January 17, 2022


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What do zombies have to do with prepping?

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What do zombies have to do with prepping? Well, Jon also runs a facebook fan page devoted to zombie apocalypse survival and preparedness. Ok, so we are getting back into the realm of prepping, but why zombies? Well that is exactly what he is going to explain. Zombies and prepping are more closely tied than you might imagine and he will tell us how. Since most, if not all, of our listeners are preppers, we won’t get into the details of prepping as much as the reasons why it is becoming more popular and raising awareness to encourage more to prep. You can find him on the Z.S.A Texas facebook page and he has an article coming out later this month in Brains Magazine. Later this year we are looking forward to the release of Dead Air Anthology which will include Jon’s first published short story. Listen to this show of The Prepper Folks in player below!

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