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Self reliance and independence

Patriot Power Hour (Episode 119)

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What do you want statement of purpose? Should I email you? Should I put this on your action item list? You decide you don’t love, love involvement. We are The Prepper Broadcasting Network.

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You are now listening to the Patriot Power Hour the newest show of the Prepper Broadcasting Network this live episode features the situational awareness. You need to practice self reliance and Independence introducing your host, Ben, the breaker, a bankster and a future Deanne, the editor of future danger.com

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Patriot Power Hour December 1st, 2020 Ben the breaker a banksters glad to be back after Thanksgiving weekend. I personally had LASIK surgery, so I’ve been out of it for a few days, but I’m back healed up. Thankfully it all worked out well, future dance. So a few things going well, and I’m ready for 2020 to be over with. I’ll tell you that. So we’ll see, we’ll get on the news today, but how was your Thanksgiving? It was good. Not does that surgery hurt. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s really weird. Let’s just say that I won’t go too much into the detail, but they use a laser to cut off a very small part of your eyeball, the cornea, right?

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And then they use a laser to refine and kind of put the regularities to bed. They just kind of smooth it out with the laser. Then they put your eyeball back on and it kinda heals up over time. How many times can they do that before? It’s kind of like the last time they could do that. Well, they said I had a lot of the cornea tissue, like seven nanometers or something. I don’t remember the exact or something. They said, they be like, Oh, there’s 7.3. And it was a, some sort of measurement. Like they were like, that’s a lot of tissue to work with. And I mean, if you’ve got a thin one, I guess it can go wrong. Now they used to do this mechanically with an, I actually don’t even know why, but I have a razor blade right here.

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And they used to pretty much use a micro razorblade pieces of metal, a slice. Now they use lasers. So that’s why I’m recovered in a week. I’m already, I had a follow up tomorrow. I’m not perfect yet, but it’s a getting better. So anyway, I had a good excuse to just sit on the couch and listen to some podcasts. Obviously some PBN Prepper Broadcasting Network podcast, but also just kind of relax with the family and just a good, a good Thanksgiving for me.

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I remember when that technology all came online and the question was, was it going to be allowed in the army? And they told us that, you know, if you are on jump status, which I was that you can’t have the surgery and they were actually, anybody went like on leave and went home and got it done privately. And they discovered it. Or they were there saying, Oh, well you can get a job. Cause they’re afraid, you know, may be some of the early surgeries approved, you know, to have that risk. But it didn’t take long. I mean, I’m talking two years before the army was giving it to the shoulders or needed the, you know, the, the improvement in eyesight.

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So it flipped fast from, you know, we don’t know about this. It’s dangerous to everybody’s getting it done, but I didn’t realize you had to have it repeatedly in your life.

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Well, what I understand is maybe you can have a touch up after 20 plus years, depending on how, how first off my eyesight wasn’t to bad. And the reason we’re talking about this on Prepper Broadcasting Network is because this was a prep. I literally literally consider this an investment in a Prepper into my eyesight. What’s more important than your eyesight. If stuff hits the fan, literally that’s literally what I get paid. I was like, you know, I got gold, I got a big coin. I got this, I got that, whatever I need to be able to see, I need to be able to see perfectly or as perfectly as possible without glasses contacts. And my eyesight wasn’t even that bad. But yeah, that’s, I don’t know. I liked diversification in investments invested in your site and your eyesight.

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I don’t know of some of the things about, I don’t know if anyone’s talking about lazic or like surgery like that on Prepper Broadcasting Network I’m sure someone did, but that’s kind of out of those outside of the box way to kind of prep. I don’t know. That’s how I think of it

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Too. So what’s your back up? Do you guys glasses?

1 (5m 6s):
I got to know though backup that’s on a very deep Prepper. I got some sunglasses and some goggles and some gas mask, but a

2 (5m 16s):
Surgery. What were you doing? Just suffering done

1 (5m 18s):
By sight. One of my eyes was about a little worse than 2020, but about 2020, but my other eye was 2040 or a little worse actually. So my good, I was compensating for all of these years when I’m staring to get a little older. So starting to fade away, I could feel it getting a little worse over the last couple of years. Really. I knew it was going to get a lot worse. My right eye, my left eye was still a really good, but you know, I was a resorting to just reading stuff with one eye. Sometimes it’s not good. So I was like, shit, that’s not a good idea. And it’s probably doing more damage than my left eye. I don’t know. But anyway, that’s what you do

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Glasses wear. And I don’t have a need for these surgeries sort of blessed with at least long range. Good eyesight. But that’s a great point. Just, you know, I imagine corrective lenses would have been the backup, but now that you had the surgery, you know, you bought yourself how many years before, you know, it’s a problem again,

1 (6m 13s):
Absolutely. Even if it was like 10 years, it was worth the investment, but you know, 20 years or something like that, and thing is maybe they’ll take 10, 15 years to go back to where it was. But if I didn’t have to think how bad it would be at that point. So that’s one way to look at it. But even, you know, this a little hit, the PREPARED of listeners of PBN, I had to learn to shoot left-hand and pretty much, because I couldn’t see very well on my right eye. So I was shooting my AK and other fun front of firearms with my left eye dominant. Right. And

2 (6m 45s):
Wait a second. Which one are you dominant and abdominal on my left eye to eye. You are, and that was the eye that was better. Okay.

1 (6m 53s):
Well, I will shoot off my left shoulder with my left shoulder instead of right shoulder. So I could see better with my left. I could see yeah.

2 (7m 2s):
Better, but your left eye dominant. So it worked out right?

1 (7m 6s):
Well, no, I S I never even tried to learn to shoot off my racial order cause I couldn’t see that well, so I was like, I got to lose and that’s not, that’s fine with some, but I don’t know. I’m just saying now I can, maybe you try to shoot Orthodox now. Yeah. Yeah. That’ll be so, eh, you know, I’m not the sharpest shooter by any means, but maybe I will help my aim at least a video games, but we’re, this is a PBN we’re talking about prepping. So anyway, knock on wood. That’s going, well, maybe someone for people to consider out there. I know it wasn’t super cheap, but Hey, you can use, at least my case, I was able to use my, you know, HSA, like tax-free thing. So if you got one of those, it wasn’t insurance insurance has a cost of what I mean, jeez, pretty cheap prep.

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When you consider some of the money people have spent on perhaps. I mean, it’s, I was like, mine was about four grand, but it’s four grand for your eyesight. That’s a pretty damn good prep. If you already got some of the basic stuff, you already got a six to 12 months of food and lots of water and firearms, you know, maybe getting your eyesight.

2 (8m 7s):
Yeah, well you’re health and your physical well-being or, you know, you have to be considered equally important as to material supplies. You a, you know, a man’s to accumulate, I would say your, your physical health and your, and your knowledge, your skillsets, like everything that you bring to a situation to survive is, is, is, is more than half of the equation. Then the gear you also have is, is, is the other half, because you know, you can be, you know, bear Grylls with the buck knife for a little while, but you know, you know, that’s how he always got out of the situations by usually a helicopter within two days. Like the whole premise was I just got to get somewhere and then I’ll walk into a village or whatever we’re talking on this network.

2 (8m 54s):
And we’re talking about on Patriot Power, Hour the types of calamities that, you know, last longer than, you know, a bear Grylls, three 72 hours escape, right?

1 (9m 6s):
No emergency services looking for you. Yeah. Is it like, you’re not in the woods and they’re looking for you trying to find you, or maybe the zombies are looking for you, but not the people trying to help you out in our scenario,

2 (9m 18s):
This and the entire range of, from, from skills and, and physical attributes that you have physical, mental, spiritual, you know, emotional attributes and skills that you have. And then there’s the stuff you have that, you know, the former is outweighs the, the, the ladder. If you, if you know things and are fit, you’re going to have more opportunities to create material advantages in tough situations. Definitely the reverse is not true. You stock up, you know, an entire ranch in a mountain range where no radio signals penetrating or out and is entirely forested, you know, Backwoods like the The as remote as it gets, perhaps a Alaska, right?

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And you have all the supplies you need and your, your skills and your, your, your mental or physical health failure. You’re done. It’s the whole show alone. If you watched the loan, let’s say to the point, they put the contestants out there by themselves. I’ve seen incredibly skilled people just crack up and they had everything. They had all their tools. They have to lose their, you know, the fire starting kit, or do you know, they, they, they kind of lose it upstairs and, and can’t cope from there.

1 (10m 37s):
It’s definitely true. Or no, 90% of it’s half mental. I think Yogi Berra said that. Definitely true. All right, guys. Well, we’re going to the first break. We’re going to come back with the future danger news blitz. So go to a future danger dot come to follow along, hit on some of the news. They want to talk a lot of other stuff, a lot of fun, other stuff as well. All right, guys, stick with us. Patriot Power Hour will be right back. You know,

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, Prepper, Broadcasting, Network the six principles for a disaster. PREPARED knows. Use them to build a base of preparedness that will keep your family safe in the face of the next disaster. Find them and more@prepperbroadcasting.com.

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Man, I seen fight club of the strongest and the smartest men who’ve ever lived. You see all this potential and I see a squad goddamn and an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables, slaves with white collars advertising has this chasing cars and clothes or can jobs we hate so we can buy shit. We don’t need the middle of children of history, man, no purpose of the place. We have no great board. No great depression.

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Our great war is a spiritual war. How a great depression is our lives All been raised on television. To believe that one day we don’t be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars, but we won’t. We’re slowly learning that fact. We’re very, very pissed off

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Achieved situational awareness of multiple threats indicators in one view or PREPARED future danger

2 (13m 19s):
Here is your danger news blitz on the Patriot Power Hour December 1st, 2020 column one, Chinese government steps up propaganda to change the COVID origin story. Meanwhile, Twitter suspends user, while he testifies in front of, in front of Arizona lawmakers regarding the election USA today, and Facebook use very suspicious check methods to suppress facts about foreign alien voting. And that brings us to the indicator of the week, which we didn’t discuss. And the first segment, because it’s so extensive, we know we have to talk about this Episode judge block certification, a Pennsylvania election results tended the Supreme court Pennsylvania expansion of the mail-in voting was ruled illegal.

2 (14m 13s):
Georgia judge issued a restraining order against erasing dominion voting machines and the same judge freezes voting machines in three Georgia counties. Data analyst says more illegal votes in Arizona than Beau Biden had a margin of victory. Georgia secretary of state is suddenly concerned about illegal out of state votes. Pennsylvania lawmakers formally introduced a resolution to dispute the 2020 election results. And we have been a compilation of a, an amazing article from American thinker of 20 alleged election facts that don’t pass the smell test, lets get into those and the precise details after the blitz, Trump, Arizona ballots tonight have been alleged to have been switched on to Beau Biden votes on Dominion’s system, the judicial system and distrust in it just like distrust in our electoral system should be getting a major boost in the coming new year.

2 (15m 19s):
As Durham gets special counsel upgrade to protect the Russia gate origins investigation. So we have an independent prosecutor appointed to carry over between terms who has subpoena power of prosecutorial power. And you know, we’ll see where it leads. He did nothing during Trump’s first term, new Orleans police finally admit that use, you know, the department admits that it uses facial recognition tech on a consistent basis after denying it for years, call them to be in the middle East and Iranian scientists tied to nuclear program and actual brick general in the Iranian revolutionary guards and leader of the Iranian nuclear program is assassinated and immediately Iran alleges Israeli involvement or any of the state media claims with a weapon used in the nuclear scientists assassination was made in Israel.

2 (16m 17s):
It’s a remote control, a machine gun, just a belt fed, you know, a large caliber, you know, bionic man of science. Fiction-y kind of machine done on a remote control. Yeah, that, that got him easily killed him. And meanwhile, Iranian revolutionary guard commanders were reported killed and a drone strike along the Syrian Iraqi border. So I ran Israel final weeks before an inauguration to the next president and the middle East could go kinetic. All right, great article here. Michael Snyder.

2 (16m 57s):
It’s about dark winter. Dark winter is a term being thrown around by politicians regularly. Now it was also a government funded bio attack scenario against the United States in a, you know, conducted in 2001, he makes the case why a planning scenarios 19 years ago are becoming a real, you know, and he’s suspicious. That’s on purpose, false flag exposure, economically, not a lot to report. I know you’re going to want to talk about Bitcoin later in the show, but it’s not a bad thing and dangerous in and of itself. The only piece of news we got, it’s a dollar trading, a two and a half year low and maybe later we’ll take time to, you know, investigate what exactly is the dollar index?

2 (17m 43s):
How’s that work? It’s pretty simple. But when you hear, you know, the DXY slips to two and a half year low, you know, a lot of people are like, well, what’s that even mean? What’s up? How’s it mattered to me. We’ll try and break it down. Call them for CRISPR used to edit the genome of a primate. That’s the first time. And you know, that’s, you know, publicly disclosed got hunger from drought in Southern Madagascar. We have a slew of 6.0 earthquakes, you know, around the Pacific rim, not on the land, a pretty typical stuff, but ah, the sun did ejac the biggest solar flare in years, just the other day, it wasn’t pointed towards earth.

2 (18m 27s):
So it had no effect, a a 4.4 magnitude solar flare erupted before Thanksgiving or right after Thanksgiving last week, that was earth directed. So, you know, it produced auroras but that the size of solar flare that came off of the sun and another direction would have had I say Navigant impact on the earth had it just been pointed in our direction and it, and you know, space, weather, EMP style, you know, events that, you know, Carrington events that knock out our grid, you know, remember that’s that’s out there all the time.

2 (19m 7s):
All right, we got a little article to hear about, you know, how tracking people with microchips may actually be the outcome of the COVID-19 experience. And of course COVID-19 news persists cases, top 6 million, 60 million worldwide and American deaths. Now above 260,000 killing the future is what it’s doing. COVID madness will lead to half a million, fewer of us bursts the next year. It’s projected. That’s the news in one tight package, what matters to Patriots.

2 (19m 50s):
And for maybe to show, we’re going to dwell on a few of these topics. What, which one would you like to start with? Ben?

1 (19m 58s):
Great job as always, to be honest though, one thing I would note is I feel like a, besides a couple of the topics that are in very, a high risk and urgent, especially the election’s or stolen topics, you have to watch them ship. Guess what the rest of the news map is actually relatively benign. And that doesn’t mean they’re not serious articles, but you don’t see, as you said, the economic, probably the least amount of activity, at least threat and danger. This is a future danger after all. And that’s what we’re trying to focus on. Things that are dangerous, not much danger seen on the news blitz and that’s guess what that makes sense.

1 (20m 39s):
Dow Jones is pretty much an all time high, right? At 0% interest rates, massive amounts of stimulus and more stimulus is supposed to be coming. So everything’s peachy, all that economic problems were previously. No problem. They’re all gone. I’m kind of being facetious, but still it is relatively calm and a lot of regards here and even, even the COVID, even though we’re seeing allegedly 260,000 dead, that’s the number off of it. And 60 million infected, it’s not black on red or excuse me, red on black S H T F apocalypse. Like it wasn’t the middle of March.

2 (21m 15s):
Yeah. And the last March. But remember it falls completely into your, you know, overall viewpoint, Ben your’s that, you know, the, the economics are all raked and when the, the, the, the powers that be behind the scenes, you know, you know, manipulating the, you know, the, the global economy and the global financial structure really don’t know what to do next. It may be that that’s when you don’t see a lot of news and things churn along without devastating developments, you know, the dollars slipping to a two and a half year low, but it’s not even near the zone of getting into historic lows, but, you know, maybe it’s because everybody’s waiting and see w seeing what is going to happen with his election.

2 (22m 8s):
It’s the entire planet, maybe holding its breath. And when the dust settles, that’s when agendas get back to work and then things do grow increasingly bad. Or do you believe it’s just, you know, market forces are just, it’s just a natural cycle. And right now we’re in a calm economic,

1 (22m 26s):
Well, it’s absolutely not a natural cycle. So I’ll definitely say that. I will say that I expect that the market presumes a Biden win, which means tons of stimulus,

2 (22m 39s):
Like currency markets, stock markets,

1 (22m 43s):
It’s all the, I mean, I know what you mean, but I consider it the markets and the big EWAS. I mean, it’s all connected though, but really might as well just, I always look at the bond market if I want to talk about that. I talk about, yeah. And I think if you really want to look at a bond markets are the most important. And that’s why I talk about interest rates all the time. Cause the amount of money locked up in fixed income is just math, you know, order of magnitude more than stocks and everything else, even more than real estate. Really. So yeah, those interest rates are still at 0%, which means bonds or an all time high, therefore stocks are able to continue cause people can issue debt at 0% and they can cover up any mistakes or issues they got and kick the can down the road.

1 (23m 29s):
That’s why it’s all connected like that.

2 (23m 30s):
Yeah, sure. Is what sticks? Why, what does the dollar index, you’re going to explain it to the listeners and I don’t have the hell. Could it possibly get to a point where it does impact lives?

1 (23m 40s):
I don’t have the exact Investopedia definition of I’ll try my best. I, I figured there’s I know the number, but at least seven, five.

2 (23m 48s):
I think it’s five, five currencies might be a few more.

1 (23m 51s):
I was thinking like seven The less than 10, but

2 (23m 54s):
You get of the top currencies. Exactly.

1 (23m 56s):
So then the Euro pound dollar, I bet there’s a couple more, but I just try to test, this is like a jeopardy question for 600,

2 (24m 7s):
But in Australia might be in there

1 (24m 9s):
That my Canadian dollar and the Australian dollar possibly not powerhouses by any means,

2 (24m 14s):
Currency can be measured against the baskets. Yeah. So the G seven currency.

1 (24m 19s):
So that’s exactly right. It’s really like that thinking of it that way, like a G seven. So anyway, really though, it’s the yen, the Euro and the dollar, like the heavyweights and this big time heavyweight. So, okay. I’ll give you a hug hanging out in their it’s a contender,

2 (24m 35s):
But we’re not talking about a Russian. No, that’s not true. It’s the major Western developed economies. Okay.

1 (24m 42s):
So the us dollar has been extremely strong compared to these others because their economies are actually much worse off than us because they’re much further down the socialists slide into hell and they have less productivity and less economic growth. Wow. Yeah. So the currency’s eight, you know what, the quicker, the German Bund was like negative 0.7 or, you know, they have negative interest rates on their, on their government treasure or grow government instruments. Yes. So what we, at least our Treasury’s and I’ve always talked about this the 10 year treasury is still above 0%.

1 (25m 24s):
Remember I kind of back in the day, I was like, it’s going to 0%. It’s not a zero.

2 (25m 28s):
So the straight debacle, just to tell you what DXY, as you can trade on this. Yeah.

1 (25m 34s):
Let’s not go down of the people don’t care too much about that. How does it impact your preparedness number one? And then what is the DX? Why?

2 (25m 39s):
Yeah. Falling, which is two, a two and a half year of law

1 (25m 43s):
To make everything more expensive for you to buy, especially a Chinese

2 (25m 47s):
Slave goods. Yeah. How, if it’s important, it’s more expensive.

1 (25m 50s):
Yeah. So the pricing, the peak of the U S dollar compared to any other currency, maybe you’ve already seen it. Maybe we might be on the downward slope

2 (26m 1s):
And it was always in Trump’s agenda to lower the dollar. So we had competitive exports.

1 (26m 8s):
So that is a good thing. If you ex, if you export to other countries, it’s good to have.

2 (26m 13s):
Yeah. You were bringing you bringing in goods at lower costs,

1 (26m 17s):
But guess what? The us economy imports way more than exports, especially the China, but it’s a frickin Vietnam, Thailand, all types of countries. So it’s going to hurt our, we already have a massive negative trade balance. So it was going and getting increase it precipitously. So everything’s going to cost more. So while people are getting less jobs and things to cost them more, that’s going to be a double whammy right there.

2 (26m 41s):
So you can, you can trade on the DXY. You want to bed, which direction on the dollar is going to guess or the currencies. And that’s why you look at that, that, that it’s an indicator. 70 is the lowest on the Ed’s and index of 70 to 80 doesn’t mean any value per se, right? It’s like Dow Jones, industrial average points. What’s a points worth of Dow worth nothing. Ultimately it’s just a relative scale, right? So the DX wise too, and a half a year low, but you started to see, you know, near all-time Lall what you think you did the Century, you know, then what, then how bad does it get better? And then you’re going to be making it or buying it here.

1 (27m 23s):
Well, that’s a gas and gas goes back up to the four or five or $10 a gallon and all that. And here’s, and this is the final part. Then we’re gonna have to go to commercial. You got a lot of other interesting stuff we’re gonna hit on lots of great topics. We’ve only got 30 minutes when you were going to have to do so much to talk about, excuse me, remember this, this is what you gotta remember the DXY and this whole foreign exchange. It’s all relative to each other. But if they’re all losing value together, it can look stable, but they’re all losing value because the system is going down the toilet. So keep that in mind. It’s the guy, who’s the King of turd mountain. Pretty much the us dollar was the King, but we’re slipping.

1 (28m 5s):
We’re slipping. We’re falling compared to the others, but everybody’s going down. Trust me like, Oh, our neighbor, our house only went down 30%. Our neighbors went down 40%. We’re kicking their ass. It’s not good. So just to put that out there. Wow. Yeah. Anyway. All right, well, we’re going to get a break here.

2 (28m 26s):
What is happening next to the next few months is about the most we can manage. So I’m not sure if the, the doom and gloom and the long run is going to help people survive the holiday season, but we’re gonna, we’re gonna focused on the here and now

1 (28m 41s):
How to prepare for this definite calamity and in a lot of other stuff, we’ve got so much on board

2 (28m 46s):
Or harken back to a special we did before the election on how the electoral college works and where we’re at in the middle of that. Right? Right now, tonight, December 1st of 2020,

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Prepper broadcasting.com looks more fitting for a woman. You know much about guns, mr. Vaughn, no, I know a little about women. Who are you? My name is . I must be dreaming easy. Perhaps you could call one for me. Of course. It seems to be a difficult or no, it isn’t this, you know, world domination, same old dream out of, on the foot of the people who think they’re a Napoleon or God.

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How do you know my friends? Call me domino. It’s on the bracelet on your ankle. What shop? Or the lights you’ve got. Wait until you get it to my teeth. Ted told me he was assassinated in Hong Kong. Yes. This is my second bite. Too many of the free radicals. That’s your problem? Three radicles. Yeah. Yeah. That talks. It’s the destroyer. The body of the brain goes by eating too much. Red meat, white bread, too many dry martinis. The Nashville cut off the white bread. Or do you lose as gracefully as you win? I wouldn’t know. I’ve never lost. Sorry, mr. Bond, obviously through the Batman M sent you only to a pretty for your tabs.

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A M says that without you on the surface, he fears for the security of the civil eyes. Whoa, never again, never love the same.

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Again, that’s The preppers medical handbook by William w 40

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1 (31m 53s):
All right. We’re back to the Patriot Power Hour episode 119. We’ve been on air for more than three years, but coming up on a one year with Prepper Broadcasting Network and we’re so glad to be here on PBN. A great, great host. Great. Shows great listeners. So make sure Prepper broadcasting.com go there and join the continuity as well. If you have not yet, I have a go sign up I’m of course, disaster coffee, all day. I got to get myself some of that. I heard a man. I maybe I missed the cyber Monday deal.

1 (32m 33s):
It is Tuesday, December 1st, or there were some good deals on that. Maybe not too late. I missed it. Damn it. I needed some, I got a new coffee maker. I need to get myself some, some of that. Anyway, we’re coming back back to the news feature, Dan. I mean, I could talk economics all day. You said you’d talked a little bit about Bitcoin. Yes. I like to talk a little bit coin 19,000 is where it was earlier today, maybe 18 five, just a month, month and a half ago you were talking to on the show was 13, 14 grand. So it’s already up quite a lot since then. Is it a bubble? Is it a scam?

1 (33m 14s):
Not going to talk too much about that right now, but I will tell you this, all of that stimulus and all that borrowing against our future generations credit card, right? Well, all of that money has to go somewhere and it’s definitely going to Bitcoin. Now, obviously stocks or all time highs with Bitcoin officially did hit its all-time high, even though it’s retraced a little, but it’s back gold hit is not at its all time high now, but getting closer to it after dropping a little, pretty much everything’s going through the roof, real estate prices, baseball cards, like what goes up must come down at some point, I think. But everybody’s winning these days.

1 (33m 55s):
At least if you got money to invest a lot of people don’t but yeah, I dunno. What, what do you make of that? All right.

2 (34m 3s):
Yeah. I can’t explain how Bitcoin moves. I don’t understand why now. I do remember it being at this level when we started Patriot Power Hour as soon as the two of us hosting it three years ago, so, you know, it’s come full cycle, but I got less of an idea of what moves it than I did before. But I do know that by official numbers, Biden got more votes than Obama in 2008, despite losing share of the minority voters to Trump.

1 (34m 37s):
Is that in a state or is that all like the entire nation nationwide?

2 (34m 41s):
Okay. Biden lost the most bellwether States and counties and still one since JFK did it in 1960,

1 (34m 52s):
That’s pretty crazy. Democrats

2 (34m 54s):
Suffered down ballot losses across the country, despite their presidential candidate winning the election.

1 (35m 3s):
And that’s definitely not correlated well in real, you know, otherwise

2 (35m 6s):
Trump exceeded his first vote count in 2016 by the largest margin for any incumbent president and the history and last Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada and Georgia simultaneously pretended to a halt ballot co counting yet secretly continued all of the States. All of these States did it together. The same way. Voting machines alleged to have processed hundreds of thousands of ballots within physically impossible, impossible, short timelines.

1 (35m 45s):
It’s like it reads 50 votes per second, and they’re claiming it went up 380 votes, a second couldn’t of been those or made up numbers. But it’s something like that. Maybe

2 (35m 54s):
Couldn’t of been legally could of been physically counted in all the time. They say they were over 100,000 Pennsylvania absentee ballots returned the day after on the day or on the day before they were mailed out, according to the postal stamps. So thousand Pennsylvania absentee ballots.

1 (36m 17s):
So who is going to jail for this stuff? Anybody that’s my question.

2 (36m 21s):
I don’t know if the question is, if this

1 (36m 23s):
Stuff is provable, there had to be people that were accountable for this stuff.

2 (36m 27s):
Look how bad Trump, you know, pissed off his opponents, that you can’t even begin to find a Democrat that would acknowledge any of what I do.

1 (36m 39s):
Oh no, you definitely a conspiracy theorist, 10 facts.

2 (36m 42s):
None. There are no one on that side of the aisle that, that will have any integrity about how any of this happened.

1 (36m 53s):
Do you mean like if it’s a hundred percent proven, let’s say one of these allegations is a hundred percent proven. They’ll say it doesn’t matter. We got to get rid of them anyway. Is that what you mean?

2 (37m 2s):
Or they’ll never say it. They’ll never think it above a subconscious level, but none of them will acknowledge this has happened maybe like five years from now, some professional doing a paper, you know, announcement and you know, data science scientists and say, yeah, it really did happen. And they will have a chuckle about how no one paid attention at the time. But the integrity of, of Trump’s opponents is nakedly non-existent. If, if some of these things are all allowed to proceed, if, unless the Supreme court comes and just tosses out a slate of electors from a state or one of the state legislatures decides that that it’s a popular vote was corrupted.

2 (37m 48s):
And it’s going to use its constitutional powers to a point the electors, you know, borrowing one of those scenarios. You know, they’re going to get away with it. And it’s banana Republic time after that.

1 (38m 1s):
Yeah, exactly. W w one of the biggest problems is what you said. Even if it’s a hundred percent of proven people will still not acknowledge it as fact Trump’s opponents. That’s the biggest, probably the biggest problem. And some of them will actually say, I don’t care or good. Some people definitely say that. What?

2 (38m 25s):
But here are eligible there. Perfectly proud of it.

1 (38m 27s):
I’ve talked about here. There’s some people that don’t like Trump, they voted for bide. And even though they didn’t like him to get rid of Trump, I bring some of this stuff up them and they come up to me and they say, well, it was just, it wasn’t a centralized effort or, Oh, well now it’s very minor. Or you have some of the stuff happens, but it wasn’t, you know, orchestrated, Oh, I want another effective, the overall outcome. They try to say that. So they have cognitive dissonance at best

2 (38m 58s):
CNN thought of what to tell him to say two months ago.

1 (39m 2s):
Well, no, absolutely. I agree. That’s why I don’t watch to gosh, darn TV. Yeah. But that’s, that’s the other, you know, that’s the best case scenario for a lot of people is that they think that way, like, Oh, there’s no way that they would do that. Yeah. Looks bad. Or, Hey, maybe even on this case, it’s proven like five years down the road. Oh, well, yeah, it was. And at one precinct, definitely. But it didn’t affect you.

2 (39m 23s):
You, you’re not talking to the real person. Who’s saying that the real person is saying that it’s a subconscious level. Isn’t blind. They know that this level of cheating came out of nowhere, unprecedented. And they just really don’t like Trump.

1 (39m 39s):
I don’t think a lot of people don’t how would they know people? A lot of people don’t know that this happened. They don’t even, like you said, they were so blinded with that. Even looking to hear them for years, they just blank that out. They were like, Oh, that’s a conspiracy theory. You’re going to hear that. What are you a nine 11 truth or lie? That’s what they’ll say to you.

2 (39m 57s):
Well, look, look a lot. How people, you know, thinking about the Kennedy assassination,

1 (40m 1s):
Well, that’s like will have more respect. They’ll be like, well, Kennedy, like at least your Kennedy assassinated. If you were a Trump election, spiritual theorist, then I’d really have no respect for you. That’s what they’ll say. I mean, I’m just,

2 (40m 16s):
I think you’re operating in the realm of where you think of what other people, you know, you care about what you built a business.

1 (40m 22s):
This is going to affect my interpretation. I’m just saying, this is what people will do and are doing already. So be prepared, right?

2 (40m 29s):
Well, people build a list of the PBN or used to people talking you travel. We don’t listen.

1 (40m 33s):
We don’t care what they say. Right? Listeners

2 (40m 35s):
Peop people will say that this was a entirely corrupt election. People will present,

1 (40m 43s):
Oh, people will have to do that to matter. Then 10%,

2 (40m 46s):
It’s never going to stop 20%. You have all Republicans. You have a main line conservatives that are on, on, on nationally Hannity. Well then, you know, I think that, you know, everybody’s talking openly about it. This isn’t, this isn’t a small, this is naked. And unless the Supreme court, you know, steps in and, and, and, and nullifies a slate of electors from a corrupt state, you know, is there going to get away with it? And then the, the Democrats opponents are never going to stop putting it right in front of them. It’s, it’s, it’s a central issue of the 2024 campaign right now

1 (41m 27s):
Is the gulags bought in son. That’s what I’m saying with Democrats, get this. They ain’t going to let him a bag, no matter what, that’s what I’m saying, but that’s a little experience of theorist. But how about that? Red terror may be here already.

2 (41m 41s):
Yeah. I think that the major parties have been stealing on elections in Europe for a long time. I think that, and it happens in the rest of the world and, and I think, and it was preplanned. It was a deliberate, like, you know, launch a pandemic and let the mail and vote do the work against Trump.

1 (41m 56s):
Definitely. Well, yeah. I mean, whether that’s why the pandemic was launched or it was planned thereafter, it doesn’t matter. I mean, we could talk about that, but I agree. I agree that this is a systemic, I’m more worried about not the academic of what happened. Can we prove it in so far as can we prove it more of what percentage of people will it matter? You’re saying all of the conservatives, are you going to

2 (42m 23s):
Everybody alive is going to talk about this for the rest of their lives.

1 (42m 26s):
That’s just the show. So that should stop it. It’s not, it’s not gonna stop it. Well, then that’s not enough people to care about it. And 80% of people cared, it would stop it.

2 (42m 35s):
I think that people will care 20% of the population. That’s the part of the special that we did before the election talked about, you know, upon receipt of a, you know, on the day of election, which States are allowed to have counted their votes before the, the, the, the, the polling stations ran their votes on the day of election. So, you know, all of this mail and voting gave the opportunity to know how many votes you needed to fraudulently get away with, and they targeted it and did it in the States. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s prime, aphasia, fraud everywhere. And we all see it. It’s not gonna S you know, if the, the label, Hey, you are a conspiracy service.

2 (43m 19s):
If you think it is really just a, a, a status mental defense mechanism to stop seeing reality

1 (43m 29s):
Back to the state is defense mechanism. They have a lot of those. That’s a good thing. We didn’t have a whole show on state, his defense mechanism.

2 (43m 35s):
It’s a project. They have, they have many defense mechanisms mentally to cope in this role, but this was so blatant that, you know, Biden got more votes than Obama, despite losing, you know, approvable share of the minority votes to Trump. Now he did that. They, they, they brought boxes full of ballots, and the dominion voting machines are being wiped everywhere in the country. And, you know, why do you wipe machines if a complete fraud didn’t happen on them?

1 (44m 7s):
So we can get into like a couple options here? Or do you want to talk a little bit about what the next steps are, but I want more of your opinion as well. What are the odds, if you want to make a prediction, or just your thoughts that it will go to the Supreme court at all of the common 50, 50 are like a a hundred percent.

2 (44m 29s):
No, no, no. They’ve already there’s cases pending. Right. But a lot

1 (44m 32s):
Of them throw it out, but a lot, or pending, or being kind of appealed, obviously denied any of these. Right. I mean, you think very likely that the Supreme court will hear something about, you know, you know, tangible.

2 (44m 46s):
It’s like, it’s impossible. It doesn’t get there. Okay. Okay.

1 (44m 50s):
So I, I don’t think anything’s possible, but I think it’s very likely. And so what date would that have to be by again, plan or December 14th? So that’s in the next two weeks or less

2 (44m 60s):
Of any extended. It’s a, We already read the headlines, Pennsylvania, you know, completely violated its own state law on. And it affects the outcome of hundreds of thousands of ballots right. Far more than the margin of victory. Yeah. The 14th is a win. The state’s convene. The, they’re, you know, electoral college event at their state capitols. And, you know, but you know, we get about two weeks to see what, what makes it to the Supreme court. Yep.

1 (45m 30s):
Today’s Tuesday, the first will be back Tuesday, the eighth next week. And then, like you said, Monday, the 14th is a little electoral college. A lot can happen between now and then we’ll be back on the 15th, Tuesday, the 15th, I will definitely know by then. So the next couple of weeks will be very interested in Patriot Power Hour for sure. We’ll be here, documenting it for you. Whether you’re listening live at 8:00 PM every Tuesday or via archive podcast, or hell maybe people listened to this years in the future. I don’t know.

2 (46m 2s):
Unless the Republic is like burning down from riding because of such an event. Probably a 22nd, I think is concludes this season. We’re going to hit it on a day after the soul says, what is the, what is the solstice this year?

1 (46m 16s):
Do you do the 21st or 22nd? I suppose, I guess it’d be the 20th, but you can be the 20th. It could. I’m not sure if you have to check that out, but you’re right. That will be our a right for Christmas

2 (46m 25s):
Prep just gives the audience, wonder why we can Google do it during it.

1 (46m 31s):
What do you have a favorite show? Prepper but there’s just so many opportunities out there and we can not pair for the ball. I just, you know, do any of that. You only put the end of the entire future danger.com dashboard that counts accounts counts after that. So you get way more than me, cause I’ll be like,

2 (46m 46s):
Oh, like what days? The solstice? I don’t do that.

1 (46m 49s):
I don’t know, man. You have a plan to have that much. I just trying to get to Thanksgiving and get my lazic and now I’m, I’m like, okay, how long till Christmas again now, anyway, the 21st, mostly is December 20th. So that’d be one a week after electoral college.

2 (47m 5s):
Yeah. So w w will hit one episode past the winter salsas and then, you know, see where we go into January, January 6th. You were going to have to be back by then. Cause that’s, when, if there’s a contingent election, if the electoral college fails reduce the to 70 winter, then how’s the representatives pick up the president.

1 (47m 24s):
That was January 6th. Yeah. Put that on your calendar folks. Wednesday, sixth. So lets you will be back on the fifth. So that’s our plan, you know, we w we actually, gosh, since we joined PBN last January, I think we’ve been on 93, 95% of the weeks. We took last week off, of course. But you know, I expect to be here on the eighth and the 15th and the 22nd and a back again of the new year. Wow. Time is flying. I can’t believe it’s December.

2 (47m 55s):
We’ve got a refresh. The collateral got to refresh the master block breaks, got to refresh what we’re doing on the show and recharge. And, but again, if, if things go South, we’re always on,

1 (48m 8s):
Oh, we have the ability to get on at any time, essentially as well as the other guests here or excuse me, and I guess, but a host of PBS. So anyway, if it, when stuff hits the fan, trust me, it will be a lot more podcast on PBS. If you listen to the document and real time,

2 (48m 24s):
I wonder if all of the leaders of the Chinese communist party were vaccinated like this time last year,

1 (48m 33s):
I had a very rude comment, but I can’t say it on there.

2 (48m 37s):
They gave it to Kim, John Moon a few days ago. There’s a vaccine. Yeah. A special shipment. The deer leader,

1 (48m 46s):
I got someone from South park is very rude and crude of how they actually get the vaccine. But I can not say that out loud, PG 13, a family show, by the way we do the next generation coming up on the double barrel Tuesday. So yeah, I’ll keep it PG 13. Hear on PBN with that. Yeah. That’s a good one though. That’s fine. We should all have to do a rated our podcast only mature audiences only. Yeah,

2 (49m 10s):
No, I’m, I’m all for the next generation listening to them and we don’t have to be crewed to make our point, but we can be suspicious to make our points. It’s good to be suspicious in 2020, it’s a natural and common, you know, occurrence.

1 (49m 28s):
He ain’t suspicious. I’m suspicious of you. How about that?

2 (49m 31s):
Exactly. Yeah.

1 (49m 34s):
For real, for real. All right. Well we can, we got a few minutes left and we’re going to make way for next generation. Gosh, there’s a dozen articles really. I wanted to cover, I think a little bit more, but the fair to you, which just maybe pick one. I mean, that’s solar flare with the EMP NBC guy, Dave Jones talks about PREPARED with that all the time. I think that’s what you should really be prepared for is, you know, grid down six months. Can you bug in or bug out, but anyway, that’s the worrisome, but what other, you know, anything else that you really wanted to cover while we’ve got a couple of minutes here?

2 (50m 6s):
Yeah. So every once in a while I upload an image on future dangers seat map. That’s like a GIF, it’s a motion. Okay. So this flare we were talking about that was not pointed at earth, but had it been Holy cow, this is from like a, probably a space-based sensor. But as an image of this flare, just blasting out the side of the sun. And if you can imagine like a high pressure, I don’t know, it’s like a keg of beer with someone driving an amble spike, right. And the size of the day. And it kind of comes out of the sun lashing, like an, a big fuzzy exposion and then the, the whole that’s produced just jets, like a strange, and the scale of the, the plasma coming off of the sun in this image and, and that in the stream, like the stream itself has to be hundreds of earths in width.

2 (51m 4s):
That’s the crazy part. Yes. Not to say that. And yeah, it’s a Carrington event and God forbid that happens in the, in the middle of a constitutional crisis in the United States

1 (51m 15s):
That something, I wouldn’t even blame the banks just for that. I don’t think they can control the sun, but that’s the thing like, okay, that is an act of God. Well, yeah, they will definitely that we know that is, I was about to say the same thing. Oh, that is a really cool gift on a future date.com. And it looks like the size of the sun, which is like so many Earth’s diameter. And like you said, there’s explosions like five suds in width, just the beginning. That’s so much energy.

2 (51m 44s):
And then there’s, the stream has like a good, like one six of the width of the sun, like a firehose blasting, blazer. It, you know, it has to happen sort of later it has to happen towards us. And that sort of thing has never happened in the information to age.

1 (52m 1s):
That’s believable. Really? I don’t know how, but let’s fingers crossed. That’s a great news because we are way more vulnerable than when it happened in the late 18 hundreds. You know what I mean? For sure. We’d have millions of not billions dead. One of those hit to be honest,

2 (52m 15s):
Having a radio that’s sealed away and a lead box that can function after one of those might be wise real wise.

1 (52m 22s):
How do you think, give him a fair to the cage, a cheque and rework one, maybe you have a backup just in case of the NBC guy. I’ve definitely heard some of his talks and stuff like that. Good stuff. Good stuff. All right, my man, I think we’re out. I think that’s, it will be back next week. All right.

2 (52m 38s):
That’s the way the news is tonight. The way we see it.

1 (52m 42s):
Absolutely folks we’re getting out of here. You can get more out on the Patriot Power Hour making a wave next generation. Prepper broadcasting.com. Follow me at bankster break or follow you at the age of six. Huge dangers six. Cut you guys later. We’ll be back next week.

3 (53m 0s):
to reach out to those who want to learn and practice independence and self reliance, we are the prepper Prepper Broadcasting Network.

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