November 27, 2022


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Preppers LIVE: You are a Detainee!

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Prepper Broadcasting Network Prepper Broadcasting Network. We have to hit the reset button or create a true culture of preparedness, starting at a very young age and filtering all the way up.

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What is a PBN family? It is Preppers LIVE. We’ve got a, a, an all star cast as per usual. Sure. You would expect no less. Dave Jones is floating out there somewhere. We’ve got a car will be with us, our latest and greatest. If you haven’t heard his new show, the strange truth on Fridays, check it out. You can go check out on his first appearance on the PBN Network airwaves. And it was a great show. Jordan is with us tonight, and we even got to Phil Rabelais with us from the matter of facts podcast. So I don’t wanna run too crazy on the intro, but I do want to give you one thing, cause I want to get everybody’s thoughts on this.

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I don’t know. Who’s all heard of read about this. I was, while I was working this morning, I had the bear. Independence a report up the audio report that he does on YouTube. And he mentioned this bill, which kind of blew my mind. And since it’s Preppers LIVE I mean, this is just something that we have to talk about, and we’re also going to discuss Wednesday. We’re going to do some different things here on PBN on Wednesday because of the big vote and a big deal that’s happening in DC and all that. We actually have a person who is going to be on the ground in DC. I don’t know how, I don’t know how productive that’s going to be for us, but it could turn out to be very productive for us.

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What else? Oh, we’re going to talk preps under Joe Biden. What are the preps that you need to have under a Biden presidency? Because I think that’ll be a fun topic, particularly with our group, but first and foremost, let’s talk about assembly. Bill a four, one six. I hate reading bill, bill names off bill names and numbers off the field. So dumb, but anyway, assembly bill a four, one six is something proposed the legislation in New York state. And this is direct for the New York state Senate. I’ll throw it into the chat room over at element. And if you’re not in the chat room at element, I don’t know what to tell you to get there.

1 (3m 14s):, get a screen name, contact one of the host’s and we’ll get you all up and running. Cause you’re missing out on a lot. Anyhow, without further ado assembly, bill a four one six 2021, 2022 legislative session relates to the removal of cases, contacts and carriers of communicable diseases who are potentially dangerous to the public health. Now, in case you are thinking maybe I heard that wrong in case you are thinking maybe that doesn’t mean what you think it means.

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Let me get into the language of the bill real quick because it, yes, it is basically like fiction section one or the public health law is amended by adding a new section 2128 to read as follows. I swear to God, you don’t have to link because you are not in the chat and that’s your fault. So don’t don’t blame me. But anyhow, this is direct from what has been proposed in New York state in the United States of America, the year 2021 removal and detention of cases, contacts and carriers who are, or may be a danger to public health.

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Other orders, the provisions of this section shall be utilized during a pandemic, a communicable disease, whatever upon determining this is the scariest part upon determining by clear and convincing evidence that the health of others is, or may be endangered by a case contact or carrier or suspected case contact or carrier of a contagious disease. That in the opinion of the governor, after consultation with the commissioner may pose an imminent and significant threat to the public health resulting in severe morbidity or a high mortality, the governor or his, or her delegate Elegy.

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I don’t know how to pronounce that, including, but not limited to the commissioner or the heads of local health departments may order the removal and or detention of such a person or of a group of such persons by issuing a single order, identifying such persons either by name or by reasonably specific description of the individuals or group being detained, such a person or group shall be detained in a medical facility or other appropriate facility or premises is designated by the governor or his or her delegate and complying with the subdivision five of this section.

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Let me unmute the guests. What is up everyone? How are you guys doing tonight? Whoever wants to dive in on that grenade feel free, but that’s, that’s straight talk right out of the Senate of New York state. I don’t know what to tell you. Other than that,

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I feel like I’m living in crazy town. I think I read about this in a book, maybe a history book. 1930s, Germany. Yeah,

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Railroad tracks. What about you?

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The movie that just came out of a songbird and it was a, I haven’t seen it yet. I just saw the previews. It looks great. It’s not getting very good reviews, but I think people are afraid of it because it’s a COVID 23. Okay. And this is the shit they’re doing. They break into people’s houses and take them away. They disappear. It’s crazy. Yeah.

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That is crazy. Car will be You

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The slope. If you don’t hear it’s a slippery slope. Oh. You know a, you know, and, and these are the same people who advocate open borders. I, it doesn’t necessarily make sense to me. Right. I mean, there seems, there seems to be something else behind the agenda here. This seems to be kind of laying the groundwork for other things. Well, certainly you don’t know. I don’t like it. I don’t want to be accused of wearing a tinfoil hat, but in this company, I think I’m a pretty safe from that. You definitely were there

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Of the tinfoil hat contest. So you’re, it’s about as, as good company as the gifts,

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I tend to be of the opinion that one of the reasons why politicians either through ignorance or malice write laws as incredibly open-ended as this is, because if you remember the ride, there, there’s a lot of terms in that bill that our subject to interpretation, but it lets them cast a wider net. So they don’t really have to prove much. They just have to kind of by decree, wave their hand and say, well, this group of people that we say are dangerous because we said they are, we can do what we want to tell them

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All the creed by the governor.

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Yeah. See, it’s almost like this, but I just think to myself, I’m like, wonder if I have a suitable bug at a location I can retreat.

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Yeah. Let’s put that on the list of things to do for 2021. I’ll tell you what I would not want to be in 2021. And you can Mark my words on this. And I don’t know if these governors are recognizing it or, but the governor is about the last person you want to be rolling into this year. Especially if they’re throwing legislation like this up in the air, all over the country, that is a job I would not want.

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They might want to have a talk. The talk with Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell about what happens when you kick, when you a, when you kick your employees one too many times and they finally realized they’re the ones in charge and they started spray painting stuff on your garage to express their displeasure. And I’m really a big fan of property crimes. Cause you know, I’m pretty hardcore, libertarian, and very much right-wing and very much big on individual rights and property rights. But on the other hand, it’s really hard to blame people when that when the country has a whole has been put through this amount of crap by the politicians and then the end, the elites that we have in 20, 20, sooner or later, someone is going to go a little bit over the edge.

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Someone’s going to start coloring outside the lines.

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No, no doubt, no doubt about it. It’s probably going to be more than someone to, but for the record, this is in the committee at the moment, you know, just so it hasn’t even hit the floor. It hasn’t passed any, any assembly or Senate or anything like that. But it just the, I mean, just the idea that, see, this is my problem with the proposing of legislation. There is no, there is no repercussion. You know, that that’s my problem. With the way we do this bill creating business. I really think if you’re going to create bills that attack the rights of the citizenry, then you or your bill, if your bill passes good on ya, if your bill doesn’t pass, you should be kicked out because you know what I mean?

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You can’t just chip away at amendments for fun. It can’t be a senator’s job is to just sit here and let me just chip away at every right. I mean, this is, this is so unbelievably. Anti-constitutional on so many levels. Its you can’t, you can’t even, I mean you have to, it’s hard to get the words out when you read the thing. Just the idea that the governor himself with just by decree can say this individual or group of individuals needs to be detained based on, you know, not even on identity.

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You couldn’t really that hard to believe. Oh, it’s not hard to believe. I mean the governors around the country have shut down whole industries with a wave of their hand and a stroke of their pen. How many restaurants have been put out of business? How many health clubs, how many gyms? How many of anything? I mean, my wife works at a, at a children’s museum. She’s had a heck of a time this past year, keeping that place open with the governor, constantly polling a lot more and more restrictions to basically to basically decree everything that the facility does to try to sustain themselves out of existence. So it’s not, it’s not unbelievable.

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Oh, it’s definitely not. A lot of frustration is, you know, when I was, when I was younger, more idealistic and I admit that I used to be now I’m just a completely jaded by everything. But I used to think that the solution to this problem was if we made politicians directly liable for passing unconstitutional laws, like they had some kind of a fine, or they went to jail or so on and so forth. That sounds really good until you lose almost all faith in the judicial system, which feels like this at this stage, we’ve seen, we’ve seen like a second amendment, my big thing, but we’ve seen gun laws that no one in their right mind could say doesn’t conflict with a second memory and it doesn’t present an infringement or something, but SCOTUS will duck and Dodge it.

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And the lower courts will say, Nope, looks good to me. So I guess my point of view is its like, you know, the legislature is supposed to be on a kind of honor and duty bound by the constitution of the state and the country to not infringe upon the rights of their citizens. And the judicial system is supposed to be there to strike down those laws that go over the line. But when the legislature has lost their natural mind, the judicial system is running cover for them. What does everybody have left? Yeah.

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And the scary thing is we have a majority. Imagine if we didn’t have a majority, you know how it will, how crazy would it be then? And in the Supreme court foof? Well these are the times

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I’ll tell you honestly, I don’t know. Like, like I said, I’m quickly losing, losing faith and there are people out there that will try to write that off. As you know, sour grapes are a quote, your guy didn’t win it it’s, it’s more than that. Cause like I’ve been reading SCOTUS, SCOTUS opinions, that date back 80 years, I’ve been reading legal, you know, legal briefings that go back twice. As long as I’ve been alive, I’ve seen things, I’ve read things and seeing things that convinced me that the system is totally and completely broken. It doesn’t matter if our side has a majority or the other side has a majority.

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The problem is they are all on the same side. And even though thankfully this is still in con this isn’t even, it hasn’t made it a committee yet. But the simple fact that someone can propose a bill like this and not get run at a town on a rail in and of itself indicative of a problem.

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Well, it was probably a group that was probably a council that sat down and we’re like, eh, this sounds good. All right. You know what I mean? It wasn’t like one rogue Senator just came up with all this. It was probably a council of people who sat down. It was introduced by em, have a Perry, M a V I swear, introduced by M have a Perry, a red Ronson referred to the committee on health. So yeah. Yeah. There’s the people reading it. Go ahead, go ahead and go.

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The New York, the Democrats have the same, pretty much the super majority. Sure. You know, so yeah. I’m not surprised that they, they, they floated this bill. You know what I see? Bill’s like this, it’s almost like a trial balloon to see what the public reaction is going to be. And you know, there’s not really to much of a, you know, a reaction to it. And you know, especially with the super majority that we have your New York, they’ll just pass it. Nice and quiet. This one caught a lot of people’s attention. So maybe this one might get shot down. I’m hope. But I agree with everything.

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Was it a thing there? You know, the, the whole system was broken then, you know, the judicial system is broken in the country. I mean, look at, we have a criminal right now that might be our president. Right. And everybody kind of knows that the guy’s criminal that he’s been taking a break from prior to him, it’s crazy. Right. So they get rid of a The. They get rid of Trump and they are okay with a nice talking affable criminal. It it’s insane to me, but Hey, it’s a country we live in. Right. So I will hand it back over you guys.

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I didn’t want to think about it too much.

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Well, thanks for joining us tonight, girl. I do appreciate it. Yeah. I mean, it’s, these are hardly, this governor thing is hardly a matter of a us being upset about a Trump loss. I mean, we had the biggest gun rally, second amendment rally in history under Donald Trump. So it’s, you know, it’s, it’s, it really is a state’s powers issue at the moment. That’s not being, you know, it’s not, there’s no backing, there’s no backing. And it’s,

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It’s a very ironic that the only person arrested at that gun rally was a lady that was wearing a mask funny. Yeah. Two months later for all required to wear masks.

1 (17m 29s):
Are you good? I didn’t know that or I forgot it one or the other, but speaking of large assemblies,

3 (17m 38s):
Speaking of the New York, gab

1 (17m 41s):
Speaking of larger assemblies, we’ve got a, we’ve got to talk about Wednesday. Wednesday’s the day that will live in infamy. I don’t know what all your guys’ feelings are about Wednesday. I think it’s going to be a whole another low point in American history personally, I think on the streets and in the halls of Congress, I think it’s going to get very ugly and, and a, B, B probably a day that we want to forget, but that’s just my, you know, my no-stir Dominic sense on the thing. We’ll see, there is a chance that we will have someone I’m not going to divulge who to The everybody, but we could have someone on the ground in Washington who is going to report to us, hopefully will see.

1 (18m 32s):
There will be someone there that we all know, but I don’t know if they’re going to take the time to check in or not. I’ll, I’ll buzz him though a few times during the day to see what’s what, and then after the vote, which is could go when Dave, did we ever hammered down the vote time? Wasn’t a one o’clock or something to six or

3 (18m 51s):
Yeah. Yeah. Trump is going to speak at 11 and then the vote is supposed to be, I mean, they’re supposed to start and they open the balance and everything. They start at one o’clock. So I’m thinking sometime between one and two, you know, it’s going to make for good TV. I mean, CSPAN is going to get their highest ratings ever,

1 (19m 15s):
Undoubtedly going to be a wild wild day, for sure. So if things get really hairy, if you look, if, if I don’t know how it’s not gonna get somewhat hairy, but if things get really hairy, I E Trump wins or things go crazy on the streets of DC. Look for PBN to go LIVE and some semblance of hosts to be there, to sort of pick it all apart and hopefully, or our voice on the ground as well. They’re to help us up. If it turns out that the night devolves into chaos, we will probably suspend the, I am Liberty show and just stay live and do coverage on all of that with any, any degree of hosts and guests to like to jump on throughout that time, we have the ability to broadcast for five hours straight.

1 (20m 13s):
So we can, we can have fun and do that, but that’s kind of like the game plan for Wednesday. Anything else pop into your head, Dave Jones, about Wednesday and game plan and that kind of thing that you’d like to see done?

3 (20m 28s):
Oh, we’re a mess at the Jones’ household. We’re going to watch it. Cause this is going to be history in the making. I mean, I’m pulling out of homeschooling and we are going to watch it right there in the big screen. And however it transpires and how it goes down, you know, we are going to see it a real time because you know, Ted Cruz’s effort is to try and be a, like a, a bridge at a stop gap. And really that a lot of the senators are opposing it because what he’s trying to do really isn’t spelled out in the constitution. So it should be answered in the Supreme court.

3 (21m 8s):
And since they bailed on the first two cases, it’s, it’s probably gonna come down to this, but he wants to get all the evidence, those 12 or 13, I think it may be even be 14 senators. Now they’re all going to object on different grounds so that all the evidence gets shown. So one of them is going to object on the voting machines and the other one is going to object on mail-in ballot. See, because each objection gives them the ability to show the evidence and yeah.

3 (21m 51s):
Yeah. And then a pen, you know, pen see is he’s got a backbone and he’s not as establishment guy when Arizona comes up. Cause it all goes in alphabetical order when Arizona comes up, he can recognize either set of electors is they have to, because Eric, yeah. They said a Trump CET and they sent a Biden set, a Trump set. Okay. Then it’s Katie The, you know, hold the bar or whatever and you got to be for all.

3 (22m 32s):
And I, I don’t see him not doing

1 (22m 35s):
Yeah, he’s the vice chair.

3 (22m 37s):
Okay. Yeah. And it’s the job that 1887 law that they passed actually goes against the constitution. So that will never ever hold up, you know, in a constitutional fight. So that law is,

1 (22m 56s):
Is going to be in a big day. Yup. Wonderful. See fistfights, like there are

3 (23m 4s):
In other countries it’s like,

1 (23m 7s):
I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple of blows thrown. Sure. Yeah. You bet.

3 (23m 17s):
They all get it in one chamber. It could be like a mud wrestling.

1 (23m 22s):
Oh God. That I could do without

3 (23m 27s):
The question for me before I go here, I got a question that’s been bugging me up. Does everybody know the machines? How long they’ve been used in like a local elections, you know, a new machine that new, you know, there’s the dominion machines, how long have these things when you used? Because it makes me wonder like, Oh, all these races that were really close, you know, it, you know, the last election cycle and you know, if, how long have these machines been around?

1 (24m 1s):
I know the systems themselves.

3 (24m 3s):

1 (24m 6s):
I know the systems themselves have been around since 2003. No, I don’t know the usage, but I know that the dominion voting technology was, has been out since that long. So they’d been around, but I don’t know, you know, when they got put in and all that kinda stuff or when they started becoming the vital,

3 (24m 31s):
Do you see where my mind is going on with Google? Go ahead and check. Yeah. You see where my mind is going. And because, you know, it’s how many elections then we’re probably stolen and you know, a, you know, I mean, how long have these things been in youth? You know, the Democrats have really have a power or in some States and in some counties where it doesn’t necessarily seem possible, you know? And it’s been bothering me for a really long time, you know, especially, you know, here in New York, you, you wonder about it sometimes in certain counties, you, you know, all that.

3 (25m 17s):
So it’d be interesting to read as much as possible as to when these machines and where they’re used and what counties they’re in. I’m really curious about that. This might be a whole lot more than a beeper. And then anything that we’ve even been thinking about

1 (25m 38s):
When all this started, Carl, I’ll tell you what may be the most nervous is that my intuition said, yeah, it’s probably not just if these things can be manipulated at location. And then in my mind, the first thing that came to mind was nobody’s probably been playing fair for as long as these things have been around. And as long as people have figured out how to manipulate them, you know? So in other words, I don’t, I don’t, my intuition says it’s probably not just Democrats doing it. If it’s an, if it’s a problem that is endemic and that is been happening over a decade, which is, I mean, I don’t understand why we, we can’t have an investigation on just that, unless we did already, and I’m not privy to it, but I just find it hard to believe that if you can manipulate the machines and it’s well enough known that both parties wouldn’t have done it to some degree, depending on location, you know, and that’s, to me an even scarier thought than just Biden’s crew going and making it happen this one time.

1 (26m 50s):
And this one election is the idea that these things could have been used to rig elections for either side for a decade. Cool. God, that’s, that’s a tough one.

2 (27m 5s):
Supposedly these machines were in place for Hillary and this was going to happen for Hillary. But what they didn’t understand was Trump got so many more votes that it didn’t make a difference and they didn’t have mail-in ballots then. So they couldn’t pull the curtain back.

1 (27m 27s):
Yeah. The stats.

2 (27m 32s):
So you have to think what I think what makes me the most nervous about this? It’s, it’s less the immediate, I’m less concerned about the immediate threat of a Biden administration, even though I don’t think that is going to be any kind of fun for anybody, for any ed in any, in any degree, I think that’s going to suck, but my concern is almost more of a philosophical question of if these elections, if we have no faith in these elections, and if we also lose faith in the traditional process to rectify a compromised election, then we no longer have a functioning Republic.

1 (28m 22s):
Now you go, Oh, that’s the biggest,

2 (28m 24s):
That’s the really. Yeah. And that is, that is really the most, the most unnerving, frightening like stomach turning, you know, concern that I have. It really is more of a function of if we it’s, like I said before, I’ve lost a lot of faith in our judicial system being able to correct a lot of the PR a lot of the, the foolishness I see coming out of the legislative branch. But if, if we started losing faith in all these institutions, then we no longer have faith in this country as a whole. And we no longer have faith at the country. It, if you lose faith at the games being played, honestly, by all parties involved, the natural inclination is to stop playing the game, stop playing the game, take your ball and go home is deadly serious in a nation of 338 million people, half of which have enough guns to arm platoon.

2 (29m 20s):
Yeah. Like I get, I guess the, the, those are my concerns. Like, do I think we’re, we’re, we’re we’re at that point where things are going to completely cook off. I don’t think we’re quite there yet. I think people that have like my level of unease about this and probably y’all’s, we’re probably still in the minority, but it’s like when Cove, when, when first hit the number of people who were screeching about the, the, the lockdowns and the infringements and the, the hampering people’s rights, that was a small group. And the majority were saying, Hey, let’s be reasonable. Let’s kind of, you know, let, let, let’s give them a bit, lets give the government for the benefit of doubt. And then as time went on more and more people defected to the side that said the government needs to leave people alone.

2 (30m 5s):
If we are starting to see this general feeling that the game is rigged and no one’s playing by the rules. And if that turns out to be just 10% of those of those people that voted for Trump and 7 million people who don’t think that anybody is playing by the rules anymore, it’s worrying for me at least,

1 (30m 28s):
Oh it’s, this is the scary thought because I don’t know how you come back. You know, it’s, it’s gotta be near impossible to convince the population that, Oh, you know what, not all is good. This wasn’t election that went right. We promise, even though the last one was a total nightmare, this one is all legitimate. You know, because, and of course the, the funny thing is its the tribalism in the nation right now that would make it so hard. You know, if we, if we lose trust in the elections, it’s hard for me to see us in the social media, Twitter verse kind of a world that we live in, be able to, cause we can’t win, no side can win or lose without it being, you know, a big thing now.

1 (31m 20s):
And it’s been that way for a while. You know it, the losing side is always like, this is all, you know, this is the end. It’s that desperation mode. So it’s hard for me to imagine now that we come through this thing and we find that, you know, cause the right right now looks really probably to the left the right, right now it looks really paranoid. And they’re probably looking at us and going look by didn’t one, get over it. Yada yada, yada, the vote worked. The system works. But if the sixth goes, if something amazing is to happen on the sixth and Donald Trump gets reelected, then our position immediately flips to their position and vice-a-versa right.

1 (32m 12s):
And I think that’s just what it’s going to be from here on out for America, for awhile, you know, it doesn’t matter it, you know what I’m saying? Is there going to be, or is there going to be an outstanding movement in the right to say, okay, Trump’s back in. How does that look, constitutionally, did that play out the way it should have in all that stuff? You know? Cause the left, certainly isn’t doing that. They’re not going to say, okay, Biden got in. Cause you have no questions. We got no questions over ballots. Everything was fine. This is the numbers look great. The extra cards full of ballots.

1 (32m 52s):
That’s th that’s not, don’t worry about that. And unfortunately I think if it, if it goes the other way that, you know, we just don’t have enough people, it feels like with a voice in the middle anymore or, or maybe even in the left and right positions, it seems like things are fraying so far to the S to the fringes. You know what I mean? It’s like everybody is a desperate fringe element, freedom fighter, because then you can have a really good argument.

2 (33m 26s):
I blame the media for a majority of that because the matter is that, well, I’m going to, I would go so far as to say that the media at this point has become as bordering on enemy of the people. It really is getting that bad because the problem is, you know, You, it’s very difficult to talk about some of these things without sounding or, or like devolving and a pure tribalism. Like, you know, hear me out for a second when, when the shoe was on the other foot and the, the, the, the concern was the democratic party was concerned about Russian collusion in the 2016 election. You know, whether or not we, whether or not we, or those on Capitol Hill ever really believed that there was a legitimate slow to the, to the claim the investigations were had.

2 (34m 15s):
They weren’t obstructed, the evidence was heard because it was important to honor the process. And there were people on the hard, right? Who said, I don’t care what the evidence is. Trump’s from a man. And then there were more reasonable middle ground. People like me that said, you know, if Trump’s guilty that he needs go to a freaking prison, you know, and this is just the way it is. Like it has to be that way function of my guy or the other guy. It, we have to play by the same rules or we’re not in a Republic anymore. It’s important enough to risk losing the, losing our guy in the white house to play by the rules.

2 (34m 56s):
But the problem is the media only play. The media plays both sides against the middle. And that’s the real problem here. When the, the story was Russian collusion, the media was sticking it up in everybody’s face every single day, several times a day. And whether or not the process concluded that there was no collusion was irrelevant because the media had people, not just lefties, but normal, everyday people who are not politically engaged, who are not going to take the time to do their own research, who depend on the media to tell them the facts and the media is not doing that. So the media framed that argument as the president is guilty, regardless of what the investigation says.

2 (35m 42s):
And very similarly, now they are now saying that no matter what evidence is presented, no matter what allegations brought up, no matter what happened, Biden won. Get over it

3 (35m 55s):
Like a media

2 (35m 57s):
And all these big media companies, all these big networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all of them. They are all in this together. Anybody that’s in the mail out sale, just go for it. Well, I mean, I am calling, I am calling it the way I see it as a body. So I get it. I get it, man. But that is a real problem. At this point, the media has engineered and Octa, an obstacle illusion where anything the right says is bad and anything less says is good. They did it with Antifa and BLM protests. Every time it turned into a riot in a shitstorm, in a city, it was a mostly peaceful protest.

2 (36m 38s):
Then how Rittenhouse has to shoot three people who try to freaking murder him on the street. And he is demonized and torn apart and made out to be this radical right-winger who was out looking for a fight. The media frames, every argument as left good, right bad. And we cannot make headway in a situation where the other side is constantly being told we’re bad. No matter what we do, there is no honest conversation to be had. There is no honesty in the argument anymore. It doesn’t matter. At this point, if we followed the law and the constitution to the letter and Trump stays in office, it was a coup and he stole the presidency from Biden.

2 (37m 20s):
The right is wrong. This is not a fad. This is not a, there’s not a battle of FACS. We’re engaged. It’s a battle of propaganda. And for better or worse, let’s just say that conservatives, the right, the Republicans, whoever you want to, whatever label you want to use, they suck at it.

3 (37m 38s):
Yeah, you’re right.

2 (37m 39s):
The way too many wait way too many people of our mindset has spent way too many years saying they wanted to play by the rules and be likable and be the nice guy. We didn’t want to step on anybody’s toes. And we are losing because we will not do what the other side will do. We’re the only ones still trying to play by the rules. And it’s very parent that the other side will, will not play it by any rule that doesn’t work to their advantage. So on no limits and faith. Yeah. The end justifies the means. I mean, when, when you’re willing to firebomb a frigging, a federal courthouse to make a point, there’s not really, there’s, there’s no middle ground to be had.

2 (38m 21s):
There’s no compromise to be had. You know what I’m saying? It’s like, eh, it’s a fallacy that we should compromise or try and see things from other people’s perspective. And that there are some cases I just don’t believe that like when it comes to the person, who’s perfectly okay, going down the street, throwing Malthouse through people’s windows and Berks to their windows and scaring the hell out of people in the suburbs. And that’s okay. Because their political message, their social message makes them morally, right? No matter what they do to enforce it, there’s no middle ground with those people. There’s no middle ground. There’s no eating and things from their point of view. The only thing I want to see is you at the other end of a low power, verbal optic, because you are threatening lives and property and you are wrong and nothing, no state and cause will make you right in that case.

2 (39m 9s):
But very similarly to that, the situation we’re in right now, where we have no faith in the process, the voting machines are tamper with there’s obvious, obvious, documented proof of voter fraud. It doesn’t matter if it was a little bit or a lot. It doesn’t matter if it was widespread or not. It happened in say, otherwise is wrong, but we’ve lost faith in the process. We are quickly losing faith in the, the, the, the, the big red emergency button you’re supposed to spray on the glass and smash when everything’s going wrong. And we’re, we’re barreling towards a point as a nation where we don’t trust each other anymore, where there is no middle ground.

2 (39m 54s):
There is no, let bygones be bygones or live and let live. There is no. Well, we just disagree on the The on politics. We’re, we’re being pushed into a corner where politics is everything. And where, if there’s a person who is on the other side of the line, or where’s the other, the other team’s Jersey, you can’t be friends with him. And he can’t be, you can’t call them family. You have to destroy their livelihood. You have to ostracize them. We’re being, we’re being further and further divided as a nation to a point where we may never be able to sew this thing back together. And the one thing that could have been done to, to at least pump the brakes was to stop a month ago and look at the evidence and add the investigation’s and look at things out in the open and broad daylight and say, Hey, there’s something funny going on here.

2 (40m 46s):
We need to, we need to figure it out so that we’re all confident, no matter what the result was that we were all confident in it. That didn’t happen because it hasn’t happened. We are now, here are the 11th hour and no one trusts anybody else.

1 (41m 1s):
And, and we’re two days away from things going terribly wrong.

2 (41m 6s):
Well, what I’m going to do on Wednesday is pour drink and load magazines.

1 (41m 13s):
That’s not a bad, not a bad idea. That’d be plenty of entertainment. Point. What’s up with you, Ms. Jordan and you with there.

2 (41m 28s):
Yeah. I’m here. I’m in and out with everything that’s going on over here and then the Smith’s house. Yeah.

3 (41m 34s):
No things are good. And just watching everything as it unfolds.

1 (41m 39s):
Phil just broke it down about as completely as you can. I appreciate that, Phil.

3 (41m 44s):
Yeah. I’m going to set up to 20 minutes. I’m sorry guys.

1 (41m 47s):
No, that was great. You diagnosed it. Perfect. What? We do get a shout out. Happy birthday to Dave Jones today. Dave Jones. His birthday is today. Yeah.

3 (41m 59s):
Tell me, we’ll give him a break. I’m just kidding themselves. You know, put it in the chat room. She says, Hey, I have a message to take to them. She put me,

1 (42m 13s):
Yeah. She said, Dave turned 44 today. I said, get the hell. Who are you kidding, Maria.

3 (42m 20s):
Yeah. But see, this is what happens when you enlist. Nice and young, because war is hell and the army is even more. Hell. So I’m pretty sure. Dave is only about my age, like 38. Yeah.

1 (42m 38s):
All those nights in the Hussein mansion catch up to, you know?

3 (42m 42s):
Yeah, yeah, yeah. There you go.

1 (42m 48s):

3 (42m 48s):
Did I hear 64? Yeah. 64. Oh, I know. I sound younger on the radio. Well, I’ll tell you this much. Go to those protocols, dag. And again, the kind of how this is. They can’t keep you young. She wants to keep me around longer to abuse me more fashion. Tonight side back to Addis is going to get died and his water cycle is going to be walled and go inside the round the mountain and then bring him when he’s bought.

3 (43m 29s):
And they, him chassis doing the Bible and tell him about how this all came up. Not that this is part of the show here. So everybody was saying that they would take mom in when, when she gets to be old, you know, an old Baba that’s Romanian for old lady. Anyway, I said no, to take me. And Alex says, I’ll take you, dad. We’ll get together. And you can tell all those who are women, all your war stories.

1 (44m 7s):
Well, I’ll tell you this much, Dave, you’ve got more energy in you than most of the 34 year old guys that I know. So you’re doing something right? My man.

3 (44m 19s):
Well, it’s all her. Well, if you guys have to know his protocol for a test at all, you know, you can ask me, I should cut her back on his tablet. If this was the new year. Oh wait, wait, wait. The Christmas party show. I tell you all about it, but it’s not. So you don’t have to keep it.

1 (44m 42s):
Yeah. Let’s stay on task tonight. I think with that one. But Hey, you are a blessing to his Dave Jones. Happy birthday, man. It’s been a, I haven’t known you that long, but it’s been great at the time that I have known you. I’ll tell you that much.

3 (44m 57s):
Thanks. You were you’re recounting how we met kind of by chance you got me podcasting thing. But what was funny was a week earlier, I had told my sponsor emergent BioSolutions. I said, I want to try and do this podcast thing, but I don’t know how to do it. And then I met you. It was like a week later. And a week after that I was on Glen had me hooked up. And did you guys plan to have like a, you know, get together? We do that at the Prepper camp.

3 (45m 38s):
That’s a reunion. Yeah. Oh, okay. Okay.

1 (45m 43s):
You have like, we’re going to have almost a, what? 75% representation this year at Prepper camp is going to be awesome. We’re like a virus in our own.

3 (45m 55s):
You keep spreading

1 (45m 57s):
so we can take it over all together.

3 (46m 3s):
That’d be good. Carl down there now.

1 (46m 6s):
Oh yeah. He’s the next, do you know, he’s dying to get out of New York. I’m sure. Any chance he can. So I guess we should talk Biden, preps, presidency, Biden, presidency preps, because that was another topic I wanted to touch on tonight. You know, where you are obviously ushering in some sort of democratic rule, not democratic, but you know, Democrat rule. And what it looks like to me is, or the way I always look at it is everything that was ever feared that has sort of totalitarian right.

1 (46m 48s):
Wing would do the uncontrolled left will do case in point the bill that we read at the opening of the show. Right? So that’s kind of the perspective I’ve been looking at it, looking at through my lens is, you know, up until the last 10 years or so, I’d say everything that the left kind of feared a dominant totalitarian, Nazi style right-wing would do. And all that. They’ve, you know, when you become what you despise type of thing, that’s, that’s probably what we’re going to be dealing with with four to eight years of, of a Biden Kamala Polosi yada yada rain.

1 (47m 36s):
So what do you do to prepare for that? Who wants to take the ball and run with that one? I’m hitting you guys with atomic bombs tonight, by the way, I should just ask you a boat. You all, how to save the world while I’m at it, anybody?

2 (47m 54s):
Well, I mean, I mean, to me, it’s pretty simple question to actually everybody ought to do what you should’ve been doing all this time. I mean, it sounds very flippant to say that way, but the honest to God, truth of the matter is at the end of the day, if you’re listening to any of these shows or if you’ve ever heard any of my content, we all really kind of talk about the same thing. We’re really like getting ready for bad things to happen. We’re getting ready for rainy days or for unforeseen circumstances. And we’re trying to be self-reliant and prepared for a variety of reasons. Whether your concern is like natural disasters or a home invasion or economic collapse, whatever, whatever you’re getting ready for.

2 (48m 40s):
You are preparing to increase your survivability by decreasing risk, your learning to rely more on yourself, more on your own preps, your own stockpiles, your own widths. Then you are the system, the grocery store FEMA for God’s sakes or anything else. So what everybody should be doing in a Biden presidency is what everybody should have been doing during a Trump presidency or what everybody should be doing in hurricane season or in blizzard season or in tornado alley or anywhere, any, any time.

1 (49m 20s):
So you think just standard run of the mill preparedness is the best way to go. Just keep cruising.

2 (49m 30s):
Yeah, but understand that when I say like the standard preparedness, you know, that that is a, that’s a very all encompassing, far reaching idea. It’s like if I, if I think like in the near future, we might be looking forward to some financial hardship like this past year. My employment’s been pretty, pretty Bulletproof, but I was worried for a while about my wife missing some paychecks. So yeah, we spent some money on stuff here and there, but we also have money in a savings account where like I can replace most of my wife’s income for several months if I need to, while she goes and finds her a job. But if I wasn’t in that position, if I didn’t have the money and savings, we would have been clamping down on her, just on our spending real hard to build that up.

2 (50m 13s):
Just in case one of us lost a job. If like during, at the very beginning of the COVID lockdowns back in the back last year, we didn’t know what was going to happen. We didn’t know if they were going to literally shut down grocery stores and shut down everything hard. We didn’t know what was going to happen. And we didn’t even know how bad COVID was at that point. Like we pretty much reacted like it was bubonic played because we didn’t know it. We didn’t know yet. We didn’t have any data. We didn’t trust anything. The China was telling us we barely trust our own government. So we reacted as an abundance of caution. And my family was sitting on six plus weeks worth of groceries.

2 (50m 53s):
We had a 30 day supply of water bottled up in the house. We were prepared to lose our, we were prepared to lose our utilities for 30 days and live in this house with no running water, no electricity, no gas, no groceries. We were prepared for that because we didn’t know what was going to happen. So what I would suggest to listenership is if you’re worried about a Biden presidency, or if you’ve been scared to death of a Trump presidency, and you think now it’s going to be blue skies under Biden Harris. If you’re a Prepper, you’re always a Prepper it doesn’t like the way the political winds changing directions might change the things you want to prep like under a Republican president.

2 (51m 39s):
You know, we usually, we see a little bit less fear about gun control, which means prices come down. It’s a real, I mean the three years ago, it was a great time to be a gun guy. Guns were all over the place. Ammo was cheap and that’s what you should’ve been stocking on. Cause it was cheap and it was available. The time does buy ammo is not right now in an ammo scare, but conversely, no matter what your thing is, you ought to always be looking at your preps and saying, where do I need improvement? Where does it make sense to spend my effort right now? I’m not trying to go out and buy ammo and buy primary’s and buy stop to reload because there’s no point is it’s twice as expensive as it was a year ago.

2 (52m 20s):
And I’m already sitting on enough of it that I’m comfortable for now. So I’m spending a lot of my time and effort lately, putting away more canned goods, porting, putting way more dry goods. I’ve got buckets of flour and corn meal and rice and beans out in the garage, just in case I’m looking at spending a little bit more money on camping gear because it’s a really cheap way to get out of the house with the family and justifies me putting extra propane on the shelf and you know, buying stuff we’re going to use for camping. But it also kind of works for preps. It really comes down to You to me, is that if prepping is not just a, an activity or a hobby, it’s a mindset than you always Prepper. You never stop.

2 (53m 1s):
And there is no such thing as well, buy it as a present now. So I better really start prepping. It’s like, no, you should have been prepping years ago. You should have never stopped. You might like, you might think you’re stepping it up now, but you never stop.

1 (53m 18s):
I like that Phil, because a, you really don’t get the gains in this thing until you get years it consistently, or, you know, the, the big scary thing for new Preppers is, is always that that’s always the thing I hate to tell a new Preppers. It just takes time, you know, unless you’re coming in with a well, no, I mean, it really just takes time. There’s no way around it with some things, you know, and no matter how much money you have to get started, if you really want to give it a proficient in everything it’s takes time, you know, you just have to invest that time. And you like to your point stay consistent. What about you Dave Jones?

1 (53m 58s):

3 (54m 2s):
Yeah. I was thinking the PCV pipe, DVC pub a, you know what he’s doing? I’m stupid. You’ve got to elaborate. No, he really doesn’t want to do that on a public podcast there going to say, Hey, we’re going to have a mandatory buyback. That means it’s with some monetary, you know,

1 (54m 33s):
Lots of boating, lots of PTC pipes. I get it wink.

3 (54m 38s):
Yeah. Well, and then, you know, I, I live on a big mountain and guns are mighty small. I okay. Yeah. And, and that’s just one thing, you know? Yeah. I mean every, if you go through what you have, you may want to disperse it in caches, buried at certain locations, which may be a good idea. Anyways. Don’t keep all your shit in one place. Oh,

1 (55m 12s):
You speak in my language.

3 (55m 16s):
Yeah. The other day I actually got an underneath the stairs here. That’s going down in the basement and I found a cache of ammo and it was like, I hit the freaking jackpot. I mean, I knew it was there. I just didn’t remember how much it had put there. Okay. So it was like, Oh my God, it was like winded a lot. Or this

1 (55m 42s):
Year it was like, what are the damn lottery?

3 (55m 46s):
Yeah. Nine millimeter, some 45, 36, which I just got a full six back and a three Oh eight. I had several, a, probably a a hundred, 200 rounds of three Oh eight. And it was underneath there since my, my brother passed away. He gave me all his demo and I, I inherited some of these guns and stuff. So I just kind of stuck it in there. And it’s been there for like, I don’t know, five, six years. Beautiful. Yeah. It was nice. It was nice.

1 (56m 24s):
I think Jordan stepped away. So we’ll have to wait to get her answer on a, on a, on a Biden pres prep. But then again, her Mike did just done, you know, and it didn’t unmute. So she, she may come back and get with us. I dropped a video today for the members about something called, and I’m not going to go too deep into this cause this is a member stuff. And it’s, it’s too heavy for 10 minutes of explanation or five. Yeah. Something called dense net thievery. And that’s kind of my motivation for 2021. And Dave, you, you hit one aspect of it right on the head, which is a, don’t have all your stuff in one spot and surround yourself with the things that you want to have.

1 (57m 12s):
But more importantly, there are, there are a couple of things that I think everybody should consider that are outside of the scope of probably most people’s standard preparedness. And the first is my calling card, which is people it’s just, you know, even for a guy like me, whose whose in a great situation, as far as people are concerned, I’ve taken, I’ve taken up the responsibility and I don’t know how this is going to go, but I’ve taken and anybody can do this. That’s why I’m bringing it up on tonight. Show, all you’ve got to do is pay a dollar a month to go watch Joe Fox over at Viking, preparedness on Patrion.

1 (57m 53s):
And what he does is he offers up his network of people, which is about almost 6,000 deep across the nation to have what they call Viking meetups. And anybody can have a Viking meet-up and start to build this local crew of people who are all Preppers and preparedness minded. And I already attend meetups in another part of Virginia, but I’m going to start my own meetup here in Richmond and see what that pools. So that’s going to give a whole new pool of people and you know, this, this is just my motivation to have people, you know, because people to me or the great, the greatest preparedness utility that there is.

1 (58m 42s):
I mean, there’s just, there’s nothing better to me than knowing that, okay, I can call this person over here for information on this. Something crazy happened in the neighborhood. I can call this guy. We can assemble if need be. You know what I mean? Having these access to these kinds of people, particularly people who get it, who at least get it to some degree invaluable as far as I’m concerned. And, you know,

3 (59m 11s):
Go ahead, Dave, Rick. Well, I think you’re gonna do great and Richmond ’cause you know, of 2012. Yeah. 2012. Take me back,

1 (59m 22s):

3 (59m 24s):
You know, if it’s 20 or 20 taught us everything, prepping has become so mainstream that I heard Sebastian Gorka talking about it. Yeah. It’s like, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, he’s talking, prepping. I mean, it’s, it’s not fringe anymore. It it’s almost like, Hey, if you’re not doing this You you could suck.

1 (59m 54s):
That’d be the thing. Right. We’ll see you at the Kardashians bucket and rice up on EE or whatever. But yeah, the other, the other thing is income income is a, is something that I would highly recommend people diversifying, you know, figure out, even if you’re, you know, if you’re not a stock person, that’s fine. I’m not a stock person, but definitely figure out more than one way of bringing income into the household and maybe, and no, not maybe, and definitely one off grid method. I think it is very important to hammer down this year should be a goal of yours.

1 (1h 0m 34s):
One of my goals this year is to make a sale off of something that I’ve blacksmith. Then that’s, that is one Avenue that I would use to make money off grid. So these things, you know, these are the kinds of the, the wider scope things to think about, but people and income are our two big ones. You know, everybody thank God that everybody had to have the ability or not everybody, but a large chunk of the working population had the ability to go home, turn their desktop or their laptop on and keep on working during this issue. But if we find ourselves with a new problem and chances are, you know, the next virus, isn’t going to be a virus of the human body.

1 (1h 1m 20s):
So if we find ourselves in a situation where your computer doesn’t work anymore, how much does that affect your income? So I think it’s a good year to start thinking about S H T F career. And I wrote an article like three years ago about an SHTF career and trying to figure out what are you gonna do to make money? How do you keep the money coming into your household? You know, if you’re a guy who, who isn’t worried about working hard, you’ll have, you’ll be able to make money, but you know, now’s the time to plan something else that you can make it on your own terms rather than breaking your back for somebody else, because a, those days could come a lot quicker than you think so.

1 (1h 2m 3s):
Yeah. That’s my coach, Dave Jones.

3 (1h 2m 7s):
Yeah. I agree. I mean, we, we sell legs we’re we have enough sales right now of eggs to pay for the feed for the chickens. Perfect. So we’re, we’re not, yeah, we’re not only getting our, chicken’s the ones that we butcher for free, but we’re also the inner eggs for free. So yeah, we, we just crossed that threshold just before Christmas.

1 (1h 2m 34s):
That’s a huge that’s absolutely. You know,

3 (1h 2m 40s):
So we have, I think 12 or 14 new baby rabbits and the goat’s and still producing, you know, I talk a lot about food because if you got to secure your few food, if you really got to secure You

1 (1h 3m 4s):
Yeah. Food is everything, man. If you have it, you have the power. If you don’t have it, whoever has it has power over you it’s really that simple. So you’ve got to be able to, you’ve got to be able to control that.

3 (1h 3m 20s):
Yeah. And whenever it comes, you know, if it’s a digital dollar, if it’s an economic collapse and the least, I know my family will eat.

1 (1h 3m 29s):
Boom. Yeah. And then the other thing about that, Dave, in terms of income is if you set up a small system like Dave has with, with chickens that pay for themselves and sustain themselves in some way, or even, even if it’s just one system that works really well. If you turn around and find out that the world is coming apart at the seams for reel, and you know, in some, in some ways we are there already, you have the ability to teach that to people now, and you have the ability to charge people to learn that information.

1 (1h 4m 9s):
You know, that’s a product, or if that’s a service, you know, it’s not necessarily product, it’s a service and in an SHTF world, that could be a way that you stand to bring some income into your family. Hey, I’m going to go to this community and I’m going to teach them how to create their own little flock. And then we’re going to go to the next one and the next one and yada yada yada. And you know, it’s another reason why it’s good to have in routes of these communities and neighborhoods in your area. So you have a point of contact, you know, I’m going to call Pete up and tell him I’m coming over to his neighborhood and I’m going to do a breakdown on a, you know, whatever it is that you want to do a breakdown on how to plant perennial vegetable gardens or, or fruit trees and stuff like that, to provide food for people.

1 (1h 4m 56s):
When the supermarkets aren’t working anymore, look at the stuff that is coming up. Well, what you’re going to hear if you haven’t heard it yet, when I post this new food supply report is going to make your hair stand up. And that’s just the reality of what’s going on out there. You know, it really, what it feels now more than ever is is there a, several hammers that are all that are poised to drop and we don’t know which is going to drop first, but it does feel like there’s potential for all of them to drop at the same time. And I can’t tell if that’s by design or not, you know?

1 (1h 5m 39s):
Yeah. So that’s kind of the situation. Folks. You want to shut this thing down. Dave Jones is just you and me now, the bar’s all empty.

3 (1h 5m 49s):
Do you want to talk about the end of eighties? I, if someone’s turn, you know, tuning in after the fact, I noticed that a chat room is down, but I think you and me

1 (1h 5m 58s):
Was anybody in chat tonight. I don’t know why. Pretty interesting, but

3 (1h 6m 3s):
There’s been a long gone over from new year’s maybe a great, of gay. He is Alan rigs, a great guy in Venter, Christian veteran, retired Navy. He lives in Florida and he just keeps coming up with these new inventions. Well, now he has like a pellet gun size briefcase that, that goes anywhere and filters 75 gallons of water per hour. Look at this thing. And I know the pure or not.

3 (1h 6m 46s):
You can watch that video. He has crap water on one side, dirt floating in it. And then it gets sucked through the filter and pure water is being spit out the other side. I mean, it’s, it’s amazing. And it, and he explains, you know, it’s no use no need to wait, no need to drip filter. And this thing is, is made for thousands of gallons of water and its the size of a Pelican case.

1 (1h 7m 14s):
I think it’s cool man. Wow. 12 volt battery. Okay.

3 (1h 7m 19s):
Yeah. The thing that powers, it is his sales that make electricity from salt water. So all you got to do is add salt water in the cells and bang. You’ve got electricity power to you to pump it, to filter your water, recharge your batteries. This is a really, really great and any, any product that he has, you get 15% off by using Jones’ 15 as the discount code, I’m going to get out. I’m going to get Allen on. As soon as I can, we are going to have a cause that I’m going to find out how this briefcase came about.

3 (1h 7m 59s):
It’s it sits in the overhead compartment of a plane. I mean it’s small carry on bag and it produces 75 gallons of drinking water an hour.

1 (1h 8m 13s):
I’ll tell you what man. There’s no either who deserves to hit it with one of these damn inventions. Cause this guy has been making great stuff and I always feel like it doesn’t get what it deserves. You know? I mean the cold fusion batteries are unbelievable. I mean all of his technology’s outrageous. I would like to see you to take off. You know, I would like to see you to take off for me. He’s a hardworking guy with a passion for inventing amazing stuff that kind of fits right into this community. And you know, he’s, he’s a bad dude. No doubt about it. All right, PBN family.

1 (1h 8m 55s):
Let’s cut this. Preppers LIVE off and call it a night. Thanks so much. Dave Jones for joining us and Jay Fergie, Phil Rabelais Carl B latest host here at PBN. Happy birthday to you. Once again, Dave Jones, listen, VBN, I’m going to go out with a ad for fire edge. ’cause you know, we’re talking about another great inventor and this is a, this is a product that can immediately affect your vehicular preparedness and a supporter of us proud supporter of us. And we’re a proud supporter of them. So do your part use promo code BBN and you’ll get a seven bucks off and free shipping at fire edge.

1 (1h 9m 40s):
Check the video out fire And I’m telling you, man, this, this support thing that I’ve been talking about since this time last year is big. OK? The people who support the things that you support are the people that you must support. We’ll talk soon and PV and family it’s been a good Monday night. I thank you. The ultimate in vehicular preparedness fire edge, universal mag carrier holds firearms, stunned, guns, flashlights, tourniquets, medical supplies, right? And your DOR pocket. When you need the fire, you want the fire

1 (1h 10m 26s):
Use the promo code PBN, save seven bucks off your order and get free shipping promo code PB N all right. Visit fire today.

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