December 2, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Preppers LIVE: Phil and BOBO Matter of Facts Podcasts

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Prepper Broadcasting Network we have to hit the reset button to create a true culture, preparedness, starting at a very young age and filtering to all the way up.

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Well, it is a PBN family. It is my new favorite LIVE event here. The Prepper Broadcasting Network we call it Preppers LIVE and we get to bring on different guests. Each episode of Preppers LIVE we get to throw our hosts into the action as well. And you know, the reason I like it is because we keep it pretty formless. We keep it pretty formless. There’s a ton of stuff to talk about.

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I mean, every single day its the political climate in the nation has brought my wife and I even closer together because not only can we, not only can we connect on the many levels that we already connect, but now we can also rant and rave about this situation of our nation on us on a day to day basis. So thank you very much. You’re making conservative families much stronger with your chaos and your b******t in the streets. That’s all I can tell you tonight.

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We have the boys from the matter of fact Podcasts with us. Phil and Bobo are here tonight. We have Jordan with us tonight. Jay Fergie have a family affair. We’ve got Ryan Beck with us. Again, Ryan, we are, we are enjoying heaven you on Preppers LIVE no doubt about it. And I think that’s the full scope myself. I’ll try not to get myself into too much trouble. I can’t get out of, but we’ve got a good show tonight folks we were before we got it star. Oh really quick heads up to the members.

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Preppers LIVE pre-show content. We’re going to start releasing because we get together about a quarter til, and then we, you know, cause you know, do our thing back and forth for about 15 minutes. And a lot of times, man, we get into some really good conversations. So I’m going to start recording those pre Shows. We just did one just now and we’ll post those up as members only podcasts. So you hear a lot from me. I’m going to tell you once again we are, what did the Drudge report say?

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500 hours or something away from the election. Now is the time to hop on board with the Prepper Broadcasting and become a member, very affordable, get yourself an annual membership and a, yeah, it’d be well worth the money. The the expansion of member benefits is one of these things it’s just going to keep on happening and growing and growing and grow. I don’t know. I don’t know what you’re doing if your, not a member here at PBN. So without further ado, we’re going to get the conversation started tonight.

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We have a who’s in chat chat, starting out a little slow, but we got our, our regular crew in their, at the moment. So at the head of the show, we were talking a little bit about the situation with schooling in Virginia in particular. And we kind of talked about schooling and you know, general, but yeah, there’s some very interesting things happening around the state of Virginia and probably other States as well. But I can only speak to what is happening here in regard to the virus and kids education and the quality of what can happen.

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It happened in front. You have a screen and you know, schooling since March has been a big focus in a conversation here at PBN through the lens of self reliance. And Independence right through the lens of this, this idea that for Americans to kind of maximize their Liberty, they also have to take responsibility for basically every aspect of their life, you know, or at least know enough about it, that we’re not dependent too, to a F to a flaw.

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And I think there’s a lot of parents at the moment who are coming to realize that here in my state, which is a state that is do some hard learning. I, it is unbelievable to me what could happen to a state like Virginia so fast. I mean, Virginia, you know, has changed so rapidly. I mean, I guess when I moved down here in Oh nine, it was probably mid change, but I assumed if you come from Philadelphia to Virginia, you’re, you’re entering no matter how blue, no matter how blue Virginia is now or was even when I got here, you were moving to a, basically a different planet.

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When you come from Philadelphia to here, it’s just a whole, a whole nother world. But you know, the, the state of affairs, particularly in Richmond city where I live, it’s daunting and it seems like there’s no way to talk people into rationality. It seems impossible. So like when you watch your child do something over and over again and you tell him, you can’t do that or that’s not going to work or you shouldn’t do that. And you realize sometimes punishment doesn’t work and sometimes they just have to go through it and struggle through it and deal with the consequence.

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I feel like that’s what I’m doing right now, watching these people around me go, Oh, wait a second, wait a second. My kid is not the type of education I assumed he would sitting in front of a laptop. So there are problems here. There are problems here, but in Richmond, it’s particularly interesting because we started, we cut school off in March in the state. So March done kids out, get them out. It’s the end of the world.

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We need to get them out. Save lives, yada yada yada. So from the time of, from March until the start of the school year, this year, I assumed that they had a lot of time to sit around and figure out what the hell they were going to do. A, mostly how they were going to open the schools and get the kids back to learning. You know, because we have had, or we had had nearly two months of protest about inequality and you know, Supreme, a racism. And to me, when I put myself in their place, I’m thinking, OK, so the list thing, honey, that we’re going to have to worry about.

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This is me talking. The lady Liberty is the school’s being shut down next year because there’s no way they’re going to take the inner city children who were burning and knocking over monuments for, as we speak, right? We’re here to change the future for them. There’s no way they’re going to keep them out of school and expect them to have a great learning experience via tablet.

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And you know, that’s exactly where we’re at right now. So, so what’s coming to pass is his parents are understanding. It’s not working. Teachers are going to administration and letting them know that, you know, this is not, it’s not good. We have a deficit of 10,000 or some odd laptops that were supposed to go out to kids who need them. Instead, they wound up with these tablets in about, I don’t know, 50 to 60% of the functionality on these tablets is missing you. So programs that they use on a day to day basis are incompatible with these tablets.

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And I mean, as far as I can tell, it’s just been basically a failure, basically a failure. Yeah. And what is beautiful is to see the parents finally waking up in Virginia Beach in Northern Virginia, not so much in Richmond yet, but who knows and saying, Hey, all right, it’s time. We’ve got to get kids back to school in the County surrounding us. Kids are already back to a hybrid style schooling and a, you know, unfortunately you can’t measure this situation in, in the, in the history, you know, history won’t really have a good way to measure this thing.

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Jen, in the chat room says it’s been an Epic failure in Iowa as well. And you know, what do you expect? You know, what are you, what did they expect would happen? So it is kind of what it is folks. The other thing I wanted to get into tonight as well, you guys feel free to, to offer up your input on schooling. If you have any of these lovely schooling story’s to add to the pot, I do also want to talk about something that I was not privy to whatsoever, which was this new wonderful tax.

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Well, you know, nobody’s going to raise taxes nobody’s ever going to raise taxes no matter what that’s, that’s kind of the angle that politicians often take, right? No, we’re never going to raise taxes. Don’t worry. We may repeal taxes, but we’re now the tax cuts, but we’re never going to re so Joe Biden, who is, you know, he’s not going to raise taxes, don’t worry about it. He’s just going to take away your tax cut from the Donald Trump’s tax cuts. And on top of that, he’s got a very interesting little gun control plan that I want to talk about tonight because me personally, and it could be my ignorance.

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I didn’t know anything about it until I saw it on social media today. Anybody want to remark on the Biden tax cut situation? Who has a finger on it? I didn’t ask you guys ahead of time, but if not, I’ll read through this article because it breaks it down pretty simply.

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Well, I mean my, my just gut check reaction, cause I’ve, I’ve seen the town hall meeting you were referring to where he actually came out and publicly said, cause he started the question off by saying like, well, how, how have you, how have you been under, under the Trump tax cuts? And I guess he was expecting a lot of people to say it didn’t affect them because he was trying to play this up. Like, well, it was just a tax cut for the 1% this end the other, but he didn’t get that. He got lots and lots and lots of people in the audience all saying, yeah, I got a tax cut. I’ve seen my taxes go down.

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It’s been pretty good. I’ve had more money in my pocket. And he had nowhere to go because he boxed himself into a corner. So he actually admitted, well, we’re going to take that tax cut away like a moron. I mean like this, this is Joe Biden is a perfect meme of how completely out of touch politicians are with mainstream America because they, the only way they know to try to get people to vote for them is to point at somebody else and say their, the bad guy.

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And I’m going to hurt them on your behalf. Like this, this tax cut just benefits 1%. Y’all, shouldn’t be upset if I take tax cut from you all. And then anybody over the brain who makes less on a hundred thousand dollars a year. He’s like my taxes went down big time. Yeah. I mean like, and here’s the thing of it. Like I am such a cynic when it comes to government that like, when I saw my taxes, my federal taxes for 2020 while on the calculated taxes. Cause that’s the way it works. When you get taxes withheld from your paycheck.

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If you have already knows this, forgive me. But like I work in finance and payroll. This is what I do. But what they do is they take the amount, the taxable income you make per pay period or per paycheck, whatever it is. And they annualize it. If you, if you worked, like if you get paid every two weeks, then they’ll multiply it by 26 to give you the annual amount, they will run that through the formula to come to an annual matter of federal income tax that you will owe. If you make exactly the same amount for the rest of the year. And then they divide it by 26 to get back down too, the amount they will hold from your check in that pay period.

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It’s a, it’s a, it’s an estimated tax amount they’re withholding. So you don’t end up with huge below the end of the year. Well, when that happened and from my employer, my tax has dropped so much. I got scared and actually like went work the formula backwards to figure out how to, how to screw around with the w four so that it would withhold the amount of taxes I wanted withheld because I was like, there’s no way. That’s right. That’s not enough taxes. The government is not that nice to me.

3 (12m 43s):
Hey, you know, our problem was is we were offered the tax break by our employer. They said that they were not doing it. That if we did, we had to pay in double the next year to make up for that break. We were still liable for any of the taxes that were not taken out for us. It wasn’t a feasible action, which you do when I read on it, you do, you will end up paying it back the next year, but it’s a break to help you get through this year. So

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I think we might be talking about two different things,

3 (13m 15s):
Probably because we got offered a tax break or the entire state and our employer complete refused. But the way they said it is, we’d have to pay back twice as much.

2 (13m 25s):
Yeah. What you’re talking about is a discount on the employer taxes, which comes out of your, if you look at you’re a, if you look at your pay stub, you should see an amount for social security or for OES.

3 (13m 38s):
I get ripped, man.

2 (13m 41s):
Oh, STI has a flat percentage of your growth after like your health benefits and everything are taken out. Okay. I’m not, I can’t quote for like every employee for all 50 States, but this is how it works on the averages, but that was not made mandatory. That was basically the government came in and said, the employer has the ability to withhold less. If they choose. And a pair of your employer asked you, my employer did my employer just flat out, said, we’re implementing this. That’s the way it is. And I reacted by sticking and sticking the amount of money that I would have saved into a savings account because I know next year that tax amount is going to double and I might need that money.

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And I even went out, I can’t remember I did this on the podcast or just my personal social media feed. But I actually advised people. If you, if you fall into this box where you’re, you see a huge decrease in your taxes right now from this OSDI waiver or whatever, they’re calling it. I advise you to take that money and sticking in a savings account. If you don’t absolutely need it because you know, all these politicians are talking about, we’re going to look at wavy. We’re going to look at forgiving, but that’s not waiving or forgiving.

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That’s, we’re going to think about it later. And if they decide not to then come January 1st, you owe your OSDI or your social security withholding is going to shoot up like a rocket ship. And if you’re the kind of person that lives, you know, money, super tired, you budget your dollars. Like I think most people should, the most, we really should, like you should spend, you should know where you’re going to spend your paycheck before you get it. You said

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The case for us. Well, you know, we are so cut as, as much as they tax us. I mean our retirement and everything’s not an option that I am literally, my paycheck has to cover the entire month because I am only paid once a month. So I have to know where every nickel and dime is going. So it’s like, if they’re taking on extra the following year, I’m not going to be able to make ends meet. It’s just what it is.

2 (15m 41s):
Yeah. But what I was talking about before you brought this up was when Trump passed for 2020, it was the federal income tax, the tax, all of the changes and everything for the brackets there or anything for that, I get access to all those brackets and all those tax amounts. I mean, I get access to all of that through my employer because we have to, we, we work in a payroll office. So I have all that at my fingertips. And it’s something that’s substantially changed this year. Like that tax reef that, that decrease in those taxable amounts is substantial.

2 (16m 14s):
I actually am, was happier to see that get done. Then this, this temporary forgiveness or whatever, they’re calling it for the, the employer tax, the payroll taxes is because like, you know, like you said, if you’re the kind of person that you budget on, I need X amount, X amount of a paycheck is going all of these things. And I have to have, I have to watch my dollars to keep the family fed. If all the sudden this one light item in your, your earning elite statement doubled, that’s a substantial problem. Whether that’s an increase of federal income tax formula or the OB STI with holdings, it doesn’t matter.

2 (16m 48s):
It’s still a huge inquiry. It’s still a huge net negative to the ad to the, the average working American. And that’s why like for, for Joe Biden to come out and say, I’m going to take that tax break away. I don’t care how you want to spin it. If you just say, well, I’m not raising the taxes, I’m just taking, I’m just taking that away. You’re still talking about less money in the hands, in the pockets of Americans who work really, really hard to support themselves and don’t need to be supporting a blow to federal government does bull crap with our money to begin with you going to get an amen.

2 (17m 23s):
Amen on that. Phil that is Phil from the Matter of Facts Podcasts by the way. So add to that ad to all of that. Remember, we’re not raising taxes, but you add to all of that. And it has this great idea on how to, how to basically force gun control through taxes and what his game plan is, is an NFA

1 (17m 50s):
Tax stamp. That will be $200 per assault firearm. So if you earn own any of these weapons that I guess he in the national or federal government rather will deem to be an assault weapon and high capacity magazine as well. He’s going to shovel all of that under the national firearms act. And you are going to pay 200 per firearm. If it meets the assault weapons designation, which I’m sure will be modified because assault weapons I think is, I think that’s a word of the past.

1 (18m 28s):
I think we’re moving to assault firearms because they’re gonna, yeah. You know how it goes, they keep chopping. But on top of that on top of the 200, for all your ARS and AKA and whatever else you have that CZ, scorpion, whatever, you have 200 for each, each, and they know you have it. In most cases, they’re also going to go with 200 per magazine, over 10 rounds. So you sitting there listening to this podcast or probably doing the math pretty quickly, right?

1 (19m 3s):
High capacity magazines, which I mean, you know, I don’t look at an 11 round magazine as a high capacity magazine personally. I’m sure none of 10, anything above 10 to a hundred, a piece, 200 per magazine and 200 per firearm for anything in that assault, weapons designation. So that’s also not going to raise your tax bill at all this guy as a magician. I don’t know how he’s going to do it, but he’s not raising taxes, but he is raising taxes and take your tax cuts away.

1 (19m 37s):
I didn’t, I just learned about this gun tax today. I had no idea or a third, nothing about it until today. I mean, it’s so outrageous, but also so predictable though, right? I mean it’s

4 (19m 52s):
Theory side of wandering to expect. So every time there’s an election cycle or when Democrats tend to get power with an office firearm sale, go through the roof. I mean, it’s just, that’s how it works. So then down the road code, all you have to do is spike those sales by saying that you’re going to do this, do that. And then down the road, as soon as they get in the office, all they gotta do is place a tax on those things.

4 (20m 25s):
And they have another source of income. I mean, to me, its just a weird, you know

1 (20m 30s):
Oh sure. Yeah, no, definitely. I like it. I thought you were going to tell me that like Winchester was paying a bite and off to give, to boost the gun sales or something like that. But no, I like that theory much more sure

4 (20m 45s):
You were on your whole comment about Winchester. Winchester

3 (20m 48s):
Is actually the, one of the main ammo manufacturers here or maybe not even 30 minutes from where I’m at and they are having like, I know people who work there, they, they do even military rounds and they are having a hard time that they can’t even sell ammo to their employees anymore because they can’t keep up with the orders. So normally employees could buy, you know, ammo at one, one week out of the month or one weekend out a month.

3 (21m 18s):
They could place orders in order up to so much. Well they’re saying that they are so behind and backlogged on orders. They can’t put out ammo fast enough. And especially on the military specs, there’s like twice as much going out. So I mean, it just goes to show is I don’t think on that end it’s it’s an issue, a buy and buy an off. I think its an issue trying to meet the people like us who are in need or the people who are finally buying guns who never owned a gun in the first place.

5 (21m 47s):
Yeah. Cause Winchester this, this year, didn’t they take over, I’m overseeing the Lake city ammo plan or am I just conjuring that up out of nowhere?

3 (21m 56s):
I haven’t heard that, but I don’t know. I’m not going to act like I know

5 (22m 1s):
Most people are familiar with Lake city Lake city Lake city is The that’s the ammunition manufacturer that supplies the department adventure. But I guess I’d always like assumed that like they were run by the government cause like why wouldn’t the government oversee the plant that makes government ammunition. But anyway,

3 (22m 19s):
They contract out to these companies.

5 (22m 21s):
Yeah. And I want to say this year it was Winchester. I want to say he’d been federal either immediately before this or, and if you were in prior years, but Winchester, I want to say they’re the ones overseeing that plant right now. So yeah, they are absolutely like up to their eyeballs. In addition to me,

3 (22m 38s):
Like I can’t say which types around, I’m not even supposed to know who, but yeah, they, they a high demand right now and that’s not even like a fit 30 minutes from me. You know, you got Winchester here, you got Remington out in Arkansas. So I mean it’s these ammo companies are not able to keep up with the orders that they can’t even supply to their workers

5 (22m 60s):
Since around that place. Never kidding. Kidding.

3 (23m 11s):

5 (23m 12s):
The big question that comes to mind and the big question, that’s probably resounding in households across America and I’m not expecting you guys to know or have a detailed plan, but what keeps popping up into my head personally is what, what are the acts, what action can be taken, you know, because we’re reaching a point where action has to be taken. I was just talking to my wife before the show about, you know, if, if we don’t see a solution with schooling here in the city, then we’re going to have to organize some kind of something

1 (23m 46s):
That’s big enough that that makes waves and you know, do we all need to become better Barack Obama style community organizers or what is the deal? Because you know, me personally, I’m not looking forward to sitting around and waiting till it comes to, comes to firearms across from firearms and killing one another. I’d much rather like to figure out some ways that we can head this off of the past because you know, the incessant attack on the second amendment, the first amendment, the third amendment, the fourth and so on and so forth.

1 (24m 21s):
And also the, the bloodletting of the average family’s wallets based on these. I mean, it’s just an unending amount of taxes that the government could come up with and justify using children or firearms or whatever else. I mean, I’m sure I’m sure in our lifetime, we’re probably gonna have to deal with some sort of racism tax or reparation tax. And you know, it’s all gonna culminate into a moment where a bunch of people just say no more and things get real bad Allah, you know, Michigan kidnapping plots and things of that nature.

1 (24m 56s):
So, I mean any of you guys have any ideas stirring in your heads about action, you know, cause it’s fun to get up here and do this on a Monday, but you know, I’m getting to the point where I need to, I need to be involved in some kind of solution here.

4 (25m 14s):
Oh, for the longest time I’ve wanted to be able to at least have some kind of a, Oh, how do you stay almost like a small scale, high intensity classroom, basically where I would offer myself up as the instructor and do more holistic style of education. That’s not, you know, fit for everyone. That’s it for the people who choose to learn from me and whatever that curriculum might be, you know, and I think would include the basic essentials, but tie all those essentials back to the very specific application calling.

4 (25m 59s):
And I were just talking about, you know, geometry, trigonometry science, and doing things in a way that everything is well-rounded, but you know, of course work style. That’s similar to some of my high intensity training that I do for my job, where we cover an entire semester’s worth of material within one week and build those blocks, you know, Monday at a time. But the thing is, is, you know, it’s almost like a Henry Henry David Thoreau kind of thing, where you go off and you learn how to do a very specific thing.

4 (26m 37s):
And the challenge with that as it, you may not be able to take it out into the real world. What would happen is you’d have to be able to prove yourself. And instead of just showing up with a piece of paper that says competent, you would actually have a skillset or a knowledge base that would allow you to succeed in life, whether its, you know, knowing how to fire up a piece of equipment or knowing how to a plant the seed or knowing how to respond to people and communicate or to think critically.

4 (27m 10s):
And that’s a long term, a dream of mine to be able to do something like that. The hard part is, you know, an opportunity to do it. Maybe now is the opportunity. I don’t know, but it just seems to me like education even when I was going to school, which is waste of time and I might’ve been learning, you know, there were established facts and figures and things like that. But how much of it I can recall or using my active day to day type work, not a whole lot, you know?

4 (27m 43s):
So I, I don’t know. I guess I, I, I think that what’s happening right now is going to be full on, on a restructuring of what is education like Redefining what education really is. And you know, this is as dark as it may seem. This whole Corona virus thing has really brought about some of the biggest failure points over the United States in a big way, you know, food supply, the, the, the different chains around the country and the way we connect to each other, all of these types of things are really being exposed right now.

4 (28m 21s):
And education is one of the big factors of that. But I think, you know, there’s an opportunity to really capitalize on that and do well. But you know, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be full on a home school. You know, what about school, you know, due it to where, you know, where I live, we’d have, we have literal communities that are spread far and few between where you had to go literally to a horse on horseback to get to school where the, or walking to school and, you know, it might be several miles down the road and you’d see a school house.

4 (28m 59s):
And it was literally that it was a schoolhouse where you have one instructor and they would do intensive education way more than what we’re teaching now. And that education was designed to be able to get into the next month for many kids that wasn’t, I mean, they just didn’t want him because at the age of 13 or 14, they had all the skills that they need because they had mussels and a strong back then that was, it is because you had to get out of there and farm the fields for the select few that went beyond, they actually earned a position to go on to higher education and manage those fields.

4 (29m 36s):
They’re mad, you know, in depth industry or whatever it might be. So I guess,

1 (29m 42s):
I don’t know its kind of a rant there, but I, I see it going backwards. Yeah, no, I hear you. I hear you. I mean, I think the point that really sticks is, and maybe that’s why the call is so strong to me lately is that this I’ve looked at most, mostly looked at this situation in 2020 is nothing but opportunity because that’s really what it has been huge opportunity, you know, personally with PBN and, and, and to your point, huge opportunity for change.

1 (30m 14s):
And I don’t know, you know, what, what the struggle is, is figuring out how you harness the attention of people who are, I don’t know, I don’t really know what they’re paying attention to, but how you harness their attention and get them to start worrying about the things that truly matter rather than, you know, whatever qualm they have with the day. And what, what, what makes me most nervous is I think we’re getting a little numb to the protesting. So, you know, in, in January, we at a very effective firearms protest here in Richmond, Virginia that got a lot of news and had some effect, but everybody’s protesting all the time now, you know?

1 (30m 60s):
So this idea of let me gather together a group of parents to show our distaste and displeasure with the fact that you’re forcing our kids to be out of school too. The average news watching American, they’re gonna probably stop listening at a protest this afternoon or a protest this weekend. And they’re probably going to tune out and say, Oh, well, here we go. Another another protest. What you do you think? You know what I mean? So it seems like, it seems like there’s something else out there, but I just, I don’t know.

1 (31m 30s):
I haven’t figured it out yet.

3 (31m 34s):
I think what it is is everybody has so many hardships right now that are so similar. It’s when you can connect on that level and people realize that there’s something relatable. Dan, you have a moment to actually really address and find a solution together. I’m not saying it’s always grouped, but you know, like Ryan was saying with the school’s you see how the public schools are doing. I have a friend in New Mexico who her children do not go to school, but one day a week and everything else is electronic. One child is doing great.

3 (32m 5s):
The other check a child has no, what it is is one child has too little homework and the other one has too much up in Memphis. They go every other day, rest is online. Kids are falling behind because they’re having to maintain themselves as well as our, having a hard time getting emails or questions out to the teachers. So, you know, I, I use cottage school for my children. My children are not public school children, but it’s kind of like Ryan said, is being able to have that group. We have this very close knit group with these teachers and the rest of us who do have to work.

3 (32m 39s):
I mean, they teach our children and they’re set teachers for children. And it’s a small group in which our kids have not missed school even throughout COVID. Well, I take that back. They did me just like the last month of school, but I mean, school has gone back to normal for us. There has been no real change, no other alter other than the fact, I mean, it’s still three days a week, two days of homework, you get your homework done. You have no, you have a whole weekend, but it just goes to Phil. If you can relate to people on that level, you could open the doorway to a lot of things, because if they can relate to you with the struggle of schooling, then they can relate to you with the struggle of finances, a food you have opened the doorway for me.

3 (33m 22s):
My whole thing is trying to open the monologues in order to open the doorway to someone who wants to listen and if curious of how to make their lives a little bit better. So I don’t know if I even went off cuter, sorry, my daughter keeps grabbing my headphones. So if you all hear the rustling, it just, it just goes to show it’s. I have been very fortunate with my children’s schooling, but it makes it such a relatable topic with other parents. And especially for me, other mothers, that I’ve gotten a lot more people to come around as far as to prepping or not that they weren’t Preppers to actually feed on the same level.

3 (34m 2s):
We do to take it a little more seriously that I’ve had more people asking questions, more people wanting to know, well, Hey, what do you do in this case? You know, it’s it for me, it’s not so much as what I can do on a grand scale, but the little changes I can make right now with the people around me and because if it keeps going who’s to say that person won’t affect two or three people who affect two or three people, Moore, it’s a small ripple that could turn into a big wave.

1 (34m 30s):
Yeah. That is a, that is a lesson learned from, from J Fergie, for sure as the power of the individual, you know, you get into a mindset where a lot of times, even me, I feel like, let me just shut up about what I do and let me shut up about, you know, what I believe, because you know, I’m at a cookout or I’m at a whatever, you know what I mean? It’s not the time to get into that, but you’re right. And a lot of people are looking for that information. Now, you know, a lot of people who I meet, not through the network or not through the work that I do as a freelance writer, they, they are interested in that stuff.

1 (35m 5s):
They wanna know, you know, what are the Preppers doing? Why are they doing it? How are they doing it more importantly. And you know, while they’re not ready to align with the name just yet. Cause they’re still scared of it.

3 (35m 19s):
We’ve gotten so far away from the stigma. I mean, the stigma is still there, but it’s amazing that even when they say doomsday, Preppers, it’s not in the same context. It was a couple years ago or last year, like it’s now a, Oh, well I get it. I like it. And it’s like, okay. I mean, I still don’t like the word doomsday, but whatever. But I mean, the fact that I don’t deal with such a negative reaction goes to show that we have a lifestyle that is worth looking at

1 (35m 52s):
Well. The reality is our lifestyle is The is basically if you take a preparedness, self-reliant independent lifestyle to the max, it’s not only a good lifestyle for people. I think it is the only lifestyle possible on the planet. If we continue to have population growth the way it’s going. So in other words, the way we LIVE currently, most people is not really working.

1 (36m 23s):
You know, it’s not really working for the strain on the planet and what Preppers do when they start pooling energy from the sun, when they start making eggs in the backyard, when they start composting down food scraps and grass and leaves and even some trash,

3 (36m 43s):
Right? When we learn basic skills that are lost, I mean, it’s an old way of living it’s it’s. But to me it is probably one of the best ways, because what do you do when the power goes out? What do you do when you can’t get what you need from the store? What do you do to preserve your kill? You know, I mean, those are life skills that people take for granted and people don’t consider until that moment that they need those skills and they don’t have them.

1 (37m 10s):
Well, they’re, they’re they’re I mean, yeah, they’re definitely skills, but they’re, they’re a planet, Terry sustainability skills, you know what I mean? It’s like, they’re so much bigger than this is how people survived in the homesteads of the West, because back then still amazing. Incredible. But you can flesh and interject real quick. Go ahead.

3 (37m 36s):
You know, Linda Lee and Chad says, I think that offering me to stop. Sorry, she’s popping me. That offered a Prepper sister or brother to mentor when a newbie is having difficulties with something or has general questions. Someone they can email it. I think that’s awesome. Have our own, Prepper a big brother, big sister program for a newbie Preppers or people who kinda like that. I think that would almost go a long. Yeah.

1 (38m 1s):
Hmm. Yeah. That’s kind of a cool LIVE Melinda leaves knocking them out of the ballpark lately. We’re gonna have to start paying her if she keeps with all these good ideas sure.

3 (38m 9s):
Between her and volcano we’re in trouble.

1 (38m 12s):
I know I owe those ladies my life.

3 (38m 15s):
Those are my ladies.

1 (38m 18s):
No doubt about it. I can jump in real quick. We do you want to circle back to something that both of you all have actually said, but one of the things and this isn’t specific to prepping, or even the second amendment, even though this is all, this has been one of my biggest arguments about like second amendment advocacy, although it applies anything, but

2 (38m 36s):
I’ve, I’ve been very kind of notorious for telling people that the time when you could pay an organization to be your advocate has ended. Like if you’re an advocate of, you know, of cottage schooling, if you’re an advocate of homeschooling, if you’re an advocate of the second amendment, if you’re an advocate for anything, we’ve reached a point where some of

3 (38m 56s):
You see she’s elected official

2 (39m 1s):
And certain groups are so dead set on demonizing them that the time when any one of us could opt out of being an advocate at any moment in time, for any reason, his ended like to me, I don’t care if I’m at a cookout or at work. And I work in extremely liberal workplace were being a segmented to advocate, being a conservative, much less a libertarian that really flips people’s lids. But like being any of those things, it isn’t like everybody else that makes me stand out. It’s it.

2 (39m 31s):
I’ve had very uncomfortable conversations with management that tried to tell me, you probably shouldn’t discuss that at work to which my response was, but I was answering someone else who was talking about gun control and the things they were saying are factually incorrect. So if I’m not allowed to talk about gun control and gut legislation at work, neither of them, you have two, you have to enforce this rule equally. Otherwise you have to back the hell off, cause I’m not going to be bullied. And I’ve told that to management on numerous occasions, I’ve told it to supervisors and I continue to be the per, the black sheep in the organization that will not be silenced.

2 (40m 7s):
I will not be shut up because you, you’re not willing to shut up everybody else. You’re not willing to have this conversation with, you know, like they, they can say in broad strokes, well, we’re not going to talk politics in the office, but then it’s always my side that gets shut down and I’ve repeatedly told them, well, Mike, no, you have to go down there and talk to them about the same thing. You’re going to do your talking to me about, or I’m not going to listen and you don’t want this law. You don’t want this lawsuit on your doorstep. If you keep pushing and they have for their part backed off.

2 (40m 38s):
Cause they realize they’re they are selectively enforcing this rule. But I guess to me, it’s like, I’ve reached a point where with a lot of these things, I advocate for that I’m willing to be the black sheep. I’m willing to be the weird guy. I’m willing to be the Prepper like in my office, we had an active shooter training. We have it every year at every year. I’m the one person who p****s everybody off saying, why don’t we just let people to conceal carry, permits, carry in a building. That’s never going to fly. And I know that, but I’m the one person every year that brings it up just to kinda like, I’m still here.

2 (41m 11s):
You haven’t gotten rid of it yet. But this past year the instructor had actually the instructor, like I think he genuinely gets it and he’s just dealing with a bureaucracy that doesn’t want to hear it. But he was actually saying, you know, you really should bring, stop the bleed in here and have them teach a selection of your employees. How do you use tourniquets? And you should have Kat tourniquets hear in the office. Cause you know, you’ve got a, with six, 700 people in here. And if you teach just a 10th of those people, how do you use a tourniquet? And you’ve got five or 10 of them on every floor, you’ve got light saving devices.

2 (41m 43s):
Like that’s something you should really investigate. As soon as we got back to our desk, one of my coworkers, like my, in my immediate working group, kind of, I don’t want to say constantly. She, she very jokingly, like at my expense said, I bet Phil’s got one of those and his desk. And I just very quietly opened my desk drawer and pulled an orange cat tourniquet out of my desk and held up over my head where everybody could see it. And I said, I told her, like I told everybody, 29 99, I’ll tell you where to order them from.

2 (42m 14s):
This is for Self eight. So if you all get hurt, cause you didn’t get one yourself, you’re in trouble. I’m going home to see my wife and daughter. And that did not go over well. But the point was, my coworker said, Phil’s probably got one of those in his desk drawer. Yeah, I do. And I’ve got a go bag in my truck and I’ve got like mrs. And my truck and water. Like every joke, every joke you all can tell about me. I tell about myself,

3 (42m 39s):
That’s my job. That’s that’s the same at my job. Except you know, they, they of course makes you, you know, you’re this big old man, I’m this tiny little woman I’m called Laura Ingles.

2 (42m 51s):
What are you talking about? You bench press 250 pounds less all you have Prepper camp.

3 (42m 56s):
But, but it’s the same thing. They go, Oh, I bet you have this. And I’m like, yeah, I do here. Oh, I bet you have that. Yeah, I do in my car. I’m not quiet about being a Prepper I’m not quiet about the fact that I don’t agree that we don’t have certain protocols in place because it’s the type of patients we deal with. But it’s also funny is people have learned to adjust to it and people have actually started you. You got the ones who completely buck and can’t stay in it. And they can’t. They just, they just walk away, which is fine because I’m still gonna say what I’m going to say, but you got other people, Hey, do you have this?

3 (43m 29s):
Hey or what, what do I need as far as this? So you get those viewer open. But it’s the same thing at my job is our power went out. I’m in this tiny little pharmacy where if it’s dark outside, the whole room is black. I got a lantern and a flashlight and I pull them up and I keep them out and people just look at me why you got these? I said, well, the power is going out. How many times I’d like to not sit in the dark. And I’d like to be able to use the bathroom.

2 (43m 52s):
But I guess that right there is my point is that you never get the ones who are, I call them. Prepper curious, but the ones that are a little open to it, you’ve never get to them. Or if you think to yourself, I don’t want to be the weird person in the office. I’m like, I’m nervous or I’m shy or I’m scared. It doesn’t matter what, what your verb is. That’s why I tell her body. We all have to be advocates. You advocate, even knowing you could lead an uncomfortable situations. And because of that, you might play the seed in somebody’s brain.

2 (44m 23s):
That helps them be more prepared. But we never get to that point. If we don’t make ourselves uncomfortable. And we don’t all become advocates all the time,

3 (44m 32s):
Right? Or the butt of a joke, especially if its in a good reason, sorry I’ve seen Brian and Andy and not trying to cut you off at st. Brian and Andrew tried to chime in a couple of times, he is take a breath for a sec.

6 (44m 50s):
I’ve just been listening. That’s all. No, I mean I’m at my work. I’m I mean, I’m basically the black sheep too is I think about worst case scenario kind of thing. And I’ve talked to my supervision quite a bit about active shooter scenarios. Like we, you know, what’s the protocol on if something were to ever happen, like where the officers go and like what, or like what do we do kind of thing. And so, and right now I’m pushing more like all of our, all our fleet vehicles, they all have med kits and myself and a few other guys, or we put together a quote unquote medical team to where we, we standard all the bags.

6 (45m 33s):
So now they’re a haul across all vehicles. They’re a hundred percent the same. So there’s no confusion. And I went through and individual kids, you rip up on the back and there’s a splinting kit. There’s a first aid kit, a basic first aid kit. And then there’s a trauma kit with a tourniquet that staged, you know, a Sharpie marker, marker. There’s a combat gauze. You know, everything that you need for mass trauma, it’s a bag. If you can just pull out and throw to somebody, The now what I’m pushing as the idea of mass casualty bags.

6 (46m 4s):
I’m not the fact that it’s, I don’t want it to happen, but I’d rather have it and not eat and eat and not have it. And so that’s what I’m trying to put us right now is mass casualty bags to where we have six or seven tourniquets in there we have. Cause I mean, we’re you where you have to use one tourniquet. There’s a possibility where you had to use two tourniquets. It depended on the wound and everything, but, and so that’s kinda like what we’re, I’m pushing her or trying to get through the work right now. But I mean, I’m known also as a leg.

6 (46m 35s):
The the gun guy at work too is I’m always watching. I’m always watching the gun videos. I’m always watching something. I’m always talking about guns. I’m always doing something like, and I mean, when I came, when I bring in, when I carry, I carry a pistol and I carry a backpack with a air, a pistol in the backpack, like I just, I roll heavy kind of thing. Cause just with everything that’s been going on with a protest and stuff, I don’t want to be caught flat footed again. I’d rather have it not and eat and eat and not have it. M plus two was one and one is none. So if you have one gun and it goes down or you can’t get to it, you need a backup.

6 (47m 8s):
And really if you need a backup for that backup, so I should start carrying three, just kidding. But, but I mean, it’s one of those things like at work, I was approached by somebody at work that he sent me, it was an Instagram post and he was like, Hey, I don’t follow this person, but what’s what you would have you heard about this? And it was a girl talking about the upcoming and election and the protests and everything and things like, okay, you need to start preparing for certain things and all, you know, what’s going on. And I direct that him to say and Culper Ford from a board observer and a that’s the one thing that I quote, I mean, I constantly am pushing Sam’s forward observer reports until reports.

6 (47m 50s):
Cause they’re, they’re very accurate. They’re based on actual on the ground. Like, I mean not necessary on the ground, but they’re based on actual intelligence from a message boards from news articles from, I mean for salmon has analysts, unless they scour the internet, they fact check stuff, all kinds of things. And it’s, it’s proven. And so like we were talking about it and I was like, if you’re interested in becoming more prepared, I said, let’s talk. And he was like, yeah, I’m definitely very, I’m very interested. And it came, I’m like, yeah, I don’t really talk about it too much at work. He goes, no, he goes, you get, it kinda looked at weird and you, you know, and if I say something, I do get like a laugh and a eye rolls, but like I have quite a few coworkers, like, and I’ve said this on Jordan, on Jordan show a the last time I was on, I believe.

6 (48m 37s):
But I was like, if you have a family and if you’re single, okay, take care of yourself, whatever. But if you have a, if you have a wife and especially if you have a kid, a new, even a newborn, well, why are you not preparing in some kind of way? Why are you not preparing with extra diapers, extra wipes, extra food for that child. OK. If you don’t care about you having extra food or at least have something for them because not, I mean, I don’t have kids, but at the end of the day, you’re going to be pretty upset when you hear your kid crying because they’re hungry and you can’t do nothing about it because you just gave him the last can of beans or whatever it is that the, you know, and so, and that’s what I pushed at work and they, and they, and I get made fun of, but I’m just like, Hey, just like, okay, whatever.

6 (49m 26s):
Like, and what’s just really quick. What’s really funny too is one or two years ago. I think it was, I don’t remember. But anyway, a house I live in now, I mean, we lose power. It The, somebody could sneak down the road and we re we pretty much lose power just cause a tree falls. But I had stuff all made out for all taken off for chili on thought and everything. And I was like, well, I don’t want it to go to waste. So I pulled out my camp stove made a big ass pot of chili and my roommates came home and they’re like, how are you cooking right now?

6 (50m 1s):
The power’s out. And I’m like, guess stove preparedness. And a, and it was fine. I mean, kind of, it’s kind of a chocolate kind of thing, but I mean, just looking at the shortages and stuff like that,

1 (50m 17s):
You bring up an interesting point because one of the battles that Preppers face unknowingly, it’s not just, you know, the people at work who, who, Ooh, give you crap. And maybe even leadership above you who comes down and tells you, you know, maybe we shouldn’t talk about this and that Preppers deal with and we have to be, yeah, we have to be a little bit empathetic about it and sympathetic to it because we deal with something that people hate.

1 (50m 48s):
And what that is is you immediately put people into an insecure position just by talking about how prepared you are, because it goes to, it goes exactly to what you said. I mean, if I’m, if I’m with a bunch of guys and you know, were all on a level playing field and I start talking about how prepared I am for what’s coming in the, in the last quarter of this year. And none of them are prepared.

1 (51m 19s):
I mean, that’s going to generate serious insecurity because that’s basically me saying, I love my family this much. And you know, you’re not good enough. And you’re not clearly don’t care about your camp at all, because you’re not, you don’t get any food put up. I mean, what are you planning on doing? So I think people react in that volatile way. I think people, I mean, cause its like any other kind of insecurity, you know, when you hit somebody’s insecurity button, if they’re cool, they can deal with it. But most people aren’t. So, and often times they return their volley in mockery, you know?

1 (51m 53s):
So it’s like, Oh what the hell do you need all that food for flashlights and guns and s**t. You’re crazy. And I think a lot of that has to do with people going, man, I probably need, I probably need more food and guns and lights and a shift in their head, but they’re do afraid to admit it. So they, they, you know, kind of lash out on us. I think Preppers, LIVE been fighting for a while, but, but not really know, knowing that we’re, we’re dealing with that. We just feel like, you know, were the outcasts, we do these weird things and people laugh at us, but I think the laughing comes from a place of, you know, that crazy.

1 (52m 24s):
Yes. All right. You know, definitely definite insecurity.

6 (52m 31s):
Let me throw this out there about, you know, you were talking about kids and getting them back into, you know, they’re they’re education and what they are getting educated on, what the challenges that we’re facing as Preppers among our peers, kind of the same challenges that our kids face at school for being prepared or knowing how to do certain things.

1 (52m 59s):
Yeah. That’s a great one. That’s a great one because that’s going to happen particularly to our kids. I’m sure I’m you know, I do think that C well the interesting part right now, Ryan, is that We, there are streams crossing at the moment. You know what I mean? There are parts of prepping that have crossed over into common parlance in some ways, you know, and, and a lot of that has to do with kinda the outdoor adventure industry. Like the outdoor adventure industry started booming. I don’t know, probably a decade ago.

1 (53m 30s):
And all of a sudden people understood that, Oh, being outdoors is better. Being out away from these computers is better having some skills when we’re out. There is not a bad idea either there are threats out there. So I go, yes.

3 (53m 47s):
On red. Ron said, Ryan, so you were asking about as far as like the teaching with our kids and the issues in schools, a prime example, like for us, you know, my children have been raised with a prep and mother I’ve always been a Prepper. If anything, it’s gotten more and more intense over the years, as far as how I prepare and how I train my children. And I have seen some conflict in school form, especially my son, because he comprehended a great deal more I’m because of the Facts where Preppers, you know, you hit a point where he was getting teased because he was bragging about the fact that I prepared this, or I have this put up or this put up that it got to a point where I want my kids to know these skills.

3 (54m 29s):
There’s actually been conflicts between the other kid goes on certain normal day skills that you would think you and I know Andy and our friends know, but these kids don’t know their parents misinformed them. Well, my son got into a verbal argument and it hit a point where I had to explain to my son. I understand you’re trying to explain the correct way. And I know you’re correct. Like, I mean he and I sat down and talked about this. I said, but there hits a point when you cannot teach someone who does not want to learn. So we have had to set boundaries on I’m sorry.

3 (55m 4s):
I didn’t mean to cut you off. I set boundaries on what we can and they cannot discuss it, especially in a school setting because you have so many people who have taught their children. What they believe is the only way that they are refused completely to have any objective opinion to anything else, especially with our lifestyles.

1 (55m 23s):
Well, it takes parents like you guys who a LIVE live that life. You walk the walk, you know, Phil’s said that I’m completely okay with being the black sheep and your kids see that, you know what I mean? So then your kids can learn, well, if I want to be like dad and I’m going to be like dad, and that’s what it’s going to be. And dad, you know what I mean has his challenges, but he’s the man he wants to be. He’s honest. And, and I mean, that’s the biggest thing. You can give your kid right at the end of the day, his, you know what your gonna like, what you like and do what you do and be honest about it.

1 (55m 55s):
And that’s a, that’s a damn good life in my opinion. And the thing is though, is I almost feel like growing up. I mean, like I grew up to where my family was. Self-sufficient really, I mean, yeah. We went to the grocery store and everything, Glen and I grew up where, I mean, my dad, we haunted every single year. My dad got you, no one or two or three or so Turkey hunted a, I mean, well, they will have

6 (56m 24s):
Meat in the freezer. They’d get, they’d buy a half, a BB for a half, a cow or a whole cow sometimes depending on how much meat we’re going through. And my mom always had a garden growing up and you know, if something broke down, my dad was my dad’s super mechanically inclined. I’m jealous of how much he knows. I wish I would have spent more time with them in the, in the garage, but grew up where he could fix it. If it broke it, he would fix it. And so we grew up very independent. Whereas nowadays you’re seen a lot of it, especially just in inner cities and stuff like that.

6 (56m 57s):
I mean, you’re seeing kids and the families were the family, the, even the parents or gone working on or whatever, but the LS, I mean, even if they’re not there seeing a lot of the reliance on government and they’re seeing the reliance on a, well, I can just call, I can just call a handyman. I can just call somebody and have it done. Like the person actually trying to figure it out. And I’m, I’m, I feel like that’s grown into being an issue. And that’s where you’re seeing some of these kids where one kid, one child’s like, well, my mom and dad can do this. And my dad does this.

6 (57m 28s):
Are they Prepper that? You know, the Prepper or whatever. And they get teased by it because the kids are the other kids. They don’t know any things. They’re like, well, my parents, they just go to the store and they, they have that mindset to where I can just go to the store and that’s the parents have set that mindset of, I can just go to the store and I can just buy spaghetti for the night or I can buy the chicken I need for tonight or whatever they don’t think about having it on hand. They don’t think about having the supply on hand towards, they can just walk to the pantry. They don’t have to go out and get the food. And right now, like, and I kind of always, this quote comes to mind all the time, but it’s hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, weak men create hard times.

6 (58m 9s):
And I really feel like we’re slipping into the hard times portion of this right now. And as, as people who prepare, even if, no matter what time it is, we’re hoping that it doesn’t get to the hard times, but we’re even the good times we’re preparing because we’re looking ahead of what if that hard time comes. And I lost my job. I mean, a good, another good example is, I mean, for like my uncle, my uncle who has really gotten me into the preparedness of mine. So he was let go from his job and the fact that he had food, you know, that he’s been doing the preparedness thing for so long.

6 (58m 48s):
Is he it’s food on hand to where that, that thought of, Hey, I need money for groceries. That was complete. That was, that was out of his mind. He never had to worry about food or money for groceries, any money he got from unemployment or whatever he could put directly into what the proper bills or in the proper areas. He never had to put it into food. And that right there, I mean, again, and again, it goes into a quote like Phil and I push on our show is what’s your zombie looks like the terms on be.

6 (59m 21s):
And as a Prepper we get, I’ve definitely gotten laughed at because all you’re prepping for the zombie apocalypse to lips and all this stuff, it’s like, well, and then it’s like, well, what’s your zombie it’s what are you preparing for? Are you preparing for a possible job loss? Are you preparing for a hurricane, a tornado, bad weather or some kind of a snowstorm, you know? And so what are you preparing for you to take that idea, take what you need to do and prepare for it, make sure your family is set because if you lost your job and you know, you can’t survive on one income a with you, if your wife is working or you’re, if you’re a single income home and you lost your job, you’re going to be freaking out.

6 (1h 0m 2s):
And especially if you don’t have the savings built up and then so, okay, well we have three kids or we have two kids or whatever, and we spend, okay, our monthly budget is on food. Is this much? Okay, well, I’m doing unemployment and it’s cut down and a half or whatever. Like you start freaking out and that you caught that you start stressing and that stress bleeds into the family life. And if you can intake, if you can do just one thing and you can have enough food for three months or whatever, or savings for three months, and you can sit there and say, you know what, for, or at least one month I’m going to, I’m not going to stress.

6 (1h 0m 39s):
I’m gonna just, I’m going to look for a job, but I’m set for at least a month. I know for a fact, I’m set for a month, you know, that kind of thing. And this preparedness lifestyle bleeds into not just a bad time and you, you know, or, I mean, not necessarily bad times, but just doesn’t bleed into snow storms or, or a storm, some kind bad weather. It bleeds into every single day life. I mean, for people who like, if you sit there and you’re putting a couple hundred bucks away, so you can afford a new tire or a new tires, its like, well, okay.

6 (1h 1m 15s):
That’s to me, that’s all you’re preparing. You’re preparing for buy new tires in six months. So, so that, you know, you put money aside and you know, it’s just one of those things that people don’t understand that there are, Prepper when they actually are like, because the preparedness, the lifestyle, the preparedness mindset comes in so many different variations. So it’s yeah, it’s just it, you know, my parent’s for example, I always called them closet Preppers because of the fact that ah, like they, I, like I said, I grew up with my dad doing all this stuff, honey and my mom can and all this other everything and We and they, but they, when the term Prepper came where the term Prepper like, they kind of scoffed at it cause they’re like, well we’re not Preppers we’re just living our dark daily life.

6 (1h 2m 7s):
This is what we do. So, and then now it’s funny because now ever since I got them hooked up on like a, I got my uncle hooked on a frequent Horton books and then he passed those books on to my

1 (1h 2m 20s):
Mind that, and they’ve been reading a lot of these Prepper are the Prepper fiction and that’s really opened up their eyes. Holy crap. Like this isn’t this is fiction. But yeah, go ahead.

3 (1h 2m 34s):
When you were saying that you’re you’re parents, you know, we’re reading and getting involved. What’s funny is my mother. I’m an oddity in my household. We all already know I’m an oddity. Anyways, did not a group with six cousins out in the woods. Some of my stuff I learned from an aunt, my mother’s anti-hunting anti-fashion it’s gross. It’s nasty. She texts me today. She goes, I’ve been watching it’s time to start pushing, put an extra up again. And it’s funny because she was the one who yeah.

3 (1h 3m 5s):
I’m like, I’m like, Oh my gosh, it worked because my mother who is not, not by any means what you consider a Prepper has now. And when I warned her, when Kobe was about to hit, has now started paying more attention and will ask, do you have this put up? Do you have this put up? I’m working on putting this up. So it goes to show someone who is anti that who has used to go into the store. You know, she’s one of those cliche people who goes to the store for everything. It’s nice to see that she is, she’s not going to be on our level.

3 (1h 3m 37s):
That’s fine. But at least she’s trying, you know, it’s those little bit of steps of, Hey, they might be on to something. Then I may not ever get my mother to be a full Prepper. But at least she’s trying, I mean, the fact that you’ve got your parents read in and what you call closet Preppers my mother was not at all. So it’s it really like for me, that was exciting. Like right before the show, my mother sent me a text. So I was like, Oh, I have to share.

1 (1h 4m 2s):
Yeah, it’s a big deal. It’s a big deal. The effect that one person can have. I was, I was thinking about our kids in their future kind of on what Ryan was talking about. And you know, they’re, there’s a good chance. Well, I don’t know that it’s probably not even a chance. Probably just what it is. Our kids are going to grow up in a time where disobedience is likely this obedience is likely going to be part of what they have to do to keep this nation alive.

1 (1h 4m 34s):
If, if they desire to do so, you know, it’s gonna, cause we’re already reaching a point where I don’t know if you’ve had this thought in your head guys, but for the most part, I imagined that I would never go to jail because I’m pretty straight arrow, but that’s all changed lately, man. I mean the rules changed so fast and they changed so hard lifestyle rules and laws that it gets real nerve wracking. And you start wondering in 10 years, am I, how much of an outlaw will I be in 10 years for living the lifestyle that I live and making that decision.

1 (1h 5m 10s):
If you had a child who’s growing up and learning that lifestyle, they’re going to lead a life that requires disobedience.

5 (1h 5m 19s):
And that’s a scary thing, but I think that’s what they’re inheriting. Whether we’d like it or not morbid since you brought that up, like a

2 (1h 5m 29s):
James, I know you’re a parent on new Jordans, a parent Ryan, I’m assuming you have children, Ryan too yet. Okay. I w that was kind of assumption on my part, but I mean, here’s a thing I was thinking about earlier when you are talking about like, you know, are our children potentially having to live with kind of the ostracism where the jokes of being a Prepper or even a, just a Preppers child? I mean, I started telling my daughter a little things, teaching her little things when she was probably four, but she’s literally grown up with this.

2 (1h 6m 5s):
Like my, my wife, when we may read, I didn’t really think of myself as the Prepper. And I had really gone whole hog into it. She had to like wake up to the realization that her husband has to play carrier and stacking ammo. And Oh my God, what the hell is going on? But my daughter’s grown. She’s lived with this, her entire life and the things I’ve always been careful about telling my daughter is I’m like, it’s, there’s no harm in telling people like, we’re Preppers we think people should do this.

2 (1h 6m 36s):
She, I told her I’m like, some people might not agree, honey. Some people might disagree. They might think that’s funny. Just blow him off. You know? Like it’s like somebody saying mean stuff to you on the playground, sticks and stones in that whole speech. I like both the things that are off limits are how much food we have. Where is it? Where are the guns? Where’s the ammo. I’m like, no one outside of this family needs to know about the preps because the preps are for this family and this family only now.

2 (1h 7m 7s):
And I, and here’s the thing of it is like, well, even if you’re not a Prepper, I think there’s a conversation that needs to be had with your children about certain topics that are family. Only like my, my child knows where I’m like, all my, all guns on the house are secured. I’m like, Oh, my daughter can get to them without me a note about it. Cause I have my wife and I have all the keys to everything, but my daughter knows where it all is. Cause she lives in the house with us. But I can’t, I can’t hide that from her, but she knows better than to go tell and people that don’t need to know.

2 (1h 7m 38s):
Cause it’s just none of their freaking business. And I think specific to firearms, but brought on the broader conversation. I think it’s a pretty responsible thing that everyone sits their kids down and tells them there’s certain conversations. There’s certain things, no one outside the family. What you were just saying. I, I understand. And this may not be a super popular sentiment amongst mainstream Americans, but Americans. But like I understand that there are certain things that school is not going to teach my child and I don’t think school should teach my child.

2 (1h 8m 14s):
Those things like there, I have no issue with them teaching her history as long as it’s, you know, a real history and not this revision is crap that they seem to want to feed into kids. These days. I don’t have an issue with a teacher who had to read and write and that’s all good, but questions of morality, questions of, you know, like core values, I believe need to be taught by the parents at home. And for people that say that like, well, kids need to learn all this stuff in school.

2 (1h 8m 45s):
No, no kids don’t need to learn that in school. They don’t need to learn from a teacher or from an administrator. They need to learn from their mom and dad because we ultimately have, like, I’m not saying that teachers don’t care about their kids. Cause I know a lot of them really do, but you are not going to care more about that little girl than I do. And no one else will or than her mother and behind that, like the broader family. So I get the teacher, those things, I have conversations with her about the bill of rights and she’s eight.

2 (1h 9m 17s):
I break it down in her terms. But like I want her to know what her rights are. I want her to know that the government cannot take these things from you. They should never take these things from, you know, one should take these things from you, but those are all conversations that have to start at home. And We whether its like Prepper gun guy or just an average American, we have to start taking a really firm interest in the education of our children. And that education is more than just reading, writing, arithmetic.

2 (1h 9m 49s):
It is instilling them core values so that they know what it is to be an American. They know what their rights are. They know what their history is. A man. I would love it if my daughter developed the interest in history that I have. But even if she doesn’t, she will know the history of how this country came to be. She will know about the history of the American revolution and what led up to it. And all of the indignities, we as a country suffered before we finally put our foot down and put musket balls down barrels because I think that’s super important for kids these days to know this is what your forefathers suffered in an effort to see peace,

3 (1h 10m 30s):
You teach history and my kids, will you be there?

2 (1h 10m 35s):
I don’t know that I’m the person to teach everybody’s kids about history. Like I just tell people, yeah,

3 (1h 10m 40s):
You can’t teach my children on a level. They could understand. I mean, because it’s sounds very familiar, like with weapon control, safety and prepping, you know, that’s, that’s how I am explained it on their level. They have questions. I’m not lying to them. I tell them, honestly, my kids probably know more things than the, my girls, especially at five and six, then the most children know at 11 and 15.

2 (1h 11m 3s):
Yeah. And at the end of the day, you know, the The the corny old adage, not a knowledge is power. Knowledge is the ultimate power. Like the skit we, we talk as Preppers the time about how the skills in our head are worth more than the gear in our bags, knowing how to use these things, knowing what to do, knowing what, knowing how the world works, knowing, knowing anything is power in itself. But I always tell people, I’m like, if you want the surest way to give your children the ability to look at the world around them and make sound decisions, teach them history because only a fool would say our world has changed dramatically.

2 (1h 11m 44s):
If you’re a religious, since the time of Christ, if you’re not since human beings, Speedo lost all the hair and stop scratching their butts as much. And we S we started walking bipedaly. I mean, we haven’t changed. We are still the same simple, ignorant creatures that are fueled by a desire to eat and LIVE and procreate. And we haven’t changed dramatically. We’ve gotten a lot of really cool toys and we learned our raw had a really cool stuff, but we haven’t changed. And because our motivations in life haven’t changed dramatically.

2 (1h 12m 17s):
We are, we’re going to repeat history over and over and over. They will always be conflict. They will always be rises and falls of civilization and there’s rises and falls. Almost always look the same. So, you know, to your point earlier about like, how do we stave off the fall of the United States, the fall of any country, show me one nation that has managed to none of them have, but what has happened is that every time a nation fell, it’s people had to do one of two things.

2 (1h 12m 49s):
They either bootstrap the hell up and fix whatever’s left and make up to make a new nation or they disperse. But that, those are all things that that’s not me saying, I’m dominance. And I have a crystal ball. That’s just me saying, I have a history book and it’s never wrong. And I’m off my soapbox.

1 (1h 13m 12s):
I think your a hundred percent, right? It’s definitely a history of a revolution or migration, right? One or the other a and right now he’s a good time listening audience to the side, what camp you are in, you know, because you’re in one of the two camps at this moment. And we talked about this months ago, when the pandemic started, it was considering if, you know, are you where you wanna be to weather? What is coming? And if you’re not, you need to actively be getting to the place you want to be.

1 (1h 13m 42s):
And I don’t mean from a preparedness standpoint standpoint, I mean, from literal where your home base is located, there’s a lot of merit to living far out and there’s some benefits to living, you know, not so far out as well. So it’s, it’s a great point. Are you in the migration camp or are you in the rebuild camp? And then the, those are man, they’re a huge decisions. They’re life decisions. And you know, that’s the thing people have so much going on now that

5 (1h 14m 12s):
There’s, this there’s such a cliff notes to society that I think they’re looking for the Prepper pill, the real quick and easy fix that they can take to, to get ready for whatever else is coming in the latter part of 2020. So it’s going to be interesting a couple of months. Yeah. Maybe, maybe, you know,

3 (1h 14m 39s):
Hope unless it’s going to be 20, 20 part two and I ain’t ready for that s**t.

5 (1h 14m 44s):
Well, I mean, I saw me a minute was a, I saw me a minute. It was like this guy smile. And, and it says December, you know, December 30th, I think I, hold on, let me, let me find it. But it was like December 30th or sorry, December 31st, 1150 9:00 PM. And you were all smile. And then it says December 30, first, 1160 PM. And you’re like, Oh crap, I won’t switch. Hey man, there’s a lot of indicators that say the 2021 is, is gonna be a tough year, no matter who’s in office.

5 (1h 15m 20s):
You know, it’s, it’s really when the, yeah, really when The the effects of, of what has happened to business in the nation are going to

3 (1h 15m 29s):
We we’ve even said at the beginning of this year, we said it in our COVID cast that this lifestyle that would, the way we are, will be forever changed. We will never be what we were last year. And, and we’re seeing that, especially with everything else that goes on, it is going to be completely different from where it was before. So it’s now us trying to adjust to the changes.

5 (1h 16m 1s):
If they get out of the way and allow people to fix it, then we’ll have a much better 20, 21. But if we wind up with either administration in office telling people still how to live life, when to go to work, how to go to work and you know how to spend your free time, what to do with your hopes and dreams.

3 (1h 16m 23s):
And this is why we do what we do

5 (1h 16m 25s):
A year. Yeah. You write about

3 (1h 16m 27s):
Self reliance and Independence just like James likes to say.

5 (1h 16m 30s):
Yeah, well, and to me, the takeaway is, cause there was a whole bunch of what ifs and maybes thrown in there as there has to be because nobody has a crystal ball, mine still in the shop. We haven’t figured out how to fix it yet. But my point is is that whether we have good times or bad times is irrelevant. Prepping’s a mindset. Prepping is a lifestyle. Every week. We say this all the time for they’re like we heard from ammunition, retailers and manufacturers about the Trump’s fall of 2016 came in, Trump took over and ammunition and gun sales, plummeted prices went through the floor, guns and ammo got so freaking cheap.

5 (1h 17m 7s):
They were, I mean, almost paying people to buy guns. And what happened, a bunch of non Preppers sat on their red sat on their behinds. Almost let the profanity slip. But when we had one beer though, I caught it. But a bunch of people sat on their butts and they let it slide. And they said, screw it. I can spend them. Or I can spend the money on a vacation. I don’t have to go out buy guns and ammo. We’re safe for four years. What a Prepper, what should Preppers have been doing? We should have been stacking ammo. Like we were trying to supply the friggin Marine Corps.

5 (1h 17m 39s):
And a lot of us did a lot of us that reload our own ammo. Like I do stack components for weeks and months. At this point, I don’t care that you can’t find nine millimeter on the shelf, or if you candidate, it’s not a price you don’t want to pay. I’ve got 4,500 rounds worth of components sitting to my shelf, waiting on him, waiting on a rainy day. All it takes for me is a couple of weekends. Turn that into freedom pills. But I guess my point is, is that it for everyone out there is in this mindset, it doesn’t matter if 2021 things turn around or things go to hell and a hand basket.

5 (1h 18m 15s):
We should never stop prepping. If things get bad, it’s time to it’s time to prove. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is. This is what you’ve been getting ready for and things aren’t bad than. It’s a chance to keep on prepping for the day. It does get bad. It never, ever, ever ends. I think we need to end it there. Phil those of powerful words and a, you know, there’s definitely going to be that kind of a feeling of Trump gets into office things get a little better.

5 (1h 18m 45s):
We see a little bit of sun. People may decide to take the foot off the gas. And I think with that message from Phil from the Matter of Facts podcast, telling you prepping in good times and in bedtimes, that’s where we end this one tonight. A thank you so much folks for tuning into another episode of Preppers LIVE here at the Prepper Broadcasting Network, you know, we kick off tomorrow night with double barrel Tuesday. We got the boys from Patriot power hour and the Buford’s with the next generation.

5 (1h 19m 17s):
So a yeah. Good luck to you. I hope you guys enjoyed tonight’s show with the Phil and Bobo Matter of Facts Podcasts and thank you, Ryan and Jordan for joining us as well. I’m really loving this show guys. We’ll talk soon.

7 (1h 19m 35s):
Thank you for listening to the Prepper Broadcasting Network where we promote self reliance and Independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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