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Self reliance and independence

Patriot Power Hour (Episode 112)

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Do you want a statement of purpose? Should I email you? Should I put this on your action item list or you decide you are loved, loved involvement? We all know the Prepper Broadcasting Network. If you are now listening to the Patriot Power Hour the newest show of The Prepper Broadcasting Network this live episode features the situational awareness.

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You need to practice self reliance and Independence introducing your hosts. Ben, the breaker, a bankster and a future. Dan, the editor of future

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We’re back in your life once more. Patriot Power Hour September 22nd, 2020 Ben the breaker banksters it’s the season finale last day of Summer perfectly coincides with today and the end of our season. Let me bring on the CO’s first future. Dan Summer went by and a flash pretty crazy. It’s already showing you a little chilly where I’m at, but we’re gonna spend today really reviewing the last few months and the preview, and of course was going to be a crazy next season, fall of 20, 20 election year.

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You know, I’m doing good. We’re not really gonna talk about now this week. That’s what I’m hearing from you. I’m going to talk about what has been and what is blitz has always, the second segment are a patented and really all credit to you and future danger or a future due to our second segment news. Blood’s for the current events, catch up the rest of the show. Talk a lot more in a rears, maybe a little into the future as well. Do you want to dive into, what about this? Summer do you want a comment on, I think the first one got to start with, and even though it did begin in may technically you can call that spring, but ah, the unrest kind of the re-ignition and acceleration of civil unrest of whether it’s BLM, whether it’s in Seattle and in Portland, whether really I’ve expected and we’ll find out this comes to a head with the election and kind of a contested election, but whether it’s the police violence, political violence or otherwise, we saw a lot of a civil unrest.

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And the thing is a lot of people will remember 2020 or Summer 2020, of course, coronavirus COVID was a major factor still throughout the summer, but it kind of way then I felt like a lot of people were a lot more focused on what kind of those civil unrest protest, whatever you want to call it.

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Yeah, it all started with the Floyd killing. At the end of may, we were tracking it riots erupting at a moderate to high level through the end of may, local to Minneapolis. And then it went nationwide, you know, all the way through Detroit, Los Angeles, Portland RA Oakland, Milwaukee. So upper Midwest in the West coast, predominantly big cities in the East, including Washington, D C and by May 31st, we didn’t even get out of may before this was actualized.

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It was well, we lived through it and a lot of police are hurt. A lot of people were hurt. A lot of property, billions were lost. I think we got a number since last Episode. If it’s not, we’re going to dig into that one too dreadful economic news, maybe the third quarter, but right now on the S you know, social unrest front that carried, you know, S H F T level into the middle of June, broke out again, four on writing early August.

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We’re at red level coming down in the past few weeks and we could speculate maybe why that is, but yeah, basically a black and red indicator, all Summer worst Whiting, most people’s lives right now.

1 (4m 52s):
Well, here’s another thing. And we talked about this last week, maybe it was the week before the last episode, before that I thought it was last week. These wildfires, some of them have been traced arsonist in a civil interest, if not outright, a sabotage by a foreign state, but we’re looking at there’s a lot of different facets and we’re even seeing it. I’ll do a little spoiler alert for the news blitz here. The second, the second segment, one of the articles, one of the highest rated in terms of severity right here, it says federal AIDS agencies conduct being the low level, voice intercept operations against rioters.

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So we’re not just seeing things burn down to see intention rise and more stratification, and the more, you know, the partisanship or seeing the state responding with crackdowns, whether it’s surveillance and really that police state that they’ve been building, going to strengthen and it’s reinforced and exactly it’s that cycle. This is like, this is why we need those armored vehicles and all the towns with 50,000 or more people in America, you blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, is why we need to spend billions of billions and DHS needs to be involved with all the local governments and all that.

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So there’s demo demonstrable police brutality, riots erupt. And at the end of the Summer unreasonable search and seizure is further normalized.

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Yep. And that’s just one thread that we’re tracking, but those all just, they all coincide and they’re all related.

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Yeah. The writing the Summer. I hope never to see it again, but I’m not sure we won’t. So we’re going to watch it and watch for periods where there’s no or lesser writing. It does. It has been asserted that Portland writing went away when port wildfires across the entire area exploded and news today, there’s an article that’s pretty somber that the title of the headline is five of the six largest California wildfires in history have been started in the past six weeks.

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That’s pretty amazing. We’re going to go through each and every one of those articles in the news blitz

2 (7m 6s):
That’s Sacramento, be somebody that could be, you know,

1 (7m 10s):
Is there is that there are natural fires and we’ve discussed this at length really, but

2 (7m 15s):
90 years of recorded history, you remember that too,

1 (7m 18s):
As well, sample size, but look a lot easier to do to destroy things and build it. And we’re entering an environment where a lot of people aren’t getting their way or, or going to Power one way or another, and one a destroyed it to lash out the child,

2 (7m 35s):
The August complex, Mendocino, this Summer 804,

1 (7m 43s):
And then Mendocino everyone. That’s the, was the biggest one prior. And everyone’s heard of Mendocino. At least I have. And that was a couple years ago, really big fires in California and on the scene as like the biggest one go to the well you’re showing me right now is this graph that shows the current one, just one of those fires. What was it? The August complex is like two, two and a half of those. Well, look at the numbers about double so, but there’s been several others. So that the third one fifth largest of all time, or this year as well, that’s incredible actually that’s really puts it in perspective.

2 (8m 15s):
The way that happens potentially is the same dynamic is when the idea, the idea of, of, of lowering the wave, what is it called? Stopping the coven from coming in, right? Yeah. Bending the curve down through quarantine. And the reason for that is if you over run the hospitals, there is more fatalities in the end from everything because the hospitals are overrun and you can’t function.

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So keeping the pressure off of the public health infrastructure is, is vital. What happened in California? I would say the last 30 days is probably most of the reported arson, whether politically motivated or just insane people, it resulted in an overwhelming of the firefighting forces. And we know this because Eastern States have dispatched there they’re firefighting, forest fire, fighting crews.

2 (9m 17s):
Most States are sending everything they can to help California. Cause like the COVID could have overrun. The hospitals, these wildfires have prevented the normal containment. It’s like nothing we had seen before. And the amount of arson that was involved, exceedingly suspicious.

1 (9m 38s):
That’s crazy. That’s crazy. We don’t really speculate here. So we’re not going to be like, is it China in a rush of funding, this or some sort of separatists in our group, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. We talked about last week. Exactly. But we didn’t get too deep into like, who do we think did it? Or

2 (9m 52s):
We did speculate last week, but not time. Well, or just a review tonight.

1 (9m 56s):
Okay. Well, all right. We’ll do a little speculation to get rid of there, but not, that’s not the impetus of this show. How about that? Right?

2 (10m 3s):
No. It’s more about forecasting. What you can expect more of and if they lost control of that size fire, it was 847,000 acres is like multiple times larger than the nearest one, right. Twice is over twice as big. And why wouldn’t we expect more of that next fire season? Is this fires even, or even over, I’m not sure. I think you’d get, you can’t have threats of wildfire in the West until it, you know, with November,

1 (10m 37s):
I hope it works over, but yet it’s the same with a hurricane seasons. If you haven’t been to have been absolutely crazy, but there’s been some regional flooding damage from a hurricane as well throughout the summer. But I think, you know, looking forward and we’re heading into the first break, well, you know, will come to be a future danger news blitz thereafter, but kind of looking forward a little bit. You bet the two election season and fall 2020 is that is coronavirus going to come back?

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Is the question, are we going to head back into that lockdown? Here’s an example. And yes, it’s college football it’s to do with my, to say this just, you know, still a game or whatever, but it’s Notre Dame so much, there’s so much money involved and they are postponing it right now. On the other hand, my big pen, my Purdue boilermakers and the big 10 may send the bill the entire big 10. So we’re not having college football this year. Hundreds of millions at risk is I would expect literally, maybe not hundreds of millions, tens of millions.

1 (11m 42s):
Now I’d say a hundred more than a hundred million, not a billion maybe, but regardless, look, they’re going to try to start up football again. But this weekend, Notre Dames having to postpone a game because 13 players have an coronavirus have COVID whatever conspiracy theories you do or do not believe in. But I feel like Notre Dame is doing will do almost everything they could to have this, these games go on. Everything is sure the NFL, which is pushing the law will see what they have.

1 (12m 14s):
But my point is it, will we have to go back into this quarantine or, or will be, will we be told we have to go back in this quarantine? I think that’s the question for the next season. The campuses were out of their minds during the cultural revolution in China to happening here at the end of the day, universities are controlled by who they have their making a point of not having football. Do you think it’s really that they kept, they’re like, alright, we’re going to have, try to have football then have it fail on purpose as an example that everyone shouldn’t try and should lock down the entire winter, is that what you’re trying to get at faculty and students in the early seventies in China lost their mind.

1 (12m 58s):
We’re seeing that here. So I’m going to say it’s happening again in a bizarre 21st century American way its not to be respected. Well, absolutely people are going in say one way or another, for sure. For sure. Well, we’re kind of do our best to stay saying here are not always the easiest thing, but in here on Prepper Broadcasting Network has been a blessing then about eight months now I think since the DONE PBN, this is episode 112, we’re going to come back again to stay tune over the future days.

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The news blitz go to a future Right now we’re a little preview follow along future We’ll be right back Patriot Power Hour I’m Prepper Broadcasting Network all The Prepper Broadcasting Network

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Coffee offers every customer, the ability to join the national disaster relief effort. Get

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knew a man or some kind of war junkie. I will say a God damn word.

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They wanted to understand why we do it. They won’t understand is about the men next to achieve situational awareness of multiple threat indicators in the future danger does Patriot Power Hour

3 (17m 17s):
It’s September 22nd, 20 to 20 and the breaker banks is getting to run through your future danger news blitz. Let’s hit it right away. I don’t know reason to even get fancy. We’re just going to be left or right or columns here. You’re not familiar. Liberty security economy, natural four columns, easy peasy. Start on the Liberty art and covered this one. By the end of the game. Federal agencies conducting low level voice inner set operation

1 (17m 50s):
Against rioters had a set of articles all related, all trending for a hundred plus Michigan overseas ballots list. The wrong running mate for the president Pennsylvania’s Preme court allows mail and balance to be counted after election day, without evidence of a postmark, Michigan joints, Pennsylvania, they’re going to accept late ballots for 14 days after the election 349,000, almost 350,000 dead people are on voter rolls nationwide.

1 (18m 28s):
So that’s pretty much just what they outright say is known as a fact, this, this, the margin of error judge allows the extra week per County in Wisconsin, the absentee ballot. So we still have jeez, a least six weeks til the election. And we’re really starting to get a lot of this move. And so this is trending something to watch. This will be only more activity I expect to the next several months. Really keep moving though. You mean the attorney general voice has public distrust of his own justice department.

1 (19m 2s):
An FBI agent who uncovered the Wiener laptop with Hillary’s emails says the FBI leadership told him to raise all of his findings. Remember Anthony Wiener. Gosh, that seems so long ago. Act blue is raising millions and suspicious gift card donations. That’s under foreign cash corrupts and election mid-level indicator, but something to keep an eye at, for sure. Facebook sensors, Tucker Tucker Carlson the interview with a road Chinese scientist.

1 (19m 37s):
Thanks. Facebook youngest COVID-19 victim in Michigan actually died from Pedro Bert. The fact that it looks like a read more there’s a lot of controversy will code seems to be a contributing factor in a lot of things, but not really the sole reason for many of the deaths. So a serious disease though, but definitely being used for political gain. Let’s leave it at that. Rich Americans are fleeing to the Caribbean under a leader internationally of Scott.

1 (20m 11s):
Now that is the one of my favorite indicator’s you got here at a future date. Here’s another extremely high level. Really? We’re starting to see more and more, not just articles. We’ve got a hell, a lot of articles really this week, but the intensity in the number of SHTF or nearly that level, that’s a red level indicator color-coded here is getting worse, more and more activities. It seems like since the, since labor day president compares speaker to an insect politically opponents, officially vilified, keep on moving.

1 (20m 50s):
You got to set even more than I thought. Let’s knock it out real quick. We keep on rolling. Cause it’s just the first, the first column is still every name on all of the st. Flight manifests or going to be revealed. That’d be interesting. Nashville mayor hides low COVID-19 data, LA County health order, briefly bands observing religious holidays, executive branch telling the software companies what code they can or cannot host Michigan clerk files, criminal complaint against the resident who mom’s mail and voting all of these and more articles.

1 (21m 28s):
These aren’t just headlines. These are straight up source articles. You can go to from many, many sources on one stop shop to check it out, move on to the next column. You need some help you have at it. Alright, I’ll get them to alternate. How is it?

2 (21m 46s):
Yeah. So since last Episode this, all this news is a stacked up and it’s pretty powerful. Call them to security and international news. The PLA defector believed that the Chinese communist intelligence apparatus has penetrated us government and will not cooperate with the U S including the CIA. Okay. Foreign black ops are underway. We got naturalized citizens from China, pleading guilty to attempting, to export illegally maritime time rating craft like wartime, small craft rating vessels to the mainland.

2 (22m 27s):
FBI sounds alarm on a personal data theft by China this week and a New York police officer and army reservists with a secret clearance has been arrested and accused of spying for China. It’s all in the last week. The secretary of defense also warned that directed energy weapons are being employed by communist. China is not specific on whether they’re being tested, how we know none of that political violence continues team congressional campaign or in many Annapolis slain.

2 (23m 2s):
The suspect was captured. Of course, riding Portland police beginning to find ways to force their mayors prohibitions on not using tear gas. They get near the federal courthouse. DHS tear gas is the mob. Portland police come in and make arrests more controversy there. Seattle demonstrator was arrested for a wildfire. Arson. You got one re confirmation of that and Louisville state of emergency.

2 (23m 35s):
They added the Brianna Taylor grand jury decision with China. We had the country threatened in the United States over a visit by our essentially sales diplomat. That’s a state department, deputy ambassador, but he’s there to discuss arms deals. Meanwhile, Chinese air force release is a video showing a simulated attack on Guam after days of some of the largest air packages being flown across the Taiwan Strait.

2 (24m 8s):
The PLA Eastern theater command is exercising and it’s unprecedented in size of air and Naval forces. The Chinese are massing across from Taiwan as these events unfold. Meanwhile, a second, Chinese military defector previously mentioned as not wanting to cooperate with the us is giving bioweapons information to an undisclosed European country.

2 (24m 39s):
No further developments on these days. These news articles that persisted since last week, major shoes to drop they’re all right up near Alaska Russian bombers, continue to enter our air defense identification zone and China. Again, buzzing Taiwan. We did one or two of these air packages over 20 aircraft. Okay. Anarchist group is tied to riots and for us cities insurrection on the table by the president.

2 (25m 16s):
If this occurs during the elections, a package, meanwhile, Bryson was sent to the white house address to the president. Last reports were a woman crossing the border from Canada was apprehended for this. All right, Taiwan also scrambling these jets to face off China at home arm, black groups patrolling the Indianapolis armed citizens, proto protesting in and of itself dangerous.

2 (25m 47s):
But in combination with all the other security news, it shows you the type of fall we’re having over. You bet

1 (25m 56s):
Let’s keep on rolling economic column. Nearly 16,000 restaurants have closed permanently due to the pandemic. It’s a lot of, that’s a lot of a small businesses. People’s fortunes in a wipe savings put into that. This a man, this is bad. How much interest does $5,000 in saving gets you $2 and 50 cents a year. So, so much for putting money into the safe bank and get a nice little interest rate.

1 (26m 27s):
You’re getting $2 and 50 cents for five grand. It’s gone. That’s crazy riots. Following George Floyd death could cost up to $2 billion to build.

2 (26m 38s):
You talked about that price tag earlier this summer.

1 (26m 41s):
Yes, that’s crazy. Right? That’s real money. You know, it all adds up

2 (26m 47s):
The federal government. Yes.

1 (26m 48s):
Rose had a 59% pace in Q two. So remember

2 (26m 54s):
Fed government debt.

1 (26m 56s):
It was out of control this time last year. And it has been for awhile, but it’s up 59% just in the last three months. Well really for the months, April through and the June, which is part of the season we’re finishing up today, the very beginning,

2 (27m 10s):
You know that I’m going to be worse next report.

1 (27m 13s):
Yeah. Unbelievable amount of debt restacking each and every day. Even the CBO Grush congressional budget office stating federal debt is mirroring, mirroring unsustainable levels. We passed that a while ago. America’s debt. We twice the size of the economy by 2050. That’s not even really all the debt. In my opinion, I’ll leave it at that. That’s just, some of the debt will be twice.

2 (27m 40s):
One comes in. Two goes out, how are you a nation state?

1 (27m 43s):
That way has rough. I don’t know something has to be sacrificed. Something’s getting spent

2 (27m 49s):
The federal government debt

1 (27m 51s):
To GDP ratio. Can you use a climb 136%? So they say by 2050, we’re going to be at a 200%. We’re already at 136%. And we’re up from like 108%. This started a year. So we went from one Oh eight to one 36 and in like eight months, and they’re saying, it’s going to take another 30 years ago for one 30, six to two.

2 (28m 15s):
I feel like could take another 30 days, years or like one year, maybe 30 days if a collapses for a month. So it depends.

1 (28m 24s):
Is there anything yet, by the way, a, the economy, if the economy goes down while the dad is increasing, that 200% is not that far out either. So yeah. Prepare accordingly. This is the Prepper Broadcasting Network after all, we’ll get into some of that and we do on this show, but you got to keep going to finish this up. Hundreds of thousands still without power in Florida, Alabama, again, the storms are hitting the regional event. Definitely a big news U if you don’t live near and just like wildfires, could we use you?

1 (28m 54s):
You could live on another side of the country,

2 (28m 55s):
Conventional preppers in that scenario did well. It wasn’t that long, right? Yup. Okay.

1 (29m 2s):
To away on a minute, the economics we’re still seeing more than 800,000 initial I E a new job is claimed until we see this at 200,300,000. We’re S we’re not at a plateau yet. Okay. So we’re still bleeding. That’s how I look at it. 30 million people on unemployment benefits, obviously a record, not even closed in the past, the way beyond any record,

2 (29m 31s):
The 10th of us can’t even work.

1 (29m 34s):
I leave, Oh, that’s a 10th of a, yeah. That’s an including like children and lean from an old as well type of thing. So it’s like,

2 (29m 42s):
You know, attempt or you couldn’t be working because a lot of us more like, in my opinion, probably not good at least then the other, another quarter or worry for the government. So you take it away. We’ll get a couple of minutes left, but knock out that final call. Some of these headlines are a little bit aged, but a 17,000 firefighters I think is up to 19,000 firefighters.

2 (30m 13s):
Where on the front lines, just in California, it’s a massive force to deal with. We got hundreds of thousands of migratory, birds dropping dead, New Mexico from a mysterious circumstances, possibly to the smoke and Ash from those Western fires, thousands in China, test positive from dangerous bacteria link to a lab leak 2019 a different topic. When Kobe that came out on outbreak news today, haven’t seen followups, but that was just an industrial production facility.

2 (30m 50s):
the Prepper kill for six principles for a disaster preparedness. You can believe that it was them to build a base of Jordan. The Europeans. Now you find them volcano.

2 (31m 20s):
USA has right now.

5 (31m 27s):
Ethan has a went to London to help our new country conducted his business.

2 (31m 31s):
The bottom is reasons, dark,

5 (31m 35s):
Roughly, or rude,

2 (31m 38s):
Helping the plank that buy a chip in the works to detect

5 (31m 42s):
Townhouse, have a great English. Lord dinner was served. Beverages imbibe time pass has happened. And mr. Allen found he needed the privy. He was grateful to be directed. Them is relieved. You might say that mr. Allen discovered on entering the water closet, that the only decoration there is a portrait of George Washington, even Alan, DONE what he came to do and returned to the drawing room.

5 (32m 27s):
There’s a hose and the others were disappointed when he didn’t mention Washington’s portrait and violently as Lordship couldn’t resist and asked mr. Allen, had you noticed it, the picture of Washington he had, what did he think of its placement? It seem appropriately located to mr. Allen drown and said it did it’s a host was astounded appropriate

2 (32m 49s):

5 (32m 50s):
Or like there’s a water closet. Yes, sir. Mr. Allen, where it’ll do good service. The whole world knows nothing to make an Englishman s**t quicker than the sight of George Washington Achieve situational awareness of multiple threat indicators.

2 (33m 16s):
I remember back on Patriot Power Hour episode one 12 to September 22nd, 2020.

2 (33m 46s):
Thanks for listening. Thanks for downloading. Get a hold of us one way or another Twitter handles conclude feature days or six, and thanks to your breaker app based or break we’re on there a lot. You’re on a little bit more than me. I lurk and read a lot more than posts. I should post a retweet a little bit more, but a couple of messages to me, I’ll get you back to you within the business day or to for sure.

2 (34m 19s):
So if you send a direct message, I will definitely get back to you or mentioned or mentioned. Definitely. Yeah. So we didn’t even get through column for a lot of bad news ramping up every single year. We’re talking about, you know, coming is kind of this ritual. You get back to work in the fall harvest school, you know, you know, dressing more and being more brisk while you go about your business. Not Summer anymore.

2 (34m 48s):
Right. But really is picking up. And of course it is because it’s 2020 with this presidential election. Do you want to have the obligatory perspective on where we are in the campaigns? And then can I get past that and do another look back on something, someone is concerned you, the Summer was to have a look back on how the campaigns got on the last few months and how it’s been set up, whether it’s the selection on the vice president to really people on both sides, trying to cast out on mailing election Prague, or voter suppression, all the different, all different routes, all the types of folks, positioning, jockeying, get them prepared for the election too, to contest it.

2 (35m 35s):
However they lean, but feel free. Go ahead.

1 (35m 39s):
When you do both two birds with one stone, kind of where we are, but also how we got here with the election and what we’re looking here. I don’t know how many days are left, but it’s like, you know, coming up on 50 or 50 or 60 days left until the election.

2 (35m 53s):
Yeah. It’s less than that. Less than 50 days. Yeah.

1 (35m 57s):
What are we seeing the last few months in particular?

2 (36m 0s):
Yeah. November 4th. So you got 31 plus 35 plus how many left

1 (36m 6s):
You can literally cause our Shows always on Tuesday. A little plug there for ya. I think it’s 43. So we got one week next week, two, three, four, five, six weeks. Literally six weeks

2 (36m 18s):
From tonight. 42 days. Oh yeah. 42 days out and 42 days ago. I don’t know what the difference is. I know there’s a lot of news that is suspicious about foreign cash. You go to the election and how to steal a vote. You wouldn’t have it corrupt if you wouldn’t mind. You know,

1 (36m 38s):
You know what, six weeks ago, August 11th, that seems like yesterday. So that’s how quick it will be.

2 (36m 43s):
Yeah. And this, this news is building

1 (36m 46s):
The 11th was six weeks ago. That’s how far away,

2 (36m 49s):
The last time I can really recall paying attention to an election. The least bit was the Democrat primary in Iowa. And that was a fiasco. They couldn’t figure it out or announce a winner that night. And we talked about how that’s an aberration to our democracy. I will can’t hold the caucus successfully anymore. Right? Yeah. And then, then the Biden was just somehow gathered enough votes early enough. And then everybody quit voting.

2 (37m 19s):
Right. They were no needed to go home. There’s all locked down. So its there’s a portion of our society that doesn’t seem they can handle elections right now. And obviously The, you know, the consequences of that is prepared for more unrest. Typically you don’t see such violent unrest outside of the Summer. I haven’t, it’s typically, you know, a lot more freedom maneuver in warmer temperatures at night.

2 (37m 50s):
And that’s just the fact like

1 (37m 51s):
That is really a legit factor is tactical.

2 (37m 55s):
Do you, you have not seen winter riding and not in the seas that we’ve seen, you know,

1 (38m 2s):
Do you ever see winter riding people really got it?

2 (38m 5s):
Yeah. That’d be a, that’d be a sign that things are way past normal. If we see November riding with the election looking forward two days ago at the, at the, at where we are between the candidates and now it’s just been a degradation of what a Republic should be practicing. But again, I think there’s a big slice of society that could care less about elections and it Shows

1 (38m 37s):
Is a good point and kind of a, and I’ve always thought that this doesn’t get enough play or enough respect to kind of that the electorate people, they get the candidates they deserve in a way, right. Because if you’re lazy and don’t have a good process and a lot of corruption in your party, Senator set or all those years and all the levels, are you going to get some crappy candidates? And then it’s just going to build on itself over time. So in a way we deserve it as what you’re saying or at least what I’m saying, maybe right.

2 (39m 9s):
The common denominator. And it, it probably always was like this early on. It’s just so magnified now.

1 (39m 17s):
Social media and technology. Yeah.

2 (39m 19s):
But when the, you know, Ruth Bader Ginsburg died since the last Patriot Power Hour and the threats of violence that come with it now as a is, you know, I’m just a reflective action by the so-called blue checks, the blue check marks in Twitter write you authorize, approve, known people, right from the left is everybody sees it. And it’s like outrage and it’s probably Ken propel.

2 (39m 49s):
That sort of thing can propel Trump to victory because it’s pretty much beyond the pail, right? To the threatened riding. If the president, you know, nominate nominee does something within his power, does a something that the constitution says is it, but then it’s Power if he does it, they’re going to riot. So power for the course, w you know, looking back six weeks, we’re looking six weeks from now, I’m hoping 12 to 18 weeks from now.

2 (40m 21s):
We do have the country pass some of this and we’re not at war abroad.

1 (40m 27s):
Yeah. It’s like, literally we don’t want war abroad or internally we’re at that point where either one seemed pretty damn possible or even that we’re in it. And we’ve talked about this with China and COBIT itself, let alone other countries out there looking at you, maybe Russia or North Korea, but really, I think it all boils down to China, in my opinion,

2 (40m 50s):
Every phase of warfare in the 21st century, that China can be actively operating against us without the American people, without the American people, coming to the conclusion they’re being attacked is, is probably going on right now. We’re done a space under sea cyber or biological. Quite obviously, since you know that at the time that Patriot Power Hour aired last week, a, a neurologist from China spoke out on Tucker calls and saying, this is a deliberately engineered to deliberate attack.

2 (41m 31s):
She is from China. So that starting to sink in nationwide,

1 (41m 35s):
You should as a top virologists, top level scientist in Hong Kong. So she decided Nat as to how to beat the hell outta there. For whatever reason, she knows how she got outta there and all that stuff. She is well aware of that threat. She spoke to me exactly. And she came out and said, I mean, Tucker look like he was like, Oh my God, I can’t wait. You just said on my show, but the thing is I’ve We you and I, and mostly again, credit to you for sourcing all the information, but future dangers run articles on this.

1 (42m 6s):
And we talked about it on the show in the past about scientific papers being published, stating that it’s clear on a space that this was a human generated or a human created a virus. Now it wasn’t an accidental release are on purpose, et cetera, et cetera. We’ll be talking about that. A little speculation on our side, obviously, but we’re looking at these source documents. And I mean, she backed it up with me. Like I haven’t really seen anyone refute this and be like, no, actually there perfect reason why in nature, it would evolve this way. No, I really haven’t seen anything close to that.

1 (42m 37s):
And I’ve seen a lot of separate parties argue that it is in fact, a man made. So how did he get out unknown, but it may have made, I think it’s pretty much backed by now.

2 (42m 48s):
You have to say, and this can get us banned from all the platforms that the Intrepid commander is is, is intent to not be beholding.

1 (42m 57s):
You do the Facebook and Patriot have a good thing. We’re out patriotic go to support us. Prepper Of course. So we don’t have to be beholden, but you’re right though. I mean, that’s what we try to do here is talk about this is these are real legit concerns

2 (43m 15s):
Was a very interesting a situation in the pestilence befalls and arena of indicators. And also the piece of news that we saw in late fall, last year, involved Fort Dietrich, and some other laboratories in the United States announcing that they would begin to research pathogens.

2 (43m 45s):
Again, there had been a ban, right? And that is probably in the history books. Or you’re going to look back and say, what was the classified decisions that drove that? And yeah, the federal ban on making lethal viruses was lifted New York times.

1 (44m 4s):
Do you think we talked about that on PPH?

2 (44m 7s):
We did. And why would that the Y that was banned and why it was lifted? And what was publicly said for those reasons are probably less important than the classified reasons. And it all goes back to gain a function. So you go, you try to, you know, genetically modified corn seed to grow corn in some climate that doesn’t grow that well, and now you modify it and it does. And the way they do that is function again, where you consistently tinker with a DNA until it is increased, it’s improved.

2 (44m 42s):
It gains function, a gain. When you take a pathogen is the act of crate and a bio, a weapon. And that’s what a lot of people are saying. They’re seeing the data and what it takes to understand it. And peer review it. All I can say is this, the establishment medical community is holding fast. And to be very fascinating to watch, to see which side is right on this, if the gain of function theory coming out of that laboratory, the scientists, they were working on that with bat viruses, with some really strange scientific thought process, which says by studying it, you can anticipate how to prevent it or how to combat it if it occurs naturally.

2 (45m 31s):
So you make the weapon to learn about it, or

3 (45m 34s):
It gets released upon you buy the U S or the West in there or game, or

2 (45m 39s):
Is that the trick and other places I think this year is famous for bio warfare happening and

3 (45m 47s):
Yeah, right? Like the first high, like it’s really been used by humans against one another. They’re like, Oh, down in history,

2 (45m 53s):
The, and the law is potentially, it’s the largest attack ever that the country that received the attack refused to admit it, or a big portion of it. And maybe it’s leadership. It’s a, basically what the election’s about. Don’t be surprised if Trump, this is forward work book and now decides to declassify something on the stump. Pretty crazy on the sleeve. We know that for sure. You can say in the last 72 hours of a campaign,

3 (46m 22s):
November is a surprise practically. All right, guys, we’re going to that bio break. We will be back for

2 (46m 28s):
Wow. A segment finish off

3 (46m 30s):
Patriot Power, Hour stick with us.

0 (46m 43s):
All the prep,

3 (46m 46s):
The six principles for a disaster preparedness, use them to build a base of preparedness that will keep your family safe in the face of the next disaster. Find them and

0 (47m 4s):
These things you say we will have, we already have. That’s true. I ain’t promising next to it. I’m just giving you life. And you’re giving me life. And I’m saying that men can live together without butcher in one another.

3 (47m 24s):
The government’s are cheap. Buy the double downs. There is iron and your words of death

0 (47m 30s):
For all commands you to see, and solar is Arne. And your words of life, no sign a paper and hold the iron. It must come from men. The words of 10 bearers carry the same iron of life and death. It is good that warriors such as we meet and the struggle of life or death, Shelby life, situational awareness of multiple threats indicators in one view, be prepared, future

0 (48m 8s):

2 (48m 22s):
All right, we’ll finish it up today. The seasons in the alley Patriot, Power, Hour, we’re going to be off next week, but we always reserve the right to come back, have a daily audio cash necessary, or you in on a normal time. For example, we have a major financial issue will be back then. Absolutely any sort of terrorist attack. We don’t want the stuff to happen, who you are a ferry, but we’ll never on a regular schedule show. Next week we are taking off.

2 (48m 53s):
I’m going to be retooling. A lot of the show really look forward to that. Increase the quality, increase the production, quality, get things moving. As you head into this crazy season, we’ve been talking a lot about the past, but a little bit into the future thinking as well before the time runs out. I mean, the show itself, we only got about 10 minutes, even less when you count, when we got to run time, any other trends, themes, just even news topics or a single article itself for a single single event from the past few months that we talked to the Patriot Power Hour that really?

2 (49m 31s):
We gotta, we gotta take some time and talk about real quick Chinese rhetoric and action militarily is that an all time high, there is space activities that an all time high, that can’t be ignored if you’re in an a, in a war period. And you look at last time, there was a world war, and there’s going to be another one. If you, if you subscribed the idea that that could happen, what happens now, if you, if you kind of cast a lens on it and you know, your history of the 1930s and the outcome of the massive depression, you know, that that, that pattern has to be prevented, or it could repeat itself.

2 (50m 15s):
So I don’t know how far back you think about a, a look back, but some of the devastating things that have happened to our country this year are as de stabilizing that as anything that happened in the twenties and thirties, that led to the great war, second world war. That’s a great way to put it. When we see trade Wars,

1 (50m 36s):
You pandemics, when you see a currency crises or central banks getting shaky and asset of intervention, or a collapse of banking systems, we haven’t seen that yet, but maybe on the precipice, regardless when you see that stuff or it, or is it kind of a debt by a thousand cuts, maybe one, one or two of those items by itself, wouldn’t be, then the world will win. They all start converging. And they all started spiraling together. Really? Any student of history would know that’s when you start to find external enemies and war comes is pretty much seasoned for war.

1 (51m 11s):
Anytime there’s a pandemic or a famine or, or anything like that, right?

2 (51m 14s):
Yeah. Yeah. That has been true to all nations.

1 (51m 20s):
Yeah, unfortunately. So we think we’re like a very civilized, you know, human race these days, haven’t had a world war for quite some time, which is great. And I’m glad we didn’t have thermonuclear war and the eighty’s or whatnot. Awesome. Does that mean we are immune from falling back into the mode, some of those bad habits of humanity and now instead of a, the body counts being thousands or a damn, I mean, there were millions of millions killed in world war II and other Wars and atrocities.

1 (51m 51s):
We could only look at that. Billions, if not, billions, outright killed, maybe millions upon millions killed with directly with many, many others. Maybe a lot of them are, you know, probably the third world or poor core areas, but you know, a huge disruption to society. Those people had the phrase they’re gonna die on a real quick will be the first ones, the die on the bike. If that makes,

2 (52m 15s):
All I know is if your intelligence and counter intelligence agencies are penetrated control from external forces leveraged by other clandestine services, as evidence has shown has been possible this year with Epstein potential brownstone, as well as reports of defectors won’t come the United States and European nations keeping them secret because they can’t come here.

2 (52m 47s):
And an election that produces a government that’s beholden the foreign powers that levy clandestine bio attacks against the population to enable the popularly elected government to essentially submit that would be taken as a loss of a world war of a brand new kind. And this nation will be known for having suffered it. Right.

1 (53m 17s):
You know, and that’s when I’m like, the historians will pick a party. They’re like, Oh, of course. Now we obviously see X, Y Z occurred 10 years, 50 years, a hundred years, 5,000. years’ in the future, right?

2 (53m 27s):
If their, the victors though, write the rules, you will never be admitted as a loss. But I’m looking at this year is we’re on the ropes of losing a world war in a different way. It’s economic, it’s diplomatic. And it is hybrid warfare, asymmetric, warfare, and win. And Trump levy, all the trade crackdowns on the Chinese. This may be what the next level has to be to defend against. And it is clear that his opponent will not defend against it, or even

1 (53m 60s):
You bet. And those terms, I was going to parlay that into it perfectly. So let’s say three months from now, it’s going to be

2 (54m 6s):
The end of

1 (54m 8s):
The fall season is going to be about a week before Christmas. Let’s just say, Equinox, we’re going to be coming up on that winter solstice, a winter solstice.

2 (54m 18s):
The Equinox is Equinox. Today’s the equal days.

1 (54m 23s):
I won’t even testing. Yeah, exactly. Oh, there you go. The I was just headed out I’ll digress. Cause we only got a minute left, but anyway, three months from now, 90 days or so election, you still haven’t had the inauguration. So we could be on that kind of limbo. So to speak to you,

2 (54m 41s):
You will be past the day, the call it electoral college has to meet and asked to vote. So let’s say beheading on Wednesday. What you mean?

1 (54m 48s):
Would you see what type of immediate reactions might we see by the end of this next upcoming season? If he is the president elect, what do we see increased in a aggressiveness from China? Would we see there’s all types of possibilities.

2 (55m 4s):
I don’t know is December a good time to invade Taiwan? Probably the main or a logically. I don’t know why not take it. You just beat him in a war.

1 (55m 15s):
I hope not a man, but it could be situations where, and especially we’re trying to cook kind of hold it against us. I’m going to say was like Jimmy Carter style, but almost

2 (55m 24s):
Four years of major appeasement.

1 (55m 28s):
Absolutely. Well, I think it’s more than a piece of it. It’s really cool.

2 (55m 31s):
The loss of face will be tremendous to the city.

1 (55m 35s):
Absolutely. And on the other hand, if it looks like it’s a statistical landslide and almost sealed tight that Trump has won his election here in 90 days, what are you expecting? Are you spending them to get a lot more aggressive? If you were saying something on the stump, maybe declassify or give a lot more hardcore about China or other items we’d love to see

2 (55m 54s):
Is that Epstein. I love to CFC. I love to see those things. He talked the big game he’s done or something

1 (55m 59s):
That is one, the game is he’s talking. Is he going to bring it to that next level though? If 90 days from now he’s the president of elect.

2 (56m 7s):
I don’t know how much control he is of that government. I here a white hats. I hear a black hats. We see the black hats, strong page, many, many other DOJ. You don’t get to know who they are and the CIA, what control does he have of The? You know, the actual security apparatus. I don’t know it’s going to be a wild 90 days that much I know

1 (56m 29s):
Or question is handicap. What? Or you’re a, what’s the chance that 90 days from now, it’s still a disputed election that it’s still being fought out and zero it’ll be in the house by then because it’s been through the electoral college already and already have been handled in the house. And regardless, so

2 (56m 54s):
The green court has the act before December 14th, we’ll get win. The electoral vote happens. It’s DONE

1 (57m 2s):
When you put that date out there, we mentioned that in a previous show, but that’s absolutely right. What was it? The 14 December 2nd, Monday of December, I believe right.

2 (57m 11s):
The first Tuesday I think

1 (57m 13s):
Is the seventh, second, Monday, second, Monday after the first Tuesday, 14th of December is the first hour ago,

2 (57m 22s):
The electors meet in their state capitals cast the vote. It’s transferred to the house. And that has always been it in our Republic’s history.

1 (57m 36s):
You said, I am saying at least 2%, because like I see some crazy stuff happening. So at least 2% chance, but I agree as well, but a break Christmas break we’ll have like real cultural dumbest thing and you might be controversial if you can cry and ambition. I think other than DONE, I think there’s more than 0% chance things go awry because when we are in such bad position,

2 (57m 57s):
The president is going to appoint a nominee to the court. And supposedly, supposedly there’s a majority to fast to try to confirm the nominee who will be a potentially a 63 conservative court to the same.

1 (58m 15s):
Well, the next 90 days we’ll be extremely interested. And that’s it for this past 90 days, this season is over. Some are song’s or some part is over, man. I will see you next year, som or we missed yet. You guys were out. Thanks for joining us. Patriot Power Hour we’re stepping aside and the next generation can come on.

2 (58m 37s):

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