November 30, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Preppers and Socialization

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For a long time I have been trying to break the mold and push people out into the world. Well, it would seem that in this most divisive time we are free to say anything and we all share in the same opportunity for getting shunned. The time has come for preppers to go through some serious socialization.

Most of us are forced to wear a mask but I think the times they are a changing! When Gillette is putting out wild accusatory commercials its time to enter the fray as proud preppers. That’s all there is to it. Like young children and pit bulls, we need honest socialization. You see, when we hide we cannot affect anyone.

 Listen to “Preppers and Socialization” on Spreaker.

The news is on fire so you can expect a lot out of this show but the main idea will be powered on Preppers and Socialization.

Do you believe preppers can save the world?

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