November 30, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Prepping on the road

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My husband and I had to make a quick road trip. I worked the entire day and was told when i get home grab what I needed so we can “load and go”. Well, I run into the  house, grab some clothes, a toothbrush, charger  and laptop in our bag. I tell him we are ready to go.  Trip up to our destination seemed fine. Everything went smoothly , get checked in to our hotel, the room was even nice and clean. Then a problem arose, I forgot my toiletry bag. No brush, no soap, no shampoo, nothing that I actually needed. Mind you I will not die without these items.But having your own conveniences can make a trip or even an emergency a bit more bearable.



Being able to wash your face or hair with your own wash, instead if a strange scent can ease a mind.  Now luckily this wasn’t a trip in were I would have to worry about my appearance but even being able to run a brush through your hair is nice. But something I would prefer to not go with out, Deodorant. So I snuck off to Walmart and picked up a cheap little brush and Deodorant.


So this show is going to be on ways that we can ensure in those emergency situations, we actually make it our of the house with exactly what we intend to.  Our trip wasn’t an emergency, but do to the hustle needed definitely had me off my track.


What do you think could have prevented this?
Do you think have per-assembled items, especially  in the case of impromptu trip, is needed?


This is something as preppers and families that we mention, but do we ever actually run through.  Join me as we learn from my mistake to hopefully minimize or maybe even avoid for you in the future.


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