August 14, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Prepping and Survival Mentality

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What really drives a prepper and their motivations? I am not a big fan of fear driving anything that I do. However, there is a time for most beginner preppers that starts with fear and reaction. However, before lone you begin to pan out from all that worry of what could happen and you start to see the bigger

In short, you begin to create your own mentality. It becomes your way of prioritizing things on the large list of preps needed. It becomes how you face each day and before long it becomes how you live your life. You see, what they don’t tell you about prepping is that its like a symbiote. You might feel like you are in control at first but before long it changes you. If your lucky, prepping and self reliance will take you on the most incredible journey.

There are many types of prepping and survival mental out there. You will find all kinds of kinds even in the prepping world. From lone wolves who look to face a SHTF scenario on their own to the stockpiling bug in mentality.

I have to be very clear about what we are going to discuss tonight because it will cause lots of talk. We are going to briefly look at a number of prepping mentalities and then spend most of the show discussing my mentality. I have gone through some serious changes in mind, body and spirit over the last 10 years and most of that was with you on the other side listening.

My prepping and survival mentality has reached a point where I feel it can help others. This is not to say that my answers are all the right answer but they fit into my life and work in my mind. Lets get deep into mentality on this weeks episode of the I AM Liberty Show.

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