September 23, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Preppers LIVE w/ Sara Hathaway

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Prepper Broadcasting Network we have to hit the reset button to create a true culture, preparedness, starting at a very young age and still trained all the way up.

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PBM family. What is up Preppers LIVE tonight on the Prepper Broadcasting Network and we have a tool that we have a massive lineup of people tonight. It’s going to be a good one. Probably most importantly, we should mention early on here tonight that we have Sara Hathaway with us of the changing earth series author of the changing or a series end host alongside our very own CIN Gibson. I don’t know if he’s really our very own or not. I don’t know if I can say that with Sara on with us, but on with chin Gibson.

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And we’ve got Ryan with us, we got Dave Jones with us. We got Jay Fergie with us tonight and you know, all the news that’s fit to print for those of you who are new, are not familiar with Preppers LIVE this really is a, well, this really is just a bunch of Preppers LIVE. I mean, the title kind of says it all. It was born out of a, it was born from our medical Monday, which kind of evolved into this Corona cast to COVID cast, to consistent updates on Mondays about what was going on with COVID-19.

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And we started having so much fun that we just said, you know what, let’s do it. Let’s do it when we do it. And we’ll bring on somebody new and will have a ball, or, you know, do our thing. So that’s the big plan for tonight? No, Steven men King tonight, he will be, he’s going to be away probably for, I don’t know. I think he said something like two weeks or three. I don’t remember to be honest, but he will be back the voice of reason here, a PBM butt. He will be still giving us our econ economy reports.

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You’ll still be giving us a reliance on Sundays, by the way, reliance last Sunday was phenomenal and you got to check it out if you’re not listening to it. So what do we have on the docket for tonight? You know, we’re will do a little Dave Jones update. Obviously the show will devolve into chaos at the latter points. But one of the things that I’ve been thinking about lately is a considering how things play out beyond the police saying, you know, there, the police tapping out, I guess.

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And I don’t know if this is something that’ll happen. I do have very strong feelings about the police tapping out in larger cities around the nation. And what I’ve been thinking about and what I’ve been researching and reading about lately is kind of a, you know, warlords, warlords and armed insurgents, and, you know, like just kind of who, who, and a half, wow. In the terms of control when things like that go completely out of control.

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So who enters into the vacuum historically speaking? And I’m sure later down the line, I’ll do a big show on it, but for tonight it’s a new topic. It’s a new something that I’m into and you know, me with that kind of stuff. But I really am wondering, you know, no matter what happens with what’s going to happen in November, there’s going to be problems. There’s going to be problems around the nation of the biggest problems will be in the biggest cities. That’s just kinda how it goes.

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Umm, but you might experience some problems as well. And you couple that with this, you know, hatred towards the police currently, and I have a hard time believing I will be blown away. Well, I’m really, to be honest, I think I’m already kind of blown away by the police and the fact that they have an all quit already. I mean, I don’t know. I don’t know if I would have been able to go through the things that they’ve gone through over the last three, four, what five months now its been and still say, yeah, I’m going to punch the clock today.

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I’m going to go do our job. Even though everybody hates us. It’s a really weird dynamic. And I’m just kinda, you know, as a, Prepper sitting here and wondering about what comes next, ah, and I think if we, we do move into a world where there is a vacuum of power like that, that though whatever you wanna call you don’t necessarily have to call them warlords, but they’re will be controllers of, of piece and chaos, you know, and they’re will be, it’ll be a way worse than the police ever could be.

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So I’ve been studying up on that stuff lately. I’d I’d recommend you do the same. I’d recommend you do the same a pastor Joe Fox last week. I don’t know if you’re familiar with him. I’m sure many of you are Viking preparedness. He was talking a little bit about warlords last week and he brought up a good point about looking at your situation and considering how you, where you would fall in that dynamic. You know? So, so you’re in a situation where the police have decided the riots and the threats to their life and the murders and everything has gone too far out of control.

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And the police force dwindles to an ineffectual amount of people. And all of the sudden you have this vacuum of power in and around your area. And you know, some charismatic well-armed group happens by in decides that they can protect your neighborhood or your community. Where do you fall in all of that? You know, that’s not really something you want to be blindsided by. You don’t want to have to make that decision in the, in a hurry. And you may want to be a part of something like that in your own.

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Right? So just a little something to chew on. OK. The warlord that the tribal side of things, the, you know, the pirates of the next generation, I don’t know. I don’t know what they’ll be called, but I have to imagine if we see if we see things devolve in the way that many Preppers assumed they will, they will definitely be rulers. Now they may just be the same rules that rule you now because you are essentially ruled at this very moment, whether you like it or not all that said let’s I think we’ve got Dave, Dave Jones here.

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We’ve got Dave Jones here who at rumor has it rumor has it that he’s setting up landmines around his property. I’m not, I’m not going to say there’s any validity to that, but that’s just what I hear. So, but we want to get him on to talk a little bit about what is happening in and around. Maybe the Jones homestead and in and around the nation. So what is up Dave Jones? Fresh off a Prepper Camp yeah.

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Hey how’s my Prepper Camp buddy. Oh, you know, you slept together every night.

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Yeah. We will never be the same. Yeah, we did. It was good. LIVE and Two

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Yeah, it wasn’t bad. We didn’t get West, you know, I, after two days I recovered from Prepper camp and I’m ready to go back, you know? Yeah,

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Yeah. It was a ball. It was a ball. I got a list of things I wish I’d done, but will do next year.

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There you go. Edit to the list and we’ll get Jordan over there with us because a, you know, having her on the other side of that thing was kinda messed up, but that made it kind of difficult. Hey, did you see that nice article that Rick sent out?

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Awesome. Awesome. You know, I don’t think that picture is a very good you going to have to put that up on PBN.

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Yeah, we will. We’ll definitely repost that when that’s a great one.

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If I ever get into element, I will post it for everybody in. If they haven’t already,

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You got it right now. Actually let me do that.

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So you wanted to talk and I have an interesting take on this warlord thing. You said my brain’s been running, you know, because when you say things, Dave listens, I know,

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Oh, I appreciate that. I got to figure out how do a lot of my children, but

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So I guess the biggest news happened in the past week or so is a, the president and the first lady both got COVID there. They went into Walter Reed they’re they were, they’re like over the weekend. So they, they took a weekend off and now he’s looking to get back to work. So I just hope that he doesn’t go back too soon and have one of those relapses that a lot of people have said, of course he’s on the, the latest and greatest therapies.

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So I think he’s going to be in great shape.

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I was just talking to a doctor tonight who said almost the same thing. This thing comes and then it goes a little bit and then it comes back and he was worried about that exact same situation. So that’s interesting that you bring that up. Yeah.

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Yeah. It’s been the experience have a lot of people that have had it and, and they say that the first symptoms are bad, but then they, they feel better for like two or three days. And then why it gets hits him a second time. And that’s when people have really, really been hurting. So, you know, and he got, he got everything for the press, you know, told you so you shouldn’t have done it. Ah, just you name it.

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It ran the gambit. Now that he wants to come back, they don’t want him to come back. You know? It’s like you can’t when you came.

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Yeah. There’s no winning, no winning with the media

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And the numbers are still up in Europe. So a, as I said on my show Friday night, it doesn’t seem to follow a normal flu with like a second wave. So this could be just them relaxing standards and everybody getting out and about a and then they get it.

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I see a lot of, I see a lot of relaxed standards in my day to day life lately. I don’t know if anybody else does, but I’ve definitely seen things. Gym machines opened up at the gym that weren’t open not long ago. And you know, there hasn’t been any real go ahead. But I think the people of Virginia they’re, you know, they are not waiting for The lunatics who around the state to make their changes anymore. It seems like to me,

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Yeah, same here. And we were at the mall for the first time in, I don’t know how many shoe, maybe since the last Christmas. And we went there cause the Halloween store is they’re, you know, at the spirits store and yeah. And ah, the food court was open seating limited. And then everybody that was given out food was given it to go. So they assumed that you were going to take it and go somewhere else.

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But a lot of people were sitting there eating it, you know, no mash, no precautions. Only about, I mean the stander at about 50% actually had mastered it on his side. So the mask police are not around it’s where enough man, the patient, the patients have the American citizen is wearing off, not the virus itself, but the, but I thought that would be the case anyway, you know, people get sick of it and they’ll just say, I don’t want to do it anymore or whatever.

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What’s a lunatic, a fringe regulation. As you know, it’s like, it’s, it’s just craziness that the measures that are taken and not really based in any kind of common sense or science, they say the science is behind us. And then when, when you say what, what report he can’t produce any, I don’t understand where people are coming up with these like weird.

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It’s almost like they’re like throwing darts at a dartboard on where you should and shouldn’t distance and wear masks anymore. It’s you know what it is? David’s back to the beginning. Remember the beginning when it was like, where adhere don’t wear it they’re you don’t need it. But that’s like, we had like this little stint where everyone was like, all right, button it down, sanitize the hands. Let’s do the thing that is over people are it’s over now man. Holiday season is coming. It’s going to be on in America, whether the kills every one or not, obviously it’s not going to you

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When you look at it, we’ve mentioned it before. It’s just protocol. Complacency. People become complacent when there’s not any apparent risk. And even if there is apparent risk complacency is the biggest killer you see in any sort of situation, whether it be keeping an eye out for your situational awareness or taking precautions and an area that you could potentially get very ill from. No,

2 (14m 10s):
I think your a hundred percent. Right? So let’s hear about your warlord comment, Dave, cause I kind of wanted to touch on warlords with our very special guests Sara and CIN as well. Sure. Well, you know, I think Preppers are, are natural, are going to be natural leaders and natural people that will take charge in a grid down scenario. So I see myself being a little bit of a war here and let’s hope someone bigger and bad or don’t come by and a little piece of the mountain, but what about you peacekeepers now?

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Okay. If there is total collapse and anarchy and people dying, which that’s already happening and the election occurs and neither side says, you know, conceit, okay, one fight, one side asks the United UN to come in and help stop the violence.

1 (15m 29s):
There’ll be a gun behind every tree.

2 (15m 32s):
Do you see the other side says, no, we don’t want the UN to come in. You know, I’m not to be afraid of other people in the United States because you know, we’re, we’re at least raised with like a similar background in a similar, you know, what, if they ask China to be part of it, I’m serious. They’re a part of the UN

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That would be awesome. That would be insane. But I mean, you know what did surprise me? That is the question anymore. Right? What did surprise you? I mean, what, what would surprise you nowadays? We would almost be like, well, yeah, I figures come on, come on

2 (16m 16s):
Is, you know, w with the election, I could see this dividing up where Trump, you know, his people in his supporters say no to the UN and Biden went to gain power and take power says yes to the U S just a hypothetical here on earth.

1 (16m 40s):
No, I like it. I wear the whole warlord ideas hypothetical. I mean, we’re depending on total loss of control, no national guard, no police force. And then all of a sudden these people coming to power, it’s just, but it is the tale of history and its the tale of recent history particularly. And you would be able to speak to this better than me, Dave, but particularly in the middle East. Right? I mean, and probably current, well, not even, probably, but currently the situation in Africa, I mean, Africa is, is big time run by warlords in modern times.

1 (17m 13s):
You know, I think that the big takeaway for Preppers is to really wrap yourself in a situation where a group like that takes, takes, hold and ask yourself where you fall in that equation. Because, and if you take the time to do your area study or watch Sam copers videos and, and think about doing it, at least you can do very little work and figure out kind of where these warlords may come from. What parts of town are likely to produce the warlords outside of, you know, mayors and other heads of state that might be able

2 (17m 50s):
To try to hang on, hang on the good Trump. I don’t even know about that though. Those guys are so silly and cowardly, I feel like they would just hide in their house until they were killed in a real chaotic situation. Absolutely. They don’t want to be identified. Right? Exactly. Yet the moms going to take it out on them first, you, you know that whether their on their side or not, I was going to do a daily audio cash today. And I, I totally got, you know, the warden was working. My buddy and I was going to talk about learning new skills and, and God forbid, if you ever get put into a Camp or a collective action, if you read the accounts of even concentration camps in Nazi Germany, the people that certain skills were allowed to do those jobs.

2 (18m 49s):
So even if you have rudimentary carpentry skills and they need you to build, build something, you know, you will be building something rather than the alternative chambers. You know,

4 (19m 5s):
I don’t think you guys were a very far off with the China and the UN though, cause the global elitist seven talking about the economic reset, but they want to go to The electronic money. Right. And do a reset of the whole world. And if Trump wins you, you know, he’s not going to be on board with that. He’s a he’s out for America and not worried about, you know, what’s, what’s the global standard going on will got to protect America, which I think he’s right on because we’ve been protecting in the world for a long time.

4 (19m 40s):
But that would definitely give them the excuse of maybe they need to send people into America because America is just unruly at this point or something like that. Right. So I don’t know that. I didn’t think about like the UN blue hats and then China and all that, that just took that to a whole nother level for me and my, my head there will be like, Oh, well I’m glad I could do that for your head. Yeah. Thank you. I appreciate that. I needed more things going on in there.

2 (20m 7s):
Yes. More sleepless nights. Ruly Patriots. I like that. What is, what about chin? What do you got on warlords or China or you win invasion or you know?

4 (20m 23s):
Oh, he loves my warlord. Mr. Swenson. Yeah. Ask him about that one.

2 (20m 31s):
No, I was just typing away trying to see how much real estate China owes in the U S I will pull that up quick enough. Sara stop talking too soon. But I was thinking, yeah, like China owns real estate. Right. And the U S so they could just come spending their property. It’s the us. And then a fan out from there. I mean, we know they can build Island’s in the middle of the sea and just declare their national territory. So let’s go down that road.

2 (21m 0s):

1 (21m 2s):
Yeah. If you have a choice, you’re the only problem I have with the Chinese theory is the, a, the fact that they have to, they, I don’t think they could displace as many resources to the American soil as we think, because there on the verge of a revolution on their own land, in my opinion, you know what I mean? So I think they’re gonna, they’re going to have trouble. They’re going to have some, they’re going to have some food problems this, well, they’re already buying their way out of problems this year. You know, that’s something they’re already having to deal with is buying pork and buying what else they buy.

1 (21m 38s):
And rice is a China buying rice. That seems like it’s right. But I don’t know if that’s right. Anybody on that one. I know they’ve been, Oh, soy. I think it was soy. I don’t know. They’re fighting the freak and

4 (21m 52s):
Yeah, they’re buying a bunch right now. And then they have the whole swine flu and that, which is now going around the world too, for like the pig population. So Germany just like shut down all their agriculture because of that. So its about to get real interesting, real quick. And Africa got hit twice by them locust.

1 (22m 11s):
It’s crazy, man. It’s the craziest one. When the swarms of bugs, just show up biblically, destroy your whole gardens and farms and everything. Talk to me.

4 (22m 25s):
You did a show. I did a show on tyrants for, you know, cause I I’ve got mr. Swinson that comes onto the scene and my books. And he told her completely after the fall he was in the new, he was in st. Louis. So he was in new Madrid when the great quake happened. And so it’s his adventure. They ended up moving the capital of the U S to a Kansas because of rising waters. And so he ends up not far from there and he sets up his community, basically just taking a what’s available from the surrounding communities, including the people.

4 (23m 6s):
And then as long as people are willing to work with him, he feeds ’em takes care of them. They become his fighting force, his, his, you know, taking care of the Camp, whatever your job fits to you to do. And then if you don’t want to work with him while then, you know, if you’re useful labor, then you just become basically a flavor for him.

2 (23m 27s):
It’s like James concept of community building.

1 (23m 31s):
Yeah, yeah. Not fortunate enough to have any slaves.

4 (23m 37s):
Yeah. So he that’s like his, but he gets in with like the new government, you know? So he’s like taking care of things for the new government so that, you know, that area is running smooth. The government doesn’t have to worry about people rebelling in that area. They’re all contained and controlled. And so he ends up kind of partnering up with them. So anybody that the new government needs to go out and kind of put a little crowd control on, he fends Swenson’s men now to take care of them, the, the new leader of the federal Republic of America.

4 (24m 7s):
That was kinda my, my take on the Tyra. Cause he becomes like the main tyrant. And then, but we did this article and I found an article called like the 10, the 10 steps to becoming a tyrant, like the things you need to do to establish yourself as the Titanic skull ruler. So that was, yeah, that was a great little read, you know like that’s the manual that he,

5 (24m 40s):

4 (24m 41s):
So it was pretty interesting. And basically, you know, if you can provide supplies and you can take care of people, like even Stalin said, as long as you feed the chicken, you can rip all his feathers off, but he’s still gonna come in for the feed. If you can provide supplies and you can feed people, that’s going to put you in a great position authority. Nobody’s going to care if you have gold are or anything like that, as long as you’re feeding them. So that’s a really, you know, a great way to be able to establish yourself or do you need to have the protection to protect your food?

4 (25m 17s):
So that all comes together. But I mean, so, you know, if you’re going to hold that authority as a dictator, then you need to eliminate your enemies. You know, as we’ve seen in past regimes and maybe some, a current regimes, not going to mention any names because I don’t want to be on any more lifts than I probably am, but you know, so that you got to eliminate your, your opposition there. So you don’t have people coming after your food anymore. And then, you know, anybody within your ranks, that’s also posing a problem, but you got to eliminate them because one voice is going to be heard at that point.

4 (25m 55s):
I’ve talked to a lot of people about, you know, could you do a governing board versus one leader kind of thing. When it comes down to it, if you’re in a survival situation like that, you need to put trust in somebody because that person is going to need to make some tough calls. And everybody’s just got to go with it. You know? So you can’t have like a board. Yeah, exactly. You can’t like a board arguing because we don’t have time for that. Right? Exactly. So you have to have like, and you can have different leaders from your crew that step off at different times or to take care of different things like food, you know, defenses that, but when it comes down to it, you’re going to have to have one person whose voice is like, this is it.

4 (26m 37s):
This is the end at all. And if you’re with us, your weapon us, and if you’re not, you’re not, you know, and that it’s up to them what they want to do with those people. But that gets kind of creepy, but I live and breathe that fiction tyrannical world. So you got the right girl for the shell. All right.

1 (26m 52s):
Oh, I didn’t even mean that to turn out that way, but I just was thinking, what can we, what can we set it off with? And that made a lot of sense. It, you know, the Romans did that too, that whole suspension of democracy so we can handle business. Yep.

4 (27m 6s):
You got to be agile sometimes. You know? And so, you know, our president’s kind of supposed to be that person, but I think that people give our presidents nowadays way too much credit. Like we should be looking at Congress and like, what have you done for us lately? There the ones who are supposed to be making the tough calls and doing, doing, it’s not supposed to be a president sitting down making it executive orders. That’s not his role. It’s supposed to be Congress. They haven’t done anything. Like when’s the last time you like, Oh, Congress passes, great bill.

4 (27m 37s):
And it’s going to do, you know, good things for our country. When’s the last time you can remember that happening.

1 (27m 41s):
Yeah. I mean the whole last thing I remember them doing was taking successive vacations when people were starving for some kind of relief, but they were also telling people not to work. So having hearing, so yeah. That’s good. They are good.

4 (27m 59s):
Yeah, exactly. That’s why it’s like, Oh, Bama, you know, I mean for whatever, whatever he, you know what he was, he wasn’t The, he’s not supposed to be that dude. Like the end all fail. Trump was not supposed to be the end all fail. That’s not how our country is supposed to be. They’re just supposed to be our international like liaison. I don’t know. So we’ve gotten warped out a little bit there. We need to understand that, like we need to look back to Congress and be like, what are you guys doing? Cause were not a dictatorship.

4 (28m 30s):
And that’s kind of where we’re going. And after that, when you have dissension within the ranks, then you fragment.

1 (28m 36s):
No. Yeah. Right. Well, calendars needs to be put on much more strict or a term limits. That’s probably the biggest problem. You know, you could get, get something like that passed and people would have some urgency. You wouldn’t have people laying around in Congress, you know, be contentious.

4 (28m 53s):
I have to pass that though. Congress. Yeah, exactly. They’re not going to do that. Yeah. We’re just to do something.

1 (29m 2s):
They would just rather the whole thing burned down first. Yeah.

4 (29m 7s):
Yeah. And then I’ll also one of the main things too, is like, The that dictator person, they have to control the news. So, you know, one of the things I’ve been really curious about the left because there obviously a socialist party they’re obviously Manning up for socialism to be in place

1 (29m 24s):
And in control the news, you know,

4 (29m 26s):
And control them to choose. Exactly. There always has to be that strong leader though. That can really put the wheels in motion. And I haven’t seen it. I haven’t seen this person that’s supposed to lead this movement if you think about it. Right. Who right. Exactly. It’s not those bore horse women or whatever. And that’s just, you know,

1 (29m 52s):
Yeah. I haven’t seen anybody strong from the left period. Right. I mean, not even an in a leader position,

4 (30m 3s):
That’s what I’m saying. Like, so you know, where, where there’s something hidden in the background is what, I’m what I’m saying. Like, I don’t know, you know, I don’t think it’s just Soros, but yeah.

1 (30m 19s):
Well, it could be why they are, so, I mean they’re effective in summer guard, but when it comes to, well, I don’t know. I mean, they have ganged a considerable amount of power where you stopped that. So, you know, it’s a hard one to call, but yeah. I mean, w the biggest thing with the left right now is they, they’ve more like the radical left, I guess. I don’t know. Yeah. The biggest

4 (30m 41s):
Exactly. So many people in the middle, I think that’s where like 90, probably 90% of America is as in the middle and it just gets so strewn out on the farthest. You got it.

1 (30m 55s):
The, the dangerous thing right now is am. And I noticed this as far back as probably November of last year, was that the mistake that we’re making as a group is laughing and kind of playing down their efforts, you know, because we looked at those first groups of protesters or who were actually anti protestors against the second amendment, a rash of laws that went around the nation before COVID hit.

1 (31m 28s):
And we were kind of joking and laughing at them, you know, cause they didn’t come with anything. They just came out there in, you know, get beat up by people. You know, the proud boys would show up and beat them up. And I remember just feeling like, man, we’re just, we’re just waiting around until they really become a problem rather than addressing it. And I think that’s my retina and you bring up another great point that that feeds into that theory is they’re not there yet, you know, but every there’s a whole bunch of them that, or just like, who’s our strong leader, how do we get good weapons?

1 (32m 4s):
How do we do this riot thing better? You know? And, and there was a time when we used to say, you know, they’ll never bring guns to these things cause they’re all afraid of guns. And then all of a sudden, okay, now some people got guns at these protests and these riots and you know, like, yeah.

4 (32m 22s):
You know, they have food trucks show up with shields. Yeah. So who’s funny, like I said, there’s somebody behind the scenes that we don’t know about just waiting to kind of make an appearance. So the last part of like becoming the ironic a, and that you have to actually create an ideology around it right around your leadership. So you can’t have God in that because God would say that we’re all children of God and we’re all important and we all are equal and we all are born with our inalienable rights, you know?

4 (32m 59s):
So you can’t, you have to push that out. They’ve been really trying to do that. And what’s really cool was seeing the awakening and people, just the amount of wakening in their spirituality through the whole thing. So if anything good has come out of it, it’s probably that, but they will try and stop that out because it just can’t exist with somebody who has a truly tyrannical ruler. They will not play second fiddle to your God, to your religion, whatever that is, they will not do that. So that Tyron as a leader, it’s a definitely a, a red flag to look for because they will not play second fiddle to that.

6 (33m 36s):
All right. Sara you waited into a wood eye. What I was thinking about making like a topic for this week’s show on the I on Liberty show, which was The the correlation between God and American values and American traditions. And because I’m of the belief that, and this is probably, you know, what w if I do this show Wednesday, there’s a lot of you out there who are going to have a big problem with it, but that’s just a, I probably will, but I’m, I’m have the belief at this moment in history.

6 (34m 15s):
It might not have always been this way and I might be wrong about this too, but I feel like for God to be on this planet in the way that we’re used to God being on this planet, not in a knot in a, like a, a physical presence, but I’m just talking about the representation of God on this planet. We have to have America. You know, I think if America falls and I think if we We, the reason this came up is because I noticed this, this separation between certain certain, and I don’t mean to offend anybody.

6 (34m 50s):
I don’t know anybody’s religious affiliation, but I’m just going to speak on it. I noticed this kind of weird divide that’s happening in some forms of whatever it is, whatever version of Christianity it is that they are taking American traditions and calling them pagan holidays that should be done away with, and we should get rid of Christmas and Halloween and Easter, and it’s all wrong. And they never said it in the Bible. And you know, if that’s your thing, I get it.

6 (35m 22s):
But the point I would like to make on Wednesday show, and I’ll bring a lot more firepower on Wednesday. I’m just doing this in passing is a, I don’t think God can survive without America going forward. Moving into this hyper technological age, moving into an age where China be a super

1 (35m 38s):
Power, if not the imminent superpower on the planet, you know, it could be, it could be a long, long time where Bibles are something that you have to hide. You know what I mean? And I don’t know. I get really nervous when I, when I see people of faith rubbing wrong against American traditions that are literally the basis of American faith, because I don’t think you can have it without the first and second amendment in today’s modern age.

1 (36m 10s):
And I think it will be harder and harder to get access to God. If, if America doesn’t have the founding documents in place, I really think that is.

4 (36m 21s):
And not only that, like the values of whether you believe in Christianity or not, you know, or, or the Bible or not, or whatever, really the values that come through Christ teachings are what allow us to be free people, because you have to have a value structure in order for people to self-govern or else they’ll just be like, ah, screw you. I’m going to do this. I’ll screw you. I’m going to do that. I’ll show you. I’m going to write there’s no, you have to have a value system.

4 (36m 54s):
And the loss of the value system is what’s causing people to go, Hey, government, they’re not allowed to do that. We have to make a law to control them. Right. Because I can’t live that way. That’s invading on my freedom. Oh, well, Hey government, I can’t live this way because there’s no values there anymore. There’s nothing to agree upon anymore. And, you know, honestly, I thought the pedophilia stuff will be like, this is without question.

4 (37m 24s):
What is going to unite us together. I mean, coma HUD, right? Like you, how can you like, Oh, no, it’s cool. It’s good. Like, no, I mean, I figured everybody would be like, yeah, we got to get this under wraps. This, we can’t let this eval, you know, exist on our planet. We can’t have people as slaves that doesn’t work for our constitution at all. And now they’re passing laws and stuff in California to make it acceptable for pedophilia.

4 (37m 54s):
I’m just like sick into my core. Like, how were are the values? Where do you draw the line? Where do you stop this? And, you know, you can just see it degrading all over the place. These, you know, people, the outfits that they wear or just, you know, you might as well be up there naked, new and stuff. And you, you know, where, where do you have moral values? It’s a children’s show. I was watching, America’s got talent. And it was when they had the female host children. I’m sitting there with my sons and everything.

4 (38m 25s):
And she comes out she’s basically am like a 90. I mean, it’s see through lace outfit, went from panties on underneath. I’m like, Oh my gosh, I want to cover up my

3 (38m 36s):
Son’s eyes. My little guy he’s covering up his eyes. He’s like, I don’t think that’s appropriate. I’m like, well, thank you. You know, I don’t either. But obviously like people who make TV programs, I had to turn it off. You know, I had to just turn off a TV. Cause

1 (38m 52s):
I’m going on with that. What is going on with that? You know what I mean? What is it specifically with, like, this thing only happens with ladies. Why is that? I don’t understand why the men, the, you never see a dude. Who’s like, I’m going to come with my shirt off tonight. We’re just going to do a shirtless tank top, whatever

3 (39m 13s):
I have my Speedos underneath. Yeah. I’m serious. It’s just moral. Degregation. So there was a bill that, or a book that was made with the steps to make America communist it’s called the naked communist. And it was 45 communist goals that were laid out. It was actually presented to Congress in 1963. There’s a book was written in 58. And one of the bullet points on it is actually to degrade the moral standards by Promoting pornography and obscenity and books or magazines, motion, pictures of radio and TV.

3 (39m 56s):
Right. And they win. They win and lose him. Can I jump in on that one? What do you Sara? So the biggest issue, when you see, you asked why it’s women, whites, girls, unfortunately, the normal body, the physiological effects of the body, anything that is naturally supposed to be there has been sexualized to such a high rate. That that’s what these children think they have to have it.

3 (40m 26s):
I mean, when I say this out, not that I’m trying to call it out, but look, look at Cardi B. Okay. Look, if the music you get to sing about being nasty about, Oh my gosh, that’s popular. That is absolute filth. And I’m thinking I’m a mom. I’m that parent who watches what my kids get dressed in the close in the store or so age inappropriate. There, ain’t no way in hell. Pardon my language, but no way. I mean, my children are seven. I’m not dressing her.

3 (40m 56s):
Like she’s 35. There are days where, like I went out, I’m 31 and I’m looking at some of these folks and I’m thinking what the heck happened. Yes. Why? Or a 12 year olds being allowed to wear a fishnet tops with shorts. Then they at want a wonder why these children are pregnant at 14, you take away your standard of a person and you already work on Ruina nation all together.

3 (41m 26s):
You take away a person’s ability to have a work, to have morals, to have some sort of standard. And you have already moved on, right? You have completely worked on destroying our nation. We’re a hand in our kids, our family, and our future to hell on a hand basket. And that’s what they want. They want to make it so like, Oh, look, your parents don’t know how to raise you. We’re going to just the States because someone else gets something real nice. Yes, I am a very strict mother and there is nothing I’ve ever heard about that being on air or even to my friends or to y’all, I’m a very strict parent.

3 (42m 2s):
I’ve watched what my children watched. You know, what Disney is not allowed in. My house is not allowed in my house. Disney jr. Almost got taken away. If I could have blocked a certain cartoon only because the amount of immorality is affecting our children. Now look at how these children misbehave and I work in mental health. Right. And if you could see the violence, the vulgarity from, I hear from five and seven year old children, not my children.

3 (42m 37s):
No, not mine, not mine, but you see, I see where Sara getting at it. It has made it almost difficult to be a woman of any sort of standing, you know, even back in the day, working in construction. Oh baby, you don’t need to be doing this. No, I can work twice as hard. And it doesn’t matter what I look like or what my build is. Take me for being a hard worker and not a pretty face. Exactly. Exactly. My little rant there for a minute. Cause it just discussed.

3 (43m 8s):
It is it’s discussing. And like when women believe that’s how they need to be to get ahead. And then we see the type of things that happen, you know, mana with the Monica Lewinsky and the, you know, white house looking at all the abuse that happens, you know, with Dean and all that stuff. And you’re like, well, why would somebody do that? Well, because society is telling them, that’s what they have to do to get ahead.

6 (43m 32s):
Yeah. And for the men, it is a total and a lot of them, I mean, I think a lot of guys get it, but it’s a total hijacking. It’s a total, a brainwash move. You know what I mean? It’s like they have so figured out the man’s desires and physiology and their just like, we can put this plus this plus this, Oh yeah.

3 (43m 54s):
The push to make men degrade women. They’ve pushed that this is what a woman wants is a domineering man who controls every aspect of their life. Forget the fact that it, you know, a man and a woman are supposed to be a partnership. It even says it in the Bible. So I understand the man is the head. The wife has the second, but guess what? There’s still a partnership. And it has hit a point where all of these sex that sells Shows men, absolutely domineering women to the point that the women lose that they are even a person and more or less just an item or an object or a piece property.

3 (44m 32s):

4 (44m 32s):
That’s one of the problems I had with like, especially early writings in the Bible was like, OK, well, you know, some of the female roles and I was like, I’m really strong female. And I don’t think this is pretty cool. And anyway, so I ha I had to really come to terms with that, to restore my faith. And I heard a gentleman describe it to me as men of faith and of Christianity. Actually the women of Christianity are treated the best in the entire world.

4 (45m 3s):
Okay. We have the most rights of any nation. Why? Because Christianity teaches that women are to be upheld as much as your church, you know, to respect your woman as much as you would respect your church to honor them. And it even says, you leave your mother and your father when you take your spouse. And that is because you, when you take your spouse, it is the two of y’all as a whole, as of one yolk, as a union for the rest Catholics, it’s a Holy you have a spouse and you are then the leader of your house to teach that faith in those morals.

4 (45m 42s):
And it’s so important for all the gentlemen out there to step up and show their children. Cause that’s, that’s one thing I always like when I sit down with people, I’m like, my husbands are the best daddy in the world. He raises his boys so well. And I take care a lot of financial stuff and I’m, I’m the driver. He, you know, you asked me what my goals are. I’ve got about a list of 15 things. My husband’s like my goal is taking care of my family. And I love respect him for that.

4 (46m 13s):
And he teaches my son’s to be gentlemen. And that is so important. And that’s another thing they’ve tried to take masculinity and say, it’s toxic. There’s you know, there is no shame and being a woman it’s anything you should try harder to be a man and harder to be a good woman, because those are things that are lost than today because apparently 50 men who want to try to control women in skinny jeans is a thing. No, that’s not. Okay.

4 (46m 46s):
It’s true. It’s true. So I don’t, I mean, I don’t mean to take over to the show with like the, but you know, it’s really important stuff and that’s the, that’s what it comes down to you as we have to get back to our routes and women are not to be toyed with and men aren’t just, you know, to be discredited or whatever. And everything’s each piece of the puzzle is super important and fits together to make it a whole.

6 (47m 13s):
Yeah. It’s all very confusing to a person like me to watch it. It’s very confusing. It’s the, the multi roles, you know, your F you find yourself watching people try to explain to you what a woman is in what a man is, what a modern woman in a modern man should be. Right. And it’s like, right. And none, none of this is possible. It’s like a contradiction after contradiction, after it, like I’m supposed to respect a modern woman who wears no clothes and has no dignity for herself, but I’m supposed to treat her like an equal.

6 (47m 54s):
And it’s

3 (47m 57s):
Someone like that. Seriously. I’m just, I’m sorry. If you’re not going to base, don’t get mad at me when I turned my nose up because you still look, if you’re not going to pull your pants up all the way, like get it right where the lack of respect in today’s society is gone. And that’s what kills me is I grew up very, very old school. Southern. You pay your respects. You say, ma’am you say, sir, Oh, you don’t owe me that, but I’m going to give that to you.

3 (48m 33s):

6 (48m 34s):
Well, I’m going to tell you what I think The the quickest way to victory and the quickest way to win America back from whatever hell it’s in. I have a theory for it, and I’ve mentioned it before on the, I am Liberty show and I will probably hold this theory til the day I die, unless I see it coming to fruition. But I really think there’s one thing that could save us all quicker than anything else. And it would be a revolution of young conservative women. I think if we had just, if, if somehow this craziness in the nation gave birth to a generation of conservative women, it would change what the men do because the men follow with the girls do when you really get down to it.

6 (49m 19s):
And I think it would save, save at all. I really do. You know, I don’t think it’s, I don’t think we’re at a place where a strong president is going to make a difference. Now, you know what I mean? I really do think that it would be our greatest hope if I could snap my fingers and make it happen so that the colleges were filled up with these young and conservative women with the standards, man, I bet you, by the time they were old enough to have kids and families and get married and all that stuff, it would just, it would be a different nation.

6 (49m 53s):
I don’t know if that’ll ever happen.

3 (49m 56s):
Oh, definitely. A w it was definitely a goal of the communist party to do that to American society and, and it’s working, but yeah, voice’s, you know, we’d got to keep our voices alive and just keep fighting against it because people are certain to wake up, go, you know, you just yucky. Yup.

6 (50m 20s):
Yeah. It’s an important thing. The wake up,

3 (50m 22s):
I have one more of these off of the, off of my list of 45 for the communist steps.

4 (50m 29s):
You’ll love this one. james’ cause you know, you just will, it’s a little off topic, but the credit, the American constitution by calling it inadequate old fashioned out of step with modern needs or a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis that was written in 1958. How to turn America a communist.

6 (50m 54s):
Well, you know that pesky second amendment is a big problem. No opposing nation will ever fall in love with our, our pesky second amendment, right? Yeah.

4 (51m 6s):
Yeah. That’s what I’m saying. I was like, Oh my gosh, there’s so many of them that are just right down the line. It’s jaw-dropping utterly jaw-dropping. So that’s, The

6 (51m 17s):
What’s jaw-dropping and it could be an age thing because it is usually an age thing, but what’s jaw dropping is how people can be so easily duped into it. You know, how they can buy into all of this stuff. And I guess it is, but, but that’s not all youth, it’s a made up buy a lot of youth with the movement in America right now, guidance has a lot.

4 (51m 43s):
Do you think that disciplining your children is bad, right? Like we want to let the children be children and have experiences and, and they’re only going to be children once. Well, guess what? They’re going to be adults a lot longer than their children. And if you don’t teach them rules and guidelines as children, then they have no idea how to, how do you establish them for their children for one thing when they’re adults. So now you’ve had generations of this going on.

4 (52m 13s):
And the simple fact is discipline is love. Now. Yes, you can take that too far and like beat your kids. And I’m not saying to do anything like that, but if you truly love your child, you will take the time to teach them what it means to be a good human being. That’s why I think they also need to know consequences for their actions. Exactly. I don’t believe that’s what you’re seeing on the streets right now.

6 (52m 46s):
You know, learn consequences on the playground,

4 (52m 53s):
Just trying for participation can, and I’ve told my kids and it sounds ugly if you win some, you lose it. It happens. And that’s the part of it. You don’t get an award just to participate in, because guess like you work hard to win or learn how to lose because it will make you work harder to win. Exactly. Yep. That’s what I tell my sons.

6 (53m 16s):
Yeah, though, the world is brutal. And the last place you, the last thing you want is for your kid to have to find that out on their own, you know, that’s way I always look

2 (53m 26s):
At it’s like I got two to two boys and they’re, you know, they’re going to get wallop just like everybody else gets it by everything, you know, but bad bosses and heartbreak and all that s**t is coming. And you know, if you, if you shield them and you protect them from everything and you tell them that everything they do is magic than the first time they get hit his going to be out there and they’re going to be alone and, you know, might as well tough and sense of reality that too

3 (53m 56s):
On the takeaway to the world is really liked. And you know, you all have boys. I have two girls in a boy, so I have to look at it from both ends of the spectrum of how do I protect my son while still letting him be a young man. And how do I protect my girls while still on them?

2 (54m 13s):
On one thing? What was that day? Hey, well, I just got to add one little thing. Yeah. You guys were saying about the degradation of the society. I know. I want you to know that in one person’s lifetime. Okay. Homosexuality, if you look at the movie called the choir boys, it’s about a New York city cops.

2 (54m 52s):
They were hunting gay people down in, you know, the, a central park and busting them

3 (55m 5s):

2 (55m 8s):
Yeah. It is crazy. What a lifetime can do, isn’t it? Oh my God. I wonder, you know,

3 (55m 14s):
Freedom can be lost in what two generations lose our freedom.

2 (55m 19s):
Okay. Yeah. You could argue if you could argue, we have already, I mean, in many ways, you know? Yeah.

3 (55m 26s):
Was my biggest point at the beginning of all this, I was like, guys, guard your rights carefully. I understand Corona viruses, like a big deal and everything, but what, what they take it rarely do they give back. So guard your rights. And everyone’s like, Oh, you’re just crazy. You were just a freedom blahblahblah. You just always are talking about that premium stuff and this, and I’m like, Oh yeah, cause have you looked at what’s going on in our country? He’s like, you’re just going to be like, Oh, here’s the keys of the car.

3 (55m 56s):
I have a great day, you know?

2 (55m 57s):
Yeah. Well the best we have freedom with stipulations, you know, and a pretty hefty bill to keep it. You know what I mean? Or your, your tax bill is no joke and you will be locked up if you don’t pay that bill. Right. And you know, most freedoms nowadays come with stipulations, you know? Sure.

3 (56m 15s):
Even your,

2 (56m 18s):
The amendment. Yeah. Pro yo. Yeah. That’s that, that’s all part of that bill. The bill

6 (56m 24s):
Comes due, but yeah, you have a second amendment, but you have a second amendment in certain places and certain ways and certain weapon’s, you know, depending on where you live, it’s not just your, you have the right to keep and bear, whatever arm’s you want and bear them wherever you want. It’s a very different, you know, and the same thing it’s happened. The scary thing now, though, guys, and what’s most terrifying to me is the world of the, the techno monarchs has become so big and so influential that they have the ability to take your rights away.

6 (57m 1s):
You know, if you play on their platforms, it’s like freedom of speech is a history and social media and you can just feel, and that’s a scary thing, you know, because Google ain’t slowing down, Google is slowing down at all. I mean, if you’re talking about globalists and global power, you know, they’re going to be right in the running in the next 10, 20 years. I mean, they’ll probably be a Google nation.

4 (57m 27s):
They already can control nations. So they don’t even need to become a nation. They just, they just do what they do. Yeah. They can totally like go into a foreign country and then dictate the outcome of their election or like, Oh, we’re not doing that in America. Oh no. Why would you possibly do that in America? Yeah.

6 (57m 43s):
Well, that’s what I mean about, about the disappearance of God without America. You know, I think because if Google is no ally of Christian faith, you know what I mean? And they’ll just quiet that up. And

4 (57m 58s):
In order to rule, they have to get rid of it. Right. I mean, they can’t have, they can’t rule people who have faith because we answered the phone.

6 (58m 6s):
Yeah. Communists did, you know, Maria can attest to this, that they closed down the monasteries, all the priest went into hiding you. You can’t have Christianity because Christianity, Oh, you know that hope to be able to rule over people. Yeah. That’s a big piece of it, man. And you know, it just, it just seems like the F the battle is there, the battle lines have been drawn.

6 (58m 43s):
Well here to look at this, this is funny, Eric, in the chat room, it’s just, Oh, no, this is different. Federal government is laying the groundwork to attack Google with the antitrust laws. That would be something that would be something,

4 (58m 56s):
But Eric common. And, you know, as long as their sins and vices are being procured, most people won’t care less about the freedoms. That’s exactly it. As long as you give them what they want, you give them that satisfaction that, that whatever they’re feasting for, right? As long as you provide that, you can be the Titanic or a ruler, because now you can rip all the feathers off the chickens, but you’re providing what they want. And they’re just going to come back and from your plate.

1 (59m 23s):
Yeah. It’s hard. It’s hard though, isn’t it? I mean, it’s, it’s hard not to fall for all the temptation in the world today. You know, it’s, it’s not like its, you know, a thing that is easy, you know, like you could just wake up one day and say, you know what, I’m not gonna drink. I’m not gonna this. I’m not gonna, you know, and none of it and I’m just going to stay focused iron like on, you know, its tough and I cannot even, you know, my life, to be honest with you is not that stressful.

1 (59m 55s):
I mean, there are stressful moments, but I can only imagine someone who’s trying to walk a straight line, but is also struggling with, you know, family issues and work issues and money issues and all the s**t that happens in life that can go wrong to a person. I mean, we all know that person that is just in a perpetual war that is their day to day life. And to imagine a person like that and to imagine a person like that, trying to be like, I’m just gonna walk the straight and narrow everyday.

1 (1h 0m 31s):
It’s like that,

4 (1h 0m 33s):
That God always offers forgiveness as long as you ask for it, but you can fall off the rails. You can, we’re humans and God understands that we’re all human beings and we are not perfect or a few to create us that way. But it gives us the chance to wake up each day and do it a little bit better than we did the day before. So that’s what it’s all about.

1 (1h 0m 56s):
That is huge. I need all of that for sure. Right?

4 (1h 1m 1s):
I mean that’s, I mean, what are you going to do? Like what, what are you going to, how are you going to stay sane right now through all this craziness, right? How, how are we going to stay with that light in our heart when there’s so much darkness pressing down on us from every direction, that’s what it’s gotta be about. You know, it’s just gotta be about waking up every day and trying to make that day a little bit better than it was a day before you got to do a little bit better today. So it doesn’t have to be monumental. It just has to be a step in the right direction.

1 (1h 1m 29s):
I like it. I like it. How do we get here’s the question for the group? Because we feel very comfortable with the idea of a things being taken away and never coming back. And you know, there’s a limit to that. There’s a hard, hard, hard limit to that, that I don’t, I’m not too interested in meeting that hard limit, but there is undoubtedly a hard limit to that. You know, there’s gonna come a time where people revolt because thing to much has been taking.

1 (1h 2m 2s):
You have to where this, you have, you can’t go here. You can’t do that. You can’t say these words you can’t do. You know, and you know, we probably need to talk about a path to gain some of these things back, you know, the idea that what we lose and the second amendment never back or what we lose through various laws never comes back. And you know, there’s a good chance. I mean, how many of you would be surprised if we found out that we We in order to go certain places we’re going to have to wear masks for the rest of our lives?

1 (1h 2m 37s):
You know, I mean, I wouldn’t be that surprised if I found that out about certain areas, certain places that, you know, the mask is just a new part of the American way. And I don’t know, how do we walk back these things that seem to be almost impossible to walk back?

3 (1h 2m 55s):
I don’t, I don’t think it’s that we walk back. I think it’s whatever we set before us. So we can’t go back to what yesterday was. We can’t go back to what three days or a week or last year was. But what we can do is set the standard for what we’re gonna do today or tomorrow. So like our prepping, I am setting the standard for my children to have life skills just as I am as a person and my everyday life, we are going to be the deciding factor of how we follow through with this.

3 (1h 3m 25s):
Now we’re going to always run into conflict with everybody else and other people not being able to deal with that. Well, guess what? We deal with it today. And we dealt with it yesterday. So the whole thing is, is we can’t go back. We can’t change it and we can’t return it, but we can keep going forward. So we are that factor that other people don’t count on.

1 (1h 3m 46s):
That’s an interesting take. I like that. What are your thoughts on breaking the rules?

3 (1h 3m 56s):
Yeah. And if it’s, unless it’s going to hurt someone else, I’m a fourth.

1 (1h 3m 60s):
Yeah. You know, We I, I mentioned this last week or the week before, something like that, but it’s been in my head a lot is the idea of when there are too many rules, like the only worthwhile thing to do is, is to work around them. It reminds me of high school, you know, in high school it was like, what, what are the rules? Okay. I can break all of those. Let’s do it. And that’s my wife like really tamp that down in me. I didn’t realize it until this stuff started coming along with the masks.

1 (1h 4m 32s):
And all of a sudden I feel that weird high school feeling willing.

3 (1h 4m 35s):
Well, it’s true. It’s true. My husband’s like, you’re way more rebellious than that than I am. Cause I’m like, I’m not wearing the mask. Screw that. I don’t care what they say. Is that feeling? Yeah,

1 (1h 4m 49s):
It’s a wholesale re-evaluation lately for me, of which one of these many ridiculous rules am I, am I really going to follow? Right. And, and even more importantly, what happens if I don’t?

3 (1h 5m 6s):
So I was like telling my son the other day, I’m like, there’s going to be like a new, a new wave Amish community. And this is going to be like people who are like, no, I believe

4 (1h 5m 18s):
In God. I want to live that way. But I still want my computer. I want all that stuff. I don’t want to take your vaccinations. So that’s not going to happen in my community. And we’re going to live in this area over here and probably not, you know, because society is going to be like, Whoa, did you get the new bioengineering chip on your brain? And a, the latest vaccinations. And you had your fight, you know, your XG 30 upgrades to your computer chips and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

4 (1h 5m 49s):
And I’m not going that way. Like, there’s just no way, you know, I’m not going to be like inner Whoa, Whoa. With technology. And I’m not going to lose my planet. And you know, the, the relationship that I have there with nature, and it’s just discussing it’s again, you know,

3 (1h 6m 7s):
It’s kind of like doing what is right. Is not always the easiest, but it, there should not be condemned for it. I mean, if like you said that there’s going to be a whole new population, then you have the sheep who follow everything. And then you’re going to have people like us who want to live our life without the freedom, with being able to say, Hey, kids let’s go outside and they not lose it because they don’t, they’re not glue to a computer or a TV.

3 (1h 6m 38s):
My kid’s get a little bit of TV time. My son has a tablet, he or a notebook. He hasn’t used it in a few weeks, but guess what? My kids are still kids. Yes. They have to have it for school. But other than that, my kids are outside playing or building or doing something. I mean, you don’t get that from other children their age even now.

4 (1h 6m 56s):
Yeah. That’s why I was like, you know, how much are they just not outside? Like, Oh, I was digging in the dirt. I found those crazy bug. And Oh, I heard the birds called this certain call. And then I know if there was something coming up and you know, just, just like that, the senses that you get just from being in that moment

3 (1h 7m 13s):
Oh right. Or worse is I’m catching snakes. And I’m explaining to my kids, which one is venomous and which one’s not, which win the state or from, or as us as kids, I was catching the headlines for those of you, you know what? They are gnarly

4 (1h 7m 27s):
And making our friends drink them.

3 (1h 7m 31s):
My favorite was just dropping the ants into the Hills for the line. So, but it just goes to show is our children are not, our children might be getting more of a lifestyle like we had, but most right. Do not have our lifestyle. I didn’t have a normal lifestyle for someone my age. I grew up very old fashioned with six cousins. That’s what I’m thankful for that everyday. Cause I spent my childhood run into the woods, barefooted, all those things.

4 (1h 7m 59s):
How am I? I was trapped shooting with my grandpa. I learned to a bow hunt when I was little. I was rash up to the gun club. Yeah. You know, I mean yeah. Out on acreage, a gardening and canning was part of every day. And then I write a book and people are like,

3 (1h 8m 16s):
Oh, you’re a survivalist. What? You know, all, you’re a, Prepper what a, I don’t even know what those things are. You know, this is just called life. So yeah.

6 (1h 8m 26s):
Yeah. Case, case, and point about my theory on conservative women. You know what I mean? I mean, just imagine what

3 (1h 8m 35s):
Or a little out there.

6 (1h 8m 37s):
No, no, no. I’m talking about as the driving force of what could bring the state, the nation back to Stacey, this, you know what I mean? But I don’t know.

3 (1h 8m 48s):
You need a little goodness. I stick with the light. People understand that whether they believe in God or not, right. Whether the, whether they walk that line or not, when you talk to people about following the light and staying good and true, and the light people just, they tend to understand that. Meaning without arguing you about your specific religion or your, or you conservative of liberal, or are you there are you guys, it doesn’t matter. People understand light. And when women like us is difficult in today’s time and I get more criticism because I’m not going to the grocery store, every turn, you know, I kill them, clean my own animals.

3 (1h 9m 31s):
I’m I get criticized for not being the fruity Tootie or like girl. And it’s like, don’t think I can’t get pretty. It is. And it doesn’t bother me if anything, I’m like, and you’re not why aren’t you doing what I’m doing? So it’s just, it goes to show a women like us are, are far and few to toot our horns. But then the women who are like us tend to stay quiet because of the amount of criticism and backlash.

3 (1h 10m 2s):
You get four being a very, a wait a minute were to have the loudest females. There are, we are fine. I’m talking about The to avoid the backlash, you know? And I get it, I get it. But I grew up being loud with a bunch of cousins because if he didn’t talk over each other or you didn’t get a word in. Yup. Yup. Yeah. And I was little, everybody always picked on me anyway, a little more of a tomboy type, you know, kinda size. And everybody picked on me anyway.

3 (1h 10m 33s):
Like, you know what? I don’t need any of them. I can, I’m who I am. I’m going to go. So now all that pressure comes down. I mean, it’s like, wow, I’m I am who I am. I’m good to go. You know, James regret, having both of us on right.

6 (1h 10m 52s):
The whole way. This is gold. What are you talking about? I just told you, I need a revolution of conservative women in the nation. Any conversations like this, the spread around, you know, what comes to mind though, listening to you guys talk about childhood. His, you know, like growing up in or near a big city, not in the city, but very, very close. It’s tough to live the life that you guys are talking about, living for people in that situation. And unfortunately that’s the majority of the population, you know?

6 (1h 11m 25s):
So there’s that weird. There’s that weird hindrance of people. LIVE the mass of people live in big cities and you can’t run barefoot through the big cities and bow hunt, Buicks. You know what I mean?

4 (1h 11m 40s):
It’s so true. I had to actually come to that realization. Like I’m a podcast, you know, this lady was asking me like, could I write an urban survival book? And I was like, no. And I don’t even really know how to think that way. Right. So I had to do a lot of reflection there and start formulating for how I can reach that audience with my message. Because you know, it’s important to have our food suppliers traveling so far, like 15,000 miles to get to those cities and stuff.

4 (1h 12m 12s):
Right. And there’s something going to happen? That food would just rock. Yeah. Well people start like 1903, when the earthquake hit San Francisco, half of their cattle population died. Oh, you were like what? San Francisco and cattle. Right. Well, the food supply used to be right outside of the city. So it’s important to be able to connect with the people that are in these cities and stuff to bring them, that taste of that life that they could have if they band together and did like community gardening, maybe a floor of an apartment building as a garden, encouraging your farmers that are right outside your city to grow their businesses bigger by supporting their efforts, buying locally grown and things like that.

4 (1h 12m 58s):
So that, that food production comes back to the cities because we don’t have to have chaos then. And so those important to reach that, that then as well, like you say, cause they can’t just go run barefoot. What they could have that experience if they, if they start to support it, that’s right there.

6 (1h 13m 16s):
When you think about it, that way it is probably, it is probably just the fate of a city. You know, the fate of a city in its in a, in a, some kind of cyclical sense is that it gets too big to support the people in it. And then the people go, well, it’s too big to support me safely. So we gotta get out of here. And then the city cuts down popular. I mean, there’s some cities in this country that there’s so many people, it’s just, there is no way to provide the people, the things they need without bending over backwards.

6 (1h 13m 50s):
The way that we do as a nation to provide a place like LA with water.

4 (1h 13m 56s):
Yes. There on a 1 million people apply there on a one day. It is in, out in out like disaster hits LA. They can’t even go three days to one day food supply.

6 (1h 14m 10s):
LA is in so much trouble. I would be petrified if I was trapped in LA right now with this election looming

4 (1h 14m 18s):
Like visiting. They’re like when you had to go visit there, I was just in a panic mode. Like the whole time I’m in that city. It’s like, Oh yeah. And never is quiet ever, always moving. You know, I’ve never had a desire to ever go out that way. Yeah. It’s not, not a place. I, you know, for me, I feel like the city and urban areas are more of a jungle in the country settings. It’s literally two completely different mindsets between the individuals.

4 (1h 14m 52s):
And then as country folks, I just it’s terrifying. I don’t want to go to that concrete jungle at all. I freak out a little bit. I’m like definitely on edge.

6 (1h 15m 4s):
It is an interesting thing. I’ll tell you that

4 (1h 15m 6s):
The city dirt is growth. It’s like a slimy or something. I don’t know. Yeah. So Two so Thomas Jefferson has a great quote that I picked up and it’s when we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt of Europe. Thomas Jefferson.

6 (1h 15m 29s):
Whoa. Yeah. Those guys were the greatest.

4 (1h 15m 33s):
Right. I know.

6 (1h 15m 36s):
You know, like my age running around spitting just to serious knowledge all over, but you know what means to be empire in the world, right? Yeah. But they used to read, that’s what they read. They were a product of their upbringing. Really? You know what I mean? They were product of, of what? Okay, well we’re going to read about great leaders and governments and

4 (1h 15m 56s):
Yeah. And you got paid to be like a political theologian. Do we even know what that is anymore? Illegal at all? That’s something. Yeah. That’s corruption. There’s got to be

6 (1h 16m 12s):
The son who said this in Chad. I have, is this Bobo? Oh yeah. He says, I have friends in San Francisco. My buddies turned into a big Prepper. He says he wishes he was still here so I could teach him stuff, but he’s gotten body armor food, water. He says, things are breaking down fast. Oh yeah. That’s

4 (1h 16m 29s):
I can tell you. We lived in a community Auburn and it’s like two hours from San Francisco and the 80 interstate 80 that goes from San Francisco all the way to New York. So Auburn is on that and it was just creeping up just slowly creeping up. And in the past like year man, the gas pedal just went straight to the floor. There’s so much moving like this homeless people and drug problems. And then they started peeling the laws back where, you know, they weren’t, you weren’t like going to jail and stuff for as many offenses, all know it just got worse and worse.

4 (1h 17m 6s):
People just crapping, literally crapping all over the, wow. You come to open up your business in the morning. You have to clean up human feces out front before you can open your doors. Right. And you’re allowed to steal as long as you’re not planning on selling it. Like if you have to do to survive, then you are allowed to do that.

6 (1h 17m 27s):
That was a case. Yo Cortez said that. Remember she was saying something about stealing bread because you’re starving in America.

4 (1h 17m 34s):
As long as it’s not over $700. You’re good to go. Yeah.

6 (1h 17m 38s):
You love that. I wanted to find a starving adult in America. Just find me one,

4 (1h 17m 44s):
Right? Oh yeah. The it just doesn’t happen. There’s so much aid there or an expression in California. And now even up in the foothills, all that they’re getting home invasions, just all kinds of very bad. It’s just creeping up in to all the rural areas. It’s it’s it’s going to be statewide soon. It’s really gross from fat. There are some really cool areas there. Honestly. It’s like 90% of that state was red except for like Bay area.

4 (1h 18m 14s):
Right. And Southern Camp like San Diego. I’m a LA. Other than that, its like these rural communities have really cool people. Some are, you know, super hippy and stuff like that. But I mean, for the most part, there’s a lot of conservative while their was. And now, you know, it’s just a mass accident. So everybody that was conservative in the foothills, they’re all moving out to like Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and then everybody from the Bay area in that, because it’s just turning into such a discussing crud hole over there.

4 (1h 18m 50s):
They’re all moving up into the foothills. Cause now they can work from home.

6 (1h 18m 55s):
I’m worried about Texas man. I am worried about Texas. I’m going to be honest with ya. You know, because Virginia, Virginia is what I think Texas will become. You know, Virginia was like one of the stops for the hankies, like me to run from the chaos of New York and Philly, right. It was like will go to Florida or we can stop midway and settle in. And they got good jobs in D C to paid well, similar to what they were used to.

6 (1h 19m 25s):
And you know, Virginia is going to have a hard time ever being ready again. And what’s scary is to imagine something like that happening to Texas, because we would basically be screwed at that point and a true, you know, that’s where people are going. That’s where people who don’t want to live in the The in the chaos they’ve created are going

4 (1h 19m 49s):
Well. Not only that, but Texas had great corporate laws compared to what California started doing. So the, the worst and worst the California law has got, the more companies moved out of California, mostly a lot. The Fort worth area, even JP Morgan started in San Francisco has now moved out and they’re like iconic San Francisco business. They’ve moved to Texas. So as the same time as all these corporations moved to Texas and they brought their employees with them.

6 (1h 20m 22s):

4 (1h 20m 23s):
That’s what so like, well what do you not want to hear in California? I’m from Irvin, Texas. I’m from California, but I assure you everybody. I’m one of the good ones that you actually want here in Texas. So I’m not going to be voting wrong. You won’t steer you wrong. You promise I had to get out, man.

6 (1h 20m 43s):
Yeah, of course. Yeah.

4 (1h 20m 46s):
I love Texas. It’s heartbreaking to see if it turns. Yeah, this is one of those States where I, it was actually probably one of my favorite States to ever go to or being in at any point in time. I hope that Texas will not let that happen like often. Okay. They’re kind of there, but it’s like budget hippies pretty much, but I’m really hoping that rural Texas will be like, nah, we’re not letting this happen in our state. So if you’re Texas, please stay strong and yeah,

6 (1h 21m 19s):
Well that’s what it’ll be. You know, that, that’s kind of the, that was the takeaway in here in Virginia was the turnout. You know, the people in the cities turned out and I think the people in the rural areas who had the values didn’t turn out, that’s what it felt like to me, that’s what it looked like to me. You know, I have right. And there’s way more, you know, The just like in texts so much rural land, but I don’t know, you know, the big cities keep getting bigger and they’re attracting a certain kind of person and, and that certain kind of person pulls a lever a certain kind of way in.

4 (1h 21m 56s):
Yup. That’s why I say like I, if I had to make like one prediction and I’m just Sara and I just, you know, write books and stuff and do research and whatnot. But if I had to make one prediction for the future of the United States, it would be that we will fracture as a country. I don’t think that we’re going to be able to survive together because they went to federal one size fits all. So it was supposed to be like, the States were free to be what they wanted to be a all overseen or you know, all United by the federal government.

4 (1h 22m 35s):
So it was supposed to just be interstate commerce and stuff. But now when you have, you know, people in laws, people in, in States say, no, we don’t want this. And then they can just take it to the federal court. And the federal court says where you have to do that. Now it’s the federal court making the state do something which the people in the state voted not to do. And now the state has to do that no matter what. So it’s being, you know, just shoved down your throat. It’s like, if you don’t like that here, well, you can go live in another state. You know, that’s fine. Like that’s supposed to be the, of the United States of America.

4 (1h 23m 7s):
Independent States held together by the federal government. And now it’s like, well, you guys all have to fit in this box. And once that happens, like not everybody fits in that box. And I think it’ll fracture. I don’t think we’ll be able to hold it together.

6 (1h 23m 24s):
The balkanization of the United States of America, that’s the most, that’s so gross.

4 (1h 23m 33s):
I’m supposed to be in Texas. So I’ll be like peace out guys. Expressions. Yeah.

6 (1h 23m 38s):
I guess Texas will become its own thing. Right. Again,

4 (1h 23m 41s):
Exactly. Especially if Biden’s elected, hopefully the Texans they’re like peace out, have fun with that.

6 (1h 23m 48s):
And then it’ll be, there will be the, a Mexican and Texas war all over again. Right. The drug cocktails.

4 (1h 23m 55s):
I don’t know. Maybe

6 (1h 23m 58s):
It’s just one big cycle folks, you know, at the end of the day, if you, if you look at it over and over again, man, it’s just, well, its like the fourth turning, right? Chin you go. Yup. It does. Seasonal comes around and goes through. It really starts to look that way. The deeper we get into this thing, it just looks like a cycle and it looks like Preppers are the people who see the cycle and make the moves to put themselves in the best positions possible to survive those cycles.

6 (1h 24m 32s):
So the song and then there’s crazy. People like me to think we can save it.

4 (1h 24m 41s):
Hey man, it’s good to have. It’s good to have hopes and dreams.

6 (1h 24m 45s):
Yeah. Right. I mean I give up on it because now just like so many people are saying now, if America goes where, I mean the world kind of thing, you know, thousands of, years of darkness,

4 (1h 25m 1s):
No, we’re the, we’re the freedom fighters for the world. You know,

6 (1h 25m 4s):
Maybe it will be a darkness into a technocratic age that will be just totally totalitarian and inescapable. I mean, you’ll be programmed at birth and that will be except for some kind of crazy naturalist movement that exists underground. You have, and it would just be insane. It would with, or without the guiding light of America with the times that we’re in like as close as we are to Two cybernetic human beings and artificial intelligence.

6 (1h 25m 39s):
It’s, it’s so risky to lose what America stands for. You know, because it will be the end because somebody is going to get ahold of The the next, most powerful technology first. And if America’s too busy fighting a civil war in China gets it. I don’t know. I don’t know what that looks like. You know what I mean?

4 (1h 26m 1s):
Yeah. So true. I, the comment and

3 (1h 26m 4s):
The, and the chat Michigan can finally take over Ohio.

6 (1h 26m 9s):
You don’t even know. I don’t even know what that means. And I grew up next door to Ohio.

3 (1h 26m 14s):
I’ve always been like the Michigan, Ohio things is cause I’m from Michigan. Originally

6 (1h 26m 19s):
You guys like rivals or what’s the deal? Who’s the clear favorite? Is it like, is it like a

3 (1h 26m 26s):
Michigan? Of course Ohio has just like, Oh

6 (1h 26m 32s):
Yeah. Cause were like, we like to degenerate, you know, step-brother of New York city too. They’re filling. It’s like, Oh, you know,

3 (1h 26m 46s):
You are talking about all these cities. And I’m like, I’m from Arkansas Yaki. I’ll keep on thinking.

6 (1h 26m 56s):
Starbucks is a good little place to settle. So where would you guys, you know,

3 (1h 26m 59s):
That was beautiful. When we went through there, that was a beautiful area to drive through. I was impressed through Arkansas. Yeah. When we drove through the Arkansas on the way home, I was like, always be except don’t get food in between Memphis and a Flagstaff. Oh, it’s horrible. Service. The West Memphis. I don’t know. We didn’t have a mask on. So yeah. You know, I don’t know. It was, we waited like 20 minutes for our food at a freaking Wendy’s.

3 (1h 27m 30s):
I never brought it or like Wendy’s anyways in that area. I exactly. I was like, Brock, I don’t even trust the food here anymore. We need to go like right now where we’re the wrong place or you talk to me and we’ll will look at your route and I’ll pay you the places to stop. Yeah. Cause then I got subway next. It was horrible. I think she jumped like a quarter cup of pepper on my family. I like what comes by camel hat or what if at all? I don’t know, man.

3 (1h 28m 1s):
So I don’t know. I’m feeling a little, I’m like, let’s get outta here, dude. Let’s get back to Texas

6 (1h 28m 8s):
Telling you. So where are the last refuges of, of this? So, so we can go, let’s go with Sara his theory, which is very possible. United States bulkinized is where, where are the places to be parks? The readout. Yeah, the Texas, right. Or no

3 (1h 28m 30s):
Belt on the center center. Mass. That’s that’s your area? That’s your zone. That’s your, where your people, you know where your tribe resides center man

6 (1h 28m 42s):
Send or mass. I like that.

3 (1h 28m 44s):
I think it’s going to be any sort of mountain range country area that you can actually completely separate yourself. I mean, it’s not that you want absolute solitude it’s you there’s a lot people on the East coast. Yeah. You can separate yourself from anyone. There’s a lot of people there. I mean, at least West

4 (1h 29m 2s):
Toast, there’s more like a, there’s tons of federal land out there. That’s just not used. But I think center maps will be like, I think it’ll fracture and the center, but everywhere, except for college, you know, Kami Rado is a, you know, pretty, pretty much freedom zone and the center mass. So

6 (1h 29m 24s):
I like it.

4 (1h 29m 26s):
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you can look at the Dakota’s, you know, Montana, right. And center. Now, you know, you, don’t here a whole bunch about Nebraska being weird or you know, Kansas that cause to keep coming down, you go to Arkansas, I’m a saved through a Oklahoma, all that. You don’t hear a lot about what’s going on there, Texas. Boom. If you center Missouri, I think in some of those States, the only time you hear something that’s going to be in the populated areas.

4 (1h 29m 56s):
Right? Like that’s exactly it. Right?

6 (1h 30m 10s):
Here’s the question for that line of thinking and I’m just playing devil’s advocate now. Cause this is fun. There’s obviously a, a, there is a flow of resources, right? The supply chain itself. That is definitely not, of course the cities need more of it to sustain themselves in the country. But there’s definitely some things that even the most ardent country folk require.

6 (1h 30m 43s):
Right. I mean fuel being one of the biggest. So that’s one of the, you know, I don’t know how, how would you deal with something like that? There’s no more gas. There’s no more propane your out on the oil, your out on the old 40 acres,

4 (1h 31m 3s):
You got to go old school. I mean, that’s none of African to be fun. There’s a reason why we created machines that made our lives so much easier to LIVE. Right.

6 (1h 31m 11s):
Well, center mass has like a, it probably be tough to heat. Right? Didn’t they have like tremendous problems staying warm to Plains Indians. And they burned like weird s**t, like cat literal s**t. Yeah.

4 (1h 31m 28s):
It’s true. Cause it’s not as many trees and things like that. And then your water to you. I mean, if they don’t tap out the Oglala that’s the coastal regions are, you know, all because of the water, the, the amount of abundance that are in the coastal regions. It’s like any region you choose, like even in the mountains you going to have to deal with, especially in the South is to ask, we don’t get as much snow as we do ice storms, looking at where you are at that region and what, what the elements are that you’re going to have to with.

4 (1h 31m 60s):

6 (1h 32m 0s):
I think there’s some, there’s like serious benefits in familiarity to, you know, like if you know how to live, where you live. I think there’s, there’s a lot that goes along with that. You know, even if, even if you grew up in a different place, but you’re wound up in a new place, but it’s very similar to the old place in, in terms of, you know, resources. There’s something about that that sets you up pretty well.

4 (1h 32m 27s):
Right? Cause a familiarity give you a good basis barrier for a fee, you know, for future forecast kind of thing. I mean, I know that cause just moving to different regions and having to learn how to garden in those reasons region, that’s a good point, right? But if you look at what the wealthy elites are doing right now, they’re not buying bunkers anymore. Like they’re not buying bunkers to wait it out for years.

4 (1h 32m 57s):
What they’re doing is they’re buying a huge swatch where they can be self sustainable and build self-sustained communities. So they’re buying just these huge pieces of land where there’s like coal, that can be mine and water that can be used and things like that. Gosh, I just, I just did a article on it.

6 (1h 33m 21s):
We have all this push to make cold, dirty energy. Then they buy up all the time.

4 (1h 33m 25s):
Yeah. Yeah. Bill Gates Gates purchased 28,000 acres in Arizona. He’s going to build a city called Belmont, which can be like his, you know, futuristic model city. So he is going to transform the raw blank land into the, you know, super city that’s, you know, Gates land. And a lot of other Bezos is doing it Ted Turner.

4 (1h 33m 55s):
I mean crazy. So you can check that out, but it’s really interesting. And that was like from Forbes, I like Prepper used to say that was like, forbes’ talking to him about what, you know, The the billionaires are doing with their money and to plan for the future because of what’s happening environmentally. They’re watching us, they’re watching us a little more than they want to admit.

6 (1h 34m 23s):
I’ll tell you what I would give all kinds of money and possessions to watch Jeff Bezos. Well, no, he’s not a good example cause you didn’t have a wife anymore. But the watch a billionaire show up on their big swath of land with their billionaire wife and go, wow,

4 (1h 34m 41s):
We’re going to home. What I see in my head, when you say that is how many workers that they already come to come work, their fields and you know, they ain’t going to get their hands dirty. That’s your population

3 (1h 34m 58s):
Control comes in handy. Right. And now we’re back to the Rangers. Yeah, exactly.

2 (1h 35m 5s):
You go, this is what I mean by cyclical, man. It’s all cyclical. And just finding your place in that cycle, where do you wind up? The only thing that’s really busted to cycle up has been this little short reign of Liberty and freedom, that’s it? Right. You know, it would have just went right on the same as always with in Europe, you know, the, the oppression of the religion that was happening at the time, it would have just, you know, it would have been cyclical underground, God back.

2 (1h 35m 35s):
Some kinda you don’t have to a whole thing. What else guys, if we beat this thing to death tonight or what? This has been an awesome show though. Sara thanks so much for coming on. Chin. You do. And obviously the wonderful PBN hose. So I don’t know what happened to Dave. I guess Dave jumped ship, right?

3 (1h 35m 50s):
He had to drop out. Right? I think Sara and I kind of took the, the wheel they’re for a minute.

2 (1h 35m 57s):
He got ahold of Dave and put ’em to work. Yeah.

3 (1h 36m 2s):
He’s got some of his own Tyrion. Yeah.

2 (1h 36m 8s):
I really enjoyed that diatribe between you two, you guys, you guys should

3 (1h 36m 14s):
Get her on my show if there ain’t no where it goes in, right? Yup.

2 (1h 36m 20s):
You guys should link up more often. You have to speak on whatever topic you want in whatever manner. Really sure. That’s true. That’s a, that’s important nowadays, but all right. If we don’t have anything else, I think we can wrap this, this episode of Preppers LIVE up for Monday, the 5th of October 20, 20 guys, the 5th of October. Jeez. We’re less than a month away from the end folks.

2 (1h 36m 51s):
What was that? I heard somebody talk. Oh, it’s me. I’ve been taken back. Listen to it. You guys all the time. That’s okay. Right. But yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah, no, I just I’m, you know, it’s kind of weird because like I’ve been listening to all pretty much all the comments, they’re all the way through this whole thing. Whether or not to do with the, the changing face of the nation and you know, to the women conservative movement and all that kinda stuff. And then, I mean, it’s just, it’s really kind of cool that you’re all the different perspectives and what’s happening.

2 (1h 37m 23s):
And you know, you walking into this, you know, we were talking about, you know, tyranny and at warlords and what it’s all going to be about and all this kinda stuff and taking on what the hell could I contribute in that regard? And I’m going to last week when you called her, I had our show, we did kind of a debate between him and I. Yeah, I am doing, we were asking the questions to each other. What are the ones that came up was about, you know, do you think it’s better to lead through a member?

2 (1h 37m 56s):
How exactly it was The paraphrasing hair was a, is a better to lead through fear or respect. And the whole idea of, to the debate was a, we had to choose a side and this one calling got a question first. So he’d got to pick a side and I had to pick the opposite. Well, he chose and I, I kind of had a feeling he was going to answer this way, but he felt, you know, that respect was the way to lead and that’s how you gain leadership. And that’s how you prove yourself and establish yourself. And here I am thinking, you know, as a proud dad, of course, yes, that is the way to go.

2 (1h 38m 31s):
But then here I had to argue the opposite and go with, you know, basically how the other fight of leadership, which was fear. And the argument that I had was that no, you, all it takes is one person to lose respect of you. And next thing you know, you’re dealing with fear, you’re dealing with the idea that someone who has a greater level of fear over you or who is, has been able to drive that into you will come to control you and have power over you.

2 (1h 39m 9s):
And the whole idea of that to me is, especially when it comes to warlords, it’s like, you know, here we are in this strange state of fear, in different aspects of our life, whether it’s our jobs, our families, or wherever we were, or where you were wearing a mask outside, or you know, where we’re going to get our next meals from versus respect and, you know, having respect for your neighbors and your family and your wives and your husbands, you know, even if you’re, are you a war, are you a warlord in your own home?

2 (1h 39m 41s):
You know, leading in fear or through, or you’re a parent.

3 (1h 39m 48s):
Yeah. I liked that.

2 (1h 39m 52s):
If, if you start as a warlord in your own home and you take that out into the world, then you train your kids to be warlords land. What does that turn the world into a world of warlords? I like that. And if you think of the president, exactly. And on the other side of that, he’s got some respectful type sees to theirs.

2 (1h 40m 25s):
There’s a balance there, you know, as much as a lot of people hate to agree with it, you know, there are some things that, you know, that, that fit the mold and others. That definitely don’t. And I think, you know, at the end of the day, if you’re, if you’re looking at an environment where a warlord type environment exists, the tyrannical environment exists, you have to find a way to beat out fear if you to say, and I think sometimes it comes down to respect, but I guess I’m, I’m have the, have the impression, but you know, what, if I, if you are a leading from a position of respect and honor, then you have nothing, you can’t be controlled by fear and you will do the right thing.

2 (1h 41m 19s):
And I guess that’s kinda, you know, when it comes to being a war Lord, and if you’re faced with fear or respect, I guess I would just hope that we live in a world of people who are respectful. So it would make a huge difference.

3 (1h 41m 38s):
A lot of problems.

2 (1h 41m 40s):
Yeah. I mean, I think we even had a little diatribe on disrespect earlier in the, in the streets of America. Yeah. It’s weird when you hammer it all out, you know, it’s, there’s definitely some diagnosis that we have uncovered and you know, the big question is how do you change the course of the nation to, to take a hold of those simple things, you know? But I will be, I think it happens at the dinner table.

2 (1h 42m 12s):
There’s a lot you can learn, but you know, that’s true. Yeah. If you don’t have a dinner table to go home, do guess whose dinner table you’re sitting at home. Yeah. Yeah. Chicken without feathers. There’s a reality in that though. There are a lot of kids who eat dinner and the dark dining room reheated or out of a, you know, they’d never, never get down to,

3 (1h 42m 43s):
You know, they’re, they’re sitting in front of the TV, not at a table. I mean, we have to do what changes we can, even if it’s a little bit at a time, that’s why we go out and we’d talk to other people. I mean, we try at home. It’s Brian’s got on the head though. Start at the dinner table, man. I can’t, I can’t. Yeah.

2 (1h 43m 6s):
You have the grants and now,

3 (1h 43m 9s):
Oh, he’s the he’s at time to mull it over and be like, all right, we’re going to bring out the good stuff now, chat for me.

2 (1h 43m 16s):
Hey, I’ll take it. I’ll take a grand finale day, the week. Well know. Right. PV and family. Another great episode of a Preppers LIVE in the books. Ryan, did you have something else? I didn’t wanna cut. Going to say thanks for having me on. Oh, always a pleasure, man. It’s our pleasure. Thanks for joining us on a Monday night. Yep.

3 (1h 43m 37s):
That was great.

2 (1h 43m 38s):
Of course. Thanks for joining us. Every time we get somebody on this, Shows the best. It’s fun. But tomorrow night double-barreled Tuesday, don’t forget Patriot power hour. And you’ll get to hear more from Ryan, Ryan, or you guys doing another. I

6 (1h 43m 52s):
Got to feeling you guys are going to do kind of like a series of these things.

2 (1h 43m 60s):
I’m sorry. Say that one more time

6 (1h 44m 1s):
Tomorrow night, or you guys doing another debate? I got the feeling that you might go into a series of these,

2 (1h 44m 9s):
You know, I think we got some pretty good feedback. We could probably do that one more time. Maybe two more times.

6 (1h 44m 15s):
It’s completely up to you completely up to you. I was just seeing if that was,

2 (1h 44m 20s):
You can take a vote right now.

6 (1h 44m 22s):
Yeah. Why not? I’d say it would be awesome.

2 (1h 44m 26s):
You are for debate. Did you,

6 (1h 44m 30s):
Anybody else hands up for debate?

2 (1h 44m 38s):
You are on there.

6 (1h 44m 40s):
Yeah. You guys do a great show, but yeah. So again, Patriot power hour, Patriot power hour tomorrow night, 8:00 PM. Eastern 9:00 PM Eastern and the next generation with Ryan and Colin Buford. And that really, that really kicks off the regular scheduled programming for the Prepper Broadcasting Network so I hope you enjoyed the show. Great, great guests as usual for Preppers LIVE and we’ll talk soon folks. See you.

2 (1h 45m 8s):
Thank you for listening to the Prepper Broadcasting Network where we promote self reliance and Independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit 

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