Self Sufficient Ideas: An Aquaponics Discussion with Rob from Web4Deb

Preparing to Provide125My guest on the last show was Rob Torcellini, one of my YouTube friends. If you don’t know him, this is his YouTube channel… we spent quite a bit of time talking about his Geodesic Dome greenhouse, and greenhouses in general. Depending on where you are located, a greenhouse could be used to grow vegetables year round or simply as a way to lengthen your growing season. And one of the huge benefits to greenhouse growing is the fact that you don’t have to deal with unpredictable weather.

We had just gotten started on the aquaponics discussion when the clock ran out. Since I’m putting together my own aquaponics system right now, I’d like to make this a focal point of the show. For those who aren’t familiar with AP, it’s a process that involves growing fish and plants together, in one complete system. The waste from the fish is what provides the nutrients for the plants. In terms of being self-sufficient, an aquaponics setup would certainly make a great addition. If you were able to put this inside a greenhouse, and grow the plants year round, that would be even better. But you’d probably need a way to heat the greenhouse. Well, Rob solved that problem with a Rocket Mass Heater. And for some added insurance in the event of a power outage, he also installed solar panels to meet his electrical needs.

So on this episode of Preparing To Provide, we’ll be providing lots of information for anyone looking to get into aquaponics. And if time permits, we will also be discussing the Rocket Mass Heaters and various solar power options. Please join us for another great show, and feel free to call in with any questions you might have.

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