tiny house community at that point in time and started posting the stove in that community. And the next thing I knew, 500 tiny house. People ordered that stove. And in the next three years it was just a shock. I mean, what the heck happened? So I decided to start doing more of the tiny house shows.

2 (31m 15s):
And then I decided I would build a tiny house as basically as a publicity stunt for the stove company. And there were several things happened at the first one was I quit paying to have to go to shows. I now invited and hosted the houses paid for itself right there. Yeah. But I also thought to myself, wait a minute, you’re really missing the point here. Roger. It’s not about selling stoves or houses. It’s about creating jobs, right? So I dedicated a lot of flash.

2 (31m 47s):
Well, I’ve been on a road for five years now. And then the last year of it has been all focused, really tiny house because I can come into any town. Any state meet up with builders, create relationship, teach them the build of the product, supply them the product. Plus our websites, the two websites are coming close to 300,000 hits a year. So we can also surprise sales. And all of that means jobs.

2 (32m 17s):
I’m sick to death of watching people either don’t want to work or can’t work. Can’t find a stinking job or at least not one that’s gonna support them. Why bother go work? You that support yourself I suppose. But, and then I also have looked at our housing market in this country in the last year. I don’t know exactly what the numbers are, but I’ve heard as many as 60,000 homes have been lost due to, we all know hurricanes fires, floods, earthquakes.

2 (32m 49s):
So you’ve got people out of work. You got people out of houses. Let’s put the two things together and try and solve problems at once.

3 (32m 56s):
Well, and that’s another thing that impressed me when we talked in Jacksonville that you had taken this thing to a whole nother level, that you will come into communities, train, train builders, and then supply them. I mean, it’s, it’s a demand. The demand is on right now for tiny homes. And here you’re yeah. You’re, you’re setting them up from start to finish with the answer to this housing problem.

2 (33m 27s):
Well, at least one answer. Yes. It’s not for everybody. I mean, you know, I, I left the 5,100 square foot houses. Yeah. We overlooked the water in the mountains of the city and it was beautiful, but it was, it was a prison sentence. You know, you’re six, $650 a month for power during the winter plus four cords of wood, a year maintenance upkeep, insurance taxes brought abroad a lot. I left it all behind and guess what was really weird?

2 (33m 59s):
Two months after I left the house, burned to the ground, God was trying to tell me it’s time to go son. So, and honestly, I don’t miss much of it, but again, this isn’t for everybody. This, this is a lifestyle. It’s a decision and people need to take it seriously if they’re going to try to do it.

3 (34m 23s):
But it is, it’s an ability to live without the mortgage because you, you talked about that, you know, it was a prison sentence. Your house was, was sentencing sentencing you to a 30 year term. And, and this was a way out of that for, for people that one. Okay.

2 (34m 45s):
Also when it’s also, when you think about it at the logically environmentally, when you’re seating 5,000 square feet for cooling 5,000 square feet, that’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But guess what? You’re only goal, but eight or 10 hours a day, at least five days a week. So all that energy is being blown for nothing. Yeah. A lot of people, a lot of people will turn, turn their furnaces off when maybe in the morning and then try to heat the house back up when they get home thinking that that’s going to save energy.

2 (35m 22s):
But if you look at the way Mario Andretti drives compared to somebody could put cruise control on. Yeah. You know, I don’t think in the afternoon is any better, so about

0 (35m 38s):
Exactly. And, and your homes are very well-insulated so they’re easy to heat or cool. And tell us how we can get more information on your homes.

2 (35m 52s):
That’s the website www dot once again, unforgettable with two T’s tiny house, tiny house stuff.

0 (36m 3s):
Yes. And you have a couple of different floor plans, but they all fit on the back of a trailer. Is that correct?

2 (36m 11s):
We’d have three models that are meant for the trailer. Yeah. We can do them shorter. We can do them longer, but we’re also now coming out with everything from park models up to 1400 square foot homes that we’re basically going to go. Yeah, we’re moving fast. We’re basically going to offer three homes for cars, three park model styles, three different versions of homes that will be anywhere from three to 505 to 800, 800 to 1400.

2 (36m 45s):
And that’s pretty much where we want to stop. Right. There is 1400 square feet now, as we can, where we can, we can do much bigger, but that’s really not what we’re interested in.

0 (36m 54s):
Yeah. Roger, you said that you’re like a traveling road show right now doing this thing with builders. So if I have any builders out there that are listening, how do they get ahold of you to do this? You know, get on your circuit or whatever. Okay.

2 (37m 11s):
(206) 850-2322. Okay.

0 (37m 18s):
Okay. Wait a minute. I gotta, I gotta write that down. Cause I’m going to put that in the chat room tonight when this airs. So go ahead again too. Okay.

2 (37m 27s):
Two 0685032223

0 (37m 34s):
22. And that is, if you want to start building these tiny homes, Roger will come and train you and your crew. And it’s like an additional source of income. It’s an additional thing that you can offer people. And Oh my God, if you’re in a disaster area, just like you said, homes burned down homes got destroyed by hurricanes and tornadoes.

0 (38m 6s):
And if people need a place to live, this is a, this is a great idea. Roger. You’re fantastic.

2 (38m 12s):
Great, great option. Thank you. And people feel, we’re always looking for book dealers on the woodstove aspect too.

0 (38m 19s):
Okay, excellent. So if you’re a dealer out there and you want to add Roger stove to your collection, I’ll tell you it’s phenomenal. I’ve never seen anything.

2 (38m 30s):
Thank you. Yeah. Thank you. I still can’t. I’m the one that came up with it.

0 (38m 42s):
There’s nothing. Nothing like divine intervention. I’ll tell ya.

2 (38m 49s):
Hey Roger, I’ll let you get back to,

0 (38m 52s):
I’ll let you get back to the tiny home show there in Fredericksburg. And I know I’ll see you again, out on the circuit. So you take care.

2 (39m 3s):
You too. Thank you for your time.

0 (39m 4s):
Sure. Thank you. And thank you for all that you do, right?

2 (39m 9s):
You bet. Thank you. Thank you. Bye bye.

0 (39m 14s):
Well, there you have it in his own words. Okay. So he takes no credit. It was a dream that came to him during the night about this stove. And it was a, it was a matter of necessity for him and his daughter. So, and then that morphed into these tiny home things. And he said, you know what? I can bring jobs to communities by building these. And so if you’re a handyman out there and you want to offer something new, you know, author something different.

0 (39m 49s):
And if you want to get off grid or if you want to get away from the mortgage, you know, these things around $20,000, you know, a lot of people can put that on their credit cards. Anyway, I, it was very impressive. The whole story, the stove, everything about it. And we’re gonna take a quick break. And when we come back, we’re going to do the stuff that Dave has. Okay. What did the Joneses have?

0 (40m 20s):
And more importantly, why? Okay. That’s the, that’s the actual theme of tonight show and I think we can cover it in the 20 minutes we have left. And also we’re going to give away that prize for someone in the chat room. Okay. So we’ll be right back after these messages.

4 (40m 40s):
If you’re off the grid by choice or by disaster, you need a green, innovative Meg portable power cell. This amazing saltwater or biofuel activated device makes power anytime, anywhere in any weather day or night, simply add a little bit of salt and water or urine to the unit. And it instantly makes electricity. G Meg will recharge six AA batteries in about four hours repeatedly. It has an indefinite shelf life and will recharge an unlimited number of batteries. Get yours at green, And when you need it, you’ll be glad you did.

4 (41m 13s):
Oh, no.

2 (41m 14s):
The complete collapse martial law. Oh my gosh.

0 (41m 18s):
Get outta here. I’ve got to get to my cabin. This is it. Okay. Don’t panic. Assess the situation and get the right gear. It’s time to get out of Dodge. A game of post economic survival, escape, the city using your gear and your wits like kill switch bunker games, LLC, available on Amazon kill switch bunker games like us on Facebook kill switch. Hi, I’m Joe Alden and D also known as dr. Bones of the award winning survival medicine website. Doman and coauthor of the bestseller, the survival medicine handbook as a medical doctor.

0 (41m 51s):
I know how important it is to have knowledge, but you’ll need supplies. If you’re going to save lives in a disaster, we’ve got an entire line of medical kits for every homestead retreat workplace vehicle, church school. Just about any purpose you might imagine. And they’re all put together by a real MD and nurse practitioner. Other kids are fine when the ambulance is on the way, but when you’re the end of the line with regards to your family’s wellbeing, you’ll be a more effective medical asset with kits and supplies, uniquely designed for tough times and packed in the USA, prepare your family for any disaster.

0 (42m 26s):
With medical kits and supplies at store dot Doman, that’s store dot Doman, Make medical kits by dr. Bones and nurse Amy, a part of your medical story. You’ll be glad you did. Okay. We’re back. Hey that Roger. He is, he is phenomenal. So anybody that’s interested in this stuff, please reach out to him. And if you, if you want to be a dealer for his STO, I mean, that, that, thing’s impressive. I’m thinking about opening up a little prepper shop here, and I might just carry his stove.

0 (43m 3s):
That’s that’s pretty good. So we’re going to talk about what do I have and why? And I have different categories here. So let’s, let’s start off with food. So I have about a year’s supply of food and it’s, it’s different kinds of food. Now I didn’t have, I didn’t start out with a year supply. Okay. So don’t, don’t think, Oh my God, a year supply, you start out slow. And a couple years ago I realized I didn’t have enough, like freeze dried food.

0 (43m 35s):
You know, you might pick up a couple cans of this or a couple of cans of that, where Costco, so you just kind of work into it. Okay. And I didn’t have enough free stride food. So a friend of mine does thrive and I did a couple parties, just two parties of thrive. I get all kinds of free fruit and, and why I thrive. Okay. So thrive is really good in that they they’re a little more expensive.

0 (44m 6s):
Okay. Then other freeze dried companies, but they give you like peas and a cooler, and then you make up your own dishes. You see, it’s not like beef stroganoff where, where someone else made it and then freeze dried it. And it tastes like crap. Okay. So, and also thrive. They, they do what they call a queue pack and it’s basically, you decide how much you want to spend every month.

0 (44m 42s):
And it can be as much as 50 bucks or, you know, as low as 50 bucks or, or, or whatever. And, and every month you can change your order. You just go in and pick what you want to spend your 50 bucks on. And they keep it right around $50. And, and it’s on automatic shipment. So we did that for a few months and then cut it off. When, when I figured I had enough freeze dried food, so, and you gotta have a little bit of everything. I got canned food, I got frozen food.

0 (45m 14s):
I got personally canned food, which is, you know, my wife’s recipes and things like that. And, and you know, the freeze dried food. If you have to bug out that’s your lightest weight food for per calorie. Okay. So you’ll be able to take more food with you if you take the freeze dried fruit. So I think, I think I covered food questions in the chat room on food. Okay. We’re moving on.

0 (45m 46s):
I have a couple of different light sources. Okay. Sources to make light. I have candles and you can get these at yard sales estate sales. We do a lot of estate sales and we got oil lamps. Okay. You put, put oil in them. We have different kinds of lanterns. We have a Coleman lantern, which could put gas in.

0 (46m 16s):
I’m a big believer in light as a it’s it’s in a grid down in a darkness situation. Light is a thing that I don’t know. It it’s just a big morale boost. You know, you can form one fall and, you know, do the flashlight thing. But if you have light, it’s like you’re conquering darkness. Okay. So I’m a big believer in light and not just fire.

0 (46m 46s):
Okay. So I have a bunch of different type ways to make fire. You know, everybody has the, you know, fire starter and a Flint and all that kind of stuff. Bunch of different ways to make fire. I make my own little fire nuggets drives my wife crazy because I save all the little balls that are in tops of pillbox bottles. And then when I get a bunch of them, put them in little aluminum, four, I’ll make a little aluminum full of square, pro paraffin, wax, and some magnesium shavings.

0 (47m 23s):
And man, they make a great, Firestarter like your own little Sterno your personal Sterno and let’s see electricity. Let’s talk about that.

5 (47m 36s):
So, yep.

0 (47m 39s):
Dryer lint. Yeah. That makes a great Firestarter that the lint from dryers, we had saved those, but I got way too much of it. Electricity. I I’ve a few different ways to make electricity. Of course I have. Allen rigs is salt water generating. I have several of those. Okay. And if you don’t have that as part of your prepper gear, you’re hurting, you’re hurting.

0 (48m 12s):
And let me see if I could find Allen. He gave me a, he gave me a discount code code Joe’s 15. So you can get 15% off. Allen rigs is green of 80, putting it in there, Jones 15 gear. And I’m telling you, this thing is amazing. It will recharge batteries from salt water. You don’t need sun. You don’t need wind. You just need a little salt water, which as he says on his commercial, it can even be, you’re not sure I’d put that thing back in my bug out bag.

0 (48m 52s):
After I peed in it. There you go. So you get 15% off green, 80. I also have those Harbor freight makes a, like a shop, like a work site, a solar panel, battery thing. It’s like three solar panels. The reason I got this is it’s so easy to hook up. It is plug and play and it’s okay.

0 (49m 23s):
I’ve I’ve since found out that it’s expensive per week.

5 (49m 27s):
A lot of,

0 (49m 29s):
But it’s easy. Okay. So I paid a little more. You could probably do it yourself for a lot less, but I’m finding out that I have less time. So I need to pay more. Anyway, I got two of these things. You can get them for like 150 bucks, 120 when they go on sale. And the only thing it doesn’t include is

5 (49m 55s):
Battery. So

0 (49m 57s):
You get one or two of these things and you have a solar panel hook up. That’s ready to go. Now it’s not going to power your house, but it’s going to charge your battery. That’s going to charge your devices or provide a little electric light led light. It’s a, it’s a portable solar panel system. Okay. And let’s see what else I got for electricity.

0 (50m 28s):
I will probably forget some things, but, and I have several different types of batteries and battery chargers and things like that. And then communications. Okay. So I have, I have shortwave walkie talkies and, and I have the family radio bands. And the reason I got the family radio bands is they don’t put out a lot of power.

0 (51m 1s):
Okay. So there, there would be hard to pick up and, and they would be used for like inside your perimeter. They wouldn’t be, they don’t transmit very far, but they would transmit far enough for people inside your perimeter. And then the short wave ones. I have those for when people go outside the perimeter because they transmit, you know, several miles. And if you get a repeater, you hit a repeater. You can go even miles past that.

0 (51m 31s):
And I also have a base station and it’s a receiver. Okay. So this is one that picks up all kinds of short wave and you can listen. It doesn’t transmit. And that’s what I got for communication. And the chat room is dead. You guys don’t have any questions.

5 (51m 57s):
Of course, you know, huh?

0 (51m 59s):
Gardening. I talk about that a lot. So I’ve kind of making my own food. And if you’re not trying to do something with gardening, now you might be in trouble later. There is a learning curve with gardening. Okay. Just, just telling ya. Sure. I’ll try and do something now, even on a small scale, just so you get that pad, some seeds put some seeds away, guns and ammo. Let’s talk about that for a second.

0 (52m 29s):
I have an AR 15 platform that fires a three Oh eight 7.62 it’s because that is the NATO standard. And it’s a us army standard route. And it’s bigger than a 5.5622 23. It’s bigger than that. So that’s why I have that. And I have a couple of 12 gauge shotgun for, you know, personal defense.

0 (52m 60s):
I have nine millimeters handguns because it’s the most clinical route in the world. So, you know, if you’re going to forage for something, if you’re, if you’re out there forging, you would want to have something that’s gonna fit your weapon. Not only that I have the Taurus model, 92. Oh, we’re running out of time, guys. We’re going to have to cover this.

0 (53m 30s):
We’re listening hard. Okay, good. I’m glad you’re listening hard. I, we got to go into the contest. Okay. So how can we do this? Let’s see someone in the chat room and you’re gonna get an RSDL ah, gee, man, how can we do this? Can we have them call in? Can we have them call in if they can call in? Can they put, can you put the number in the chat room so they can see it?

0 (54m 4s):
And then that way we won’t say it. Yeah. I have citronella candles. I also have those baptismal candles. Do you ever see them? They’re huge. They’re like four feet long. And they’re about three inches round. I mean, they will burn forever and I got them at an estate sale. I mean, there, there were like several of them in a pack. You could cut them, you know, make smaller candles out of them. But they’re, they’re huge.

5 (54m 38s):
Let me see, I’m going to put this blog talk

0 (54m 42s):
Number in the chat room. I have it on my phone here. And what we’re going to do is someone’s got to call in to get this. Okay. Now you get used to long time listeners. You already know what the number is, right? And I’m going to put it on in the chat room and you got to dial one after the nice English lady answers and, and G man, we’ll put you on the air. Okay. Now putting it on in there.

0 (55m 13s):
So you guys can’t hear it. Yes. Press one G man or a B beat me to it. Duh. You guys.

5 (55m 24s):

0 (55m 24s):
Ah, so I’ve got tourists, tourists model, 90 twos. They’re the exact copy of the Beretta. They’re cheaper than the Beretta. They’re the currently the army standard. The army just, just now changed, but there’s a lot of parts out there. There’s a lot of those out there. Magazines are interchangeable with the armies, you know, Beretta 92. So that’s the reason I have that. What else can I tell you?

0 (55m 55s):
Oh, so I have an SUV. If, if I had to leave this house, I have a trailer. Okay. And an SUV, four wheel drive, sport sport like SUV. It’s not one of those full size suburban things and a trailer. And pretty much all my prepper gear can fit on this trailer. Throw a tarp over it. I’m outta here. The, you know, it’s forward drive for a bug out vehicle. I have a diesel tractor.

0 (56m 27s):
Okay. We got two minutes. Someone needs to call in to get this prize. You got a call in, come on, people in the chat room, Elks. Don’t you want this? Maybe you want it. The last time I got a call. If you call that number, you got to press one or we’ll never hear you. Okay. We’ve got two minutes. Come on guys. Someone’s got a witness.

0 (56m 59s):
Okay. What else could I tell ya? Questions in the chat room about Jay Dave, Dave, we have a caller or first call or you’re on the line. Great. Hey, this is elk. So how you doing Elks? I knew you could do it. Hey, you’re going to get a real pocket of our S D L. This is the chemical decontamination lotion that is used by 30 armies worldwide.

0 (57m 30s):
To include the Israelis. Send me an email. Alex, you got my email address. Give me your, okay. Give me your address again. You’re at your mailing address and I will send that out to you first, the next week. Okay. We’ve got like 30 seconds. Okay. Thanks. Thanks for listening. We’ve got five seconds. Okay, everybody. Next week, prepper con don’t miss this show be in James Walton.

0 (58m 2s):
We’ll be there. Prepper con. I’m not hearing any music today’s broadcast has come to you through the courtesy of the prepper broadcasting network.

0 (59m 11s):
See our host show schedules and archive programs have Thanks for listening.

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