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Self reliance and independence

Patriot Power Hour (Episode 104) w/ Dave Jones the NBC Guy

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What do you want statement of purpose? Should I email you? Should I put this on your action item list? You decide your level of involvement. We are the prepper broadcasting network.

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You are now listening to the Patriot power hour. The newest show of the prepper broadcasting network. This live episode features the situational awareness. You need to practice self reliance and independence. Introducing your hosts, Ben, the breaker of banksters and future Dan, the editor of future

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Hey folks, the episode, Patriot power hour coming right at ya episode one Oh four, to be precise. July 7th, 2020, Ben the breaker a banksters here with future. Dan, how are you doing there, sir?

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Yeah. Good. We got, you know, minimal news, but a lot of it’s very intense right now. Got a lot of things to cover tonight.

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Definitely. And as we’ve said before, I won’t belabor the point. We had the most intense news cycle we’ve ever seen. Certainly in the last few months, a lot of those news items are still festering and burning in the background, but it’s been kind of quiet on some fronts relative to that, but we’re still seeing some crazy stuff going on in Atlanta. We just saw Epstein’s associate Maxwell. I don’t know how to say her first name. I won’t even try, but she got busted.

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Is she gonna spill the beans? Like everyone was hoping to Epstein would Got a lot of other important stuff going on. We also got a special guest, our man, the one, the only NBC guy coming on at the bottom of the hour. I’m looking forward to that for sure.

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So what’s on your mind right now, buddy. I’ll just check it. This report out of Bradford, New Hampshire, where she’s laying Maxwell. I’m going to say it. I think that’s, I’d say it was in some cabin by a Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire and they picked her up FBI taskforce hazard. Now taking her to the same prison where I’ve came up dead.

0 (3m 1s):
Same prison. I didn’t catch that detail. I didn’t pay that close. Yeah,

4 (3m 5s):
That’s the last report I saw I could have changed by now, but whatever happens to her is going to be very, very high focused. And this is all about exposing pedophilia. And if it happens, it could happen soon. And if not, how do they stop it from happening? We’ve got an articles up on future danger, one out of if awards, which is entertaining, if not, you know, accurate and talking about things before everybody else. So we’ll get into that in this next segment.

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It was always on the news blitz. Second segment doing give a quick shout out though. At the top of the show, we talked a little bit about this last week. Moving pretty much everything away from Patrion and now away from discord because discord playing, not playing nice with the PBN anymore. Kicking, kicking us off there. So we left Patrion a new membership set up. If you want to support the PBN, go to prep, and all new website, all new layout looks beautiful, all different types of articles, a lot of content, a wealth of archives and content, not just podcasts, but tons of articles and links to other things, coupons as well for prepper gear, et cetera, et cetera.

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Of course, that’s where you can find our archive as well. We’re live on Tuesday nights, but again, prepper a live chat as well. So really focusing everything to prepper Cause if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. Even in that kind of Cypress fear, right? Of course they could always take you down if they really, really wanted to, but at least keep thinking in your own domain. That’s what you’re doing with future danger. You’re, you know, you use social media, I guess, to promote and maybe have some discussions, but you keep it on your own server.

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Very difficult for them to get rid of POS, but on your own terms.

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Yeah, we don’t, we don’t get banned for what we do anyways, but

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So trepid commander doing that kind of that’s perfect timing, I think. And so we’re moving that way. So again, if you want to support pepper broadcasting network or prepper,, awesome. Any website just in the past week or so

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Rolling a podcast across the top is awesome improvement.

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Yes, no, this is, this is really slick. I’m this has motivated me to get back to writing. I used to write before I started radio and then I kind of got away from writing. Now I need to get back into it cause I can contribute now to the website in that regard as well. So awesome things going on here at the PBN, for sure. So yeah man. Well, we got a, got couple things going on. I want to, I do want to talk about COVID a little bit more before we get to the news blitz in the next segment,

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130,000 dead as of tonight. Yep. And official numbers. We talked about it

0 (6m 12s):
All the time for the, for several, several months for, but from Jan late January until maybe just a few weeks ago, but we haven’t talked as much about it seems to be coming back in certain areas, certainly spikes. I would reference folks to go and listen to the night last night show on the PBN. That was awesome at a current recap of the latest news of what’s going on. But from your perspective is, is, is COVID past its peak in terms of damage to society and impact on your life.

0 (6m 50s):
I know you’ve said it’s had minimal. Do you think it’s over with blahzay or you think it could come roaring back seemed I’ve seen, I’ve seen mixed signals.

4 (7m 1s):
Yeah. Well it should be seasonal and part, right? That kind of disease. Isn’t like a con we haven’t seen something that’s constantly at the same rate of lethality. You know, the weather changes it, right? So the fact that supposedly outbreaking across the Midwest means it’s possibly impervious to that, that it doesn’t decline in the summer. We’ve only done June. We have to have July and August before they come back and say, this is how this disease behaved over the summer.

4 (7m 32s):
Yeah. I don’t, I don’t know what is real right now. I got my mind open to every Avenue to explain how this is reported, how the fatalities are counted, how, how people are getting infected, how they know they have it, whether the tests they took are valid, all of that. And I’m just waiting to see what’s real.

0 (7m 56s):
That’s a good way to put it because you’ve got to remember 40 plus thousand of the deaths were in nursing homes in New York alone. So yes, we’ve gone from a hundred to 130,000 deaths in the last few weeks. That’s a pretty big jump, but still a third of deaths that they’re reporting or nursing homes, not saying those lives didn’t matter. But what I’m saying is they’re really hyping those numbers. And there’s a lot of reports coming out that many of the deaths you could say that code was a contributing factor, but these folks may have been dying from other ailments.

0 (8m 33s):
Maybe they’d smoked cigarettes for 40 years and then got COVID and died in. COVID kill him to say, it’s not necessarily killing 25 year olds straight up. Oh,

4 (8m 42s):
The, the bailout packages clearly provided for hospitals and reimburse them for the care of COVID patients. When they ended up being fatalities for them, I thought it was Something, something just shy of $40,000. So any person who went to the hospital and otherwise passed away, they tested them. If they had COVID you get paid

0 (9m 10s):
Obviously part of that’s the cow. Yeah. There’s absolute moral hazard in there. And yes, we can have a whole debate of how much, you know, government should intervene. And was it helpful? And is that bounty process necessary? Those people did, right? COVID tip them over. Exactly. Took their life earlier than otherwise. Exactly. I don’t know how lethal it is to certain well here’s the people yet, but the reality is one thing. I think people focus too much. They really focus on two metrics. The reality, which I think is overblown contained, you know how contagious it is very big, but I think kind of that middle gap or Hey, when you get it, you’re not, but you’re not so bad off you’re in a ventilator, but you get these kind of weird side effects and they don’t even know, you know, what you’ll be living with.

0 (10m 3s):
If you get COVID, what is permanent damage it’ll do to your lungs or other areas? I’ve seen all types of weird reports, hard to tell what’s real. What’s not, but like to say like COVID, if you get it, it can mess you up in a lot of different ways. Like to be sure it doesn’t change any of your genetics. Well, that’s kind of where I was going to, without being straight conspiratorial,

4 (10m 25s):
They figured out how to launch something that has that capability.

5 (10m 30s):

4 (10m 30s):
Lots of people are in for it. And the today FBI director accuse China of massive subversion of the United States, government and private economy by Chinese government operatives, the United States full time, full time spying operation. And yeah, that got said today.

0 (10m 50s):
Not really even holding back. So here’s a great question. Not holding back in, back in and say anything, even close to that, to the Soviets

4 (10m 59s):
Back in the day equivalent to when we would say straight up publicly that the Soviets operate this way and we operate against them constantly.

0 (11m 7s):
So would we, so is it about that extreme or is this even more extreme?

4 (11m 11s):
I don’t think he ever made an announcement in the fifties. They kind of just slipped into the cold war and everybody took it for granted. It was no, it wasn’t like today. Someone said, but today Trump’s FBI director said it about the Chinese. So it might be kind of unprecedented the diplomacy there. Nobody told the state department to like,

0 (11m 34s):
Hello, this is a about it on his face as it could be equal or more than the cold war allegations in that type of rhetoric. So yeah, just something, just a little smattering of what we talked about here on Patriot power hour. For sure. One thing I did want to say is I did submit a quick, it wasn’t as quick as I should have been, but maybe four minutes of what 4th of July means to me for the 4th of July special on PBN.

0 (12m 8s):
If you haven’t listened to that, definitely go back. That was awesome to hear that compilation. Right. And I had an awesome 4th of July, tons of illegal fireworks were blown up by me and my party and it was super awesome. And I felt like there was more fireworks going off than ever before. I think people were just so cooped up, but I think maybe they’re also just tired of everyone saying how crappy America is. And we’re like, you know what? We’re going to go have a great time.

4 (12m 36s):
I haven’t seen police in awhile. I haven’t seen police in weeks. There must not be out there now soon as these possession illegals.

0 (12m 47s):
So let’s see. But what for the, how was your 4th of July man?

4 (12m 53s):
Not particularly newsworthy to the topic, Patriot power, but it was enjoyable, nonetheless. Well, we are the Patriot power hour. You didn’t do anything special to celebrate a beautiful fourth. I didn’t study any founding fathers. They didn’t do anything. Didn’t do anything like overtly patriotic that day actually.

0 (13m 11s):
Alright. I blew up maiden Chinese fireworks mostly and cooked meat. Good. That’s the American way. So, alright, well you know what? We’re going to be going to break here in a second. I do want to invite people to reach out to me at bankster breaker on Twitter, become a lot more active these days. Yeah. You’re using it more using it more. I’m going to try to use it even more.

0 (13m 41s):
Hey, I’m going to do my best at bankster breaker. Where do they find you?

4 (13m 44s):
Yes, sir. At future dangers six on Twitter featured

0 (13m 49s):
James you’re six numeral six, you got some good stuff. He also got a real time updates from future danger websites. So it’s your own personal thoughts as well as some of that. So good combination of what’s going on. Yeah. All right, folks, we’ll be back with the news blitz and then the NBC guy, second half of the show stick with us Patriot power hour. We’ll be right back.

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Are you all about my dream? We all the prep broadcasting network

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Coffee offers every customer, the ability to join the national disaster relief effort. Get

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Well, I didn’t think you had it in you. I’m your huckleberry Johnny lingo look like somebody just walked over your grave. Not with you holiday I’ll beg to differ. So we started the game. We never got to finish playful blood. And remember I was just fooling about I wasn’t achieve situational awareness of multiple threat indicators in one view, be prepared, future

0 (17m 3s):
All right. It’s time. It’s time for the news blitz, July 7th, 2020, follow along future again, future going left, right column number one, powerful pedophiles exposed Jeffrey Epstein confidant arrested on sex abuse charges claim that she has a dead woman’s switch, not a dead man’s dead.

0 (17m 34s):
Woman’s switch for secret tapes that are in her possession. Essentially can’t take her down or lots of people will go down with her. We’ll see how that develops. That’s just in the past week that she got busted another here in the first column, California band singing in church. I did not read, I want to look deeper into that. I’ve not read that yet, but that’s a article I want to read a little bit more into not much else on the first column, but I would encourage you to check out the prepper advisory.

0 (18m 6s):
I’d say at least a dozen articles here related to prepping. Listen to PBN. You’ll be straight into that prepping advisory. Let’s go to the second column. What we just covered a little bit in the first segment, FBI director, China engaged in large scale campaign to subvert the federal government, the U S federal government and the private sector. So not just some random general or some set of Chinese government, the PLA What a large scale campaigns is not just the federal government, but the private sector as well.

0 (18m 48s):
We’ll definitely talk more about that, but we talk a lot about that a lot. Just another huge data point though. This is the highest level on feature, biggest risk. The SHTF level. We have another SHTF level in this column, Georgia governor to deploy national guard troops after violence at Atlanta priority. Heard about this, but get those details here, a future and more importantly, track the history and what’s going on now of national guard, activated indicator, extremely interested in if you didn’t know, a future danger has a full archive going back multiple years so you can track it.

0 (19m 33s):
It really interesting to trend a couple others that aren’t SHTF, but are still high level writers. Throw the Cullum, throw the statue of Columbus into the Baltimore Harbor for the July 38th straight day of rides in Portland, Oregon. They’re almost proud of their rioting armed demonstrators, inner stone mountain park on 4th of July, lots of armed protestors, mostly black. I was, I was kind of in one hand like, Hey, slid to you guys.

0 (20m 3s):
Second amendment. I’m all about second amendment. We’ll maybe we’ll talk about some other stuff there, but I’m like, Hey man, you’re into the second amendment. So my can at least agree there. That’s about it for though for the second column. Third column economics, not what’s going on, but we are seeing gold at a new, pretty much high for the last decade ever since it spiked, but we’re at 1,808. We are deep in the red zone of the future danger indicator.

0 (20m 36s):
Over $1,800. It’s settled today, even spike to about 1820 at one point continues to creep up there. And trust me if there’s another trillion dollar stimulus plan like they’re talking about or more fed intervention could see that bridge 2000 and beyond for sure, but not much else coming out. I guess a lot of financial news makers are on vacation. It is July and they’re quiet in July and August. Not much else going on, but definitely check out all the indicators.

0 (21m 6s):
Lots of cool metrics on feature danger that aren’t necessarily news items, but are pulled from reputable sources, fourth and final column because he used to be just called the Corona virus column. But it’s really the natural news health sort of column a, we will talk a little COVID though hospitals rapidly approached capacity across the Sunbelt. We’re seeing the get those regional spikes. Some of these ICU units and some of these hospitals, certain areas being overrun jumped 50% in California.

0 (21m 44s):
43 really Florida seems to be hating to hit the worst stuff. 43 floor to ICU hit capacity. China found coronavirus strain seven years ago, sent it to Wu Han lab to study, but then said nothing after the pan Dan pandemic, of course heavily check into that. One more information about coronavirus. A new mutation may speed the spread. They’ve already confirmed a lot of mutations who knows how many they have.

0 (22m 16s):
Now more than a few though, across the world, 40 out of 50 States, the confirmed cases are rising. That’s pretty concerning. It’s not just like five or 10, right? 40 it’s pretty high 55,000 in a single day. Of course testing is an all time high by far, but still that’s high numbers. And again, as we talked a little bit earlier that Paul death told surpasses 130 K. I remember when we first were talking about it, it was maybe one infection in Seattle and definitely no deaths.

0 (22m 51s):
Now we’re at a hundred, 3000 dead has what they say. The number is future Dan, we covered a fair amount. I don’t even know where you want to start. There’s a lot to talk about. Of course, what peaked your interest the most though,

4 (23m 7s):
A cyber attack destroyed an Iranian nuclear facility, widely attributed to the Israelis. So that, that stuff’s still going on overseas, but it’s pretty much the only piece of, of foreign news that applies this week.

0 (23m 23s):
It was pretty crazy. And I did see that they multiple over multiple days, multiple explosions in that area. And I believe that was the area, the centrifuges centrifuges ice that’s it were destroyed maybe a decade or so ago. Same area for the Iranian nuclear program. I’m still an act of war. Is it Israeli tech? Is it U S you know, odd behalf

4 (23m 48s):
Of Israel, some middle Eastern war going on. And those two countries probably have nuclear arsenals by now, or Iran will have one put together, even though it’s not officially not. I think Israel certainly has. So you wanted to get into California, banning singing in churches.

0 (24m 8s):
Yeah. I didn’t even read this. I did not see this article previous to this episode. It’s all about it. Okay. You want to do the honors.

4 (24m 18s):
The state of California has banned singing in any indoor religious services, even with mass on. Even when mascot under new guidelines issued by the California department of public health to control the spread.

0 (24m 33s):
I really did. I should have known this was a fricking COVID unrelated, but I didn’t even cross my mind. I was just like what? I thought it was just an odd ball. I mean, this is odd ball. This is actually odd ball at a much more serious way than I thought I was.

4 (24m 45s):
It’s a precedent.

0 (24m 46s):
Yeah. And everyone knows California is freaking psycho, but

4 (24m 50s):

0 (24m 51s):
I mean, what real church would comply with this if they didn’t want to, you know, that’s part of being a respectable church is not compliant with the state mandated all times. I would hope some churches would think that way, but okay. It makes more sense. I mean, places of worship must therefore discontinue scene and chanting activities and limit indoor tenants to 25% of building capacity or maximum of 100 attendees, whichever is lower.

4 (25m 22s):
Interesting. So mid-level, that is suppression of religion. It is, they’re definitely good on face.

0 (25m 30s):
They’re getting equal or worse treatment than a restaurant or pub Let alone there’s many organizations and workplaces getting way better treatment than that.

4 (25m 42s):
I don’t, I don’t know the status of pubs and bars in every state, but I don’t think California has those open. They reopened some, then they closed them certain closing back down. I’m sure there’s obvious glaring hypocrisy is in every state system. There is, I could see nonsense and foolishness and theological things coming and going where I live, people are going to get sick of it or it’s to drive them insane.

0 (26m 6s):
I w I remember, I think it was about middle of may. I said, this is the peak compliance point for COVID like the first month and a half, two months. I was actually extremely impressed with how quickly people fell into line,

4 (26m 21s):
A little concerning almost,

0 (26m 23s):
But people were starting to get pissed, a little rumbling, a little tired of it. I was by mid may and people are turning the corner by now. A lot of people don’t give a, you know what, and actually we’ve seen a lot of, you know, we don’t cover much of this and you don’t know a few days where people fighting about mask. If you have to wear a mask in a store or getting too close to someone without a mask or social justice and people fighting going totally ape shit. Yeah. Well, so it’s kind of become a metal district arrangement as well.

4 (26m 50s):
Yeah. A little level frustration out there builds. Obviously the riots are part of it. The interesting thing to me is I haven’t seen any news attributing, all the writing and, and, and associated protesting, right? Some of those are protests. Some of those are full on riots. Some of those were mixes, right. But all of that behavior and that congregation it’s impacted any place on, on COVID statistics. It’s kind of like, no, one’s no one’s talking about that.

0 (27m 19s):
Well, I mean, impossible to even posit such a study should be done. It means you’re absolutely racist and deserve to be banned forever. Certainly somebody’s going to try to make that point. Well, we have our freedom of speech to try to make that point. And even though I’m not going to do the analysis, that type of a data analysis these days,

4 (27m 40s):
Oh, social media is somebody is going to grab the health statistics for the month of what

0 (27m 45s):
Not may and June figure it out. To be honest though, it’s pretty darn hard to tease that information out. And I don’t know. I still think free speech is, should come first. So if you want to go out and protest, that should come ahead of, that’s just like, if you want to go to church to sing, no, the dangerous, but should the state to come tell you that either. Anyway,

1 (28m 9s):
We got to go, we’ll be right back. We are the prep broadcasting network,

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The six principles for disaster preparedness. Use them to build a base of preparedness that will keep your family safe in the face of the next disaster. Find them and

8 (28m 40s):
It was right after the revolution, right after peace had been concluded. And Ethan Allen went to London to help our new country conducted business with the King, the English sneered at how rough we are rude and simple minded. Unlike that everywhere he went to one day, he was invited to the townhouse of a great English. Lord Dinner was served. Beverages imbibed time passes happens.

8 (29m 11s):
And mr. Allen found he needed the privy. He was grateful to be directed there.

1 (29m 23s):
Relieved. You might say

8 (29m 27s):
Now, mr. Allen discovered on entering the water closet, that the only decoration they’re in was a, a portrait of George Washington, Ethan, Alan, done what he

1 (29m 42s):
Came to do and returned to the drawing room. His host and the others were disappointed when he didn’t mention Washington’s portrait and vitally his Lordship couldn’t resist and ask mr. Allen had he noticed it, the picture of Washington he had, what did he think of its placement? It didn’t seem appropriately located to mr. Allen drown and said it did its host was astounded appropriate. George Washington is like this new water closet. Yes. Mr. Allen, where it will do good service.

1 (30m 15s):
The whole world knows nothing to make an Englishman shit Quaker. In the side of George Washington

9 (30m 24s):
Achieved situational awareness of multiple threat indicators. In one view, be prepared. Future

1 (30m 36s):

0 (30m 51s):
Power hour back in your life is July 7th, 2020 episode of the Patriot power hour episode, 104 brought to you of course, by the prey, Patriot Patriot prepper broadcasting network, awesome station, awesome people. And we have one of the hosts and awesome. I forgot his exact nickname. I know he has a special nickname. Hot to know what that is.

0 (31m 25s):
Oh gosh. I forgot what it was, but let me bring on the NBC guy, Dave, internet radio. What was your title again? Now? I know we’ve got the Intrepid commander and you just got a new name for the continuity, but I forgot what it was. I don’t recall myself. Okay. I thought it was on one of your daily audio caches, but I’m old. I got an excuse. There you go. Got me on that one.

0 (31m 56s):
How you doing there?

10 (31m 57s):
Hey, I’m doing great. How are you guys doing

0 (32m 0s):
Awesome. I’m doing good. I’m doing good. We’re really glad to have you on. Sorry about the technical glitch last week. It was on my end, I believe. But we got that smoothed down and got you to live on the air.

10 (32m 11s):
Yeah. Compared to the days with blog talk. I mean, it was 50 50 if you were ever going to do a show. So the amount of technical difficulties we have these days.

0 (32m 21s):
No problem. Absolutely. We both came up on blog talk. We did like the first 75 or 80 episodes of PTH on blog talk. And I bet six, seven, eight episodes, like 10% were missed because of tech issues. We’d be at about one 20. Yep. So it hadn’t been just for that. So Spreakers much better. So I definitely agree.

10 (32m 47s):
Yeah. I couldn’t blame it on Glenn. Got all of it anyways. So Dave, what is this news environment? Oh my gosh. It’s like, like I said, last night, it’s the first time in history. Where if you believe, if you do the opposite or believe the opposite of what’s being reported, you’ll be closer to the truth. Absolutely. I mean, you can’t trust.

10 (33m 17s):
Yeah. You can’t trust anything. You can’t trust the government. You can’t trust the newspeople. It’s like, what the heck is a person supposed to do?

0 (33m 27s):
I think one of the most basic examples of them just admitting, they lied to you is very early on. They said, you don’t need a mass, this and that. And then now they’re like, you must have it. You should have had on. And they even came out and said, we lied to ensure medical work. You’ve got that. I understand that from like a tactical point of view was the NBC guy. I’m sure you understand why, but I mean, on the flip side that just reinforces don’t trust the government to save your butt, right?

10 (33m 55s):
Well, yeah. And there’s a lot of preppers out there and I’ve talked to them. They don’t even believe there is a virus. They think it was all made up to get us to hunker down, destroy the economy. I don’t know what, but the reason they don’t believe it is because there’s been so many lies. I mean, hydroxy core Quinn works. Okay. Geez. Well, everything has become so politicized, right? Yeah.

4 (34m 23s):
Yeah. So Dave, w what’s your impression on how the federal government worked its way through March and April? It just from an emergency point of view. I know, I know you have a background and perspective on, you know, you’ve been a part of the planning of this, then it happened. What’s your, what’s your like 30, 40, 50 day look back impression right now.

10 (34m 48s):
Well, they stepped on their crank more time than they, than they, they actually pulled it out. You know? I mean, it’s embarrassing, it’s embarrassing. They couldn’t get the testing. Right. The test kits all had to be sent back to the CDC. Then the CDC had to, they were the only ones that could confirm a case. It was a clown show. I mean, I’m just for that stuff.

10 (35m 17s):
Yeah. Yeah. They practice for it and practice to do that. No, but here here’s the thing. So back when spun up, we knew our asses was hanging out. There was a, a high level exercise. Oh, shoot, dark winter. If you Google it or go back into off-grid magazine, they interviewed me about this. This was maybe year and a half ago or, or, or more probably time flies when you’re old.

10 (35m 53s):
So, and, and we exposed a huge amount of vulnerabilities coming off of anthrax and, and they fixed a lot of stuff. They S that was when the stockpile started. They realized they didn’t have a stockpile. So they build up this stockpile. Well, over the years, it’s not Trump’s fault. He’s the new guy. Okay. Right. Hoover’s a years. This stockpile, dwindled and dwindled and windowed, you know, Ebola came to this country.

10 (36m 27s):
They use some of the stockpile, they cut the funding. Okay. It wasn’t Trump cutting the funding. I mean, how much funding could he cut? He’s only been in an office like three years.

4 (36m 40s):
President signed the spending bills for that.

10 (36m 43s):
Exactly. That was a Bama. Yes. Eight years of cutting. Cause it was fully stocked when they interviewed me two years ago or whatever, they had enough stockpiles to respond to one outbreak one. Yeah. So if New York got it, they, they had enough to respond to New York. But if New York and Chicago got it, they were screwed.

10 (37m 15s):
So at that point right there, and you know, coming into office and, and then what’s on your radar, not this, I mean, even a lot of preppers were like, Holy crap at pandemic, you know, not at the Jones household, but a lot of preppers were like, shit, I got to go downtown and get some toilet paper. I have to say that that’s a highlight the toilet paper craze for prep though.

10 (37m 47s):
That’s I think that kind of like woke some people up. Well, that’s when you’ve realized who’s prepping and who’s not because when, when they started limited toilet paper at Costco, my wife said, should we get some, I said, we don’t need to, but if you want to, we can. And we have a bought a roll of toilet paper since this thing started. Okay.

4 (38m 11s):
So, so bring it off of a toilet paper line of thought for a moment. I said it early on, you got a certain amount of choices. You have to find which one do you believe in COVID 19 Dave Jones, natural or manmade. If it’s manmade, was it lost control of accidentally or on purpose? And if it was lost, put on a population, purposefully

10 (38m 37s):
Was applied to government Beijing or somewhere else. Yeah. Now this is all Jones’ opinion. Okay. Because I may still have a curve top secret clearance, but I don’t have access to shit anymore. Just from looking at what’s open source. It was manmade. There’s too many indicators now that it can not be hacked billing naturally. Okay.

10 (39m 7s):
The one thing that the Australian virologist uncovered was it binds to human cells better than any other creature. Yeah. So, yeah, so it didn’t jump from anywhere. It was originally designed for human content, you know, you know, infectivity, infectivity. So, I mean it’s 99.9%.

10 (39m 37s):
They, the protein shell that it’s a hundred percent match to another. I think it was the original SARS I think. And that doesn’t happen either. As, as these viruses mutate, they change, you can’t get a hundred percent match to the like skin. Okay. So there’s too many things accidental or on purpose. I think accidental because here here’s what happened. The Chinese government was caught flatfooted.

10 (40m 10s):
And once the new years, the Chinese new year’s was underway. They said, Holy crap, we’re not going to be the only country that goes down and they didn’t cancel flights. They didn’t cancel movements. I mean, if you look back in time about how this all transpired, and then they said it wasn’t person to person, it was, you know, David locked up. Those doctors that were reporting in to telling their fear mongering and all this kinds of stuff, they had to hide the truth.

10 (40m 46s):
So that if China was going down, everybody else was going down with them. Now the truth showed in China’s actions, not their words. Okay. So anybody in the government that said, well, the Chinese lied to us. Ah, they’re Chinese. Not, not the Chinese people. Like I met the communist government of China. Do you expect them to tell the truth or they expect the Soviets to tell the truth?

10 (41m 16s):
How though. Exactly. Right. So you can’t use that as an excuse. What was your third part distributed? Yeah. If it was, if it was a purposeful then who done it, but you’re ruling that out. Yeah. Don’t think it was purposeful because they really, if it was personal, it was the worst type of attack, you know, that could happen. I mean, they screwed it up royally.

3 (41m 44s):
I know. Yeah. Chitchat. I got beat down from it. I mean, they had their suffering big, they had a lot of deaths, a lot of negative economic impact. I don’t think that they would shoot themselves in the foot to release it to the rest of the world in that way. Like you said, they did, they totally bungled it. But I think accidental manmade releases the most probable I’ll never know from my, where I’m at right here. But that seems to me,

4 (42m 9s):
Well, a regime that did Tim and square and a regime that decided once we’re toast, this is all getting on airplanes probably organized it. So it made sure it happened the way they wanted as well. What in the world would put it past them from dropping it out of the lab and into the wet market? No one full, well how effective it was and knowing full well is going to show up in United States during Trump’s reelection. Well, yeah,

10 (42m 39s):
Part of that was they’re being caught flatfooted. If they did that on purpose, they would have been because they knew what was going to happen. And if you want to lose a regime, get your people pissed at you. Okay? If the people of China Rose up, they could overthrow the communist party. So you don’t want to piss them off by killing all these people, not letting them go the funeral cremate and everybody and saying, here’s your loved one’s ashes.

4 (43m 9s):
And it looks to me like they got away with doing exactly that. It’s pretty much what that is a totalitarian regime on the planet with absolutely 20% or a quarter of the population of this world. It’s under the enslavement of the communists that all of these are possible. And because they’re possible, then the final one did someone set them up and put it into the blue Honda area ahead of time? Which say, obviously accused us of this is, this is a bad scene.

4 (43m 39s):
2020 is not a good year for us, Dave.

10 (43m 42s):
Hey, it’s not, I have a question for you guys. All right. What do you think the second half of 2020 is going to look like, go ahead, put your prediction hat on.

4 (43m 57s):
It’s going to be chaos before this election. There’s going to be more house before this election. I’ll say, yeah, that’s right.

10 (44m 5s):
But how much? I mean, I tell people all the time when Trump wins in a landslide and they declare the election null and void, what are the, what’s the military going to do? You know,

4 (44m 22s):
That’ll end up in the Supreme court. Everybody let it get there. After that, we successfully followed what they decided in 2000, be hard to tip the Apple card on our constitutional framework. But I agree with which way the military decides to back up would be the final arbiter.

10 (44m 41s):
Yeah. And what got me a little concerned is if you remember when Obama was in, there was this word, fast track for generals. And I had never heard this term. And I’m like, wow, these people, you know, as soon as you make Colonel poof, your two star general, it’s like, what the heck are they doing? Well, if you want your people in place, you got to promote them into a position of power. Not that I’m fear mongering, I’m just, just pointing out.

4 (45m 13s):
Are we hitting the brake? You’re going to run right through or run it all the way for the rest of the, I remember the fast track and making the army political. Is it dangerous, dangerous that I saved the army, but I served in the army, but all the branches of the armed services, political is very dangerous, happens in third world countries. But from a guy who did a TV show where he like regularly fire people, I’m surprised you haven’t seen a public display of firings. And I think it was pretty close to happening when the defense secretary refused to bring the reaction force into secure the white house.

4 (45m 53s):
They brought him up from Bragg. And I told the story on a few episodes ago when it was happening, that when I was there during the Bush Gore election, my platoon was issued the gear. And we got ready to go to Fort Belvoir to secure the streets for, for, for bushes inaugural parade. Yeah. Yeah. But again, this summer, but it could,

10 (46m 18s):
Oh my gosh. Yes. I mean, win or lose. It’s going to be chaos. Just chaos there. They’re gonna, you know, they’re going to say about the Supreme court, he packed the court. Those are his people. They’re going to declare that null and void, you know, it’s

1 (46m 37s):

4 (46m 38s):
Well, they could believe that, but that’s sort of hard to do and still be thinking about any constitution, maybe the next president though.

0 (46m 46s):
Yeah, we’ll see. Exactly. Well, from my point of view, what I’m really all, let me just get straight to the economics. I’m expecting another major stimulus package, another major stimulus package between now and the election and at least $1 trillion. Hey, are you there? We had a little internet jumble, but we’re back. Okay. I was just saying from my point of view from between now and the end of 2020, I’m definitely expecting another stimulus package, you know, a trillion plus dollars fiscal.

0 (47m 17s):
And so that spending, I, maybe some tax cuts, I would like, how about we get some tax cuts? That would be a great stimulus instead of debt spending to cronies. How about just given the average person tax cut, little, little a opinion piece there, but I definitely see that definitely see some more federal reserve intervention. The question is, will people continue to buy their, a Fiat currency it’s printed from the digital oblivion? I think they will. So continue to see that a really big and troubled definitely be pushing for more, as much of that in the next few months as possible to at least stop the bleeding, economic.

10 (47m 56s):
What about war? We’re trying to feel in a way there’s two carrier groups are right now and I’m like, Holy crap.

4 (48m 8s):
Yeah. Well, they announced the number of nuclear warheads that are at sea right now. I don’t think I’d seen that before. I was on Twitter earlier 900 and something, the board, certain number of boomers. I think we got that. We got that locked down. I mean, they’re not at parody lists nuclear literally, but you know, you know, clandestine biotech people ought to be thinking about COVID 20. Yeah, seriously,

0 (48m 37s):
Seriously. What could this mutate into, or what would a new strain that they introduced that the CEDS mutation was truly just a souped up version of that has 10% of fatality. And instead of 0.01 or whatever, again, not the spirit tutorial, but all of these things are in play, but I’ve also seen, let’s just say 2020 is a little different, but I’m hoping in a way that it kind of calms down. We don’t see absolute chaos and, and I’ve seen a lot of hype kind of fizzle out in past years.

0 (49m 9s):
Maybe we different this year,

4 (49m 11s):
But we’ll find out, I guess, Hey Dave, can I ask a question about something that when I met you in Atlanta, Georgia, a number of years ago, you taught a class on how to build a cache, a container that at time you had said to me, maybe, maybe not, this has never been tried in any, you know, wide-scale consumer level way, how to build it. You, you demonstrated by lining a garbage can.

4 (49m 43s):
That was a while ago. Part of the conversation was like, where’s the threat come from? So I want to get to that later, but just from the practicality of building such a device that was a few years ago, have you learned anything? Can I get an update to that class?

10 (49m 59s):
Well, sure. Yeah, the, the, it was a galvanized steel trashcan. It was a Faraday cage and it was designed to protect your vital electronics from EMP. So it’s like an insurance policy for your vital electronics. And then I also went over what would be important to put in there, like a short wave radio, because they’re going to be broadcast. And even when everybody else is off the air.

10 (50m 31s):
Yeah. You know, if you ever met those ham guys, they are a strange breed. Okay. Serious. Oh yeah. They are very serious. They got extra shit right now underneath their desk. Ready to pull out, plug in, turn on and say, see, I told you that word was coming to an end. I mean, these guys they’ve been added since the fifties. Okay. And it is a personal point of pride to them to be the first ones broadcast. And after any disaster, when the volcano went off in Hawaii, they were the first ones on the air report.

10 (51m 7s):
And what was going on? Another thing you’ll get the actual, no shit what’s going on right outside that guy’s door. You will not get the official government. That’s a great way to lie. That’s a great way to put it. And that’ll be extremely rare at that point with the internet down, he would expect. So you’re not going to get Twitter reports or whatever right now, what else would you cash in there? Oh my gosh. If you have any Radiac meters or dosimeters or something like that, those should be in the can because the only time you’re going to use them is after a blast.

10 (51m 42s):
So you want to protect them smart, definitely walkie talkies, because there’s at least one other person in your life that you want to talk to. And if it isn’t, I’m sorry, but if there’s five people, you should have five of those in there. Okay. Some extra batteries that power, all this stuff. Now, batteries fair, good in an EMP and you know, nuclear exchange.

10 (52m 13s):
They, they do well. Okay. But you would want to have a set of batteries in there just in case your other ones. You know, there there’s so many things, so many variables with an EMP that if someone sells you something that says, this will protect you against EMP he’s bullshitting. There’s no way he could know how far away the bomb was to you. How high up it was, how many mega tons it was, you know, how much shielding is between you and the bomb.

10 (52m 47s):
There’s too many variables. But what you can do is buy a $20 garbage can at tractor supply and line it with foam rubber. You know, I have found a new use for those yoga mats that no one seems to be doing yoga on. Okay, you cut that to fit a little rubber cement. It sticks in there. Great. So that’s what you want. Something that conducts electricity on the outside and insulator on the inside.

10 (53m 21s):
And you want to seal everything with that metal duct tape make this ASAP and the way you test your can before you put your stuff in and see what up permanent. Okay. This is the way you can test it without using, you know, expensive equipment, get you an am radio, tune it to rush. Okay. Put, rush in the, can’t see what up. If rush goes to static, you know, you got a good seal.

10 (53m 52s):
Now you now know that this is general in nature because you know, radios are more specifically tuned and an EMP is broader, more frequency, but it it’s better than getting a thousand dollar piece of equipment to try and detect, you know? And then when you pull it out, you broke your seal. Okay? So wrap everything, leave it in the box. Like if you’re short wave radio, your weather band radio is in a cardboard box, rapid in aluminum foil, tape it up, stick it in the can because the second time you seal it up, you won’t be able to test it.

10 (54m 33s):
And if you have a pinhole, that’s why I don’t like those Mylar bags that people sell. They’re, they’re expensive. And they’re like 20 bucks. And you know, they say, slip your cell phone in here or your laptop. And it’s like, where’s it going to connect to? If it survives, what good is it? You know, if you don’t have all your prepper manuals downloaded on that hard drive, it’s pretty much useless. You better have a pretty good set of solar panels that were protected and all the gear batteries behind it.

10 (55m 8s):
And all that to really, since you said solar panels, there’s a charge control module on any, a charge control module. So if you have a solar system or solar panel, they fare pretty good. They will withstand, you know, most the MPS and all that kind of stuff. But the charge control panel, you need to have a spare. One of those, stick that in the can, all the little electronic parts that can go like on your generator, you know, no that diesel’s work will survive better than gasoline power.

10 (55m 48s):
If you’re going to do for a bug out vehicle, you got to go before 1979. Yeah. You can go. You can go into the eighties for trucks. Cause they were under different like 83 or 84. They were under different emission control standard, but cars don’t even start trying to verdict cars. It’s just too much. That’s a great refresher on that class. And some of the things you just said, her telling people for us five years, cause I never heard them before until that class.

10 (56m 23s):
Now at the time we talked

4 (56m 24s):
About polar orbiting payloads that could potentially span all of the planet. I don’t know if that happened. If they were taken out, if they continue to exist. I haven’t seen any news on that. Not as you don’t want to watch the news, I want to take it to the next step level though. What’s your estimate on having turned EMP effects into a directed energy weapon by now spaceport?

10 (56m 56s):
Well, I don’t see that being that far fetched. I mean that super scientific, you know, science fiction. I mean the EMP weapon has been around since I think 79. Yeah. I mean, we’d known about the Aeon EMP effects ever since we, you know, fifties Trump. Yeah. And then the bikini blast, you know, knocked out communications in Hawaii for like seven to 10 days.

10 (57m 27s):
Landline communications. Yeah. So we’ve known about that for a long time. So they have developed certain weapons and that’s what, you know, when, when the whole thing came down to Korea and they were saying that he cut me off. If you guys got to go, just cut me off. I’ll fill it in on the daily audio.

0 (57m 49s):
Don’t worry. I’m good. We got about 90 seconds until we got to go. So,

10 (57m 56s):
Okay. Well you want to take us out. Okay. Well, North Korea got two payloads in orbit. They, they did actually successfully launch. Now whether they’re still up there. I don’t know. It was a small payload around 200 pounds and people say, Oh, 200 pounds. What’s the perfect size for an EMP weapon. And both of them are in polar orbit, which means they cover every country on the planet. Every so many revolutions.

10 (58m 27s):
They are not communication satellites as they claim to be.

0 (58m 31s):
They get them up there. They don’t need the high tech they’re already kind of in motion, always targeting, always ready to release. So Hey Dave, thanks so much. Glad we got past the tech difficulties. I want to get you on here. Like at least quarterly, maybe more offered. Thanks so much. I’m sure with you. Hey, it was my pleasure guys. Thanks. Absolutely everyone else. That’s the show. We’ll be back next Tuesday, signing off as always episode 104 in the bag. Thanks again.

0 (59m 1s):
Dave Jones, NBC guy stay tuned. The next generation show you’re on the PBN.

11 (59m 13s):
Are you with me? I wonder if to, by water knew the Mexicans guy margarita slash listen to the Maya to play at .

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