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Self reliance and independence

NBC Guy Live On September 11, 2020

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person, you applicate some practices preparedness one ready for any event that would disrupt that daily routine is a prep. Well, hello, everyone out there in internet radio land. This is Dave Jones. The NBC Guy. Now you got to bear with me cause I’m doing things a little different tonight.

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I’m recording. I’m doing this alive show. This is not a recorded show. I am in the chat room with one other person, skunk Lake, a skunk. Can you give me a heads up? If you can hear me? Okay. Because I’m doing this on my phone and it should be coming out. Live to you all. Come on, give me a thumbs up. Anybody in the chatroom. Can you hear me?

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I am in the PBN. Live show a chat there. Every time I log into this element there’s to many rooms. I mean there’s PBN open room. Chad. There’s a PBM just for fun of it, Chad. So if you can hear me, let me know. Anyway, a tonight show is going to be a little different for, for many reasons.

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First of all, this is nine 11 The. Today is the 19th anniversary of as Chris Plante calls it troglodytes from hell crashing planes into the world trade center in the Pentagon and in Sykesville Pennsylvania. So please, please, everybody. Let me know if you can hear me, anybody in the chat.

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Okay. Anybody, anybody? Gosh, I don’t know if any of this is going out. The reason I didn’t do it on my computer is it has some kind of a little tick. It, it just, I downloaded a virtual cable and a Oh great. We got sound. And every time I, I talk there’s this, so I’m not using the good M**k or the good headsets.

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I’m doing this all off my phone and, and I’m in the chat room. So I got the computer up in the chat room element and I’m doing this on my phone. And the reason there’s not many people in the chat room is because we do our Shows at eight o’clock. Yeah. Prepping up with the Joneses is on one hour early, we go on at eight o’clock. So that’s, that’s pretty much reason why everybody thinks it’s nine o’clock and the there’s a, there’s a few things I want to cover.

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But before I do that, I want to get the commercials out of the way right now, get them out of the way upfront. Look, you still have time, but the discount runs out tonight. So to get $5 off a bag of bunker bean. So if you order two bags, that’s $10 off. If you order three bags, that’s $15 off and get this.

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20 to 20 is a Y. Wow. What a year we’ve had so far. Cool. I’ll tell ya what a year you were having. Cool. Sorry. You got a little bit of nose running the hair. Hey and my other, other commercial. So as you know, I’m, I’m part of fortitude, ranch and listen. Everybody needs a plan B. Okay. No matter how good you prep, no matter what security you have, no matter what you do, you should always have a plan B and fortitude.

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Ranch is my plan B. It’s a membership to a Prepper community. Like it’s like a country club for preppers. Okay? The more years you buy into it, the cheaper per year, it goes. And now let me tell you this. If you say, you know, Dave Jones, the NBC guy, you get a 10% discount on any membership you buy.

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And this also goes into those tokens that they have. I don’t pretend to understand crypto currency. Okay? But these tokens were created to help fund four to two branch. And if, if you’re not ready for a membership, but you want a hedge, your bet. See, because after a claps, the only thing we will be accepting his four to two, the ranch, a cryptocurrency ESO.

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So you can buy some tokens and that will get you in if you pay for your membership with fortitude tokens. Okay? So there you go. So that’s a way to hedge your bed. You get 10% off. Just tell him, you know, Dave Jones, the NBC guy, you get a 10% off, no matter what. And if you want to Google fortitude, You’ll see everything on there. The website has some of the latest articles and some of the latest, Oh, what’s that?

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Chin just put something in there. Let me see a blue kidding. Oh, that’s my logo. Thank you. He put my logo in the chat room. I guess we’re supposed to put our logos. I, I probably forgot that I did put at the top of the page. NBC Guy Live on nine 11. So that’s kinda like a title title page in the chat room. Sorry everybody out there listening after the fact is this means nothing.

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Can you guys, but we are in element. Okay. Element is a highly secure form of communication. It’s what we use as the chat room and the new you see. So for everybody that came across Prepper Broadcasting Network during the pandemic and you loved our EOC. It is recreated here in element.

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Okay. And we’re doing our chats. We’re not doing on the Prepper Broadcasting Network anymore. We’re doing them in element because we can save our chats. We can save all the links and go back. So if you liked our EOC, it is recreated here. A discord, a band chin. I think he might’ve been banned for life.

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I’m not sure someone probably complained about our, what we were doing. I don’t know. No, no one knows for sure what the heck. But we got kicked off and all of our content that we had spent months putting on there, gone just like that. And you know, big tech, big tech is not on our side. Okay. Anybody that thinks that they are, they want to control us.

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Discord is dead to me. Yes. Chin chin is saying this cord is dead to me. That’s good. Cause they really screwed us. They screwed us. But through adversity comes opportunity. And now we have you ever even better, more secure platform that we can do everything on to include the continuity. Yes. The continuity. So if your not a member, get your membership and you can be part of the continuity and it’s it’s, it’s kind of just a fun, a brotherhood of a like minded people.

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It’s not really anything that’s serious. Trust me. But it is a lot of fun. So the continuity. Yes. Chin is the wizard, the wizard of tech. Hey, that could be your continuity name. Wizard of tech. How about that? I am the dragon Lord. By the way, for those of you who don’t know, I was in the us army chemical Corps and their mascot is the dragon.

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Oh my gosh. Lucky. Lucky’s in a jam room. Oh my gosh. Dang. Wow. Okay. If you’re not in the, if you’re not in L I can’t even say what’s in there. Okay. If you’re not in an element, you are just missing out on half of the fun. So come on, come on, join us in the element. Ooh. Thank you. Thank you, mom. Thank you. Oh my gosh.

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I got a tip 20. Oh my gosh. A voice. Well, I have to tell you about what’s going on with our chickens and it is just craziness. Craziness. Exactly. My wife is a mess right now. So when I built the barn, I put it up on stilts focus, Dave. Yeah, focus. I put it up on stilts are, first of all, are a lot, is not leveled at all. There’s a, about a 30% grade in our driveway, which makes for driving in the winter time.

0 (12m 18s):
Very interesting. So I had to put it up on stilts on the, on the back end to level it all out. Well, and, and these are like, what is it? Six by six. So it’s, it’s very, very sturdy. But, and I figured the chickens could go underneath there when it rains. Well lately they’ve been going underneath there at night. Instead of going into the Dern coupe into the barn, its a, its a shed.

0 (12m 54s):
I call it a barn because man, it seemed like a bar. When I was putting it together, it was 14 by eight. Okay. It’s not something small. It’s not, you know, am and build it from scratch. And it has a barn type a roof on it. So it’s our bar. Anyway, they’re going underneath that Darren barn. And then we got to go under, we had a crawl underneath their, with the, you know, the dirt and the chicken poop and all that kind of stumped to get them out.

0 (13m 27s):
Someone sending me stuff. Sorry about that. That’s my brother. So let’s see. Where was I going with all of this? I want to talk about nine 11, but before I talk about nine 11, because I hope Maria will come and join us. I want to tell you a little bit about what’s going on here at the Jones homestead. So the reason I, I got off for a little while and I wasn’t doing daily audio caches and things like that.

0 (14m 2s):
Maria rightfully so, got a little upset. When I came home from Colorado two weeks ago and jumped right on to a broadcast. It was Monday night and I just got out of the car and about three hours later, I was on the show, which lasted about 90 minutes. And she says, look, you just got home. You go right. This is taking on too much here at a time. So I said, okay, I’ll take a break.

0 (14m 35s):
And I had originally wanted to take off for like a month, but nine 11 happened. Yeah. And it’s Friday night. Not that I have dibs on Friday night, but this is when my normal show prepping up with the Joneses is on. I could not let nine 11 pass me by. Okay. So before we talk about nine 11 and the events thereof, I wanted to tell you about what’s going on here at the house.

0 (15m 11s):
So we have a, let’s see, since, since I talked to you last we have 10 ducklings. Yes. We’ve added 10 ducklings. Now keep in mind. We have probably 80 chickens still. Yeah. And the reason we have 80 is because we got rid of some of the roosters.

0 (15m 41s):
Oh look at that. All chin put a really nice picture up of the world trade center, the twin towers. That’s really nice. You know, sometimes you watch those old movies and they always pan across the New York city skyline. And those two buildings are just, just unbelievable. It’s hard to believe that back in the seventies, they had a hard time filling that place, but a wow.

0 (16m 14s):
Yeah. Well, we’re going to talk about that in just a minute. So we got 10 ducklings, which are going to be interested in we’re down to 11 quails because some of them are in the freezer right now, but we’re getting, you know, 10, 11 eggs a day from these quails. Some of them are laying to eggs. So that’s good. Our regular chicken’s will be laying soon.

0 (16m 45s):
I hope. I mean, geez three, eat me out of house and home. An 80 chickens is way too much. Way too much. The neighbor’s dog got one. Yeah. That was not a good day. Maria said, I am not going to. Yeah. She’s bringing the dog by the window of the basement here where I’m recording.

0 (17m 15s):
Anyway, if you wanted to be a part of their show, come inside, gosh, this is all over the place. This is not the way I picked your dish. This show going. But yeah. So 11 quilts, that was our golden retriever Clover. We have her a we’re going to breed her probably next spring.

0 (17m 46s):
She’ll go in heat again this fall, but we don’t want to have babies in a winter, so we’re gonna wait. We’re gonna wait. Oh, so we’re going to get some Angora, rabbits. Yeah. Angora for the wool, for the rabbit fur. Apparently you brush these things every week and you collect the wool and you make things sweaters. So we’re going to be doing that.

0 (18m 18s):
Did I tell you about the bunkers? Anybody in the chat room that I did? I mention this before I am building a root cellar out of 1500 gallon septic tanks. And I am going to videotape this entire process from start to finish. You are going to see all of what I’m doing. A step-by-step how much it costs the drilling through to make doorways between because we’re getting three of these things, three of them buried and it’s, it’s a root cellar.

0 (19m 1s):
Okay. But it can double as a bunker. Yes. A root cellar. There you go, Eddie. And thank you. Thank you, chin. And Oh, I gotta tell you about the history channel. So the, the history channel was going to do a, a documentary on preppers and they had selected us, our family for this thing.

0 (19m 36s):
And they wanted the videotape, this root cellar being built and going in. And so this past Wednesday, they sent me an email and said, we’re sorry, but the history channel is going into a whole nother direction and we will not be coming. But things change will let you know. Now this is kind of like a double edged sword. Okay.

0 (20m 7s):
First of all, your ass is hanging out. Right? I mean, as a Prepper what’s rule, number one, don’t tell people you’re a Prepper. Now I, I personally go by the philosophy. The more people that I can help, the less will be at my door when everything goes to crap. Okay.

0 (20m 38s):
So whereas I am on a mountain on a, you know, along the Appalachian trail, somewhere in Virginia, I don’t think they’d be able to find me. I don’t think people would even remember me, but once you get on the history channel. Yeah, yeah. All bets are off. Yeah. You were brilliant getting septic tanks seconds.

0 (21m 8s):
Yeah. To build the root cellar. So, so how that all came about that that’s chin, by the way, we got a very, very limited chat room, but I told you why that is. So how that all came about. I have a neighbor that does excavating and part of the outreach program that we do here on the mountain. Maria and I is we deliver bread and things, some stuff from our garden to different neighbors and stuff like that.

0 (21m 40s):
And we met these people and they’re Christian, it’s funny. They came to our yard sale and that’s how we, we first met. I had, I had talked to them before, but we didn’t really get talking into what do you do? And all that kind of stuff. Just casual meeting. And they came to our yard sale and yeah, neighbor day, I gotta tell you about neighbor day. So they came to the yard sale and we had some items out there that were Christian.

0 (22m 16s):
OK. And the lady asked about it. OK. And Maria said, sure. We’re, we’re a Christian, we’re a Christian Orthodox. And she says, Oh my gosh, you’re believers. You know, you have to understand, hear on the mountain. It’s split almost 50 50. Okay. So 50% of the people here want nothing to do with the government.

0 (22m 49s):
They want to be left alone by themselves. And the other 50% want a strip naked and dance at the moon. Okay. So, so basically when she found out that we’re Christians, we believe in God and all this kind of stuff, she was very excited. So they been on our, our neighbor, they list ever since. And we’ve been giving them bread and stuff like that. When Maria gets into a baking mood it’s man, the counters fill up.

0 (23m 22s):
Okay. The only way to do things in Romania is to access. So when she bakes, she bakes all day, all day, sorry. I had to get a drink, dang. At some, a, some good shine there. Hey, smooth, smooth. Anyway.

0 (23m 52s):
So I go up and talk to them because he has, first of all, he’s a former Marine. Okay. And he has all these military vehicles. He has a deuce and a half and he plow snow with a five ton truck up and down our, our road here. And I mean, he does it just for laughs. You know, when pen, when a V dot Virginia department of transportation is not.

0 (24m 22s):
Yeah. Well, you know, some okay. Skunk and the chat room is a, I feel like you can distrust the government and also dance naked under the moon. Yes. Yes. I have been known to dance naked under the moon, usually after drinking this a moonshot. Yeah. So anyway, when I went to talk to them about this, putting in a root cellar, his wife’s, she says, Oh yeah, he loves digging holes.

0 (25m 3s):
And the course that’s his business. He’s like semi retired. And he does this on the side, but he is a huge ass shop and all this equipment. I mean, he’s, he’s as busy as me for being her semiretired Guy anyway, when I went to him to talk to him about this, I was originally gonna do cement blocks. Okay. And cement and mortar.

0 (25m 33s):
And man, I was going to put rebar down through the damn cement blocks and then fill the cement blocks with more cement. And every time I thought about this, my back hurt like crazy. So the last time I went up to talk to him, I said, ah, you know, cause I’ve kind of bounce ideas off of him. He does his for a living right. Footers and basements and all that kind of stuff.

0 (26m 5s):
So I said to him, what do you think about septic tanks? Oh my gosh, he got excited. He jumped up and said, Oh yeah, well, 1500 gallon septic tank. You know, I can stand up and walk around. And those things, he says, there’s lots of room in one of those. So, so he was very excited. He said, you know, it’s three inches of reinforced concrete it’s made not to leak.

0 (26m 36s):
Okay. So, so that put me on the path to look into septic tanks. So I go up to, there, there is an actual casting place right here in Winchester. And so I go over there and I call them up first, I call them up and, and the lady says, yeah, we have septic tanks are $2,300. And I’m like, dang, that’s that’s too much. I mean, I’m thinking this, I didn’t say that.

0 (27m 7s):
And I said, well, you know, I’m using it for a root cellar. I don’t really need an actual septic tank that yes, the test, do you have any of those? And she says, Oh yeah, we have a boneyard. She said, come by and talk to Josh. So I go see this Josh Guy, he’s very excited about my idea. And then, and then, so we go out there and we bright Jones on like three of them that I’m interested in.

0 (27m 40s):
And he says, I got to get your price. Now, remember that the price that they quote you is delivered and with their crane, they put it in the hole for you. Okay. So he comes back out, we put our name on three of them and he says 750 bucks. I’m like, what? For all three? He says, yeah, 750 bucks.

0 (28m 10s):
And I said delivered with the lens. Yeah, yeah, yeah. 750 bucks, man. I wanted to peel the cash out and give it to him right then. And he says, it’s okay. No, one’s going to take your tanks away from me. He says your name. It’s fine. So, so basically all we’re waiting on is some good weather, a and a little bit of coordination because the hole has got to be dug and the tanks have got to be put in a hole because you don’t want a hole, 10 feet deep filling up with water if it rains and you sure don’t want your tanks in there, which are designed not to leak, filling up with rain and then floating to the surface.

0 (28m 59s):
Okay. So there’s a little bit of coordination there. That’s going to go on, but you’re going to see everything videotaped start to finish the whole project prices, everything, how I cut the concrete so that I can go ventilation. Ventilation is big. Ventilation is huge because the vegetables and everything that you put down there give off gases.

0 (29m 31s):
So you got to have good ventilation, not dimension. If we use it as a bomb shelter, you don’t want to go down there and you know, die from lack of. So yeah, very exciting me grow. I’m excited. You know, maybe winter come about if I didn’t know a guy that did excavating and loves digging holes, which by the way, he hasn’t given me a price on that. He just said, Oh, you’re on the friends and family plan.

0 (30m 2s):
You get the best deal. He hasn’t quite told me what the best deal is, but we’ll see. So that’s a project, a project, any Juge right, dude, I have a greenhouse that I’m going to put up. Okay.

0 (30m 32s):
It’s the big one from Harbor freight. And we had the small one and it hell you had the duck down. I had to duck down to get in through the door. And I said to Maria, I don’t think this is going to work for us. So I took it back and they gave me an exact swap trade in, whatever, whatever I paid for it, they gave me and I got the big one. Now, if it sounds like we’re prepping our asses off.

0 (31m 3s):
Yes, yes we are. Because the history channel, when they wanted to videotape all of this with the root cellar, I told them that in the Jones household, we’re running off of a specific timeline. Okay. Now I don’t want to freak anybody out. I don’t wanna, you know, everybody’s got their own plan. Okay. And just because Jones says, this is the way things are going down, don’t believe it.

0 (31m 37s):
I mean, you could believe whatever you want to believe. I, this is what I see. Okay. I see the civil unrest getting worse and worse leading up to the election. Okay. And now I see this election as being the most contested election ever in the United States history.

0 (32m 12s):
I see the declared winner, not being declared four weeks. I mean, I’m just using, you know, an ounce of common sense with a little bit of intuition here. There’s nothing just judging by things that are being said, you know, by bye both sides and things that are being done right now in United States.

0 (32m 48s):
So the civil disobedience and civil unrest, the rioting and looting in just anarchism burning s**t, just a bird s**t. You know that they burned over a hundred police cars in Philadelphia, just Philadelphia. Now those police cars, I know how they buy police cars. If you develop a contract and the contract is for X number of police cars, and, and then you get the funding and I mean, it’s a process to replace police cars.

0 (33m 29s):
It’s not like you go down to the used car lot and say, Hey, I’d like to buy one of your use police cars. It doesn’t happen that way. So those hundred police guards are now not transporting police to a crime scene. And that’s just one city. It’s, it’s just unbelievable. Washington, D C I see that. Just burning, just burning. So yeah, future danger had a post on a horse and started from, Oh, so they’re actually starting the fires in the West.

0 (34m 9s):
Dang, dang. Yeah. Yeah. That was a scenario back when our was employed, that was a scenario that we had run, you know, terrorism, counter terrorism scenarios for the government. And that was a scenario that was postulated would be done by terrorists to not only burn homes and infrastructure, but take down to the power grid.

0 (34m 47s):
So if you couldn’t actually sabotage the power grid and you start a fire and burn the transformers and transfer stations and all that kind of stuff. Yeah. Yep. So that, yeah, that’s on future danger. Hey Andy and future, Dan did a, how a rather long daily audio cash today. It’s like, you’re getting all kinds of content content.

0 (35m 19s):
On Hey mom, I can’t pause this. We we’re live right now. Oh my gosh. I can’t tell you what I’m seeing right now. Yeah, go ahead. Okay. Well anyway, where was I? She, she came in the room and I lost my mind.

0 (35m 48s):
Thanks. Thanks for that. Just use your imagination and it’s pretty much like that. Yes. Future danger. If you do not have future danger in your favorites bar, you’re missing out. Future danger is like Drudge report for preppers.

0 (36m 18s):
Okay. So future Dan, Tuesday night, Patriot power. Our, you have got to put that in your favorite spar. It’s like, I wanted to know what conflict is going on. So you click on it and it tells you everything. It’s, it’s really something, Oh, we’re getting something in the chat room there. Oh my gosh. So the use of chainsaws.

0 (36m 48s):
Yup. Yup. They’re creating these fires, creating chaos and the United States. Yep. When you got to do something, burn something. So anyway, I told the history channel this because they wanted me to wait for the root cellar so that they could videotape, you know, put it on. And I said, look, I’m, I’m running on a timeline here. And my timeline may not correspond with your timeline.

0 (37m 18s):
Maybe that’s why they dropped me. I don’t know. But I said, it’s two phases. The first phase is between now and the election. And the second phase is between the election and inauguration. So November to January is the second phase. And pretty much we’re just prepping our asses off. Okay. We got a list.

0 (37m 48s):
Everybody should have list a list of things to do. Write, make a list. You should establish a position and improve upon it daily. And that’s what we’re doing here at the Jones homestead, the greenhouse We. We wanted a greenhouse to do phonics for many, many years. I bought the greenhouse in the spring time when it was on sale. So just haven’t gotten it up yet.

0 (38m 23s):
Also, you know, we have, I talked about this. We have a certain amount of cash reserves. And if you’d talked to Ben, the break or a banksters, he will say, buy gold, buy silver. You know what? I’m taking my cash right now. And I’m buying things. Things I can use things that will last, I see inflation, massive inflation.

0 (38m 55s):
As long as the United States is the best economic situation of all the bad economic situations. We will stay on top. But as soon as we trip and stumble bank China’s taken over. So I don’t know how this is all going to go. I’m not the financial guy, dude. I am the NBC guy. So this is just Jones philosophy, Jones predictions.

0 (39m 27s):
So there you go. I think money is going to be less and less valuable. So I’m buying things that are on my Prepper to do lists that will be valuable and you know, help me prep like a greenhouse. So a, there you go. I got a, a big old tank, like a 500 gallon tank.

0 (39m 58s):
It’s a food grade tank. They, they would do white wine in it. Instead of in barrels, you do barrels for red wine. And there’s lots of wineries in Virginia, but my friend had a winery and he, he sold it and he said, you want this tank? And I’m like, hell yes. So I got this tank for free and I’m going to put, you know, fish in it.

0 (40m 30s):
I have some food grade barrels that I’m going to put the minnows in and raise him up and then put them in a tank. So they get bigger. And I also found out that the fish love to eat rabbit poop. Oh yeah. It didn’t tell you about our rabbits. I did tell you we’re getting Angora, but we have four silver Fox rabbits. Okay. And yes, I do. I have the best friends and neighbors.

0 (41m 2s):
It’s almost like God put me here for a reason. And that reason is to get my prep stuff. So it’s working out, it’s working out the silver Fox, rabbits. They’re a good all around rabbit. They’re good for me. The good for, for, you know, their pelts are very nice and they breed like rabbits. How about that?

0 (41m 33s):
Our buck was a little, not very effective. Okay. The first time we tried over three, but the second time we tried two for three. Yeah. And I have to tell you that one mob had a, had eight rabbits and the other mom had six. Now we ended up losing one. And we’re not exactly sure how that happened because we did not find a carcass and a, well, we lost one.

0 (42m 11s):
Somehow it might’ve got out of the panel by itself. Cause they’re very small. And these pens that we had or a recycled dog crates. Okay, dang. I should take a video of all the stuff I got here. And just put that on a members only site. You have to talk to James about that. If you guys are liking what you’re hearing, Hey, become a member and you’ll get to see the jones’ homestead.

0 (42m 42s):
Now this is another thing that I was telling the history channel. I am on two acres of land. When I call it a homestead, it is not this, you know, 35 40 acres. It it’s not, it’s not that. So everything that I’m doing is on two acres of land. So if you think you have to get this big, a massive, you know, I’m feeding my family on two acres of land pretty much.

0 (43m 24s):
I mean, We, we go downtown and get to chicken nuggets and stuff like that, you know? But when the pandemic hit, heck we didn’t go down for a month and we did not miss it. It was not hard. Okay. Then I’m getting some things up in the chat room. Thank you. Thank you guys. Oh, I’m glad you’re liking it. There’s a, all of three of us in the chat room, I think at nine o’clock everybody’s going to sign in and I’m going to sign off.

0 (43m 58s):
Yeah. Okay. Let me, let me go over my notes. Make sure I did not miss anything. So, so we have two of the three rabbits have a litter right now. And what else? We got the ducks, the ducks. It was an experiment. It’s an experiment. It’s all an experiment. Come on. All this stuff we’re doing here, all this stuff is you learn as you go. And I’m telling you, if you don’t know, okay, get your hunting license this year, get your honey.

0 (44m 38s):
You have got to go out and hunt. It’s not one of those things that a lot of people think, Oh, put seeds in the ground and poof stuff will grow. Wood. Doesn’t work that way. You have to find out what grows in your area. Well, you have to find out what bugs you have and what they’ll eat. So gardening is a learning process. Hunting is a learning process. The number one thing that I am trying to convey to you all is there’s no better time spent or money spent in learning a new skill.

0 (45m 24s):
And when you learn these new skills, it should be something that will be, you know, valuable and tradable and usable for instance, about four weeks ago. So I had this, I got a hundred dollar a welder. It’s a small welder. I went to a black smithing course. I got very inspired. And it was a basic in a weekend dating black Smith.

0 (45m 56s):
I’m not like James, I don’t have all of his accoutrement, but I know how to fabricate some metal. So I got, wow. Okay. Life is an experiment. Yes. So I, I got this welder at Harbor freight and there was on sale was like 89 bucks, but I was scared to death of it.

0 (46m 27s):
Okay. It’s an arc welder, which, you know, the word arc means shock the s**t out of you. Okay. So I was scared. Well, my brother has been welding since the 1975. Okay. And, and I say, Dwayne, can you come down here and show me how to use this thing? And he came down and one afternoon we, we sat there and welded, he sh he showed me how to do it.

0 (47m 0s):
Basically. It is like a hot glue gun for metal. And what really got me was he says, he’s been welding all these years and he’s never been shocked. So, so that made me feel pretty good. I mean, you know, there’s a lot of electricity going through that thing. So I learned welding now, am I going to be a good welder now?

0 (47m 33s):
But I can put two pieces of metal together now. And I got what I need to do it. So that’s, that’s that for that geesh, I only got like 15 minutes left. Boy, I, I hope you guys are liking the show because it’s very unusual. I usually make more copious notes, having a agenda, a timeframe.

0 (48m 3s):
If it actually just came to me when I listened to James is a broadcast this week and that nine 11 was on Friday. And I said, dang, I cannot miss nine 11. So here goes, I’m going to tell you my nine 11 story. And I’ve, I’m sure that people that have been listening for a while has heard a lot of this before, but when nine 11 happened, it was my second week.

0 (48m 44s):
Yeah. It’s like, Dave is, I am Liberty. Yeah. It was my second week on the job in Pennsylvania emergency management agency. And I was a watch officer, which if you ask anybody in Pema, what a watch officer, his it’s the lowest level of emergency management. You can come in as, but it was the first job they offered me when I retired from the army.

0 (49m 17s):
And I said, OK, you know, it was not a job that a lot of people like, because it was pretty much constant. And it was the people that took the reports from the counties. And this is at state headquarters. And these incidences would be typed up, logged, sent out, was a report to everybody and the state Congress so that they knew what happened in their area that reached the state level.

0 (49m 56s):
Okay. So it was, it was not a, and there was always to watch officers On and that’s only because if you have to go to the bathroom, you know, three mile islands in Pennsylvania, if you have to go to the bathroom, someone needs to answer the phone. So there’s always two watcher for service on duty. At least day shift has more, cause more s**t happens on day shift than any other.

0 (50m 29s):
I mean, it can get crazy nights and weekends, but usually day shift Monday through Fridays. Think about it. That’s when the school buses are going. That’s when they crash. That’s when tankers, when trucks, when they jackknife on the interstate and a close the interstate. Anyway, it was my eighth day on the job, seventh or eighth, I think it was a Tuesday and I was still being trained on the computer system.

0 (51m 2s):
So there was a, there was a watch officer they’re training me and we watched the events of nine, 11 unfold on a big screen TV. And when we got the report for that first plane hitting the world trade center, and we watched it, we watched it, we listened to the people and, and they were saying, Oh no, he’s a big plane. And I’m like, Hey, coulda been a big plane. They have warning systems.

0 (51m 32s):
They have radar and the alerts. And if you get close to something, alarms go off. And then we saw the second plane hit. We saw it. And there was a, or a momentary silence, but it seemed like forever. It seemed like forever We everybody was in there and it was like six or seven of us.

0 (52m 5s):
And the supervisor was there two, because you know, it’s not everyday a plane hits or a world trade center. Yeah. Momentary silence. Because our brains were processing. What the hell did we just see? And then it was balls to the wall. It was getting me the governor you turned to cover. I need to find out where everybody is.

0 (52m 35s):
And we went, it was crazy. It was crazy. We went into full activation and me and this other guy, a guy who were brand new watch officers didn’t know what activation was because you’re activate when there’s a disaster. And by God, this was a disaster. And while all this commotion was going on, I get a phone call, came into my console and it was the Somerset County dispatch lady.

0 (53m 12s):
And she says, Hey, I got some Guy that’s on a cell phone right now. And he’s telling me his plane is being hijacked. What do we tell them? And of course we re relayed that information to the supervisor and everybody else. And before we could come up with some kind of a response, and it was maybe 30 seconds, I mean, she was, she was on the line. She was not on hold.

0 (53m 44s):
She was listened to us and everything that was going on in the EOC, she said, nevermind, we have smoke on the ground. And there’s an indication of a crash. And of course, the day we know that to be flight 93, we didn’t know it at the time. I have to tell you that my feelings were, we were under attack.

0 (54m 14s):
I mean, this was what was gonna happen next. I was, I was worried about the next big thing. And I remember going out in the hallway because you couldn’t have your cell phones in there. And I went out in the hallway and I called my brother. And I said, Hey, because I was taking care of my mom. She was somewhat an invalid breathing, breathing. She was on oxygen 24 seven. You know, you had to make her food and do all that of stuff.

0 (54m 45s):
So she was conscious. She wasn’t like Alzheimer’s or anything. Oh God. So I called him and I said, Dwayne, you’re going to have to go to mom. I don’t know when I’m coming home because we didn’t know what was going on. A funny thing though, is, well, not funny, but ironic. My cousins. I come from Somerset County and my cousins were on volunteer fire departments.

0 (55m 17s):
And they were the first ones to respond to Sykesville. They were the first ones there. And they told me what they saw and their accounts were interesting and chilling. It was a big hole and there was debris and stuff, scattered everywhere. Some things were a whole wing and tact and other things you couldn’t tell what they were.

0 (55m 50s):
And it wasn’t long after they had responded. You know, they basically knew there was nothing they could do. There was no one to rescue. The fed showed up and they asked them to just, you know, cordon off the area for people coming in. And that’s what they did. So they, they pulled that duty for a long, long time until the cleanup was anyway, we went into three weeks straight of 12 on 12 off, never knowing what the next thing was.

0 (56m 34s):
And there were some exciting incidences, nothing classified. But if you want to know, when I see a Prepper camp, I will tell you about it. That happened during all this. And then of course, Pennsylvania has a search and recovery team. So they were the first ones in to New York city. As a matter of fact, they were in and out of New York city before the news media could interview anybody.

0 (57m 15s):
And when they got there, there wasn’t much recovery and they came back and a yes, to this day, I can’t watch news accounts. I have everything on DVD. I have that movie flight 93 I’ve yet to watch it. It, it brings me back to a time when I can only relate it to posttraumatic stress.

0 (57m 51s):
And that’s kind of funny. That’s the kind of funny. So that same year, a lot of things happened. My mom passed away in December. I was divorced. I retired from the army and then on the 360th day, I was recalled active duty and sent straight to the middle East for the next 22 continuous months.

0 (58m 31s):
So nine 11 changed my life forever because in the country of Jordan is where I met my wife, Maria. And I have two kids from her and a third adopted son. And it’s, it’s funny because every bad thing, there’s a good thing. And you really have to look at it that way in, in these months that are coming, there’s going to be a lot of bad things, but I have to, I have to go through these months knowing that there’s going to be a good thing.

0 (59m 14s):
Yeah. It was a heck of a year when I, when I got there to Saudi Arabia and I told the guys about my year, they said, Holy crap, everything bad happened to you in one year. And I thought, yeah, what else could happen? The recall orders said report for 365 days, unless otherwise extended or earlier terminated.

0 (59m 53s):
And you would report to Fort Leonard, wood, Missouri with further travel. And then it listed, you know, 20, some different countries in the middle, East Egypt, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, all of them, all of them. And I traveled to 16 different countries in 22 months. A lot of the countries I traveled to more than once.

0 (1h 0m 24s):
And then after I returned, I spent two years at the joint personal effects, Stepo processing personal effects and I’m on a C-SPAN. They did a whole show. So that was my 15 minutes of fame, their on the personal effects Depot. And that was, that was a whole nother thing. That was, we were, we were processed personal effects during the height of the conflict.

0 (1h 0m 55s):
And I mean, it was, yeah. Yeah. Let’s terminated on your orders. Yeah. So we used to joke and the personal effects Depot that every day, you, you don’t have a JPEG number. That’s what we called a JPEG number. It was a tracking number for your personal effects is a good day.

0 (1h 1m 25s):
So, and it was, it was man by a whole bunch of people. I, I reserve national guard, active duty. There’s there’s only two mortuary affairs units and the entire army one’s active duty and one’s in the reserves in Puerto Rico. So there was a lot of Puerto Rican people there. And it was, it was very, very interesting.

0 (1h 1m 59s):
It was very interesting to see what people carried into combat, what was important to them. And then what came back, you know, sometimes we got Live hand grenades, where do you mean regularly? Got Live ammo, but the hanger and AIDS, we had to stop processing and get everybody out. The EOD guys would come and take it and take it away.

0 (1h 2m 30s):
So that was quite interesting, quite interesting. Anyway, those four years of my life, Maria still wants me to write the book about, because it’s just too many bizarre, strange things. It’s just pretty unbelievable, but I did it. And that’s my nine 11 story. My first anniversary of nine 11, I was in Qatar.

0 (1h 3m 4s):
We were all ordered to stay in the hotel and not go anywhere. Of course we did nothing happened, but you know, they, they freak out on anniversaries and sometimes they should because Ben Gazi happened on an anniversary of nine 11. Yeah. Let’s not forget that. It’s interesting that Google, I Googled something today in Google, you know how they make the Google emblem into different things for certain things.

0 (1h 3m 37s):
They didn’t not today. They’re a little, a little logo down underneath the search bar. And it was a, you know, American flag, a and then a black slash cross American flag, you know, to like returning home troops thing. That’s all you have big tech, big tech ones to control your lives.

0 (1h 4m 8s):
So if you don’t think big tech is against this a day, just check out Google, see what they put up for nine 11 doesn’t seem right. Anyway, let me, let me do this.

1 (1h 4m 28s):
We are The Prepper Broadcasting Network to oppose tyranny and fight for the rights are created the state in the United States constitution. We all the Prepper Broadcasting Network

0 (1h 4m 46s):
Okay. That was kind of loud. I hope I didn’t blow your ears out. I just had to get a drink and bloomy notes. So Prepper camp, I’m teaching two classes at Prepper camp pandemic, survival that one’s mind to. And a, I am going to review this pandemic because this was kind of like a warning shot. Okay.

0 (1h 5m 16s):
It’s going to be an after action review. How did we do what happened? The good, the bad, the ugly dang. There’s a lot of lessons learned here. If you get a chance to come to Prepper camp, don’t miss that class. It’s going to be the first time I give it, but I’m giving it three times in that weekend. I’m going to record each presentation, edit them together and make a new DVD.

0 (1h 5m 52s):
You know? So there you go. There you go. That’s a, that’s pretty much all my notes. The show has been, has been something it’s it’s really, I just had to say something for nine to 11. I couldn’t let it pass. So I did get home that night. We had worked 12 hours straight through. I probably worked 14 and had to go back in at six o’clock in the morning.

0 (1h 6m 22s):
So my mom had watched all the things on nine 11 happened. And while I’m sleeping, I hear her hollering. And I, I go over and here she is, she had fallen between the fridgerator and the bathroom door, put a refrigerator in a room. She got the master bedroom. So, and I said, mom, what are you doing? And she says, Oh my gosh, how did you ever find a MI?

0 (1h 6m 53s):
And I said, well, you’re you’re right here by the fridgerator. And I picked her up, put her in the bed and she says, Oh my gosh, I had a dream that I was in that rubble. And there were two kids there and they wanted to show me the way out, but I couldn’t keep up. And she got out of bed and ran and fell down so that the ID 11, a nine to 11 was really, really something, really something.

0 (1h 7m 25s):
Anyway, that’s, that’s my accounts. A nine 11 chin says, good show. My friend will. Thank you, chin. Thank you. I don’t mind Sharon, as long as someone can get something out of it, you know, and I don’t know what your get out of this, but maybe a little entertainment. Anyway. I hope everybody has a great Prepper day. I hope everybody establishes a position and improves upon a daily Remember.

0 (1h 7m 57s):
If you’re stressed, action takes away stress. So take action. Okay. It’s don’t lament over a decision. Choose a course of action. Go for it and adjust along the way. That’s about all I can tell you for today. Take care of everybody at prep. On

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