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Self reliance and independence

Patriot Power Hour (Episode 103)

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Statement of purpose. Should I email you? Should I put this on your action item list? Who decide your level of involvement, broadcasting network?

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You are now listening to the Patriot power hour. The newest show of the prepper broadcasting network. This live episode features the situational awareness. You need to practice self reliance and independence. Introducing your host, Ben, the breaker of Baxter and future Dan, the editor of future

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Folks. We are alive. Patriot power hour episode 103, June 30th, 2020, very last episode of the first half of 2020. What a crazy half it’s been. We’ll be going through some of that. Of course we’ll cover the weekly news, but I’m on, I got a lot of topics to cover just from this past past six months been it’s been a doozy, Ben, the breaker of banks there’s let me bring in my cohost future. Dan, Hey, doing there on this June 30th doing well.

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Are we going to talk about what’s on what’s on your mind?

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What’s not on our mind, I think is the real question because in the past we could really just focus on Q2, cause this is all also the end of the second quarter and look at where we were on April 1st, between then and now the trillions in debt, the craziness with the riots. And we’re just getting closer to the election season. What do you think

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We just did this last quarter ending today?

1 (2m 31s):
Well, I want to take a shot at real number. I’ll throw a number out there in my opinion, the first report, not the adjusted stuff later. I don’t even want to give a number. I don’t want to give a number because they’re so loaded and fake. And so much of it would be government stimulus. Fake demand. Sounds really smart if you hit it though, I’m saying at least minus 30% real GDP over under 30% year, over year, quarter. So cute. Cute to have 2019 versus cute to 21. So we got that. We got, I mean, there’s civil unrest.

1 (3m 1s):
We got to have COVID hello. That’s other stuff as well. So we’re going to be getting to a lot of that. I’ve got a special guests coming on the way as well. And DC got the NBC guy. Dave Jones has been waiting. I should have gotten him on a long time ago. I love him. He’s on the, he does the daily auto cash often here on the PBN. One of my highlights of the day, the five or 10 minute he likes to call them his rants. So we’ll get him on here. Rant a little bit, talking a little bit about what’s changing, starting right now on PBN as well.

1 (3m 37s):
Got a whole new new membership coming down the road. The continuity will be all about that. So we’re going to talk a little about that. Of course, the news blitz as well in the second half. So looking forward to get into that going second quarter, excuse me. So what do you want to talk about? I mean, real quick, we’ll, we’ll bring NBC guy on here at the bottom of the hour, but what is been your biggest story or, I mean,

2 (4m 2s):
I was thinking of everything that’s happened since now that we’ve got a full economic quarter of the lockdown COVID-19 situation, the economic terrain, that that event in March was nothing more than like a 9.0 earthquake. If you think in terms of economic terrain. And so many people are absentminded of that kind of disruption that we had there, they’re like some life form that is sort of impervious to what went on.

2 (4m 38s):
You’re not, you’re not like a, you know, maybe a bird that was flying around during the earthquake, I don’t know, or an insect, but if you are on the ground, you should know that we just had one of those. And now I see the leveling of the, of the terrain. The economic train is coming back down and the American economy is never, ever going to be the same again. What capitalism was at the time of the peak Trump economy, February of this year, it’s never going to be the same again.

2 (5m 9s):
And unlike like tectonic plates, smashing and reforming and leaving gaping holes in our system, which is what the fed filled in, right? It just went in there and paste it over those cracks. But they happened,

1 (5m 25s):
They put sand into a sinkhole is how I look at it. Like

2 (5m 29s):
The whole economic terrain is, is almost like clay. It’s getting reformed. It’s getting reformed by corporations, you know, customer service and how you deliver goods and services is just completely getting redefined right now. So that 30% I’ll take the over on the GDP loss for this quarter. Even more than 30%, I think it would be over 30. It will be reported first as is, is going to be built back up. But it’s not like a natural earthquake where the land settles away, it’s intended to settle and we just survive on it.

2 (6m 2s):
Again, it’s getting reformed, it’s getting tear formed. And, and if you’re not aware of it, you’re going to be really surprised the way this economy is during the rest of this presidential term during all of the next presidential term. And beyond that, it’s not going to be the same again,

1 (6m 21s):
This is generational. This is like multigenerational damage being done. And you can go look culturally as well. We do focus a lot on finance here and economics, but I mean just cultural. There’s been a lot of damage going on in many ways. So many people’s psyches have been messed up. I can only imagine the children. I mean, one hand, if I was 10 years old, I think I would love, love this. I’d be playing somebody game statues.

1 (6m 51s):
This is not good for it. Well, that’s what I mean. It’s like you look at it in that regard, but then we turned into the whole protest movement that quickly, pretty much simultaneously turned into looting. And now it’s turned into revisionist history and it’s turning into race. War is what they’re trying to gin up. I think a lot of people are smarter than that, but some people are falling into it and there’s a lot of antagonists

2 (7m 14s):
Face these since the sixties.

1 (7m 17s):
True. It comes into those cycles for sure.

2 (7m 19s):
King riots the Baltimore a year or so ago. Right? I mean, they come back. It always seems to come back.

1 (7m 26s):
I’m just wondering if next time stimulus doesn’t come as quickly or at all. And these people are actually hungry and pissed off. How much worse could things get? And then I, you know, okay, here’s something that we don’t talk about. This kind of topical news much on Patriot power hour, but those folks that came out of their house with the firearms, well guess what, there’s gonna be people coming out and shooting and probably in some cases, rightly so when that happens, that’s a new phase. Is that something we could see in Q2 or second half, excuse me, of 2020, very, very possible.

1 (8m 1s):
Now much more likely than it was December 31st of last year,

2 (8m 5s):
Right? Yeah. That kind of bloodshed would be real bad, but ultimately it might, you know, you might see a plateau in the activity. If homeowners were to defend themselves,

1 (8m 16s):
That’s a hopeful, hopeful as well. So look, we, and from economic going back there real quick for a move on to a little bit more news and a couple of announcements and then break in the news blitz.

2 (8m 31s):
We’re not talking about what most of the time

1 (8m 33s):
Doom porn here. Number one, and number two, we are, I personally, I must speak for myself at least am an optimist for the long term, but it’s going to take at least a decade of massive reform and pain before we can bring the American system back online. And then another decade is best case scenario. So that’s 20 years of hard work and pain. We got to get on it now and think we can reform and get back on track. But I mean, it doesn’t just happen, right?

1 (9m 3s):
You gotta, you gotta have some pain and suffering for it. And that’s something James Walton. That’s what I love about PBN. He’s all about the action. Not just saying it. So think about it. Folks. Think about buying locally, not wasting your money on cheap foreign made products or fortune 100, 500 companies, et cetera, et cetera, every bit counts. So there’s my rant, but we’ve got to do something about it and it’ll still take decades, but we can do something. I still think. Yeah.

2 (9m 31s):
Yeah. The trajectory is not good this year though.

1 (9m 34s):
No, well, I’m hoping it’s a wake up call. It’s kind of another thing I’m saying is like, this is some of that pain and it is going to be really rough for a lot of people. Yeah. 2008 was a really rough for a lot of people and a lot of people woke up myself. I’m kind of, you know, she has helped me to accelerate my wake and he says, so it’s kind of a good thing. Silver lining. How about that? So, alright. As I noted a little preview and I’ll definitely defer to the Intrepid commanders post earlier, but moving away from Patrion, go into a membership basis on a prepper

1 (10m 17s):
So again, go look into the archive feed for more details on that. But when I’m really excited for, for this show in particular is the transcribing. We go through so many topical news pieces that going back in time and find them when we were talking about certain items is very useful and poignant, but very difficult, but this transcribed and I’m really looking forward to seeing how that works. That’s one of the big perks of being a member, some other cool ones you can join the continuity.

1 (10m 47s):
So I’m a in process of joining a continuity. I’ll be by this time tomorrow, I’ll be hard part of the club.

2 (10m 54s):
We should be able to tag most of these podcasts with keywords of what we spoke about. So it’s only gonna improve the search ability to using those transcripts. I’m really looking forward to it.

1 (11m 5s):
Definitely. And that was something that we have kind of looked into in the past and it was difficult, expensive, et cetera. So that’s what the treble commander has been out doing. And that’s where your membership fees and just overall support, you know, goes to maybe, maybe you get a membership and you get a couple of your friends just to listen, but they don’t get memberships, but they support the ads. Right, right there. That’s huge. That’s a huge difference. So anyway, there’s, there’s also the, the plug for the show or for the network.

1 (11m 38s):
So. Alright, well, we’ve got a couple more minutes still. We’ve got, again, the news blitz coming up and BC guy at the bottom of our we’re going to have him on for hopefully a full half hour. Hopefully we’ll make that happen. I look forward to that real quick though. Puts you on the spot. What if you had to pick one good, feel good. The first half of 2020, or one positive thing? What would it be so far?

1 (12m 13s):
And the clock you’d give out 30 seconds might listen to this whole song before I come up with something. All right. And all that positive 20 seconds and all the dimensions of this show, there’s nothing good to speak up, but he’s still happy. You’re left I guess, half a year left. All right. Well, my next side won’t hit the news. Please joining the a prepper broadcasting network.

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the private broadcast network. There you go. broadcasting network here at the prepper broadcasting network. Our mission has expanded and we have decided to use our influence to aid in disaster. Recovery PBN is offering up our airwaves to nonprofits and boots on the ground organizations that are effecting disaster recovery.

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The real people out there rebuilding lives from organizations that reestablish the supply chain to those who deliver aid and even organizations that rebuild shattered homes and lives. The future of disaster response does not lay in the hands of some government organizations. No it’s up to us. Disaster coffee. It only make sense that PBN would partner with disaster coffee, disaster coffee is selling outstanding coffee that is roasted to order and shipped right to your door.

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A portion of their profits will be directly donated to disaster recovery organizations like grindstone, ministries, healthcare ready, and citizens assisting citizens, disaster coffees, sources, top quality beans that are roasted to order you get coffee at its very best, but you also make a difference with every purchase disaster. Coffee offers every customer, the ability to join the national disaster relief effort. Get

1 (14m 24s):
more junkie. I

0 (14m 52s):
Won’t say a goddamn word. They won’t understand do it. They won’t understand achieve situational awareness of multiple threat indicators.

0 (15m 27s):
Future danger

2 (15m 45s):
News Blitzkrieg, June 30th, 2020 11, summer of danger. Calm on a quarter of all personal income is now coming from the federal government in this country. Call them to report Russians paid Afghan Milton’s to kill American troops, us air force intercepts Russian aircraft near Alaska. For six time this month, federal property property more heavily secured us marshals to protect monuments.

2 (16m 19s):
Nationwide gold is soaring gold futures settle above 1800 for first time, since 2011. And we tonight as of this broadcast 8:17 PM on June 30th are at $1,801 on the live gauge on future danger. Top of the column, column three economic news, right under it clearly associated with it. You could choose if it’s causal another 1.4 8 million Americans.

2 (16m 54s):
Another 1.4 million Americans file for unemployment benefits. Nearly half of the U S population is without a job. Tonight 4.6 8 million homeowners are in forbearance plans, federal reserve tests, several banks and fines, them coming uncomfortably close to minimum capital levels spend risky banking, recognize being foreshadowed being told you by the federal reserve.

2 (17m 27s):
If you’re listening right now, the biggest disconnect between prices and profits and start market history. It’s question so opinion piece under the stock market potentially crashing up 0.8, 4% today. The Dow now with a swells, with a suppose and second wave of infection sweeping off of the East coast throughout the Heartland, we have confusion rating in reports of certain hospitals in Texas, claiming that they’re running out of ICU capacity that’s tonight.

2 (18m 7s):
It’s a mess. Not sure what the hospital put out earlier today. It doesn’t really matter. It’s just a symptomatic of potentially emergency rooms are being overrun. If you live in the area, certainly something to be aware of because people get sick and ill and injured from everything else. And if the hospitals are indeed being hit with COVID-19, that’s where we were in March, for the most part reports, it severe COVID-19 can damage the brain release this week, 5.8 earthquake hits Owens Lake California as well.

2 (18m 44s):
That’s it for the news only what matters. Think about everything that we did not talk about right now. And I’ll tell you, you have a good dividing line on what is mass media manipulation versus what really matters.

1 (18m 60s):
Okay. That’s a good way to put it. I didn’t really think of it that way, but last week was kind of a wall this week, a little more activity, but also compared to the last two, three, four months, not as much activity, as you said, things have kind of, the dust has settled to some degree. You know, it’s kind of like parted ways and it’s kind of, they know what side you’re on it, at least for now, you know, this particular loop around just kind of settled a little bit.

2 (19m 27s):
It’s getting reformed by the powers that be right now.

1 (19m 29s):
Yeah. Those reformations take place much more quickly and more severe and more vault, more all tiled as well. Can I give you an example like these days, which is a problem. I’ll go ahead.

2 (19m 39s):
Example, the current administration on did eight years of record setting regulation on industry. Yeah. Eventually when the other party takes control of the executive branch, again, what the news it’s going be put it around the economy is inevitable, but between here and there, because of this massive shock to the system, it’s getting reformed in a kind of wild West Congress, semi involved, but not passing much legislation.

2 (20m 14s):
Trump certainly not adding regulations. Meanwhile, emergency declaration, industrial production act is still in effect. Who knows what comes out of this. There’s going to be a monster of a regulatory state that emerges from this chaos is it’s not settled right now.

1 (20m 31s):
Yeah. That’s the real winner. No matter what, we’ll certainly be big pharma, big surveillance state, I guess as big brother Sylvania, their name, big brother.

2 (20m 43s):
What does that, what does that do? All the bio recognition in the big box stores, big tech,

1 (20m 50s):
Big tech, kind of all around that part of the reason, getting out of patriarch, trying to decentralize from that squid, many tentacles, but all goes back. Same sort of folks. No, that’s a good point. So a good point,

2 (21m 4s):
How much industry think just got the became dead wood. It’s getting the ax right now. How much brick and mortar is never coming back. And then after it goes up business, cause it, the current situation or the firm was on unsustainable, does something else come back for the same marketplace in live person, you can enter stores and live life normally, because for example, by November 4th, quarantines aren’t socially necessary anymore.

2 (21m 35s):
Everybody agrees. We don’t need them by

1 (21m 39s):
Well we’re I think right now we’re at that turning point is, is COVID gonna escalate to where it was or beyond at least in terms of the fear factor. If anything, if so third deep, deep trouble. But if you’re right by election time, or even by end of the year started 2021. If people are going to the malls and malls are seen and you know, 60, 70% capacity, even though half the stores will be closed, but people are still going back there because they really want to go. It might be able to bounce back in a limited capacity.

1 (22m 11s):
But if it’s shut down until this time, next year, no, nothing. The entire real estate market commercial, especially done

2 (22m 20s):
How many people are going to permanently boycott shopping normally again.

1 (22m 25s):
And it will accelerate people.

2 (22m 27s):
It’s a two step process. I see a huge amount right now. And then eventually after the election, there’s another group that never goes back to stores without masks. If they do it at all. Cause they have now been. So they feared for their lives, from this disease. And that step down is going to be interesting to watch. What’s the Delta between how many, even right now, won’t go back to opened up economies and, and the step down after the election, after it serves no useful.

1 (22m 59s):
Yep. And the youth as well, think of it this way, I was already using delivery apps or try not to go out too often. You know, if, when, if and when possible now it’s like, why would I ever go out to do anything? I’ll book. It’s almost like, okay. People moved from the telephone to the internet. Okay. People went, people don’t even need to leave their house, but that has a lot of negatives as well. There a lot of negatives and I’m thinking, okay, I’m a 35 year old man.

1 (23m 30s):
I know it used to be like to have to prison. Like though exactly. I knew what it used to be like to not have internet or cell phones. And you had to go get every single thing yourself or get your parents to do it. Right. But now the kids that are like eight years old, 12 years old, 16 years old right now, they got, that’s kind of like a mind war they’re in a total different that’s those are just ramifications. I don’t know. I’m not ready to consider right now, but just so many things that come off of that though, the children, the children, man, they’re getting warped,

2 (23m 58s):
Sentenced to his home confinement. The, you know, if you’re fortunate enough, if convicted of something is almost the equivalent of lifestyle that you’re talking about, how could you just stay at home at the time? Like the state would have to make me do that. Cause I wouldn’t do that freely.

1 (24m 15s):
No, I want it. Now if I like a 100 acre redoubt in Montana, I might not leave that in extra for twice a year. And I’d be okay with that. If I got all my stuff delivered or live out the land, which it would take me some while to get my basis up. But what I’m saying is now living in any sort of suburban urban area, like being shut in, like that is not, most people will not want to do that, but some people will be more addicted to that are more addicted to technology.

1 (24m 47s):
That amount of people watching Netflix is up massively. It was so these problems and addictions and shift, it’s just been accelerated like five times over.

2 (24m 56s):
Yeah. Speaking of the children, ones that are in the fall,

1 (24m 59s):
Which is a force for good

2 (25m 1s):
Four through 12 years old, I’m not sure this is good, no, create a generation of shut-ins

1 (25m 8s):
Potentially playing call of duty. Like I would have been playing when I was a kid. My parents hopefully wouldn’t let me, but probably would. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, generation has their own thing to deal with. But the damage is absolutely permanent and catastrophic at this point. But if it continues and this next wave does materialize or cause right now we’re starting to see this reopening stall out and reverse a little bit. And so kind of putting the stake in the ground, like after this show, how it goes, it’s gonna make a big, real big difference.

1 (25m 45s):
I guess that’s why Trump’s fighting so hard. There’s become so politicized. That logic doesn’t even matter anymore at this point.

2 (25m 52s):
Yeah. It’s all going down a drain and anybody who’s hanging around thinking it’s gonna go back the way it was, is going to be the last ones that go through that passage and where we land next is is not easy to see, but it could be a lot less advantageous to most people.

1 (26m 11s):
Yeah. Well that’s it for the news blitz a little bit of a discussion. Good news. She’s going to bring on Dave Jones. The NBC guy here in quiet. Just a few minutes here. Actually, one thing I did want to mention though, just in the last six months, gold up from 1500 to 1820% increase. It’s just in the U S just pressing U S dollars in many other currencies.

1 (26m 41s):
Gold is up 25, 30, 30.

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