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Patriot Power Hour (Episode 105) w/ Dave Jones the NBC Guy

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What do you want statement of purpose? Should I email you sort of put this on your action item list? You decide your level of involvement. We all the prepper broadcasting network,

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You are now listening to the Patriot power hour. The newest show of the prepper broadcasting network. This live episode features the situational awareness. You need to practice self reliance and independence. Introducing your host, Ben, the breaker of bankster and future Dan, the editor of future Patriot power hour back in your life. July 21st, 2020, it’s been the breaker of banksters Cochran episode 105 took a little summer vacation day.

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Last week we had gone about six months straight without missing a week. Took a week off we’re back though, again, July 21st, 2020, a hundred and fifth episode of Patriot power hour. Hey, future, Dan, how are you doing out there, buddy?

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To all the listeners that missed us last week? Yeah, the same old, same old this summer just keeps dragging on with the same low level, terrible news. We’ve become very accustomed to. So we took a little break and let’s see if we can shed new perspectives on where we’re at.

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Absolutely. Everyone agrees that the period from let’s just say middle of February till, you know, middle of June was absolutely crazy with the COVID with the, the riots, the protests, it’s kinda been a little bit of a lull. And then from the financial aspect as well, we’re going to talk about that too, but a little bit of a lull the last few weeks, I believe the next year, pretty much starting in August and rolling all the way through the election and beyond, regardless of who wins.

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I expect that to actually be much more out of control than the first half of 2020. So I’m happily taking a breather, get a lot of things done and kind of enjoying summers best I can. But point is we really need to start looking for the future and that’s what feature danger does. That’s what Patriot power hour helps to facilitate is looking for these trends heading into second half of 20, 20 and beyond. So they’ll sell on your laurels, right? You agree with me?

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I do. And it’s just a one way Marsh cause this election was whatever, you know, dangerous conditions emerge and how our country handles each one. And a lot of it’s on the, what we kind of talk about a favor, put your buyers popular culture side, some of the nonsense and political correct. Correct is foolishness. That seems to absorb social media. We don’t, we don’t really get into that by there’s going to be serious questions about the integrity of the election.

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And we see a trickle of news pointing in that direction increasingly every day.

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Yeah. We’ve seen that. We’ve seen both sides really ramping up that rhetoric, whether, whether it’s the mail in ballot, whether it’s, Hey, we’re already expecting fraud or Hey, we may not even be able to have an election. We’ll see if COVID accelerates that incredibly large, that that would be a major threat to the Republic if they pushed off the election or even made it male in only, I don’t know if we trust that. Any thoughts on that, that that’s a big topic.

1 (4m 30s):
We might be looking into it. I’ve been seeing some tremors too.

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I haven’t seen any views of anybody in a position of authority saying that anyone has the power to not hold an impersonal election, that it’s going, that’s going to happen, how badly it’s going to get choked off of me and all the angles and, and, and you know, pieces of the COVID enforcement structure, the social distancing, et cetera, how that impacts your election, really driving it to a male vote and then finding a way to get ahold of those votes and do things with them is the name of the game right now is heating up.

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It is, and it sounds totally crazy. It sounds like what, there’s no way this could happen. Well, there, there has been proven election fraud in America in the past. Okay. We’ll find out the COVID is an extraordinary circumstance. We’re seeing those huge spikes. So we’re gonna get into the news blitz. And I want to wait to kind of talk about the numbers and the spike we’re seeing in, in coronavirus cases. But again, this is the dog days of summer, the hot days, July 21st, it’s been said, I’m not expert. It’s just what I’ve been reading and reporting that coronavirus obviously COVID-19 is not the only coronavirus.

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Hopefully you know that by now look the winter. And when it gets cold and climates where it’s cold is where it hits particularly. That’s why the flu hits you in the common cold. Usually a going back to school as well. If the kids don’t go back to school, if we see continued shut downs, more stimulus, and our rolls up and has a crescendo into November. Look, I don’t believe it. I don’t think they’re going to actually put off the election, but just the complications that could arise and all it would take is a radical 10%, 20% to say that they were repressed, right?

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To say that they didn’t get a chance on either side to throw, pretend to cast potential doubt on the results of the election. If that happens, we may see all types of civil unrest and, and beyond, well, they actually build a throw the election who knows. Hopefully not. We got a lot of other big problems too. I won’t digress. But what do you think either party or both is going to try to put a wedge into this right. Use this issue to really wedge and cast out on, on the legitimacy. If they lose,

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I guess I can’t operate on a layer that cares about what the perception is. Our elections in all 50 States are driven by each state’s laws and they’re on a date and there isn’t infrastructure and they gotta happen. And because it’s all the way from the local level, straight up to the presidential ticket, the elections are going to happen. Like they’re not going to stop. It’d be, it’d be, you know, walking dead,

1 (7m 35s):
Certain judges are, or is that you’re saying that’s really not in the cards, either. Even a postcard.

0 (7m 40s):
How do you postpone a federal election? No, there’s no way.

1 (7m 44s):
Well, States, California, a couple other stand up and say, we got to push this. We just it’s. Okay.

0 (7m 50s):
And their votes don’t count. Trump wins automatically. If they do that, their votes will count. You know, during the civil war we held the electoral college. None of the States in the South had ballots. The North continued they’d be elected Lincoln, but the electoral college is remarkably resilient and it’s probably the most resilient democracy you could design. And, you know, we looked at and we talked about it and you know, the last century where parts of United States could be devastated the day after, right?

0 (8m 20s):
So world war three, or, you know, elections will happen where they’ll happen and, and they’ll count the way they count and whatever you know, amount of no, he can’t postpone this stuff that I don’t think it’s like pouring water through a funnel. Now, if you’ve seen some of these like waterparks with the funnel at the top spouts and you know, various directions and mr. X what’s poured into it, that’s the cheating, the stolen vote that could happen, but the water’s coming, getting poured through the funnel.

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I just, it would be walking dead or the day after there’s no elections nationwide in that kind of scenario. We’re not talking about having happened in the next no four months

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Makes sense. It’s certainly not hoping or hoping that that doesn’t happen. I’m just thinking either side may really put, put, put a hinge on that. So folks, this is just one of the topics we get into. We do talk some politics. I got a lot of financial news to talk about. A lot of huge moves in gold and silver, silver up 6% just today up almost double since it’s Lowe’s in March, it’s artificial Lowe’s will let bouncing back rubber band and got a lot of talk about it. But for that, got to make sure we put the plugin prepper broadcast look, folks, we moved everything to prepper,

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We still use Spreaker, which seems to be a great software. And doesn’t certainly doesn’t discriminate discriminated against us here at a prepper broadcasting network quite yet. But we got rid of Patrion. We’re potentially getting rid of other social media sites and other ways to grow listenership and potentially make money to support the broadcast. As a speaker is not free, et cetera. Anyway, put everything to prep, prepper broadcast, So go check that out. What James has done is incredible.

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Go look at it right. This second looks like professional website, totally revamped in the last a few weeks. Looking awesome. All the show archives, right? They’re a player for all. If you want to use a computer or a tablet instead of a podcast app, you can use your browser. Go there. Find the, the different shows on PBN. So prepper,, and I’m announcing myself just before the show today, I signed up to be part of the continuity, which is a membership program for PBN.

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So yes, I’m a host, but I’m also a member of PBN of the continuity $60 for one full year. You get pretty awesome discount codes, which probably pay for themselves for a lot of prepper gear. But this really cool transcript service where you can, I would say this thing’s 90 plus percent accurate. We’ll get featured. Dan’s take on that. But it has a written transcript. You can search through it through all the shows, archived of PBN.

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I thought it was really cool to be able to go find key words in certain. What episode was that? What show was this searchable? What do you think? Don’t you think it’s like 90 plus percent. I know that you want to use this for maybe even our shows before we came to prep for broadcast and network, but a half of that, that’s another, just one other benefit of the condo. You there’s several bore. What do you think their future date?

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I’ll tell you what I did with it. I went to the show after James Walton posted it on our episode one Oh four, before we took the break two weeks ago and selected all the text and did some keyword searching on it and came up with like the 14, you know, topics or so that we really covered. And, and, and using that on future dangerous homepage right now to improve the search engine optimization of fuck page, you know, keeping it, you know, alerting listeners.

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They’re talking about that in that show. So it’s gold, silver, federal reserve topics sewing up, and you kind of understand where we all get at right now. So you can maybe skip that part of the show. No, I’m just kidding. You can find out to talk about China at what lengths or coronavirus and it’s all based on keyword searches. Also the proscribed transcripts it’s outstanding technology.

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Yeah. It’s way better than any I’ve seen or used. Or we explored some before we came here and we were like, eh, that’s not good enough. This stuff is legit. So you get that as part of being on the continuity, a lot of other awesome stuff, go to prepper, broadcast Again, check out the condo. You can do a one month trial. If you’d like, you could do a six month, really the most cost effective. And what I did was the one year 60 bucks put your money where your mouth is $5 a month. That’s not bad.

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That’s essentially $1 a week. Right? And he gets so much cool stuff. Hey man, let’s go to private and feature. Dan, we gotta start throwing up some stories or maybe get a link to future danger because I know there’s some articles coming out on prepper broadcasting, too. I need to get back to writing. Maybe I could do some financial updates here and there for the site, but super exciting to see the direction we’re going.

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Yeah, absolutely. And the technology, these are dangerous looking for is something that reads the home page. Like we’re going to do next segment. I am going to post the audio file. So if you prefer to listen, you can get a rundown. But right now the technology’s kind of robotic, like British chick’s voice, but you know, kind of awkward. And it doesn’t inflect. And really I went into that technology where AI voice can read for you. It’s going to be off to the right rented pitcher power to a whole new level.

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When that happened,

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They’re going to put us out of a job. Whether we get the AI that can read with a better inflection and humanity than myself, not saying my great hosts stay better than a computer for a little while longer.

0 (14m 33s):
You can only read what you write for it though. So you can still get the message across,

1 (14m 38s):
Go garbage in, garbage out. All right, folks, we’re going to the first break, but we will be back with the news blitz, go to future and follow along again. Future We’ll be right back with the news blitz.

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We are the prepper broadcasting

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Here at the prepper broadcasting network. Our mission has expanded and we have decided to use our influence to aid in disaster recovery PBN is offering up our airwaves to nonprofits and boots on the ground organizations that are affecting disaster recovery. The real people out there rebuilding lives from organizations that reestablish the supply chain to those who deliver aid and even organizations that rebuild shattered homes and lives.

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Coffee offers every customer, the ability to join the national disaster relief effort. Get

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Achieve situational awareness of multiple threat indicators. In one view, be prepared, future danger,

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July 21st, 2020 time for that feature danger news blitz. Again, go to future Follow along first column. Your governor announces new restrictions on bars and restaurants. On the other side of the country, orange County, putting together coronavirus strike team to randomly inspect businesses. Seeing this starting to pick up In Florida, we have church statue of Jesus Christ be beheaded.

1 (18m 36s):
I’ve also seen a whole host of vandalism and arson against American churches all over the place

3 (18m 43s):
That is scary.

1 (18m 47s):
Mobile phone giant shut down the president’s campaign mass texting program. A man in his twenties who died in a motorcycle accident, finally removed from Florida COVID-19 death list. That’s interesting to note. So not only does that prove that he was falsely put on there or incorrectly, they actually were able to reverse it. That’s a small win for the truth, right? I’m big on statistics. I want true statistics Is lane.

1 (19m 23s):
If you remember, Epstein’s a little confidant little friend or her Lieutenant may soon be arrested. Sarah Kellen. Good to see hope we get something out of all of that final comm or excuse me. Final article in the first column on future is the most important actually highest indicator threat level. Right now the FBI is abusing the all writs act to gain access to millions of travel records.

1 (19m 55s):
Something you probably want to hear in the news right now. Definitely not sensationalist and not COVID related. So that probably excludes most news these days go check that out. The surveillance state is growing. Let’s move on to the second column. Pretty low level indicators, except for one I’ll leave the worst for last once more, but definitely we’re checking out some of these they’re making a trend. Federal law enforcement use unmarked vehicles to grab protesters off Portland streets, feds conduct surveillance from courthouse, analyze social media videos and post undercover agents and crowds, DHS department Homeland security deploying 150, 150 federal agents to Chicago

3 (20m 47s):
Meet the youth

1 (20m 48s):
Liberation front behind a tint marathon of Portland riots. The Portland riots still ongoing month or weeks after the rest had stopped. Pretty much Countrywide youth liberation front. I probably, yeah, I’ll leave it at that. The mystery of Jesus lane Maxwell’s wealth hangs over sex abuse case Iranian air defense on high alert, amid explosions, Israel strikes Iranian backed militias in Syria.

1 (21m 30s):
We’re seeing a lot of pickup in Israel, Iranian tension. We’re also seeing the Saudi King Solomon 84 years old admitted to the hospital. Just putting this out there. It doesn’t mean we’re going to see absolute regime change overnight, but something interesting to, to follow along, move on to the third. Now leave the third column for the end. My favorite economics go to the fourth column.

1 (22m 0s):
COVID has been picking up the numbers have certainly in some of the, Oh heck look right here on future danger to trending set of articles in a few weeks since they were trending like this. So we have the COVID 19 case count rising in 39 States declining. And only two. I specifically remember a few weeks ago. It was like 15. It was going up in 15 and actually declining in many. And we have 39.

1 (22m 30s):
It’s increasing, there’s a whole dashboard. You can check it future danger. Of course, 13.5 million infections, worldwide 588,000 dead sea, the official tally. So China’s been seeing some, some uptick. It seems like they’re sealing off a city. Second wave fears. We’re also seeing throughout the world all different types of mutations and strain scientists identify six different types of coronavirus with increasing severity levels.

1 (23m 7s):
I do find it odd that there’s so many different disparate symptoms from this COVID-19 more than 940 American coronavirus deaths reported in one day 77,000 cases. Wow. So that’s all under pestilence befalls cellular aging masters circuit discovered extended human lifespan to follow is the question.

1 (23m 41s):
Well, that’s what the elite are certainly looking into. So in a very interesting topic, there are the different things that we have at feature danger, everything from potential nuclear war, third, world war two cellular aging, to what I’m going to talk about. Sin, the economics, everything in between can even check out the weekly volcanic activity report. No one’s going to care about that until one blows. Always keep the radar out.

1 (24m 12s):
Don’t get tunnel vision. Neurolink chip to allow streaming music directly to the brain that’s coming common. I’m sure sooner than later, couple more articles here on this fourth column, which again is kind of health and nature. Not just coronavirus, even though current of Harris likes to take, take a lot of it. China is blasting dams and embankments discharging water from the worst flooding in decades. So they’re just blowing these dams levies.

1 (24m 47s):
It’s preventing even worse flooding, I suppose. I’m sure that’s not doing any environmental damage, but it looks like it’s really bad though. A Hunter at least 141 dead or missing millions evacuated in these floods. So it is serious. Now the third and final column, Hey, I am Ben the breaker of banksters. I do specialize in finance. So this is my favorite column. And this is unfortunately the most serious this week.

1 (25m 21s):
I believe let’s start with the unemployment explodes indicator. It’s in dark red on black, which is the highest level of threat. Another 1.3 million initial jobless claims. In the last week, we have a lot of folks saying the real unemployment rate is 20% or higher check out. One article in particular says at least 21% and heading higher 50 million Americans have now filed for first time.

1 (25m 55s):
Job was benefits. Sure. Some of them have gone back. I’m sure there’s a few million that I’ve gone back to work or at least part time, but a great, great majority of that 50 million rely on government benefits, which are slated to end soon. And if not, they’re gonna need a lot or stimulus. We’re going to need a bigger boat. So a it all tallies up to weekly jobless claims rise by more than 1 million again for the 17th week, 17 straight weeks, more than 1 million and a few of those weeks, it was a three plus million gold sores.

1 (26m 36s):
It’s about to break. It’s about to break your little chart, a little graph here on future danger feature. Dan, you’ve got to fix this gold per ounce is at 1,849 highest in nine years. I think that’s up about a hundred bucks since we were last on air. So about 1750 to 1850, just in the last two weeks, a hundred dollars, you know, five, 6% against silver was up 6% today, probably 15% since last episode, not too bad.

1 (27m 12s):
So anyway, if you go to future dangers, you’ll see all these awesome financial indicators, graphs, charts, line line charts. I don’t, I’m missing the correct word for them, but long story short, $1,849 is so close to the outer extreme max edge of that. That it’s about to break that, going to have to get that going. Gold, silver prices, power to multi-year highs again today, just today, July 21st gold up a couple percent silver up six plus percent.

1 (27m 44s):
Of course we’re still seeing NASDAQ and Dow at all. Time. Highs are pretty damn near, so it is still in the lead, but hard money seems to be coming back a couple more articles. We’ll bring feature. Dan, back on the air. We have eviction looming for millions of Americans who can’t afford rent. And unfortunately for those relying on that $600 per week, extra unemployment might get a few hundred from the state.

1 (28m 15s):
Then they added 600 extra per week. It’s coming to an end. As I stated, get that information there. Mortgage delinquencies suddenly soar commercial mortgage delinquencies also nearing record levels. I’m not sure. I’m sure it’s gonna blast right through it. Anyway, if get your Dan bringing it back, what do you think about tonight’s news blitz?

0 (28m 40s):
Yeah, I’m beginning to wonder if we’re not in the middle. It was an asymmetric bio war and a lot of our public’s reaction is strike behavior. It’s a brand new form of it striking on all kinds of aspects of life and listening to the news about the enhancements that are coming for life, extension and implants, neurologically. This is a slow motion.

0 (29m 10s):
Longterm ASMR, asymmetric, bio war countries against countries, elites against populations.

1 (29m 20s):
That’s a good way to put it. I try to look at the top level as best I can, right at country versus country or even a higher level, almost a 99.9, nine, 9% against the everybody who’s left that few thousand people. The banksters as I often call them, but you’re right. It breaks down from Democrat versus Republican state versus state County versus County. There’s it just seems like almost everywhere. There could be contention and contentions growing and no real solution seems, seems, seems apparent.

1 (29m 56s):
And as things, the pressure heats up, I mean, some of these things start cracking.

0 (30m 4s):
Yeah. And the gold chart is set right now with the rate limit. It’s a bar chart. The rate limit of the bar chart is the all time high spot price gold. So I’ll move the bar when it breaks.

1 (30m 20s):
Okay. All right. All right. It is. I think that record is like just right at 2000 and right nearby. So, Hey, I’m not saying it’s going to go there tomorrow or we can always see a pull back to some degree, but I, well, this, what I’m seeing here is people are expecting trillions more stimulus this fall. There’s not going to be an NFL season. There’s not going to be sports. There’s not people aren’t going to go into school colleges. I mean, this is in general, I’m sure some people still gonna do live their life and things are going to go on to some degree, but all those a pie in the sky bounce back V-shaped recovery is not the cards and there’s going to need to be more bailouts and, and they’re gonna have to devalue the money.

1 (31m 8s):
That’s that’s pretty simple. I think. I don’t know. What do you think?

0 (31m 12s):
That’s the, that’d be consensus. So outlook from the picture tower, our analysis team. Yeah. That’s what we’re seeing in the next few weeks months. And I was literally last week, even though we took a break, I, I listened to the next generation and Ron foster was on as a guest bond down preparedness community member, author on air, across the spectrum for years, outspoken voice and got a lot of expertise and a lot of things.

0 (31m 50s):
And I was listening to him speak, and he had an awesome point about this fall. The temperatures drop you highlighted this earlier. The first segment it would have been done when the temperatures dropped and the fruit cases rise. The diagnosing of COVID-19 that has six different streams and about the widest array of symptoms that we’ve ever seen him leave. Those numbers are gonna go higher and higher, but the misdiagnosis he’s with COVID, you know, mean that nothing is actually more dangerous than a year ago, but the reaction by our society, our government, our culture is going to be oppressive.

0 (32m 37s):
Absolutely oppressive.

1 (32m 40s):
Oh, definitely. I mean, all the Goodwill has gone in my opinion, people really I’ve said this before on the show, maybe I just didn’t have the right expectations or maybe I’m over estimating how compliant people were are. But I felt like that first month or two people were taking this seriously, they were like, Hey, I’ll sacrifice for this. I got no problem with that. Pretty much everyone was. And it’s not that hard to do that. I guess when you’re getting all this bailouts, right? No matter if you’re a business owner or just got laid off as a server, right?

1 (33m 11s):
Anything in between you were, most people were getting some sort of help if they were laid off or major detriment. So let’s go on to get along a month or two off. Alright, well, are those bailouts going to come as easily next time? If so, we got that. It’s almost its own problem. But my point is, people are already kind of tapped out. The stimulus only goes so far for a lot of businesses to there’s a lot that have permanently closed even with the stimulus or on track for that. So if this does extend into the winter and get worse, what kind of descent and on both sides, but I’m just, it’s not, it’s just going to get, get worse.

1 (33m 54s):
I think people are at their breaking point or pass it already. And I’m expecting, nah, I hope not. I’m expecting it to get worse going into, into the fall and into next year as well.

0 (34m 7s):
It’s going to be the single decision point of the election. I have to get my feet and the governors, the politics it’s pretty clear. Pro 21st century corn cane measures are aligned pretty well with the Democrat party and, and pro get back to business as usual policies aligned very much with the Republicans right now. And it’s a balancing act for the president. Cause the spikes, obviously no he’s reacted to him since March.

0 (34m 41s):
So he can’t stop reacting to them. He’s riding a federal bureaucracy like a tiger. And he doesn’t hang on to the top of it’s going to eat him alive, the CDC numbers and how they’re accounted internal battles administration. You know, this is going to get messy or messier. It’s a funnel. Like I said, the waters, a constitutional Republic pushes the water of a new election for the president every four years. And those federal elections have never stopped and it’s coming as it comes, it’s going to get, this is a restructuring of our society, culture, businesses, Connie, in the way, I don’t think any country has endured except perhaps the post Soviet Republic States.

0 (35m 35s):
And it’s not going to be the same here.

4 (35m 40s):
Absolutely not the same. Absolutely guys we’ll be right back Patriot power hour, stick with us. broadcasting network.

4 (37m 37s):
The six principles for disaster preparedness. Use them to build a base of preparedness that will keep your family safe in the face of the next disaster. Find them and It was right after the revolution, right after peace had been concluded. And Ethan Allen went to London to help our new country conduct his business with the King, the English sneered at how roughly are rude and simple minded.

4 (38m 13s):
Unlike that everywhere he went to one day, he was invited to the townhouse of a great English. Lord dinner was served. Beverages imbibed time pass has happened. And mr. Allen found he needed the privy. He was grateful to be directed

1 (38m 38s):
Relieved. You might say mr. Allen discovered on entering the water closet, that the only decoration they’re in was a portrait of George Washington. Ethan Allen done what he came to do and returned to the drawing room is hosted. And the others were disappointed when he didn’t mention Washington’s portrait and vitally his Lordship couldn’t resist and asked mr.

1 (39m 8s):
Allen had he noticed it the picture of Washington. He said, well, what did he think of its placement? It didn’t seem appropriately located to mr. Allen drown and said it did. Joseph was astounded appropriate. George Washington is like this new water closet. Yes. Mr. Annan, where it’ll do good service. The whole world knows nothing to make an Englishman shit quicker than the sight of George Washington achieve situational awareness of multiple threat indicators, future danger or back July 21st, 20, 22nd half of the Patriot power hour.

1 (40m 14s):
So the first half we covered tons of topics feature, Dan, we still got a lot on the news blitz. We didn’t cover how we could do entire shows on some of these topics. I know that you specifically though wanted to talk about the kids and if they don’t go back to school, what kind of not only societal, but even national security issues. Mike, that sounds a little ridiculous, but Hey man, we’re in a real war against China and others for a intellectual capital.

1 (40m 44s):
If their kids are learning math and we’re just playing, play it on YouTube and Twitch streams and stuff, while their kids are actually trying to learn to take the world over and that’s not a good sign. What do you think about that?

0 (40m 58s):
You know, it’d be interesting to know what they’re doing for school schooling in China. I have not seen before somewhere. Those are entirely shut down like us, but it’s remote learning. It’s gotta be a facade because certain share of children who would otherwise learn something are going to learn nothing at home on screen. And the longterm net effect is part of that structural reorganization that I was talking about. Last segment I hasn’t ever happened, where we just didn’t have schools in attendance.

0 (41m 34s):
It’s kept me good thing, long run.

1 (41m 38s):
I will say there’s silver linings. You can make your own silver linings. I would point to our one and only NBC guide, Dave Jones, who if you’ve been following along on PBN, he and his wife, Maria pulled the trigger and guess what they’re doing homeschooling now. So maybe there are some folks that will, it might actually end up being, I agree in general and with such an abrupt end to it and how so many kids are relying on them almost as a babysitters, right?

1 (42m 14s):
This is going to have detrimental effects, but that just shows you have control. You can try to turn a at least attempt to turn lemons into lemonade. Easier said than done. Not everyone’s able to, even if they try or they’re just not in that opportunity, but Hey man, maybe this is that time for some people who were on the fence, Hey, I’m going to take control of my children’s education. And, and I would love to do my wife. She probably thinks I would teach them, you know, conspiracy theories and stuff, but I’m telling you they would be able to read, write and read some more.

1 (42m 51s):
I would, I think I would be decent at homeschool, but yeah, going off on a tangent, you can still make things happen, though, for yourself. You don’t have to rely on the government all the time, I guess, is what I’m trying to say.

0 (43m 5s):
I think on a longterm aggregate level though, this is not a good thing for those who practice self-reliance or choose to move in that area. It is a direct and immediate benefit to your lifestyle. If you can teach the content at the levels that needs to be, but chances are almost the vast majority of everybody can not. That’s where the problem comes in 10, 20 years.

1 (43m 33s):
I knew I subscribed to exactly what she said. It’s like a people are like, what will you do if you’re the president to save the financial system? And I would say, Hey, man, by now it’s like too late, like talk to me 10, 20 years ago and maybe I could save it. Now we’ve got to either mitigate the crash or try to just think of how we can transform it going into the future after a depression. It’s not fair also to say, everyone should just start teaching their children, even with the best intentions like people aren’t able or, or just, this is not realistic.

1 (44m 7s):
It’s not going to work out well. You know what I mean?

0 (44m 10s):
Yeah. At the best that the homeschooling might meet the core and exceed it in some areas, if you have exceedingly talented homeschooling parent, but it, but there’s so many other classes in modern schooling that are going to be lost. Like I push what was brought forward for me when I grew up and what was pushed for me was take a lot of electives in a lot of different areas, get knowledgeable on a lot of things, right?

0 (44m 39s):
So, you know, take electricity, even though I wasn’t going to work in the trades, having knowledge in, it was emphasized when I was going up. None of that’s here at all. Now another one, especially classes that, that kids could touch once in their lives and maybe pick it up and go with it. And only their public school was going to show it to them. You know, that’s not happening now. That’s just a small fraction of what I guess my angst about having our school shut down for a population that essentially doesn’t suffer from the disease.

0 (45m 14s):
Right? And there’s no policy. So young, young teachers who are also less susceptible can carry on with face to face while older teachers who are obviously very good. And obviously at risk, they may have, you know, complications that make them far more at risk. They are to be able to practice the schooling, but complete shot signs as we’re seeing across the country right now, can’t be good. More online.

1 (45m 45s):
I don’t think so either. And so we’ve actually had a lot of folks here on PBN. Next generation has talked about this as well and others. So I don’t have any children right now. I’m hoping to in the future, we’ll find out, but I can only imagine the angsty as a parent, like, okay, am I going to send them in? Am I not? It may be. It’s even worse if they’re stuck at home with you for another six months and you gotta try to deal with them. I mean, I think I would be a pretty good homeschool parent, but hell, even though I did quite well at algebra and calculus, if I had like a 16 year old and I was trying to teach some advanced math to get to college, I would be Sol.

1 (46m 26s):
I mean, I don’t remember. I’d have to relearn it with them essentially. That’s a lot of time, a lot of effort. And on the flip side, if you have like a seven year old kid, do you know how to effectively get them to learn? I don’t know. So lot of, a lot of issues, it’s going to be a big topic for parents and I can see why a lot of them might just check out on some of these bigger political and economic issues. If they’re just trying to figure out how to get their kids to, you know, hopefully try to give them good education, but even just get them to be quiet.

1 (46m 58s):
Unfortunately, a lot of parents not necessarily the best, I guess I’ll leave it at that. So any other articles or, or topics from the news blitz or otherwise you want to hit on? Make sure we covered tonight. Okay.

0 (47m 12s):
Yeah. I mean, Israel striking inside Syria near Damascus is with Iranian proxy forces. That’s not new. We’ve been doing that for several couple of, to at least two years. Ultimately now we’re semi openly the King of Saudi, you know, hitting the hospital. You know, you always got to pay attention on the middle East. That could be an earthquake there geopolitically at any time and how that impacts us heading into the election, you know, some incidences or chaos and capitals and what we’re suddenly talking about next in August, you know, any one of these regions could do this, where we’ve taught.

0 (47m 54s):
We typical hot spots we talk about. Right.

1 (47m 58s):
Definitely. And really that’s one of the reasons I am super stoked for the transcription services. Part of being, being a member on prep of Part of the continuity is going back. For example, Hong Kong. We talked a lot about that. It’s fallen off the radar. What if that comes back with a vengeance Bitcoin gold and silver. I mean, COVID, I think we’d have COVID and coronavirus all over the place for most episodes, but you know, kind of when was the first time we had that or when we talked about a certain, certain part of COVID, you know, in a few months, we, we want to think, well, see what we thought back in July.

1 (48m 40s):
So being able to do that is pretty neat. So much else going on. I guess if I had a couple, I wanted to talk about it. I didn’t did it really. Oh, actually I forgot to cover this article. Maybe you notice maybe not. If you didn’t notice, thanks for letting me get by. But a, there was a high level threatened Decatur article, tens of thousands of food service and gig workers and 160 cities walk off the job, I guess maybe that’s what you were referring to with the strikes.

1 (49m 13s):
I don’t know if that was just by happenstance. He mentioned that too, but that’s, that’s, that’s pretty crazy. Now folks are going to be even more likely to demand, you know, basic income or government handouts instead of going to work. And you know, now, as soon as it’d be $15 an hour, soon, $25 an hour, won’t be enough is what they’ll be saying, what the inflation that might be on the way it could be. Correct. What do you think about that? Article these folks walking off, they want, they want to support the rights and stay safe.

1 (49m 48s):
Understand man. I’m sure some of them are, a lot of them are probably hard workers, but what do you think about that?

0 (49m 54s):
Yeah, let me expand on that idea of the striking behavior, right? And I don’t know if this was by a war because there was an asymmetric attack on our society. On the result. Nationwide has been as you know, to strike against anything that doesn’t comply with whatever local state and federal authorities have deemed the new norm for behavior surrounding disease prevention.

0 (50m 26s):
Right? And if you don’t go along with it, you know, society pretty much goes on strike a lot of workers at the beginning of this in March, then pretty much were demanding to not have to come in, to work for fear of the disease. It was, it was, it was breaking out in the United States in the end of February. So that strike like attitude. That’s what, that’s what we’re infected with.

0 (50m 56s):
We can’t have schools, we can’t have business. We can’t have no hair salons. We can have whatever you have to have a mask. If you don’t, you know, you know, there’s a strike on and it’s on the corporate side. A lot of businesses are forcing no face to face customer service because customer service providers they’re on strike and they’re not giving us what we typically got for our money from the homeowners association.

0 (51m 29s):
It’s just canceling anything in sight because they’re on strike from normal life. And it shows up in the waiver strikes, but it’s more of a general societal strike. It does seem to be coming from one side of the political spectrum, more strongly

1 (51m 48s):
Well that’s who, regardless from national security point of view, that’s not what I like to hear is society becoming generally more bitchy and lazy and entitled. Okay. That’s kinda what I’m hearing and what I’ve been seeing. And yes, there are some legitimate grievances. Absolutely. If I was a frontline worker and I felt that my safety was not being taken seriously by my bosses, then going on strike might be legitimate.

1 (52m 18s):
So a lot of this could be, but I feel as if a large percentage of it is kind of that political, take-down almost like a sit in right. Trying to drag down the economy and, and have that, bring that revolution. They almost want that. Accelerationism where they want to bring down. They come to quicker so they can have their socialist revolution. If I had to go there, I don’t know. It seems like we lost future Dan.

1 (52m 50s):
We had him for a solid 55 minutes. I’ll try to get them back on the line. Did have to a, have a remote show tonight, otherwise I’m sure he’s going to come back on. I swear to say, now that he’s off the phone line, I can give that out to maybe get a live caller, but let me see if we can get him reconnected. If not got a lot other to talk about good news is it’s just about time for us to go to break. So we’ll get that music rolling.

1 (53m 21s):
Try to get him back on line in meanwhile though, let

4 (53m 26s):
Me give another plug for prepper broadcast Again, we got away from patriarchy. We got a lot away from a lot of these globalists mega corporation websites, or you know, ways to spread the word and make money except money. Heck I hope we get rid of PayPal. Hey James, if you’re listing, let’s get rid of PayPal. Let’s not even use them, except it.

4 (53m 58s):
What’s it globalist scum too. Anyway. All right, folks, I’m going to go and try to get things rolling. I do we have a thunderstorm rolling in where I’m at? Unfortunately, hopefully I don’t lose power, but here comes the break. We write back and off the Patriot power hour for the July 21st again, prepper and feature We’ll be right back.

4 (55m 24s):
Well folks, we’re having a double whammy tonight, feature Dan, unable to get on. We had some tech issues. It just broke down. And also my soundboard is not working very well. So back from the commercials I was about to run, but it all works out for a reason. Cause guess what? The man, the legend himself called in NBC guy, Dave Jones to save the day. How are you doing there, sir? Gosh, you blows me up too big. I don’t know if I can save the day, but I’ll do my best.

4 (55m 56s):
Hey man, anything besides just ended on the note that we had with a couple of technical errors, saves a day in my book. So we still got a jeez almost 25 minutes of air. Don’t need, you don’t have to stay on the whole time if you got to go. But otherwise I’d love to talk, talk with him. I know you’re listening to the show. Any thoughts of what we were talking about? What’s what’s going on. Yeah. You had mentioned that we’re pulling the trigger on the homeschooling. Now I am in

5 (56m 24s):
A kind of a unique situation that my wife and I are both home. So that helps. But I’m telling you the 45 minute bus ride each way is it is a net savings. I mean, and what I found out about homeschooling is it’s far easier than people think. And the kids actually learn more. For instance, we have trips planned right now for the, for the Joan Jamestown, they’ve Smithsonian.

5 (57m 2s):
I mean, we’re going to do things that public schools can’t do. And every, every year they’ve told me that we take more interest in our kids’ learning than most, any other parents where it’s always been that way for us. So we don’t know any different. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. We’re responsible. The school was just facilitating. Okay. So now, now we’re going to do the whole thing and I’m telling you we’ve never been happier.

1 (57m 37s):
That’s great to hear. That’s great to hear and facilitation that’s that’s true. Look, there’s a lot of folks who won’t be home or couldn’t be home even during the lockdown. Maybe they work at a hospital or they’re essential workers and they couldn’t stay home or it’s an extreme burden to teach at home, but for others. And I think we just said is probably the key, very motivated. And even when you were at, you know, using the public school, you were extremely involved. You didn’t just say, okay, go on the bus, we’ll see you at four o’clock and you don’t check their homework or anything extracurricular, like you’re way above and beyond that.

1 (58m 16s):
A lot of people aren’t. So you expect them to home school, good luck. But there, there are those few that, that are able to certainly

5 (58m 24s):
Well, and then you’re highly flexible on the hours that you actually do it. So it can happen in between other people’s work. And really you can cover most everything in less time than they do at school. Because when you figure about recess and lunch and transport between classes and all this kind of stuff, so you actually get more education and less time. So I knew was WhatsApp.

1 (58m 55s):
I was gonna say that is, that is awesome. And there is a lot of time savings. I, I try to think when I was a kid though, what I’ve been regimented enough, it would have been up to my parents to keep me regimented, but I did respect them. But if you, if you don’t even have your kids respect and whatnot, I guess it’s a nonstarter in the first place, right?

5 (59m 15s):
Yeah. Yeah. That’d be tough. And are so many programs. There’s internet programs, there’s book programs, there’s lessons that you can do. And then the evaluation at the end, which everybody freaks out about, it’s not the state run Sol tests, it’s you either submitting to a standardized test or you show progress, which you can easily do.

5 (59m 47s):
If you save all your papers and stuff of the work that your child has done through the year. So homeschooling is, is a lot easier than people think. And it’s a lot better for the kids. I mean, on average, they score higher on every test. And there was a ton of people in this class too, because every, all the schools are closed. People were looking into homeschooling anyways. Yeah. So they said it was the biggest class they had ever had and it’s because of code.

1 (1h 0m 21s):
Yeah, absolutely. And I’m sure it’s going to even grow from there. And even if, and when, hopefully when COVID passes and things start to get back to normal bat bite, there might be a lasting, a segment of people who are like, no, I want to do homeschool for whatever reason, whether it’s the safety or all the other reasons you noted. I, I guess that that’s a big part of people. You know, I was a public school kid. I went to great public schools. So that was a big part of it.

1 (1h 0m 52s):
Some public schools great. Some not so great, a big part of what I’ve been told public schools advantage. And I did agree to somewhat, but I there’s a ways around it. I want to get your thoughts. Is that kind of a social aspect, you know, homeschool or, you know, going to a private school, maybe wealthier kids on average or more homogeneous homeschooled people say, Oh, well the only home, they only hang out with other homeschooled.

1 (1h 1m 23s):
People suits has its own click. I’m sure there’s some of that. And it is public school. Hey, you’re just thrown to the wolves. Right? Everyone that from your area you live in at least can go there. So, so there is that, but what do you have to say about those folks who are like, Oh, maybe it’s not great socially for the children to do homeschooling

5 (1h 1m 42s):
Well, let me, okay. There’s all kinds of opportunities outside of regular school to socialize with soccer, leagues football, just tons of tons of things to do for gym. We’re going to have our kids do COVID Mugu. Exactly. They’re going to learn something. Okay. And get physical fit at the same time we’re doing the family plan. So we’re all in there.

5 (1h 2m 12s):
I was a long time ago or like a black belt in TaeKwonDo. So, so we’re, we’re all going to go as a family and learn and cognitive guy.

1 (1h 2m 24s):
That’s awesome. Hey, this is, yeah. I just thought of this. And this is the kind of goes hand in hand with a lot of what you and James and others talk about on this show. What if, what if, fuck, how do I call it? COVID co-op of homeschoolers. Maybe you parents of 10 or 15 children and maybe one’s an engineer and he can teach science and math and someone else is a library and they can cover literature.

1 (1h 2m 55s):
Have you ever seen that or thought of that or that could be a whole new like opportunity.

5 (1h 2m 59s):
Oh, absolutely. And Saturday night, Jay Fergie, I think that’s what her, her kids go to is it co-op type school. So she’s not in the public school system. And the lady that was teaching this class about choosing the right curriculum, she told about a time her washing machine broke down now and the washing machine repair man showed up to fix it up. And she said, okay, kids, you’re going to learn how to fix a washing machine.

5 (1h 3m 30s):
If she puts a chair on it, she put the chairs there and these kids ask questions. And the repairman said, you know, okay, I’m fine with this. And he told him everything he was doing. And these kids remember that to this day. You know how you remember certain things about growing up? Remember the day the washing machine repairman gave and they learned about washing machine.

1 (1h 3m 58s):
That’s awesome. My wife was probably like, eh, you should have been doing that when you were a kid. Cause I’ve had to learn some home maintenance the hard way I’ve learned a lot, but man, just that little exposure exposure as a kid can, can do a lot.

5 (1h 4m 15s):
Absolutely. I’m on learning it too. I was HVAC at a day. One of my air conditioners messed up. I have a split unit I’m in the house Mitsubishi and it, this, this one unit just stopped. So I, I don’t know. I think the motor burn up or something, we had a power surge. We’re having thunderstorms here too.

1 (1h 4m 37s):
Yeah, man. It’s a time of the year. Just heating up pretty big heat waves. And obviously at night comes through and lots of energy. That heat is energy. So that turns into thunderstorm. It was pretty, pretty good science there. Hey, something I want to ask you about here.

5 (1h 4m 53s):

1 (1h 4m 55s):
Gold and silver on a pretty big, pretty big uptake. Where, where do those fit into your preps or what you’ve done or want to do? Are you a lot more focused on just kind of build on that self-sufficient homestead and your skill set, maybe a little bit of gold or silver or cash, but where, where, where do you look? Where do you look into that? And

5 (1h 5m 20s):
Great question. That is a fantastic question. Now I’m a little bit jaded on the golden silver because Y two K okay. I had some extra cash from an insurance thing that happened and it was, you know, spendable income. So I bought gold and silver. Okay. Now I did sell it at a 30 year high when I sold it. I wish I’d have it today because I bought quite a bit of it.

5 (1h 5m 50s):
But so I have some, but I don’t have a lot. And, and here’s the, here’s my philosophy. So I have, I have cash. I have cash on hand for, you know, when the ATM does go down and everything goes to crap, but at some point, and I’m confident that this cash is going to be worthless. I keep picturing a guy going through a city, you know, just desolate, like world war II, desolate and $20 bills are blowing down the street.

5 (1h 6m 27s):
Okay. I mean, so what I do is I buy things that I can use and use longterm. And you know, it’s like a real asset, like a real, like my still a copper still. Okay. It’s a little, it’s, it’s expensive. It’s a hundred percent cotton, copper, copper. And, and I’ve been goofing around with it. It’s very small.

5 (1h 6m 58s):
It’s like three gallons. It’s not like I’m distilling, you know, bootlegging or moonshine or anything like that, but I’m learning the process and it takes about a year to get it right, because I screwed up a lot. So things like that. So I keep some cash. I have golden silver, you know, not a lot. I have some probably now it’s worth more, you know, everything’s in dollars.

5 (1h 7m 30s):
So what I bought cheap, you know, now is worth a lot more and it’s the same amount of silver, so

1 (1h 7m 37s):
Right. That’s, that’s kind of the re brings us all the way back to the whole point of it is like, it’s the same atoms of silver and the same atoms of gold. They’ve been around since supernova. If you believe at all that, and guess what, they’re not going anywhere. It’s the value of a dollar that’s changing. And I like to point back to when silver was actually in our change back in the early sixties. And before then at that time, minimum wage was a dollar 25.

1 (1h 8m 10s):
But if you had that in silver, he took that in five quarters instead of a paper bill and a quarter or whatever, take five quarters, the silver in them. If you just melted it down and sold the silver today, especially after today above $20. I mean, we’re talking about like a minimum wage of like 20 bucks, which obviously we’re not at now. So that just that differential over 50 years shows that the different pacing, right?

5 (1h 8m 39s):
Oh, absolutely. People don’t have a 50 year vision people. Aren’t people. Yeah. You’re maybe two at the most. They don’t have that kind of vision. And like my son, you know, he taught 24 getting out of the air force and I’m talking to him about a retirement and you might as well be talking about, you know, warp speed or something clean on. You might as well be Chuck doesn’t want to hear it and doesn’t understand it.

5 (1h 9m 11s):
And Oh, I’ll be dead before I’m 60, you know? And I thought I’d be dead too. Shit here I am. You know, if I knew I was going to live so long, I would have took better care of myself. Oh, I tell ya,

1 (1h 9m 27s):
Oh, by locally, you’re able to pass a wisdom, a law to old, but that’s a great point. I mean, a 50 year vision it’s geez. Our corporations, they used to have like a quarterly, you know, outlook. Now it’s almost like day by day and seems like it’s it’s shortening.

5 (1h 9m 44s):
Yeah. And the way they go through CEO’s, that’s, that’s about the way it’s a know that big changeover that happened in December. It’s like, Oh, I look at a new guy. You know,

1 (1h 9m 56s):
I remember seeing that there was a big wave. Now. I wouldn’t say no, baby boomer generation is getting older and whatnot, but there was a, quite a large movement in CEO’s and other important am I say, they knew COVID was coming. The class was coming. No, not necessarily, but a, just another data point. Look out there. Some people did know for better or worse, just a get out of Dodge before it’s too late. Get, you know, sell before it’s too late, but we’ve been seeing a major bounce back in the stock market.

1 (1h 10m 26s):
I want your opinion on this question. And this is something that featured, Dan asked me all the time. He’s like all this deficit spending debt, spending money printing, I gets working people, people are falling for it. But at what point do you think it’ll people will wake up to it or just will it be when it actually just stops working? And there’s just a massive collapses and bank runs, or like from a, from a human psychological perspective, how are they able to perpetrate this and, and will the average person, or even, you know, a pretty aware person, come, come to terms with this and fight back.

1 (1h 11m 9s):
Are we in a pretty bad trap here?

5 (1h 11m 12s):
Well, the, the, the trap is that we’re, we’re the good currency. We’re the currency that people bank on. I mean, when Saddam Hussein was about to be toppled, he offered, what is this? $70 billion. He didn’t even offer his own country’s currency. He offered us dollars, okay. To any country that would take him. So as long as we, we are still the best of the worst, it will work.

5 (1h 11m 47s):
And, and th the us dollar is based on the United States work ethic. Okay. We will continue to work and continue to produce. And that w that’s what makes dollars valuable. It’s an IOU on the back of the working people. And when that fails, this country will collapse. And when that does fail, it will be because a Democrat in office,

1 (1h 12m 17s):
And they’re all just chugging along. And a lot of this was baking the cake years ago, decades ago, somebody even say a century or more ago with the federal reserve, et cetera, but you’re right. It’s just continues to accelerate. And it’s going down that going down the drain, but the spiral is getting tighter and tighter. And I don’t think we’re too far away now. I still think maybe the fed and there’s still a little more runway for these crazy bailouts and stuff, but gosh, other countries are starting to get pissed though, because they’re the ones getting taken advantage of.

1 (1h 12m 48s):
Right. So they’re going to, I think they’re going to be the ones that are going to have to kind of like bulk at us. I don’t know if they will or how they will, or maybe they’ve already started that in some ways.

5 (1h 12m 59s):
Yeah. The European union, if they ever get their act together, our shit is weak again, but they haven’t been able to, to pull it off. And, you know, with the Brexit and all this kind of stuff, I don’t think they’re ever going to get their act together. But they’re, you know, when you look at the re world reserve currencies, the us dollar is always up there. So it’s going to be the thing went in times of economic upheaval, worldwide, people flock to it.

5 (1h 13m 36s):
And as long as that stays status quo, we can flow this debt. But once that, once that Apple cart tips over, man, it’s like Argentina, right?

1 (1h 13m 48s):
I know that’s the thing. It’s once it actually does tip over, there’s literally no putting the toothpaste back in the tube, as they say, genie in the bottle, all those analogies, you’re able to stretch it out pretty far in it. And what their new financial engineering at these Ivy league banksters have been able to, to engineer it’s gone way beyond anything we’ve ever seen, or really can imagine kicking can down the road. But I still believe the basic physics and mathematics of this universe will apply at some point, but Hey, Hey, I’ve been saying this for a while and I could have made a lot of fat currency if I had invested in, you know, the stock market five, six, seven years ago, instead of taking this route.

1 (1h 14m 31s):
So maybe I’m just a loser.

5 (1h 14m 33s):
No, no, no, no, no, playing it safe, playing it safe is never a bad, you know, maybe I was too safe. How the hell can you be too safe? You know, it’s like, well, okay, you’re lamenting over the dollars that you could have made instead of rejoicing over the dollars you cap didn’t allude.

1 (1h 14m 57s):
Now I am in insurance history. So I know I have a bias towards that, but I’m all about that. Like a dollar saved is a dollar and right. I mean, that’s huge.

5 (1h 15m 8s):
And when I, a couple of weeks ago, I did a show, collapse happens, and I interviewed this guy from Argentina and his, his parents were in the banking system. So what happened was first the banks for giving you your money back. Okay. And then the price of everything skyrocketed overnight. So the cash that I have in my safe, when I see this shit going to the moon, I’m going to take that cash out and buy whatever I can.

5 (1h 15m 43s):
And because I know tomorrow it’s going to be worthless. So those are the indicators that the viewers that are listening, you know, a lot of times you get these platitudes and all this kind of stuff, but you don’t know what the indicators are, where the indicators are when you can’t go into the bank and talk to the banker and get your money, or they only limit the amount of your withdraws or transfers, which some places are doing that.

5 (1h 16m 16s):
And then the other thing is the skyrocketing of prices,

1 (1h 16m 23s):
Especially with staples, like food and whatnot. And I think really we saw hints of this, especially in March with COVID lockdown and panic, not just people buying toilet paper, but hitting the ATM. And a lot of other stuff, like it started to look like it was starting to shake apart. They did bring it back with trillions and stimulus, but that should be lesson learned for people to be ready.

5 (1h 16m 50s):
Oh yeah. And like you guys said last week on your show, diff the mint, we’re not a set. It’s like who the hell made up these rules.

1 (1h 17m 5s):
Totally. So,

5 (1h 17m 6s):
You know, when, when we’re cooling currency, you know, the coin shortage, the national Colin’s shortage. And it was like, well, that’s cause the mid people took off for COVID.

1 (1h 17m 23s):
We’ve covered that very slightly. But I think that’s like a, a psycholog, like a propaganda piece or some psychological warfare, because trust me, there’s so many damn coins out there. There would never be a true shortage. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a little jaded, but that seems like more of a war on cash from a, from a control standpoint. But yeah,

5 (1h 17m 45s):
Like they don’t get you to use your debit card more or your credit guy,

1 (1h 17m 51s):
Well, they brought it up to, you know, now it’s 85% of transactions, but they want at 98 or a hundred percent of transactions. For sure. Yeah, definitely. And you know that the, I mean, if, and when stuff really hits the fan, whether it’s an EMP kind of worst case that you talk about a lot or big resurgence in COVID or some other major attack grid down situation. I mean, the way I look at it, going back to your cash, I love it. That’s a great kind of layer for when stuff starts to break apart. Maybe the credit cards aren’t working or there’s internet issues.

1 (1h 18m 23s):
People will still accept cash. People will, even if cash is totally losing its value, there will be many days where you can still get, you still spend that, but you got to do it when those triggers are met.

5 (1h 18m 35s):
Oh, absolutely. So you don’t want to have a lot of cash on hand, but you want to have enough to hold you through that portion there where no one else has cash and you have cash.

1 (1h 18m 46s):
Yes, exactly. And then by then, after that phase is when you might be pivoting to gold silver barter. I mean, we only got like a minute left, so we’ve got to get out of here, but great stuff. I’m so glad that you call it a great conversation. I wish future Dan was here to add in, on some of this, but he didn’t send me a text. He sentences regardless. Thanks for being able to sub in for a sir. No problem. Anytime guys. Awesome. Awesome. So save by the NBC guy.

1 (1h 19m 17s):
Thanks a lot again to Dave Jones that said that does that for us tonight, the a hundred and fifth episode, Patriot power hour in the bag, July 21st, all done. We’ll be back next week. Next Tuesday as always live 8:00 PM Eastern Patriot power hour. We’ll be back folks, have a good week. And of course, check out the next generation show and the rest of the private broadcast network. And do me a favor. Go sign up for the continuity on prepper,

1 (1h 19m 49s):
Make it your home page. Remember those things, pepper, bend the breaker. Banks are signing off

3 (1h 20m 2s):
. I want her to dance by the Mexican sky. listen to the Maya .

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